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Consider the situation of having to determine which shoe is the carhartt duck dungaree work pants. Then you should read this post. There are sections on the carhartt duck pants double knee andthecarhartt duck pants slim. I’ve seen guys wear them under shorts in social occasions and nothing gets said. … Wearing shorts over leggings is probably one of the best ways to feel comfortable for a guy when its too hot to wear full length pants and too cold to just wear shorts.

Carhartt Pants come in three different fits – straight, relaxed, and loose (sometimes also known as dungaree fit or loose-original fit). Deciding which of these you need depends more on your body type than what you will be doing in them. They are actually really great value considering their quality. Actually, that’s why I ranked Carhartt work pants number one in a recent article of the most durable pants. Yes, there are other brands with similar build quality but Carhartt doesn’t gouge the pocketbook as badly as the others do. Here is a detailed description of the carhartt double knee pants.  The carhartt work pants andcarhartt pants will look stylish.

Carhartt Men’s Jeans & Pants come in 3 different fits – Straight, Relaxed, Loose. Before deciding on the pair of jeans or pants you want, be sure to educate yourself on what these different fits mean and how you can expect them to fit you.

Straight Fit Carhartt Jeans (Slimmest Fitting Carhartt)

Formally known as Traditional Fit, these include a mid-rise sits slightly below the natural waist; slim seat and thigh; straight leg openings fit over work boots. Classic rise and tapered leg openings are available in select styles.

Relaxed Fit Carhartt Jeans

Classic rise sits at the natural waist; Relaxed seat and thigh provide a little more room than traditional fit; Straight leg openings fit over work boots. Classic rise and tapered leg openings are available in select styles.

Loose Fit Carhartt Jeans (Loosest Fitting Carhartt)

Carhartt has changed the name of their Dungaree Fit and Loose-Original Fit to Loose Fit. These pants have a classic rise sits at the natural waist; Full seat and thigh provide the most interior space; Wide leg openings fit over work boots. Mid-rise is also available in select styles.

Carhartt work pants are world renowned for their durability, functionality and construction. They’re not just pants that people happen to wear to work, they’re pants specifically made for the job site. Backed by over 130 years of on-the-job testing and endless innovation, their position as the working person’s pant of choice has been hard earned. Picking Carhartt for your work pants is the easy choice; perhaps more challenging is picking which pant is right for you. This guide will help you better understand the different types of Carhartt work pants and which styles are best suited for your vocation.

Fits & Sizing

Features and fabrics are important, but understanding fit and how to find your size may be the single biggest factors when choosing your next pant.


Carhartt pants come in three different fits – straight, relaxed, and loose (also known as dungaree fit or loose-original fit). Deciding which of these you need depends on your body type and personal preferences.

Carhartt Pant Fits

StraightCarhartt straight fit pants have the slimmest fit through the seat and thigh and include a mid-rise that sits slightly below the natural waistline with tapered leg openings. Of the three options outlined here, straight fit pants have the closest fit.

Relaxed: A majority of Carhartt work pants fall in the relaxed fit category. These pants will be roomier than straight-fitting pants, but slimmer than loose. They sit right at the natural waistline and feature straight leg openings.

LooseThe loosest fitting pant that Carhartt makes. These pants also sit right at the natural waistline, have ample moving room and wide leg openings.


Finding the right Carhartt pant size is simple. For your waist, use a measuring tape to measure around your natural waistline. The natural waistline hits at the area between the top of your hip bone and bottom of your rib cage. For inseam, find pants that fit you well, lay them flat with the front and back crease smooth, and measure from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. If you don’t have pants that fit comfortably, measure from your crotch to your desired pant length. Generally speaking, if your waist or inseam measurements fall between sizes, we recommend ordering the larger or longer size, respectively.


True, Carhartt’s most iconic fabric is its firm duck, but there are a surprising number of options when it comes to work pant materials. All of them offer durability, but the exact fabric you need depends on the jobs you’re performing, your style preference and even the temperatures you’re working in.

Carhartt Firm Duck Fabric
Carhartt Canvas Fabric
Carhartt Washed Duck Fabric
Carhartt Ripstop Fabric
Carhartt Twill Fabric


Duck or Firm Duck: Made from stiff, ring-spun cotton, duck is Carhartt’s cornerstone fabric. Duck pants are snag-proof, windproof and downright tough. Customers frequently comment about how stiff these pants are when first purchased, but how indestructible they are on the job. While they do eventually “loosen up”, this tried-and-true fabric is made to take abuse and will last you a very long time!

