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Here for the Black Messenger Bag Mens spec? Our team has researched and reviewed the best messenger bags to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the messenger bag for men.

Black Messenger Bag Mens

best messenger bags

Mobile Edge Laptop Eco Messenger

Mobile Edge Laptop Eco Messenger 4.5 stars, 1,997 reviews $34

Over 1,000 reviewers bestowed five stars upon this extra large bag because it’s “well-made, roomy, stylish, functional, and at a very inexpensive price,” as this reviewer puts it. Many were surprised by how much actually fits inside, like one who observes, “I managed to pack my (bulkier) MacBook Pro 17-inch, Kindle Paperwhite, chargers, three pairs of board shorts, five t-shirts, seven pairs of socks, underwear, and a bag of medication. Even with all of those items inside, I was still able to make the bag mostly flat for travel on the plane.” One reviewer simply just loves the look of this rugged canvas bag: “This has a tasteful, stylish look to it while still having a utilitarian look. It has just the right mix of style and functionality for my taste.” Another selling point for many are the clasps on the over-the shoulder strap swivel, which drove one reviewer to rave, “This is something that has had me stay clear of most messenger bags in the past because they, for some odd reason, did not come with this function. All in all, I definitely say to grab this bag if you’re considering the purchase.” $34 at Amazon

Best-rated (less expensive) messenger bag

Victoriatourist Vertical Messenger Bag

Victoriatourist Vertical Messenger Bag 4.6 stars, 275 reviews $12

Nearly 80 percent of reviewers give this mini messenger bag a five-star rating. “If you want a compact handy bag for your wallet, iPhone, a few small things and is LIGHT, this is it,” writes one reviewer. And many agree that it is good for everyday use. One reviewer, who says their dad graduated from a fanny pack to this, adds, “He is really happy with this selection because he wanted to be able to hold his cell phone and a tablet on the go and this bag provides.” They continue, “It’s slim enough to hug against the body but spacious enough to hold more than 2 devices.” A handful also think the slim profile makes it great for travel. One user who bought this for a trip to Mexico says, “I wanted a durable and tough bag so that I could keep my belongings close to me, and this bag did exactly that. It is thick, not flimsy at all and pretty roomy.” $12 at Amazon

Best messenger bag for school

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag $85 now 22% off 4.5 stars, 2,041 reviews From $66

Dozens of students commented this bag works well for carrying textbooks, laptops, loose paper, and other school supplies. “The bag has plenty of zippered compartments and a separate document pouch with a rigid edge that keeps your papers flat,” says one. Reviewers also love that it holds up to heavy textbooks and doesn’t cause shoulder pain. One who carries “four textbooks, an iPad, a clipboard, college-ruled notebook, and about an inch-thick stack of papers” says that this bag from Timbuk2 “holds up great. The shoulder pad is marvelous. I can carry everything I need without having to worry about straining my shoulders or back as I have with other messenger bags.” Another bought this because, “I needed a bag that could function for school, but also transition to the office with a more professional look than a backpack.” They conclude, “This bag is my dream.” From $66 at Amazon

Best waterproof messenger bag

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag $90 now 12% off 4.5 stars, 1,387 reviews From $79

Reviewers rave about how this bag can survive any trip, from a flight to a commute to work, because it’s waterproof. “The inside is easy to wipe down if my lunch spills because it’s waterproof,” writes one. Another, who says this bag “has every feature I want,” writes that its major perks include “the Napoleon pocket, roomy interior, comfortable to wear. And of course it’s super tough, surviving my daily commute in the NYC subway.” Another travels regularly with this bag, writing, “For someone who is a minimalist and likes to keep things organized and travel on the light side, this bag is awesome. As a semi-frequent flyer, the TSA-Friendly feature is nice.” People overall feel it’s an exceptionally durable option because as one mentions, “the bag itself is very light, however it is a well-built bag and the waterproof capability is a big plus.” And as one concludes, “Everything on it feels super durable, and I expect this bag to last forever. It’s really worth the investment.” From $79 at Amazon

