Branded screwdriver set

As machinist’s, we use screwdrivers a lot.  Many of us are also major tool junkies.  So, when we get tired of the usual Craftsman or SnapOn options, where do we go for a better screwdriver? What is the best Branded screwdriver set?  What about just wanting to try the world’s best of some product, and being able to do so for a type of product we use a lot and can afford to buy the world’s best of.

I thought it was worth some research and came up with 8 brands.  What makes a better screwdriver?  Lots of things in common including:

  • More comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Easier to tell at a glance whether you have to right one
  • Extra machine work so the tip is optimized for the job it has to do
  • Overall quality of construction and materials
  • Warranty
  • Extra gizmos and gadgets

Without further ado, here are some possibilities for you to consider:

Branded screwdriver set

Klein Tools

Electricians, in particular, seem to swear by Klein Cushion Grip screwdrivers.  But so do a lot of others.  Their 8 piece set is available on Amazon for $66.57 as I write this:


Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece

To my eye, this is one of the tamer grip designs of the bunch, but people do swear by them.  One special Klein screwdriver I purchased is this one:


Klein 67100 2-in-1 Interchangeable Rapi-Driv Screwdriver

The Rapi-Drive is a speed driver with interchangeable tip that looks like it’d be handy for rapidly installing or removing screws that don’t require a lot of torque–handy in the right situation.  Only $13.96 on Amazon.  I think the Rapi-Drive would complement any of the other sets if you don’t fancy Klein for the World’s Best Screwdriver Set.

Bondhus Felo Ergonic Screwdrivers

Now we’re talking about a more ergonomic grip, and they will certainly stand out with their modern design:


Felo – Felo 6 Pc Slotted / Phillips Ergonic Screwdriver Set – 53167

At $42.54, these lovely German-made screwdrivers are cheaper than the $80 or so I have seem them priced in the past.

PB Swiss Screwdrivers

These screwdrivers are extremely popular in places like the Garage Journal where tool snobs like to hang out (it’s a great board, BTW, be sure to check it out some time!). And lest you think I’m being harsh, nothing wrong with being a Tool Snob.  I know I’m one.  It just means folks really care about their tools.

The PB Swiss 6 screwdriver set includes a nice wall rack:


PB Swiss Tools PB 8244 Slotted/Phillips driver set

That set is $89.12, which is less than I normally see them for.  Not super cheap, but they are made in Switzerland, have ergonomic grips, and the grips are made of a special material that still gives traction if your hands are oily–that might be pretty handy.  Plus, I love the way you can tell at a glance whether you have a Slotted or Phillips tip by the end cap color.  Notice also the tips are machined for better grip.

Wera Kraftform Screwdrivers

Wera are another German brand that gets mentioned in hushed tones by the afficionados.  They certainly have a distinctive look to them:

WeraScrewdrivers worlds best screwdriver set

Wera Kraftform Plus 334/6 Screwdriver Set with Rack and Lasertip, 6-Pieces

The Wera world’s best screwdriver set goes for $32.97 on a deal currently, regular $43.39.  It’s neat that you can tell the type and size of the driver from the notations on the end cap.  They also sell a step-up model whose main difference seems to be that it is made of stainless steel. What will the Germans think of next?

Seriously though, I cannot tell a lie, the Wera’s are what I purchased to upgrade my aging Craftsman screwdrivers.  They have a lovely feel in the hand and their price is nice when you consider the competition.

Nepros Screwdrivers

As machinists, we know full well that the Japanese make some nice stuff.  Check out this premium wood-handled screwdriver set:


Nepros Wooden Grip Screwdriver Set (6pcs.)

They’re absolutely gorgeous, but are currently not available on Amazon.  The last time they were, it was at $187.50, so I might be afraid to use them very much.  Perhaps only when changing the jets on the Weber carburetors of my vintage Ferrari.  Um, assuming I had a vintage Ferrari, LOL?

Wiha Screwdrivers

Wiha is another great German brand, and I have had some experience with Wiha Torx drivers for changing inserts on my tooling–they’re nicely made.  They have several screwdriver sets, but there best is really nice:


Wiha 53097 Screwdriver Set, Slotted and Phillips, Extra Heavy Duty, 7 Piece

They’re not cheap at $100.09, but they’re splendidly well-made, and you have to love the extra features like the wrench flats where the shank goes into the handle.

Facom Protwist

Facom make great tools.  In fact, if you attend any historic races sporting Formula One cars, you’re likely to see a fair number of Facom tools floating around the pits.  They seem to have an “in” with that crowd.  Their Protwist Screwdrivers are certainly lovely:

Facom Protwist Screwdriver Set 10 Piece

Normally, it’ll be $71.95 for these lovelies.  These were my #2 choice for my personal World’s Best Screwdriver Set, but they were just a little too pricey when I was buying.  If they hadn’t been, I might be sporting Facom in my garage tool cabinets.

Facom Protwist Stubby Screwdriver Set of 5…

When I first wrote this article I talked up the Facom Protwist Stubby Screwdriver Set of 5 too.  Back then they were $60.76, but as I write this the set is over $100.  What are Facom thinking?

