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All 30+ Blue Wedding Color Palettes

 April 4, 2019

As a bride-to-be, you are always dreaming of a great wedding color palettes to inspire your big day. When you are planning for your wedding color, you should never miss out the blue shade! Blue is a large color family, and there are so many shades of blue such as popular navy blue, dusty blue, royal blue, ice blue or others. Since it ranges from pale to dark, you can find the prettiest shade according to the season of your wedding. Here we will introduce this color scheme in detail.

Cornflower Blue + Peach

Cornflower blue looks amazing with peach for their elegance and coolness. The color combos is perfect for summer wedding. The wedding flowers and bouquets, table linens and centerpieces in this color palette are stunning. To make your wedding memorable and impressive, just click on the image below to see more ideas in cornflower blue and peach color combination!

8 Fresh Summer Wedding Color Palettes and ideas for 2019 - Cornflower Blue and Peach

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is a versatile color that can be used in any wedding season. If you are preparing for your winter wedding celebration, dusty blue is a great choice. White bride, bridesmaids in dusty blue dress, dusty blue table runners with green table garland. You can also add some white-washed greens, hazy blue details and some romantic candlelight to celebrate the special moment. More ideas will be given after you click on the image below.

8 Perfect December Wedding Color Palettes Ideas - Dusty Blue

Light Blue + Ivory + Pastel Pink

As a light hue of blue, light blue looks so subtle when combining with ivory and pastel pink. Do not hesitate to dress your bridesmaids in light blue with pastel pink bouqueuts to highlight the theme. Blend an ivory tablecloth, light blue napkins, flowers in these shades and cupcakes of light blue colors in this color palette to bring a special charm to your wedding!

Blue Wedding-Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, Ivory and Pastel Pink Bouquets

Royal Blue + Light Gray

Royal blue is so noble and elegant especially pairing with grey, which will make your big day stand out! Royal blue bridesmaid dresses will add a lot of glory to your wedding. And the gray men’s suits with a boutonniere of the thistle, royal blue wedding shoes, royal blue and white bouquets, invitations, centerpieces, ceremony decor, jewelry etc. will give you more clues.

Summer Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Light Gray Groom's Suit with a Boutonniere of Thistle

Navy Blue + Gray

Navy blue with its dark hue of blue, is a popular color in winter weddings. Gray is a classic color to combine with navy especially in winter weddings. Bride in white wedding gown, bridesmaids in navy dresses with grey scarfs, groom in navy suits, groomsmen in grey suits, the wedding party pictures can not be more attractive! Click on the image below you will see more details on table linens, wedding invites, seat cards, wedding flowers, flower girl dresses etc..

9 Gorgeous Navy Blue Winter Wedding Color Palettes - Navy Blue and Gray

Ice Blue + Light Pink

Ice blue, with the light shade of blue, is great for spring weddings no matter the wedding style is vintage, modern elegant or rustic. Ice blue and light pink color combos can make a lovely wedding. Ice blue bridesmaid dresses will make girls look youthful and fresh. They are great match with white bridal gown. light pink bouquets, candle chandelier, flower garland, name cards, wedding shoes, wedding cake and dessert etc in these colors will give you more inspiration to make a fantastic wedding!

Spring Wedding - Ice Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, Light Pink Bouquets and Wedding Cake

Royal Blue + Silver

Royal blue, as its name, looks very noble, elegant and royal especially paired with some metallic color such as silver. The royal blue and silver color palette is wonderful for winter wedding with snow-covered countryside. You must be impressed by the white bridal gown, royal blue bridesmaid dresses, table decorations, wedding flowers and bouquets in this color scheme. Click on the image below to see more ideas!

10 Classic Metallic Winter Color Combos - Royal Blue and Silver

Turquoise + Mango

Turquoise is a vibrant and bold blue color which can make you a great and beautiful fall wedding when combining with bright mango. This color palette creates touches of rustic charm.The color palette was reflected in the flowers, turquoise bridesmaids dresses, table designs and wedding cake. The dessert plate echoed the wedding colors with piles of chocolate in either mango or turquoise. Click on the image to see the details.

Blue Wedding - Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses and Mango Flower Decorations

Dusty Blue Wedding

Dusty Blue, a soft and romantic hue, is a great choice for an outdoor weddings. When it is paired with light pink, the color scheme looks more elegant and stunning. From dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to wedding shoes in the same color, also the blush bouquets with blue ribbions, the table centerpieces are all spring favorites abound that will never let you down in wedding field.