Best convertible messenger bag

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag $50 now 16% off 4.5 stars, 1,488 reviews From $42

Reviewers consistently call this canvas messenger bag and backpack combo “versatile.” One frequent traveler remarks that because of its versatility it works well for any voyage: “It can attach to my carry-on, I can sling it over my shoulder or wear it like a backpack. Quite simply, it is attractively designed, seems durable and does the job exceedingly well.” Another agrees that the versatility is “the best thing” about this bag, but adds, “It has lots of storage space. I love the six separate pockets in the front which allows for organized storage on the go.” Others feel it’s more durable than expected, like one who writes, “The canvas is strong and reliable. The straps show no sign of weakening after months of use.” People even rave how light it is despite holding all their things. As one simply sums it up, “I don’t feel like I’m lugging a wooly mammoth with me everywhere I go.” From $42 at Amazon

Best messenger bag for laptops

Komal’s Passion Leather Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Komal’s Passion Leather Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag 4.8 stars, 975 reviews $59

People loved that this wasn’t your typical messenger or laptop bag.”The bag looks just like the picture and feels well-constructed and durable. It’s beautiful, with just a touch of something more exotic and interesting than the average laptop bag,” writes one. Another was shocked how high-quality it is, writing, “It’s the largest one they have holds my 18 inch laptop plus plenty of room for papers and folders. This is a bag I would have expected to find in a store for at least $150, if not more in the above $200 range.” Another adds, “This messenger style leather satchel far exceeded my expectations.” He also notes that not only could it fit his 17-inch laptop, but there’s plenty of room left over: “I could fit most of my desk in here.” One teacher fully agrees this bag is large and worth the money, commenting, “In any case it is very spacious, my dinosaur of a laptop can fit comfortably in it along with all of my books and all of my paraphernalia (I carry around lots of things).” $59 at Amazon

Best (less expensive) messenger bag for laptops

tomtoc Travel Messenger Bag with Protective Laptop Compartment

tomtoc Travel Messenger Bag with Protective Laptop Compartment 4.6 stars, 1,579 reviews $40

More than a third of reviewers say that they use this messenger bag for their laptop. “It definitely makes carrying my laptop a much more pleasant experience,” one writes, especially since it can hold so much more than just a laptop. “It’s got two HUGE pockets (not too big) on the front, which carry all of my charging cables, power bank, AirPods Pro, extra pen/Sharpie, any dongles I might need, and honestly still has room to spare.” Many agree with this user who thinks no additional laptop sleeve is necessary. “Even if you don’t have a cover on your computer, the inside of the bag is very plush and soft so you don’t have to worry about scratches,” they write. Dozens of reviewers also point out the bags reinforced corners as another protective feature. One reviewer, whose number one criteria for a messenger bag was corner protection, describes this one as excellent. Another speaks to the sturdiness of this bag: “I feel like my ridiculously expensive computer will be protected if I were to drop it.” $40 at Amazon

Best compact messenger bag

Plambag Canvas Messenger Bag Small Travel School Crossbody Bag

Plambag Canvas Messenger Bag Small Travel School Crossbody Bag $24 now 8% off 4.4 stars, 998 reviews $22

This messenger bag is a favorite among travelers and reviewers who prefer an all-in-one, compact bag. “I travel extensively and I needed a Bible bag so I could bring my scriptures with me on trips. This one is perfect for my needs. It has so many little pockets, it seems there is a space for anything,” reviews this content shopper. Another frequent flyer comments that this bag is perfect for travel: “The rest of the bag has tons of pockets and cubbies to replace the wallet or organize other things. Easy to get to everything, including passports and IDs while on the go. Can’t speak for other uses but for a nice, compact, functional travel bag at a great price, this is a gem.” Many remark that while its size is definitely a plus, another huge selling point is the durability. “The canvas material is sturdy, and the adjustable strap is a good length for crossbody use. Plus, it feels like it will last a long time,” as one puts it. Many feel it’s relatively complex because there are so many compartments, but as one sums up, “Overall, the bag does have way too many pockets, but that is a great thing for travelers like me.” $22 at Amazon

