boys haircuts 2017

Have you been searching for boys haircuts 2017 all over the internet? Search no further, your search just ended. We bring you the best boys haircut 2017 that will delight the heart of all who sets their eyes on your son, brother or nephew. All you’ve got to do is go right ahead and make a pick!

Boys Haircuts 2017

Kids haircuts can be short and easy, unique or somewhere in between. These cool boys haircuts feature classic cuts, hot trends and all around good looks.

There’s no reason not to get creative with kids hair. Color, hair designs or trendy cuts may be forbidden later so let them have fun now.

Some of these haircuts for boys are styled but all will look great with or without hair product. Check out these kids haircuts for all hair types. These are the most popular boys haircuts of 2018.

1. Short Haircut for Boys

boys haircuts

Alan Beak

Short spiky styles are one of the most popular haircuts for boys. They look great without styling but a touch of product goes beyond for special occasions or superhero outfits.

2. Toddler Boy Haircuts

Josh Connolly

Toddler haircuts can go for the classic cut with bangs, as seen on the right, or trendy styles with side swept hair on top and ultra short sides.

3. Hair Trends for Boys


Most men’s hair trends can be adapts for boys, especially if they want to style their own hair. The textured cuts and tousled styles that are popular this year cool short styles that are easy to style. This is one of the best boys haircuts.

4. Textured Crop for Kids

Josh Connolly

This textured crop is one of the top mens hair trends of 2017 and also one of the best haircuts for boys. It works for every hair types and tames wavy, curly and thick hair.

5. Spikes + Hair Design = Super Popular Boys Haircuts


Kids hairstyles can get really creative, especially when it comes to hair designs. The shaved sides leave a wide mohawk-style strip up top that looks cool spiked up but doesn’t have to be styled.

6. Short Spiky Haircut for Boys

Kristi Brush

Short haircuts for boys are popular because they look good without styling, minimal washing and last longer between barber visits. This hair design at the temples looks cool now and can be redone, changed up or eliminated with the next cut.

7. Side Part Hairstyles for Boys


The side part hairstyle is another men’s look that works well for kids. With length on top and ultra short sides, it is easy to wear and is an excellent choice for finer hair types. This is one of the best boys haircuts you can get your little guy. Classic and cool.

8. Medium Length Haircuts for Boys

Dean Anthony Salon

This longer cut is a messy take on the classic little boys haircut. Layering adds some texture that adds a cool touch to an otherwise preppy look.

9. Line Up + Curly Hair for Kids

Raggos Barbering

This high fade haircut with a line up shows off curly hair while cutting it short.

10. Buzz Fade + Edge Up

Raggos Barbering

It doesn’t get easier or more stylish than a buzz cut with a line up at the forehead and blurry fade all around. It’s a hugely popular short hairstyle for men and kids.

11. Long Hair + Fade

Ed Stone – CaliCuts Melrose

In addition to men’s hair trends, longer hair on boys is a huge trend. This messy slick back combines those two with long hair on top and faded sides. Keep hair out of the eyes with a touch of product or by pulling hair back into a samurai bun.

12. Hi-Top + Drop Fade

Ronnell Jones

Longer styles look great on black boys too. This high top fade is on point for all ages but looks especially cool on a kid.

13. Boys Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Hannah Moon

Those toddler curls may not last so don’t rush to cut them off. This side part haircut keeps plenty of wavy while cutting hair short at the sides and back.

14. Long Curly Haircut

Josh Connolly

This cut gives ringlet curls a flattering rounded profile. A very nice boys haircut for curly hair.

15. Flat Top for Kids

Raggos Barbering

You’re never too young or old for a flat top. Always a cool haircut for boys.

16. Combover + Taper

Jessica Shippee

This long on top, short sides and back hairstyle looks cool with or without product and styling.

17. Side Part Hair for Little Boys

Megan Hess

This young lad looks great with long hair but sometimes shorter locks work better for the active lifestyle of toddlers.

18. How to Style Boys Hair

Mirasol Wade

All it takes to create a polished look for boys is adding a side part. That is the basis of cool cut that just takes a minute to style.

19. Cool Hairstyles for Boys

Bella Toccare de Spa & Salon

A pop of color adds a fun twist to this classic long on top, short sides and back hairstyle.

20. Pomp Fade for Boys

Neil Smyth Hair

This cool cut and style looks great worn up in a pomp or down loose and messy. This is one of the best boys haircuts to get. Super cool.

21. Hair Color for Kids

Hair by Erica Loney

If you’re up for letting kids add rainbow color to hair, this pop of blue in a short toddler cut does the trick without dying the whole head.

22. Haircut for Boys with Thick Hair

Trencita Johnson

Instead of cutting it short, find a cut that works with thick hair, like this cool combover with tapered sides.

23. Long Boys Hair + Undercut

Love Hair Studio

This undercut hairstyle with long hair couldn’t be cooler. Wear down or pull it up into a man bun.

24. Mohawk

Rachel Rivas

The mohawk is another popular boys haircut. It looks equally tough spiked up or worn down.

25. Pomp + Undercut

Raggos Barbering

This stylish fellow is rocking a shaved undercut with hair coiffed into a slick pomp. This cut can also be styling into a slick back, combover, spikes or worn down.

So there you have it, 25 boys haircuts that are on trend this year and look great.

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