Spring Wedding - Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Blush Bouquets with Blue Ribbons


Teal is the combination of blue and green. The cold color is great for fall and winter wedding. It can be paired with a warmer brown which can create a fresh and fun feeling. Combining the serene qualities of blue and green, teal is a cool color that will make a cool wedding! Bridesmaids in teal stood in front of the brown-brick church with soft yellow bouquets, what a sense of autumn! And your guests will love the dessert table with teal tablecloth and lots of delicious snacks served at the reception. Click on the image below to see the details!

Blue Wedding - Teal Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Light Brown Decorations

Dusty Blue + White

A blue and white wedding theme is a classic wedding theme that nearly each bride loves! Dusty blue is highly welcomed thanks to its romantic rustic quality. In this color scheme, you can dress your leading girls in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and navy suits with dusty blue ties for the men. For your decor, introducing colours in the table linen can be really effective, dusty blue table runners or table cloths would look beautiful. Or for a more subtle tone use dusty blue napkins. Besides, dusty blue hues can also be used for wedding cakes, invitations and bouquets.

Spring Wedding - Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, White Bouquets and Wedding Cake

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue, contemparary and trendy, is wonderful to go with bright yellow. The perfect color combination will give you a countryside wedding. A great additional accent color for cornflower blue and bright yellow is red. Brides in white gown is surrounded by bridesmaids in cornflower blue dresses. The scene can not be more perfect! Coupled with the grey and blue men’s suits, colorful centerpieces and naked wedding cake, all will make your wedding stand out!

Blue Wedding - Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Bright Flowers

Dusty Blue

Taking dusty blue as the main wedding color and dark red with accent color, this wedding color ideas will surprise you! Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with dark red bouquets, centerpieces and drinks, table decorations of dusty blue color can add coolness to your fall wedding. Click on the image below, you will see this trendy color palettes!

Blue Wedding - Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Dark Red Decorations

Ice Blue + White

Ice blue is a clean and clear color of blue which can be used with white to show off its pureness. It will be a cool thing if you use ice blue as the main color of your fall wedding. White bridal gown, ice blue bridesmaid dresses and decorate your wedding with ice blue tablecolth, centerpieces, invitations and bouquets. Sweet ice blue cake with flowers on the top will make your guests happy! Click on the image below to learn more about this color inspirations.

Blue Wedding - Ice Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with White Bouquets

Sky Blue

Sky blue, as its name, is the color of the healer and indicate a selfless nature which is a non-threatening color loved by people to use in fall or late summer wedding. You can try white bridal gown, sky blue bridesmaid dresses, soft yellow bouquets and wedding shoes etc. to make your wedding stand out! Learn more inspirations in this color palette? Just click on the image below!

Blue Wedding - Sky Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Soft Yellow Bouquets

Royal Blue + White + Black

Royal blue, a classic color of blue, conveys great royalty for your fall wedding. It will surpass your expectation when it is paired with black and white. White bridal gown, royal blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake in white and royal blue, black men’s suit with royal blue vest and tie, table decorations with royal blue napkins etc. to make your wedding stand out! Click on the image below to see the details.

Blue Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Black Men's Suits

Turquoise + Yellow + Grey

Turquoise is a vibrant color shade which can create a great color palette with vivid yellow and light grey.Click on the image below to learn more inspirations in this color combos including turquoise bridesmaid dresses, yellow bouquets, grey best men’s suits, and wedding cakes, invitations and favors decorated in these colors etc.

Blue Wedding - Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses, Grey Men's Suits and Yellow Bouquets

Dusty Blue + Burgundy

Dusty blue becomes hot and popular in recent years. Dusty blue and burgundy color combos is so wonderful for fall weddings. You can pair dusty blue and burgundy in the following way – dusty blue table linen and candles with burgundy centerpieces, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with burgundy bouquet, dusty blue wedding cakes with burgundy flowers. More inspirations are availabe after clicking on the image below!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and dusty blue

Navy Blue + Burgundy

Navy blue is the best color if you are planning for a fall wedding. When combined with burgundy – another popular fall wedding color, it looks so graceful and elegant. Click on the image below, you will get more ideas from from burgundy and white bouquet, to navy blue bridesmaid dresses, from wedding floral arrangements to place settting, from wedding board to favors.

Fall wedding colors burgundy and navy blue

Royal Blue + Peach + Grey

Royal blue is one of the most popular shades of blue since it seems noble, elegant and royal. As a cool color, it is great to pair with peach, a warmer color since they can balance each other very well. And the grey can always keep the whole palette soft and beautiful.After clicking on the image below, it is easy to to find elements for each aspect of the wedding color scheme, such as royal blue bridesmaid dresses, grey men’s suits, wedding cake with peach flower decorations and wedding invitations etc..