Canvas: If you love the strength and durability of duck fabric, but want something a little lighter for warmer temps, Carhartt canvas is the fabric for you. Offering style, comfort, and durability, pants with this fabric have a less rigid look and feel.

Washed Duck: With this fabric, Carhartt took its durable, classic duck and washed it to create a worn-in look and feel. The result is a fabric that breaks in faster but maintains is toughness. Washed duck fabric is similar to Carhartt’s now retired sandstone fabric, but employs new, environmentally friendly production techniques to create a similar look and feel as its predecessor.

RipstopCarhartt ripstop pants do exactly what their name implies – they aim to prevent rips from forming, and subsequently spreading, at common pain points. This is achieved using nylon fabrics and a special reinforcement technique that weaves rugged yarns in a cross-hatch pattern. You may recognize ripstop fabrics by the small, grid-like pattern on the surface of the fabric. The weight of ripstop pants falls between duck and canvas.

TwillTwill fabric is a popular choice for workers who wear uniforms. While still durable, they give the clean and pressed appearance of dress slacks and come in various weights. Twill pants are also a lighter weight option for work in warmer settings.

Bonus Fabric Feature

Rugged Flex®: Fabric with Carhartt’s patented Rugged Flex® technology is comprised of cotton and a very small amount of spandex canvas. This combination produces subtle, but noticeable stretch in places where workers need it. The result is a durable, rugged pair of pants that feels less rigid and offers maximum flexibility and comfort. This technology is now available in a wide variety of Carhartt work pant styles.

Extra Features

Now that you understand fits and fabrics, you’ll need to pick the features that’ll help you best on the job. Whether you need extra pockets or added protection, Carhartt work pants offer a sneaky number of extras made just for working people.

Carhartt Double Knee Pants
Carhartt Utility Pocket Pants
Carhartt Cell Phone Pockets
Carhartt Hammer Loops
Carhartt Pants with Lining


Double Knees: Like the name implies, Carhartt double-knee pants are constructed with not one, but two layers of fabric that start below the knee and run up toward the thigh. If your pants typically wear out on the front thighs and knees or if you kneel a lot on the job, then this style may be for you. Not only does that extra layer of fabric extend the life of your pant and add protection, but most double-knee styles accommodate knee pads via a small opening at the bottom of the extra piece of fabric. For workers who are on their knees a lot, that added protection and cushion can be a lifesaver.

Utility Pockets: What worker doesn’t appreciate extra pockets? Sure, some Carhartt work pants feature the standard 5-pocket construction, but most are outfitted with additional storage for your extra tools and accessories. Many have a convenient, understated side pocket (some have two) that accommodates a cell phone or other small tools. You’ll have to examine each pant closely to see where those utility pockets are placed. Carhartt also makes a number of cargo pant styles that feature roomy, multi-compartment pockets on the outside of each leg. These are for the guy who must carry everything with him!

Cell Phone Pockets: Carhartt may be one of the oldest names in work apparel, but they’re not afraid of change. Now that cell phones are a standard accessory for most workers, Carhartt has started adding special pockets to keep phones safe and handy on the job. Gone are they days of jamming your phone into a front pocket, which restricts movement and can damage your mobile device.

Hammer Loops: Don’t worry, Carhartt hasn’t forgotten about a not-so-new accessory – the hammer. In addition to convenient pocket arrangements, a number of Carhartt pants feature a handy hammer loop to keep one of the most powerful tools at your side at all times.

LiningsCarhartt lined pants feature an extra layer of flannel fabric inside the pant leg. If you’ve ever worked outside in the cold (or inside a freezer) for an extended period of time, you know how important lined pants can be. Linings can be found on both jeans and pants with varying fabric types and pocket arrangements.


Pants are an important, but perhaps overlooked tool in a worker’s daily toolbox. For those who spend hours on their feet and need reliable gear, there’s no better investment than Carhartt. While Carhartt work pants come with a number of options and features, choosing the right pair comes down to two very simple questions:

  1. What fit best suits your body type and preferences?
  2. What features will help you be more efficient, safe and mobile on the job?

Answering these will point you toward the Carhartt work pants that you can rely on, day after day, job after job.


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