Best everyday messenger bag

Gootium Canvas Small Vintage Shoulder Bag

Gootium Canvas Small Vintage Shoulder Bag 4.8 stars, 386 reviews $37

Many mention that while this won’t be your carry-all bag because it is on the smaller size, it’s ideal for everyday use: “This is a beautiful, well-constructed bag. Heavy weight canvas. Solid and carefully placed stitches. Perfect size for a daily-use man-bag. Kind of very attractive retro styling. Should last for years unless you drag it behind your car,” raves one. Another agrees, noting the size is “perfect” because it’s “not too big and not too small.” He continues, “The canvas is nice and soft, not stiff like so many. It could be used daily as a purse or man-bag. It’s not large enough for a laptop which I don’t haul around anyway.” One disagrees that this bag is too small to carry everything, explaining, “This is a great bag to have if you’re the type of person who finds themselves toting around a number of items on a daily basis and need some extra room. Comfortable to carry, even with a decent amount of weight and has just the right amount of sag and a floppy design to be a up-to-the-task every day bag.” $37 at Amazon

Best tactical messenger bag

5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Bag

5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Bag $100 now 7% off 4.8 stars, 1,030 reviews $93

This bag comes in a few different sizes, but no matter which one you go with, the consensus among reviewers is this bag’s tactical design is above all others. One reviewer outlines its many, many features: “awesome zippered compartments, Velcro compartments, compartment in compartments, tons of places to put shit AND it’s compatible with all my other tactical gear parts, like clip pouches, light holders and other Velcro and clip on attachable thingys.” All these compartments make this a popular choice for a variety of needs. One user bought this to use as a “manly diaper bag,” while another reviewer said this holds up to much heavier duty use, like a bug-out bag: “I have mine loaded with a laptop, first aid gear, handgun, extra mag, 2 CPR mask, knife, tactical flashlight, day planner, computer power cord, some Paracord, and I still have plenty of room for other stuff.” $93 at Amazon

Best durable messenger bag

Lifewit Men’s Military Laptop Messenger Bag

Lifewit Men’s Military Laptop Messenger Bag $140 now 64% off 4.5 stars, 451 reviews $50

“Durable” is a word commonly used to describe this messenger bag. One ordered this for her husbands gaming computer and writes, “This case fit our needs perfectly and was durable enough to keep his sensitive laptop safe through the journey. The extra pockets and storage also came in handy for packing other electronic devices like tablets, handheld games, and kindles; and showed little to no wear and tear.” Another loves this bag because it is “very simple” with “no frills” and it’s “big enough to carry two large laptops and a good deal of other documents quite easily.” Many note that they use this for travel, like one who writes, “For the travel uses I make of this bag, it suits my particular need and convenience very well. The compartmentalization is excellent for me and it is certainly durable.” $50 at Amazon

Best vintage-looking messenger bag for men

NEWHEY Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather Waxed Canvas Mens Messenger Bag

NEWHEY Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather Waxed Canvas Mens Messenger Bag $60 now 17% off 4.5 stars, 1,109 reviews $50

Dozens of reviewers report getting compliments on this messenger bag, with many impressed by how good looking it is. “It’s possibly one of the best looking messenger bags I have come across,” writes one reviewer. Another says it’s “the combination of letter straps, with the brass hardware, and treated canvas” that give it “the appearance of a vintage messenger bag.” And a third reviewer says it looks so nice, you’ll be a “young fashion icon.” But the good reviews don’t just focus on this bag’s looks. “It has two compartments, two large pockets outside, two smaller ones inside, one back pocket, two side pockets for bottle/umbrella etc,” writers one customer, outlining all the ways in which it’s useful, too. It’s also waterproof, which many appreciate. $50 at Amazon

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