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Traditionally, chandeliers have been understood as central, sculptural installations that are the visual focus of a room. The 14 Series, designed by Omer Arbel in 2005, is one of the first collections to challenge this idea. The 14 Series is an ambient chandelier, achieving its power through a strategy of composition and clustering. The 14.14 is a chandelier comprised of 14 cast glass pendants configured with a rectangular or round canopy. Light interacts with the bubbles and imperfections of the cast glass to produce a glow reminiscent of small candles floating within spheres of water. Having said that, Let us go straight to the best Chandelier price, and price of chandelier in nigeria lists.

Chandelier price

Heraclum II Pendant Light from Moooi

Heracleum II Pendant Light from Moooi
Heracleum II Pendant Light from Moooi

Inspired by the heracleum plant, the Heracleum II Pendant features delicate, thin compositions of LED lights that can make a statement in any setting. The white leaves connect the branches replicating organic structures. The Heracleum leaves are not frozen in one position; they can be freely re-positioned by rotating them around their stem.

Crown Major Suspension from NEMO

Crown Major Suspension from Nemo
Crown Major Suspension from Nemo

The Crown Major Suspension is a modern interpretation of the traditional chandelier structure. Designed by Markus Jehs for the Italian brand Nemo, it is made of  die-cast aluminum with frosted glass diffusers. This chandelier will provide indirect ambient illumination to any room.

Caboche Grande Chandelier from Foscarini

Caboche Grande Chandelier from Foscarini
Caboche Grande Chandelier from Foscarini

The Caboche collection, by Foscarini, was designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto in 2005. Caboche is the result of observing a pearl bracelet with different eyes. The collection features spherical elements combined with a modular arch structure. This modern chandelier is composed of transparent globes made of polymethylmetacrylate. A shade with a white matte finish and glass offers direct light projection as well as diffusion throughout the space.

Bling Chandelier from Robert Abbey

Bling Large Chandelier from Robert Abbey
Bling Large Chandelier from Robert Abbey

The Bling Chadelier pairs the luminescence of glass drop beads with multiple incandescent lamps for a modern take on traditional crystal fixtures. The Large Chandelier features a 35″ overall diameter and available in Polished Nickel or Deep Patina Bronze metal accents.

Chandelier Chandelier from FontanaArte

Chandelier Chandelier from FontanaArte
Chandelier Chandelier from FontanaArte

Designed by David Chipperfield in 2004 and imported from Italy, the Chandelier Chandelier features a sleek structure of metal grey or black aluminum and stainless steel suspension cables.

Zeppelin S1 Chandelier from FLOS Lighting

Zeppelin S1 Chandelier from FLOS
Zeppelin S1 Chandelier from FLOS Lighting

The Zeppelin S1 designed by Marcel Wanders provides gentle diffused lighting. Its white powder coated internal steel structure is sprayed with a unique “cocoon” resin to create the diffuser.  The chandelier also includes a faceted crystal globe located at the lower center as a central jewel for a sparkle effect.

Spillray 12 Light Chandelier from AXO Light

Spillray 12 Light Cluster Pendant Light from AXO Light
Spillray 12 Light Cluster Pendant Light from AXO Light

The Spillray collection, by AXO Light, was designed by Manuel Vivian. Spillray centers on crisp, transparent blown Pyrex diffusers. The collection features glasses in various shapes and colors (crystal, red, orange, or grey) and a chrome plated metal support.

Agnes Chandelier – 14 Light from Roll & Hill 

Agnes Chandelier - 14 Light from Rock & Hill
Agnes Chandelier – 14 Light from Rock & Hill

The Agnes Chandelier – 14 Light is a Ylighting exclusive. Its elegant design, features a modular anodized aluminum structure with articulated joints. The articulated joints allow Agnes to change appearance making it a versatile piece that can be customized to fit the needs of any room. Agnes’s glowing glass tubes add to the inspiration from the candelabra.

Volver LED Suspension Light from Terzani

Volver LED Suspension Light from Terzani
Volver LED Suspension Light from Terzani

The Volver LED Suspension Light represents Terzani’s first fixture designed exclusively around energy-efficient LED lamping. Layers of handmade chain drape in lustrous strips over a linear LED bar, creating a statement piece that is both extravagant and strikingly modern. The Volver Pendant Light represents a point where cutting-edge technology complements luxurious design, following Terzani’s deeply rooted heritage of combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with generations of innovative designers, concepts and technologies.

You wouldn’t believe me, but chandeliers are now being put up in kitchens, boudoirs and hold your breath, rest rooms! In case you like chandeliers and want your living space to look gorgeous you must make sure that the styling goes well with your décor!

latest chandelier

1. Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight-Light Chandelier – more than $9 million

givenchy royal hanover german silver eight light chandelier

The most expensive on this list of the most expensive chandeliers is Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier. It was created by William Kent. It received more than $9 million in an auction that was organized at the famous Christie’s.

2. Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier from the Collection of Baron de Redé – $1.7million

varnished and gilt bronze cut glass chandelier

Second in our list is the varnished and gilt-bronze cut-glass chandelier. It belongs to the collection of the famous Baron de Redé. It was sold at a whopping $1.7million, though it was calculated to be between $1.3 million to $2.7 million.

3. Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier from the Collection of Baron de Redé – $1.47million

varnished and gilt bronze cut glass chandelier1

This is the third costliest chandelier on this list of the most expensive chandeliers in the world. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s in London on the 5thof July in 2006. It was sold at an astronomical price of $1.47 million.

4. Imperial chandelier, made by Napoléon’s Furniture Supplier – $1.3 million

imperial chandelier, made by napoléon’s furniture supplier

This imperial chandelier, making it to the fourth place in this list, was created by Emperor Napoleon’s furniture supplier! It was auctioned at Sotheby’s. It was sold at $1.3million. This magnificent chandelier was estimated to bring in $492,222 at least.

5. Large Gilt-Bronze and Cut-Crystal Chandelier – $267,78,58

large gilt bronze and cut crystal chandelier

6. Russian Ormolu and Cut-Glass Chandelier – $869,313

russian ormolu and cut glass chandelier

7. Imperial Neoclassical 18-light Chandelier – $815,025

imperial neoclassical 18 light chandelier

8. Louis XIV Ormolu Six-Light Chandelier – $773,369

louis xiv ormolu six light chandelier

9. Ormolu 32-light chandelier – $691,442

ormolu 32 light chandelier

The most majestic and royal of all light fittings are chandeliers. However, this list items are excessively price-tagged! But you can take ideas from these designs and look for replicas in the market. But the play of light won’t be the same.

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