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When it comes down to achieving the smart-casual look, you cannot go wrong with jeans and a blazer. A classic combination in our books, this is our definitive guide on how to get the most out of the look and essentially become a wardrobe staple. In this post, we will discuss the best Casual Blazer For Mens With Jeans, mens casual blazer, mens casual blazer, blazer with jeans combination for wedding and blazer with jeans for wedding picks.

Casual Blazer For Mens With Jeans

How to Wear a Blazer

Blazer With T-shirt

Starting with the basics, a blazer and t-shirt look is an easy option to pull off, even for those last minute plans. This is one of those outfits you can chuck on ten minutes before dashing out the door, and there is still a good chance you’ll be better dressed than most people at the function. Whether you opt for a beige blazer or black, pairing it with a white t-shirt will always create a laid back, smart casual vibe to your look. With a solid casual base, you’ll have plenty of freedom to throw on an extra accessory or two to complete the ensemble.

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Denim Jacket, Shirt & Blazer

If the weather is a bit cooler, or the T-shirt and blazer are too much of a simple put-together for you, then spruce up your look by layering up with a denim jacket. Perfect for cooler weather in autumn and winter, this look brings a distinctive detail to the classic shirt and blazer ensemble. Popping on a denim jacket can also knock down the formality of the look, and you’ll get extra creativity points from your mates.

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Blazer and Shirt

Lastly, the timeless look which will evidently have you covered for every suave occasion throughout the year. A crisp blazer and oxford shirt were a style match made in heaven. Depending on your own persona and colour of choice, you can’t go wrong with an oxford shirt and a blazer. When paired with a slim jean, this look will fit you right in at your ‘TGIF’ drinks.

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How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans

Black Blazer Outfits

The most common (or clean-cut) way to wear jeans with a blazer is opting for the classic black slim or skinny jean. A look which can take you from your day at work to the pub, it’s a combination which doesn’t have to break the bank. For us, choosing a black jean provides you with all the choice in the world for what colour shirt and blazer you decide to go for, let alone fabrics. Coincidentally, this means you don’t have to feel restricted when experimenting with different textures and colours with your outfit.

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All black outfit for men street style
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Blue Jeans with Blazer

Blue jeans with a blazer will always be a classic choice when your dress code is smart-casual. Think of it as the best both of worlds; denim is laid-back and casual, while the blazer is structured and refined. Also, it’s just as easy to pair with literally any blazer of choice (apart from Navy, no doubling up here), this smart-casual combination is sure to save you in the morning rush. Also, this look can easily transition to after work drinks. What we’re getting at here is that if you’re wearing a blazer and jeans, you’ll be dressed perfectly for almost any occasion.

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Grey Jeans with Blazer

If black and blue denim just isn’t tickling your fancy, then try opting for a shade of grey denim to switch up your look. Perfectly suited for autumn and winter style, grey denim can be just as easy to wear with your blazer as other shades. Our Editors prefer to pair our grey denim with darker neutrals like black, navy, or even some printed styles of blazers. Monochromatic colour schemes can work for some looks, but be advise against wearing grey denim and a grey blazer together – you could end up looking washed out or like you’ve just stepped out of a 1940’s film.




Men’s Coloured Blazers

There’s no need to stick to black and grey if colour is more your thing, and a bright blazer can really bring your outfit to new levels. For summer you could go for light pastel colours, like a blue or pink, and for the winter months experiment with patterns and darker shades. Giving your look a bit of personality is the perfect way to make a statement, especially with a classic look.

When opting for colour always remember to keep your jeans simple. This means no stone washes, rips, or extravagant stitching. Opting for too much detail can create a bit of a clash or a headache for eyes. So for this time, take into account less is more.

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ways to wear: A blazer

Four ways to wear: A blazer

If there’s one thing our stylists recommend again and again, it’s the textured blazer. There are two reasons why: 1. The texture keeps the jacket from looking like half a suit, and 2. The textured fabric also makes the blazer somewhere between casual and smart, which means you can wear one with almost any trousers and a variety of shirts—and to a wide range of occasions. 

Need proof? Here, Thread stylist Alice Watt shows you how to wear one blazer to four different occasions. 

1. For a last-minute client meeting

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, jeans and brogues or brogue boots

Why it works: “If you usually dress quite casually—but are occasionally called into last-minute meetings—the textured blazer is your best friend. Keep it at your desk and throw it on before you go into a meeting; it makes a shirt and jeans immediately smart casual.” 

Photographed: Gant white shirt (£80), Nudie jeans (£99)

2. For when you can’t tell if an event is formal or not

Outfit: Blazer, t-shirt, formal trousers and Derby shoes

Why it works: “Dress codes are so fluid these days, it can be really hard to figure out what to wear to certain events. An engagement party, for instance, sounds like something you’d wear a jacket to … but maybe not if it’s at a pub. When you’re stumped on whether an occasion is formal or casual, this is the perfect combination because the formal trousers and blazer are smart, but the t-shirt keeps them from looking too stiff.”

Photographed: Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69), Grenson oxblood Derby shoes (£200)

3. For a “grown-up” party or a nice dinner out

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, chinos and brogues

Why it works: “First, here’s what I mean by ‘grown-up’ party: your parents’ anniversary do, a dinner for your sister’s engagement, a garden party with a dress code (explicit or implied). You could also wear this to dinner at a fancy restaurant … and I’m not talking Nandos. This outfit is at the smart end of smart-casual dressing, so you won’t risk being underdressed.” 

Photographed: Gant chinos (£100), Gant white shirt (£80)

4. For a wedding or special occasion

Outfit: Blazer, shirt, formal trousers and Derbies

Why it works: “A blazer with formal trousers is more interesting than the usual suit—but just as formal. This combination is particularly appealing when you’re on the mid-20s wedding circuit and are tired of wearing the same suit to every nuptial.” 

Photographed: Gant white shirt (£85), Peter Werth navy formal trousers (£69)

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