Buba and sokoto designs

Here for our best Buba And Sokoto Designs review? Check out our top picks for the best buba and sokoto for couples, men ankara styles, and buba styles. Nigerian clothing is unique and attractive. Lace, jacquard, adire, and ankara are some of the materials that are used to prepare dresses in Nigeria. Nigerian clothing for women include buba, kaba, iro, gele and iborun or ipele and Nigerian clothing for men include buba, fila, sokoto, abeti-aja and agbada. Other than traditional attire, the people also wear western attires.

The ethnic diversity of Nigeria is reflected well in its clothing culture. Learn about the various types of Nigerian clothing for men and women.

The important materials for Nigerian clothing are – lace, jacquard, adire, and ankara. The people are also fond of tie and die materials.

buba and sokoto for couples

Nigerian Clothing for women

Nigerian dresses for women include buba, kaba, iro, gele and iborun or ipele. Here is what they are used for:

  • Buba is a loose blouse that reaches down a little below the waist. Kaba is basically a single-piece dress, which can have different styles.
  • Iro is the bottom part of clothing, which is a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist
  • Gele is a headgear. It is a rectangular piece of cloth that be tied in different ways to give different looks.
  • Iborun or ipele is a scarf that is either tied around the neck or just can be put diagonally across the body.

Nigerian clothing for men

Nigerian dresses for men include buba, fila, sokoto, abeti-aja and agbada. Their details are as follows:

  1. Buba is a loose shirt that goes down till halfway down the thighs.
  2. Fila is a traditional cap.
  3. Sokoto is the pant or trouser, which covers the lower part of the body.
  4. Abeti-aja is another type of cap, which has longer sides.
  5. Agbada is a festive clothing comprising buba and sokoto.

Nigerians put on a range of clothes, which include both traditional and western dressing. They take pride in wearing their traditional attire. Clothing is a significant part of the ceremonies. In the North, Nigerian dresses are primarily worn to work. However, in the south, western attire is more predominant. People wear suits, skirts and blouses, baseball caps and other dresses.

On the whole, Nigerian clothing is very unique and interesting.

Buba and sokoto as part of Yoruba traditional attire So what exactly are buba and sokoto? Well, they are both parts of Agbada, traditional Nigerian clothing worn by the Yoruba people. Sokoto is the general name for the long pants worn with the outfit. The most popular type of trousers that goes with agbada is sooro; they are ankle-length and close-fitting.

Buba is a shirt with a round neckline and sleeves (usually elbow-length, but they can be shorter/longer) that goes underneath the agbada, which is a large, loose-fitting outer robe. That said, people often wear a buba without the outer robe, especially in circumstances that are more casual. Now, most of the time, such outfit is worn by men, but nowadays Nigerian women decided to get in on that as well, and boy, do they look good! To prove this point, we have prepared some beautiful female styles of buba and sokoto for your enjoyment, so check them out and join the trend! Buba and sokoto for ladies.

Buba and sokoto designs

Dope Ankara has started styling ankara for Nigerian men. For those men who feel that they have just few style to sow  unlike the women who have numerous styles that they can rock using Ankara, you do not need to be worried.
Dope has made it clear that there are many fashion styles that the men can rock apart from the usual ‘buba and sokoto’ style which make them feel bored most of the time especially for stylish men.
There are many ways in which men can really rock their ankara and feel so much on top of the world. Check out some of the modern Ankara styles pictures for men.

19. Photo by @asoebimendem

Jidenna’s blue senator is indeed simple and perfect for every classic man

20. Photo by @macninaline

With this design, father and son can both slay effortlessly

21. Photo by @asjmode

This attire might be considered a traditional attire, irrespective of this, it can be worn to formal occasions

22. Photo by @asjmode

A white senator with sky wine colour pocket square will suit every man

23. Photo by @yomicasual

Update your closet with this navy blue senator.

24. Photo by @yomicasual

Beautiful fabrics are not meant for ladies only. With a design such as this, you can slay with any material even if you are a man.

25. Photo by @yomicasual

This body fitting attire is one that you should have in your wardrobe if you think you have the right body for it.

26. Photo by @bankywellington

Want to be the perfect groom? this blue agbada will make it easy.

27. Photo by @ebuka

This design is simple. However, its very rare colour will make you stand out from the crowd.

28. Photo by @ebuka

This black traditional outfit is one you can wear to work on a Friday and still remain very simple.

29. Photo by @david.dizi

The senator has become Nigeria’s own indigenous suit. Getting a wine coloured senator will not be a bad idea.

30. Photo by @ebuka

If dressing to make a strong impression is your intention, this is the perfect attire.

31. Photo by @yomicasual

You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one. All you need is to get a design like this one.

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