Blue Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Grey Men's Suits

Turquoise + Fuschia

Turquoise, a bright palette of blue, can form a strong contrast with fuschia. This color scheme is very popular in summer weddings. Try it in this way – turquoise bridesmaid dresses, fuchsia and white bouquets, wedding cake and decorations in these colors, all would add a stylish glow to your wedding. For groomsmen, try turquoise ties with any neutrally colored suits.The details must impress you after you click on the image below!

Summer Wedding - Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses, Fuschia Wedding Bouquets and Gray Men's Suits

Dusty Blue Wedding

Dusty blue, a popular fall wedding color, is so romantic and dreamy. White bridal gown, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, white and greenery bouquets, they are so appealing. More inspirations concerning table linen, wedding flowers, invites, cakes, rings etc. will be shown after clicking on the image below!

Sky blue wedding ideas for fall 2018

Navy Blue + Gray + White

Navy blue and gray with white snowy backdrop combines a calm and nice wedding. Brides in white bridal gown and ladies in navy blue bridesmaid dresses with grey scarf and white bouquets are the best match. Just click on the image below, you will get more inspiration on men’s suits, table and chair decorations, wedding cakes etc..

Winter Wedding Color Combos for 2018 - Navy Blue, Gray and White

Ice Blue + Aqua + Silver

Ice blue is great for winter when there will be ice! White bridal gown, ice blue bridesmaid dresses, ice blue wedding earring, ice blue candles…, all of which perfectly match snowy days. Click on the image below to find more ideas on this color scheme.

Winter Wedding Color Combos for 2018 - Ice Blue, Aqua and Silver

Teal + Tangerine + Cream

Teal is an elegant color shade in the blue color family. When it combines with the bright tangerine and neutral cream, it can be balanced very well. It will work well in summer weddings. Teal bridesmaid dresses, cream bridal gown, tangerine wedding bouquets, flower bearer wearing a tangerine bow tie and candies in this colors…More ideas will be illustrated if you click on the image below.

Blue Wedding - Teal Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Tangerine Bouquets

Dusty Blue

For a March blue color, you’ll never lose dusty blue. Dusty blue will show its elegance and beauty in spring weddings. It’s no more pretty than a bride in white gown and the leading girls in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with white and dusty blue bouquets standing in line in a March day. You will get more clues on how to use dusty blue in your March wedding after you click on the image below!

8 Refined March Wedding Color Palettes for 2019 - Dusty Blue

Navy + Peach + Green

Navy blue symbolizes for elegance and sophistication while peach stands for romance and sweetness. The color palette can bring you surprising effect. From attires to wedding decorations, they can always find a way to rock your wedding. You will see the details of the color combos including navy blue bridesmaid dresses, navy blue and peach wedding reception drink ideas, invitations and wedding table ceterpieces.

Blue Wedding - Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Peach and Green Bouquets

Blue + Yellow

Royal blue and yellow combines so well since royal blue seems noble and elegant while yellow looks fresh and bright. When the two colors combined in summer weddings, it looks absolutely stunning. White bride and bridesmaids in royal blue dress with yellow sunflower bouquet, white wedding cake with sunflower decoration and invitations in these shades… everything looks attractive and wonderful. To see details of this color palette, you need to click on the image below.

Blue Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Yellow Sunflower Bouquets

Dusty Blue + Dusty Rose + Peach

Want a special charm to your summer wedding? Just try the color combos – dusty blue, dusty rose and peach which is a hottest trend color scheme in summer. Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, dusty rose bouquets with greenery, light-colored invitations and table decorations in this shades… Click on the image below to see more clues on this unique color combinations!

Blue Wedding - Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Peach Colored Decorations

Aqua Blue + White

Aqua blue, simply gorgeous, is not boring at all in summer wedding no matter it is solely used or teamed up with pearly white. Try new exciting ideas in aqua blue to update this classic blue shade, such as white bridal gown, aqua bridesmaid dresses, ivory bouquets with greenery, light-colored invitations and wedding cake. You will be attracted by the details in this color palette after you click on the image below!

Blue Wedding - Aqua Bridesmaid Dresses and Light-colored Invitations

Light Blue + Pink

Have you ever thought to use different shades of blue color with pink in your summer wedding? It’s a perfect summer wedding color mix that girl in light blue bridesmaid dresses with pink bouquets while men in dark blue suits with light blue tie and pink boutonnieres, bouquets in light blue, greenery and pink flowers and light pink colored wedding cake with pink flower decoration. You will never diappointed with the details after clicking on the image below!