Vessel Ball Grip Screwdrivers

These Japanese-made screwdrivers have the oddest shape yet, but I own some and I really like them:


.Vessel Ball grip Screwdrivers

The ends are marked so you can see what type driver you’re getting.  I am thinking that for certain situations, a palm-drive would be really nice.

I couldn’t find a complete set on Amazon, they want to sell the screwdrivers individually.  However, I did find this neat little mini-set with interchangeable tips:

You can really see how comfortable the grip looks and how nicely made the tool is.  This little Vessel Ball Grip set sells for $13.50, and it seems like an awesome way to try out this style grip (I really like mine!).  Also seems like a great gift for the man that has every tool in his chest.  I bought one, and for certain jobs, that palmy grip is really nice.


There you have it–8 brands you may not have been aware of that should be considered for the title, “World’s Best Screwdriver and Screwdriver Set”  I doubt there is a one-size-fits-all solution here–the choice will be a matter of personal taste.

Which of these would you pick, or what brand not mentioned would you recommend for World’s Best Screwdriver?

As I mentioned, I’ve got the Wera’s and the interchangeable tip Vessel Ball Grip.

Note:  Many of the links in this article are affiliate links to Amazon.  If you click through on them and subsequently purchase the screwdrivers, CNCCookbook will get a small fee.  Hey, we need good screwdrivers here too, and that’s how we’re starting a fund to buy them.  But, if you don’t want to contribute, no worries.  Just search Amazon using the information provided here and you’ll be able to find the same thing, sans affiliate link, in no time.

Before You Shop

Don’t feel like you need to buy everything at once. Invest in a few essential tools or a basic set, and then purchase additional tools as you need them for projects.

Think about how often you will use your tools when deciding what quality to purchase. For example, if you only need to pound in the occasional nail, a cost-effective hammer will meet your needs while leaving room in your budget to purchase other tools. However, if you know that a big home renovation project is in your future, consider investing in something more durable.

If you’re looking for an easy and economical way to stock your tool box without the hassle of buying all the components separately, consider purchasing a tool set. These sets contain the most essential tools and often include a convenient storage case.

Essential Tools

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

A durable claw hammer is useful for a variety of different projects. The head is used to drive nails, while the claw back can be used to pull them out. These hammers are available in a variety of sizes. A 16-ounce claw hammer is the right size for many household tasks while a 7- to 8-ounce claw hammer is best for work in small, confined areas.



Your toolbox should include two different types of screwdrivers: a Philips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver. A Philips-head screwdriver features two blades in the shape of a cross, while a flat-head screwdriver has one flat blade. Certain screw heads are designed to work with Philips-head screwdrivers, while others are designed for flat-head screwdrivers, so it’s good to have both options in your toolbox. You should also have them in several different sizes for different jobs.



A set of pliers is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. A standard set of adjustable pliers can be used for gripping and adjusting nuts and bolts. A set of long-nose pliers is also a useful tool to have. The long nose allows you to grip small items and reach awkward places. A standard 5-10W size set of pliers will work for most household tasks.

Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Getting accurate measurements is important for any project. A tape measure can be used to measure windows, furniture, lumber, pipe, and much more. Most tape measures are spring loaded, so the tape will retract after you release it. They are available in several different sizes, but a 3/4″ wide by 16′ long tape measure can be used for most household tasks.



A level is used to determine if a surface is straight. Torpedo levels feature a glass tube filled with liquid. A bubble is formed inside the liquid and will appear in the center of the tube if the surface is level.


Laser Level

Laser levels are also available. These levels use a laser to project a straight line, making them especially useful for hanging pictures and shelves or mounting TVs.

Sockets, Wrenches & Ratchets

SocketsWrenches & Ratchets

There are several types of wrenches that you should have in your toolbox. A socket wrench can be used to quickly tighten or loosen bolts. Most socket wrenches have a 90° handle. Another type of wrench that should be included in your tool box is an adjustable wrench. In addition to tightening or loosening bolts, an adjustable wrench can be used for a variety of plumbing tasks. This wrench features an adjustable jaw, so it can fit a variety of different fastener sizes.


Utility Knife

A utility knife allows you to cut through a variety of objects, including corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. Consider purchasing a replacement blade pack so you never have to attempt cuts with a dull knife.



Including a headlamp in your tool box can help you work in situations without a lot of light. Whether the power’s gone out or you’re working in a naturally dark space, having a headlamp allows you to keep your hands free and your workspace illuminated.

Cordless Drills and Bits

Cordless Drill and Bits

Not only do cordless drills provide you with additional strength to drive screws, but they also allow you freedom of movement without being limited by an electrical cord, allowing you to take your cordless drill virtually anywhere! Cordless drills can be used to drive screws and drill holes. They can also be used for a variety of tasks with drywall and concrete.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Having the proper personal protective equipment will help keep you safe during any task. You can protect your eyes and face from flying debris with eye and face protection like safety glasses or safety goggles. Work gloves can keep your hands safe and protected during tough jobs.

Tool Bag

Tool Bag or Tool Box

As your tool collection grows, investing in storage can help you stay organized. Having a tool bag or tool box is a great way to keep your tools readily available and easily accessible in one place. Check out our tool storage buying guide to learn more about the different options available.

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