black boys haircuts

Have you been searching all over the internet for black boys haircuts? Afro hairstyles and Haircuts are not as fascinating as they seem when you do not have a clue what suits you the best. It is even worse when you have to decide it for a kid who entrusts you that you will not play with his cuteness (fact cannot be denied that hairstyles have a major role to play in adding to the adorability of a baby too). No hair on head is still better than a bad hairstyle! So, if you are looking for Afro hairstyles for boysthen you have probably landed on the right place as we have handpicked few cool hairstyles for black boys, covering hairstyles for black baby boy to hairstyles for little black boys. You need not search further. We bring you the cutest black boys haircut of all time. Go right ahead and make the perfect choice for your African Prince!

Black Boys Haircuts

Afro Hairstyles for Toddlers:

#1: Curly & Cuddly:

Curly & Cuddly

When your kid is under 1 year of age, you may want to hold up for some time before you give him a haircut. At this cuddly age, you can use clippers that keep your kid’s twists soft. It stands as the most popular among the black toddler boy haircuts.

Cute Black Boy Haircuts:

Don’t go by their tiny size, they still deserve to have cool hairstyles to make them look cuter. Check out from the below black little boy haircuts:

#2: Natural Curly Hair:

Natural Curly Hair

If your kid has a natural gift of curls, then you might feel yourself lucky as this is an unbeatable of all little black boy hairstyles and requires the lowest maintenance, even suits on every face. The longer the curls grow, more perfect look they give to your candid boy.

#3: Classy curls:

Classy curls

Natural curly hair paves way for many lil black boy haircuts styles. The amazing locks deserve to be showcased and so the hair must be cut close to their roots. Hair gel does the best to hold up the curls and speaking about this style; it is suited for all types of faces with medium to thick hair volume.

#4: Twisted Afro for long hair:

Twisted Afro for long hair

A superbly cute of all black baby boy hairstyles that suits to every face with long hair irrespective of the hair volume.

#5: Short –Afro:

Short –Afro

Going by the name, it is one of the simplest black hairstyles boys would like to wear, who have a rounded face and short soft curly hair. However, this hairstyle is best suited for Afro-American boys due to the texture of their hair.

Cool haircuts for black boys

Don’t only look smart with your hairdo this fall; nail the best for yourself that would last through the year with these black boys haircut styles.

#6: The Buzz Cut:

The Buzz Cut

It is one of the most popular black boy hairstyles as it looks clean, demonstrates discipline on the grounds that the style needs proper upkeep and it is not, in any manner, difficult to pull off! Hence, a buzz cut makes everything less demanding.

#7: Taper Mohawk Cut:

Taper Mohawk Cut

the coolest of all young black boy haircuts, this cut has a strip of remarkably long hair in the middle while both the sides are shaven.

#8: Side Parting:

 Side Parting

Side parting with a lower tapering is an extraordinary choice among the black boy haircuts alternatives if your child is already mannered and tasteful, yet at the same time needs to look exceptionally cool. This black boys haircut is not only contemporary but it goes wonderfully well with medium or thick hair. This cut also gives a decent flash of a designer look, suitable for little boys.

#9: S-Curls:


Out of the many hairstyles for black boys, S-curls stands out if your boy likes to keep his hair a little longer at the top while curling down on the sides and at back. S-curls are cool among the little black boy haircuts, as they add to the beauty of natural curls with a pinch of style.

#11: Flat-top haircut:

Flat-top haircut

There are numerous haircut styles for black boys, however, this one you can get at home only you need to be precise with this cut. The top needs to be flat around one inch long while all the rest of the hair at sides and back needs to be cut.

#12: Fade Haircut:

Fade Haircut

an expert Sunday’s best look! This style functions admirably with coarser hair, and toes the line between a slick innovativeness and suitable for those young boy who have somewhat of a more extended top; they can carry this haircut effortlessly.

Blur the sides and top strongly and let the hair to stay at a medium length. With the help of dedicated equipments, turn the tips of the medium length hair on the top vertically and let dry. This style is a cool and tops the list of Afro hairstyles for boys.

#13: The Braided look:

The Braided look

An awesome style to try among the list of black hairstyles for boys with long hair. A mix and match touch of braids and razored hair at the sides makes this hairstyle none less than a perfect!!

#14: Fro-Hawk Look:

Fro-Hawk Look:

An ideal hairstyle for a sporty and fascinating look! Easy upkeep is an add-on for this look.

Now that you have a bunch of black haircuts for boys of age between a few months to teen to little bigger, you may not feel it as a head scratching task to choose what is best for your kid or for your own self.

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