Top 8 Summer Wedding Color Combos in Shades of Blue for 2019 - Light Blue

French Blue + Hot Pink + Cream

Although French blue and hot pink are quite dynamic, they look so great with cream. White/cream lace bridal gown, french blue bridesmaid dresses, hot pink, light blue and cream colored roses photo wall is such a perfect color palette used in summer garden weddings. Click on the image below to learn more about this color inspirations!

Blue Wedding - French Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Wedding Flower Wall

Blush + Dusty Blue

Try a blush wedding gown and dress up your girls in dusty blue. They look really romantic and refreshing. Also don not hesitate to blend a blush tablecloth and dusty blue napkins, and mix flowers in these shades dusty blue and blush color. Click on the image below to see more details!

Top 10 Blush Wedding Color Palettes - Blush and Dusty Blue

Navy Blue Wedding

Navy blue is considered to be one of best fall wedding colors which can be used as a main color in wedding card, chair decorations, table cloths while navy blue bridesmaid dresses add a maturity touch to your fall wedding. Click on the image below, you will see more details in this color, from dress to suits, from wedding flowers to invites, from table decorations to wedding welcome sign etc..

Fall wedding colors navy blue

Navy + Grey

Navy blue and grey is so elegant and easy-to-pair which can be used both in fall and winter weddings. You can also add a shade of peach to the blue and grey wedding. Bridesmaids with navy blue dresses with white and peach bouquets are so stunning. Click on the image below, you will be inspired by more ideas on this color scheme.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Navy Blue and Grey

Dusty Blue + Blush

Dusty blue is a popular and trendy color shades among different shades of blue. Dress your bridesmaids in dusty blue with blush bouquets, and you can also decorate the wedding tables with dusty blue tablecloths and blush napkins. Click on the image you will get more wedding ideas about dusty blue and blush besides bridesmaid dresses, bouquets and table decorations mentioned above.

Top 8 Spring Wedding Color Palettes for 2019 - Dusty Blue and Blush

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue can be used as a main color of your wedding. Bride in white wedding gown with her leading girls in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are so attractive and appealing. The wedding flowers, cakes, invites and table decorations in this color can not be more perfect!

dusty blue bridesmaid dresses

Light Blue

Light blue is so fresh and calm, so great for a spring or summer beach wedding. Light blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets in light blue and peach, cupcakes, shoes and table napkins in this color look so impressive!

light blue bridesmaid dresses

Dusty Blue + Blush

Dusty blue, a hottest color in these years, is almost popular for any season or any kinds of wedding. Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and blush flowers, blush wedding arch with dusty blue decors, and dusty blue tablecloth with blush napkins, all of which are best choice for a beach wedding.

Top 9 Beach Wedding Color Combos Ideas for 2019 - Dusty Blue and Blush

Royal Blue

Royal blue, as its name implied, looks very royal, noble and graceful. You can make this color in your fall wedding, such as white bridal gown, royal blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets in royal blue and white, grey groom’s suit with royal blue tie, wedding shoes in this color etc..

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

Royal Blue + Purple

When it comes to colors to match with royal blue, purple is a great choice. Bridesmaids in royal blue dresses look great with purple and royal blue bouquets; and you can also use purple and royal blue centerpieces to enhance the beauty of your royal blue tables.

10 Gorgeous November Wedding Color Palettes in 2018 - Royal Blue and Purple

Navy Blue

For a fall seaside wedding, there are no color better than navy blue. Flower boys and girls in navy and white, bridesmaids in navy blue bridesmaids dresses, navy and silver wedding invitations, navy and white wedding cakes, all of which will combine a perfect beach wedding.

Top 9 Beach Wedding Color Combos Ideas for 2019 - Navy Blue

Ice Blue

Ice blue is a light and pale shade of blue which can give people freshing feeling. You must have been inspired by the ice blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets in ice blue and peach, cupcakes and wedding cakes, shoes in this color.

ice blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue wedding

Blue is really a very popular color in weddings. No matter blue bridesmaid dresses, or the veil, the cakes, flowers and decorations in this color palette will give you more ideas.

blue bridesmaid dresses

Navy Blue and White

Navy and white color palette is truly classic especially in the snowy wedding. It can be pure, romantic and extremely elegant!

9 Gorgeous Navy Blue Winter Wedding Color Palettes - Navy Blue and White
all blue wedding color palettes

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