canvas painting ideas for toddlers

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My preschool students had such fun creating collaborative pieces of art last year! A lot of this collaborative art was done on canvases and hung up in the classroom. We ended up creating enough that every child could take home a canvas at the end of the year.

canvas painting ideas for beginners

Canvas Painting Ideas For Toddlers

12 canvas art ideas for kids - a fun way for kids to explore and display art

Ribbon Weaving Art
We used spring-colored ribbons for this canvas. It was great for practicing fine motor skills and even led to a discussion about math and patterns.

Tape and Watercolor Art
This was such a hit that the children made multiple canvases! I loved the vibrant colors and how excited the children were as they created.Your Most Valuable Teaching Resource× 0% 

Cupcake Liner Flowers
The kiddos were the ones who came up with this canvas art. I may be biased, but I think it turned out beautifully.

Mixed Media Hand Print Bouquet
We combined hand print art with tissue paper flowers to create a fun Mother’s Day gift. I think this would be a great gift for anyone, though!

3D Easter Egg Canvas
After Easter, we found this was an awesome way to use some of the leftover plastic eggs.

Mixed Up Scarecrow ArtThis canvas was inspired by the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.

Day and Night Canvases
We made these during a fun Pajama Day when we talked about how different the sky looks during the day and at night.

Tissue Paper Rainbow Puzzle
We loved exploring bleeding tissue papers and puzzles while creating super colorful art.

Pine Tree Collaborative Art
I love combining art and science, and this is a perfect example. We’d explored different kinds of trees, then delved into some painting and creating.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon’s Rainbow Scales
The kids were so focused on using corks to create chameleon scales!

Acorn Process Art
The children collected pounds and pounds of acorns during the fall, so we incorporated into art.

Corn Painting
I have done this with many groups of students, and it’s always a hit. I love how the colors and textures ended up on the canvas.

We did other canvases throughout the year, but these are some of my favorite canvas art ideas! Do you have any to share?

canvas painting ideas for kids

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