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There are many different types of chain available that come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes. It can be quite confusing choosing the correct chain for what you require, so take a look at the guide below to see some of the chains available to use within your jewellery designs.

Things to consider when choosing your chain

  • Type of material – Use a material that will complement your findings and beads. If you are using all sterling silver components ensure you choose a sterling silver chain not silver plated.
  • Size – Chains come in a variety of sizes, if you require a fine chain then trace chain may be perfect. If you are attaching beads to your chain, check the size of the links is appropriate.
  • Finished or unfinished – The majority of our chains come completed with clasps ready to add your pendant and bail. Some of our chains are unfinished which enables you to change the length and add your desires clasps and findings.

Ball Chain

Ball Chain  Also known as bead chain. Comprised of small metal balls (solid or hollow) which can be separated by small metal bar links or attached immediately next to each other. Unlike other chains it doesn’t consist of open links and usually has a snap fastening to complete your jewellery.

Ball & Bar Chain

Ball & Bar Chain – A chain made up of small round metal balls separated by metal bar links. This is similar to the ball chain but has longer ‘bar’ shaped links in between each ball. The length can be trimmed easily with a pair of pliers.

Beaded Chain / Rosary Chain

Beaded Chain/Rosary Chain – Beaded chain or rosary chain is a type of pre-beaded link chain available in various colours and bead finishes. It is often bought unfinished so you can add your own clasps and trim to your desired length. It consists of many beads that are linked together with small loops to create a chain.

Beading Chain

Beading Chain – Beading chain is a very fine link chain which can be threaded through standard bead holes. Another type of bead chain is crimpable bead chain which can be crimped to secure beads in place. This chain resembles a very fine snake chain.

Curb Chain

Curb Chain – Curb chains have interlocking flat links and come in wide variety of lengths and widths ranging from very fine (1mm and below) to large and chunky at over 2cm. It is similar to cable chain with uniform links in a round or oval shape that have been twisted.

Diamond Cut Chain

Diamond Cut Chain – Diamond cut chains are precision cut with specialist tools so that they lie flat along a surface. Some of the finer diamond cut chains can display an almost sparkling appearance. Diamond cutting is used to enhance the look of the chain by create fine cuts therefore adding extra angles to the surface to maximise light reflection.

Fancy Chain

Fancy Chain – Fancy chain can be made of various shaped links such as large squares, circles, flowers, diamond shapes and more, often displaying more than one shape in varied sizes on one chain. They can be quite decorative used on their own or incorporating beads into your design.

Figaro Chain

Figaro Chain – Originating in Italy, the Figaro chain consists of flat links in varied sizes, often two or three different lengths, creating an attractive pattern. It is similar to curb chain with its twisted links however they are not all consistent in their size.

Link Chain

Link Chain (Also known as Cable Chain) – Link chain is made up of even, round or oval links and is one of the most common jewellery chains. They are available in a range of different sizes, usually seen in small, medium and large. It is created with uniform links alternating by 90 degrees which gives you a neat, classic chain.

Rope Chain

Rope Chain – Rope chain is created by weaving together links so that it appears like two or more twisted strands of chain. It tends to be on the thicker side and is often worn alone as they can be quite decorative.

Snake Chain

Snake Chain – Snake chains are made up of tightly joined metal plates creating a flexible tube with a snake like appearance. A classic chain which displays pendants beautifully. It is often used in bracelet designs as the structure of the chain can hold heavier beads and those with a larger threading hole.

Trace Chain

Trace Chain – Trace chains are one of the simplest chains, often having fine, uniform links and a delicate appearance. It is usually formed with small oval shaped links in a consistent shape to create a very fine chain. These delicate chains are often used for stringing simple pendants for an elegant design.

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