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Blazer with jeans for wedding

Best Blazers for Men

Fall has always been the time for smart layering, especially when it comes to jackets. That additional piece of clothing, whether you’re wearing it inside, outside, or both, pulls outfits together in a way that just pants and a shirt never could. One top layer that continues to do this with ultimate success? The blazer.

Menswear has no doubt become a little more laidback and casual in the past few years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t continue looking sharp and put together; it just means you can be a little more creative about it.

A solid blazer helps you do just that. First, you can think about function. Another layer is truly helpful for frigid mornings or a blasting AC inside. But it’s also one of the easiest ways to make it feel like an otherwise casual outfit has leveled up. Blazer over a T-shirt? Great. A sweater? Awesome. A hoodie? Yes—but not for the style newbie.

There are a few styles you can look for—unconstructed, semi-constructed, and full-constructed, which are, respectively, most casual to most professional. Unconstructed blazers (like some of our favorite knit ones) are casual but still pull an outfit together. Full-constructed ones you might wear as part of a suit.

As for fabrics, anything wool is a no-brainer—it helps keep you aired out when it’s warmer but insulates when it’s cooler—and we love a cotton blend for a more casual look. Of course, if you’re game for expanding what a blazer is, there are also some knits that feel like wearing a sweatshirt. Here are 12 of our favorites for this fall.

Brooks Brothers Regent Knit BlazerBROOKSBROTHERS.COM$498.00BUY IT HERE

For those not quite sure how to go blazer with no suit, there’s no better place to start than with Brooks Brothers, the reigning champion of officewear. This easy navy knit is one step below full suit: Wear it with gray trousers or chinos and a button-front of your choice.COURTESYSelected Homme Check BlazerTOPMAN.COM$88.00BUY IT HERE

Navy is a fall favorite for basically every type of clothing, but there’s something truly timeless about a navy blazer. Looking to make it feel a little fresher? Try a subtle print, liek this Topshop one. The color is neutral but the low-key checks give it some texture.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

Allsaints Survey Regular Leather BlazerNORDSTROM.COM$371.40BUY IT HERE

Remember when we asked if you’re down to reframe blazers? The city-cool experts at Allsaints are always doing just that. This jacket fits and wears like a blazer, but is laidback—and very cool. Wear it with a tee and (purposefully) beat-up jeans.COURTESYGood Man Brand Twill Knit Sport CoatNORDSTROM.COM$298.00BUY IT HERE

Smaller guy looking for a big-time blazer? This two-button one is it. The cut is a little shorter, so you won’t be swimming in it, and the two button front elongates a shorter torso.

Wallace & Barnes Chore BlazerJCREW.COM$150.00BUY IT HERE

J.Crew has always done fall clothing well, and this year is no exception. This cotton-linen blazer makes for a lightweight layer that gets plenty of ventilation. Plus, it comes in fun colors like this olive and an outdoorsy khaki.

Proof Lightweight Travel BlazerHUCKBERRY.COM$83.98BUY IT HERE

This travel blazer is fit for any type of traveling you had in mind, whether that’s hopping on a plane or biking to work. There is enough stretch to never feel constricted, and the whole thing is meant to look just a little bit cooler with some wrinkeling.

Relwen Heritage Trap BlazerHUCKBERRY.COM$260.98BUY IT HERE

This is the ultimate unconstructed casual blazer. It’s made with a stretchy wool-blend twill and comes in this easy-to-wear gray/black color. This is your fall (and winter) alternative to a cardigan, when you want something more fitted but just as comfy.


Field jackets are one of the most ideal transitional weather pieces, for both fall and spring. This blazer take on the field jacket makes it something you can wear easily as a layer for outside or as an outfit completer for inside.

Suitsupply Havana JacketSUITSUPPLY.COM$399.00BUY IT HERE

Suitsupply might be known for its impeccable suiting, but it too likes to play around with the idea of putting an outfit together. This double-breasted blazer is made out of a wool blend that feels fully like a cardigan. We’re keeping this one around for the holidays, too.

Pop Trading Company Hewitt Unstructured JacketMRPORTER.COM$182.00BUY IT HER

Speaking of holiday outfits, there’s always a mad dash to make (and buy) everything corduroy once the weather starts getting cooler. Get ahead of the game with this corduroy blazer that looks good at work, on Zoom calls, and with the family on Thanksgiving.

Bonobos Jetsetter Sport CoatNORDSTROM.COM$298.00BUY IT HERE

Bonobos’s Jetsetter collection was made with the actual action of wearing in mind. Some blazers look good right after a steam and never again—this one keeps up its shape after a long day of travel.



Taylor Stitch The Gibson Jacket


If you’re not a big blazer person to begin with, there’s no easier item to incorporate into your wardrobe than this jacket from Taylor Stitch. It’s cotton and spandex, so it’s not in the least bit stuffy, and it’s navy—the most classic fall blazer color for men, of all time.

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