can i start a business using my cell phone

. Car Service

Provided you have a car with a spacious back seat–and you’re good at keeping it clean and tidy–you can start a car service without much effort, particularly if you live in a smaller town without major taxi regulations.

The biggest hurdle is getting the appropriate driver’s license for your state and/or city (check with your state’s DMV for details). Once that’s out of the way, you can put up a simple website and offer a phone number for customers to schedule pickups.

Your phone can double as a calendar and address book to keep track of appointments, and it can work as a GPS device to ensure you’re going the right way. Check out UberCab, which lets passengers book travel on private cars directly from their Smartphone.

ii Writer

Granted starting a career as a writer without a computer can be quite a difficult prospect. There are tons of websites that need content particularly large blog sites that need a lot of content due to the amount of traffic they have on their websit. So to get additional content, they have to hire additional writers to write content for them.

They may tell you the topics they need or you may have to come up with an idea for a topic on your own that is related to a particular niche. In Japan it’s becoming popular to write and distribute entire novels via cell phone, specifically text message–in 2007, five of the top ten bestselling novels in Japan were “cellphone novels” written specifically for the medium.

iii. Blogging

A blog is an individual website that is updated on a regular basis. If you love to write, then you can open up a blog where you can discuss a range of issues. There are many different ways by which a blog can be monetized so you should not stick to just one.

You can make money through blogging by putting up adverts on your blog, selling your own courses and books, affiliate marketing and of course Google AdSense. The more traffic you have, the more money you’ll make. Even if you post to your blog every day but only have ten people looking at it, you won’t make much money.

Though blogging is not a get rich scheme, it is a very good way to make some cash. A variety of iPhone apps exist for the major blog platforms (including WordPress and Tumblr) to expedite mobile posts, and many other platforms (such as TypePad) have mobile services built right in. But there’s no need to stop at blogging.

iv Videographer

In times past, in order to carry out the duties of a documentarian, filmmaker, or other video-production professional, you will need to have a ton of equipment in addition to a sizeable crew in order to get a day’s worth of shots. These days, there are a lot of smart phones that have HD quality cameras.

This makes it possible to shoot with a high-end cell phone. In addition, there are a ton of apps that you can download which can be used to easily edit the videos. You can also shoot custom video for clients, which can be distributed directly to them while you’re still on location, or upload it to YouTube with little more than a click and a swipe.

v. Life Coach

In order to become a life coach, you do not need any real credentials, degree, and any special business license in order to give people your opinion on how they should run their lives. Throw together a website touting your expertise–the more outrageous the design, the better–get some testimonials from people friendly to your cause, and write up a few stories that show off how wise and intelligent you are.

Once the clients come calling, you can book appointments for in-person meetings or, better yet, telephone calls. Charge premium rates or monthly retainers for folks who’d like 24/7 attention.

vi. Virtual Assistant

Everyone needs help from time to time. Virtual assistants let people with too much on their plate outsource their most menial tasks for a fee. Exactly what you do is up to you and your client, but the most successful virtual assistants are the ones who will do just about anything that is legal.

Realistically you’ll be buying event tickets, researching vacations, fetching dry cleaning, and even dog sitting from time to time. Be clear about your fee structure–most assistant’s bill hourly plus expenses, or offer prepackaged monthly deals for a set number of tasks–and promote the heck out of yourself.

vii. Tech Support

If you are quite knowledgeable in fixing computers and answering technical questions, then you can get paid doing this. You will need a good web page which lists out the services you have to offer. Use keywords and make sure you’re specific about the local boundaries of any on-site service.

Most people looking for help will Google “city name tech support” or something along those lines, so you will have to make sure that your web page is SEO optimized. Craigslist is a popular spot for advertising your wares when business is slow.

viii. Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps have become incredibly popular. So it’s an increasingly popular business idea as well. From your own Smartphone, you can build and test mobile apps for your own venture and sell them for a profit, or you can even contract with other companies to create apps for them.

ix. Social media Marketer

Social media websites like facebook, twitter, instagram et al. provide a lot of opportunities for marketers. If you want to start a social media business from your Smartphone, you can offer to post content for business clients on their accounts. Or you can become an influencer and work with brands to spread the word about their offerings on your accounts.

x. Event Planner

Working on events, from weddings to corporate functions, requires a lot of planning and organizational skills. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps that offer the ability to manage schedules, lists and more. And of course, you can use your phone to keep in touch with clients and vendors, through both phone calls and emails.

xi. eCommerce Seller

A lot of people who shop online these days do so from their Smartphone. So you can also now set up those mobile shops right from your Smartphone. Doing so will actually give you a better idea of how your shop will look to potential mobile customers so you can make sure the shopping experience is compatible with popular mobile devices. Since you do not have any seed capital, you can go into drop shipping which does not require any capital to get started.

xii. Airbnb Host

Home rental services like Airbnb let anyone with some extra space in their home, or a separate income property, make extra cash by renting it out. With the Airbnb app, or others like it, you can create a listing for your home or room and manage communication with renters right from your phone or mobile device.

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