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Looking to Buy Lg Cordzero? look no further. LG’s A9Master2X CordZero is an extremely powerful, cordless handstick vacuum. But that description does not do it justice as it can replace your old canister vacuum and do a whole-of-house clean with far less effort.

LG’s top-of-the-range A9Master2X at A$999 uses the same motor/vacuum unit as its three lower-cost siblings – the only difference is the accessories and number of batteries.

It is LG’s answer to ‘whole-of-home’ cleaning eliminating the need for a separate ‘bulky, old, corded canister.’ GadgetGuy agrees – given the right home this does it all.

Buy Lg Cordzero

Essentially these all use the A9 vacuum body and are variously optioned.

  • Single $699
  • PetNBed $699
  • Multi $749
  • Essential $799
  • PetNBed2x $834
  • Multi2X $884
  • Master2X $999 (subject of this review)
  • Advanced $1099 (2019 model just released)
  • Ultimate Drive Mop $1199 (2019 model)

Take the prices with a grain of salt – GoodGuys (among others) have the A9Master2X for $749 and I noticed the Ultimate Drive Mop already at $1099. It pays to shop around because at $749 it wins over the Dyson V10 Animal+ at $999 – by quite a margin. LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Two Batteries, for Hard-Floor, Carpet,  Mattress, Car (A907GMS) Cordless Stick Vacuum, Matte Grey: Home & Kitchen

Review: LG A9Master2X CordZero

In the box

First, don’t even think about repacking the unit and its accessories back in the box – it is a marvel of origami how it all got in there in there in the first place.


It contains

  • The vacuum A9Master2X
  • Carpet power head (motorised hard brush – voltage supplied by the battery)
  • Hard floor powered head (motorised power soft brush – ditto)
  • Bedding punch powered head (vibrating)
  • Combination short bristle brush tool
  • Crevice tool
  • 2 x batteries 25.5V/2,000mAh
  • Charger 29.4V/1A
  • Charging station (floor standing/wall/or compact mountable)

Negotiate for a deal on the total care kit with

  • Flexible Crevice Tool
  • Multi-Angle Tool
  • Hard Dirt Tool
  • Mattress Tool
  • Flexible Extension Hose

These are all quite useful – especially the soft brushes and flexible tube – and it’s a shame they are an option.


The first impression

Well made – the unit and accessories look like they will last the distance.

I tested it in a largish 65m2 one-bedroom (tight pile carpet), bathroom (ceramic tiles), kitchen (tiles) and lounge (carpet) apartment – and GadgetGuy’s often unkempt offices.

Battery 25.5V/2,000mAh

LG’s marketing says the dual power pack gives you up to 80 minutes run-time.


The idea of replaceable power packs is appealing. In fact, it should be mandatory for all stick vacuums. Batteries are recharged when (A) inserted in the vacuum and placed on the mount or (B) inserted into the mount. Both can trickle charge at once.

Initial charge time from zero to 100% per battery is just under four hours. You will need to have both charged as run-time depends on the amount of suction you want. Three LCD bars on the handle show remaining battery life.

The small print reveals that 80 minutes use (2 x 40) on the normal mode (25W) without the power nozzle. If you use a power nozzle, it claims 60 minutes (2 x 30). The vacuum defaults to normal mode which is fine for most cleaning.

Activate Power mode (80W) by pressing ‘+’. In this mode with a powerhead expect 10-15 minutes per battery.

Activate Turbo mode (140W) by pressing the ‘+’ button held down for three seconds. In this mode with a powerhead expect 5 minutes per battery.

Turbo was excessive for regular cleaning but was handy on-demand. Power mode was mandatory on carpet, and normal mode was fine on hard surfaces.

Batteries should last 500 or so full discharges and are ‘user-replaceable’ even if they cost $100 or more each.

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