Burberry trench coat

Welcome to our guide to the best Burberry Trench coat. Here we’ve listed the top burberry trench coat for a variety of budgets and skill levels, so no matter if your budget, range or preference,  there’s a the burberry trench coadeo n this list for you.

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The Burberry Trench Coats

I’ve had many readers over the years rave about their Burberry trench coats.  They love the tailoring, the quality and after trying them on. I totally get it.  But here’s the thing I found confusing: the two Burberry trench coats I’ve been drooling over – the Kensington and the Sandringham – are glorious trench coats, sure, but they’re just cotton.  They’re not even water-resistant, nor do they have a hood.  Isn’t that surprising?  I was under the (mistaken) impression that all Burberry trench coats are both fancy and functional.

Burberry Kensington

The cut of the Kensington is very classic – not too tight, not too loose.  But the armholes are nice and high so it doesn’t overwhelm, the details are perfection (there are even metal pieces on the belt to prevent it from sliding off the loops) and it’s basically just amazing.  (And amazingly expensive – it retails for almost $2K.)

Burberry Sandringham

The Sandringham is almost exactly like the Kensington, but with a slimmer fit.  I tried the same size, but could barely raise my arms.  Everything else appears to be the same as the Kensington (and they both come in mid and long lengths).

Annoying about the arms because LOOK HOW CHIC.

Burberry Sisal

Burberry does make functional raincoats too, they’re just not the ones that come to mind when I think Burberry trench coat.  Reader K left a glowing comment about Burberry’s Bow Park rain jacket, but it only comes in black or navy and I reallllly wanted a classic trench.  Happily, I found one that fit the bill:  the Burberry Sisal.  It looks like a trench but is also water-resistant, lightweight, has a detachable, super-functional hood, and all of the little details that Burberry fans rave about. Even better?  The price point is half that of the Kensington and Sandringham (still a steep $795 though).

Burberry Sisal is currently sold out, but Ralph Lauren has a similar one.

The biggest difference is the fabric.  And while my London Fog (admittedly) could use a round with the steamer (sorry – came out of the box that way)…even if we ignore the wrinkles, the London Fog fabric is a little heavier and a lot less drapey.  It’s simply not as fabulous at the Burberry fabric. But…it’s a fraction of the cost at $178, and comes in both regular and petite sizes.

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