chanel bags where to buy

Today, we will be discussing Chanel Bags Where To Buy. Over the decades, Chanel has rarely failed to pull yet another show-stopping model out of the bag for the season ahead, but many of its most beloved bags remain those from times gone by. Sometimes, the older models are the most iconic – so all the more reason to collect them all. So what are the chanel bags prices and best chanel bags 2020 models for you?

Chanel Bags Where To Buy

Prices of Chanel Bags in Nigeria

Chanel bags are one of the most coveted designer bags by Nigerian ladies. Why won’t they?In our world today, it is indeed an undeniably fact that fashion industry is and has remained an unbeatable force. Folks, especially on Social media, are curious to know what kind of dress or hand bag the other person is wearing.
Labels? Designer? Brand? These questions pop out at every turn. Female Celebrities brandishing designer bags, buying the latest and most expensive in a bit to outdo each other.
Speaking of bags. Admittedly, handbags are a necessary accessory a woman just cannot do without. Be it a clutch, shoulder bag or a purse, a suave woman need them to complete her look. One can tell how classy a woman is by the type of hand bags she carries. And so to stand out, a woman would go for classy, authentic and nice, something to give her that “wow” look.

CoCo Chanel-The Goddess of Style

One name that pops up repeatedly when we talk about classy and chic bags that we cannot ignore is the Coco Chanel bag. Chanel bags was designed by Coco Chanel a French designer and founder of Chanel fashion house and ever since, have become a force to recon with in the fashion world, well known for their fadeless beauty and timeless designs, they are loved above all others by media personalities, celebrities, the professional women and fashionistas.

Coco Chanel-Founder of Chanel
Coco Chanel-Founder of Chanel

Which Chanel Bags are the Most Popular in Nigeria?

Truthfully, investing in a Chanel bag is worth it.
As all great products, Chanel bags come in various colours, designs, material types, shapes and sizes. It should be known that the prices for a Chanel bag varies, and dependent on the choice the buyer. For example, the 2.55 Chanel bag which is the most popular and well know of Coco Chanel’s bag designs cannot be the same price as the Timeless Classic Flap bag. It is safe to state; different designs, colours, choice determine the prices of Chanel bags in Nigeria.

But before shopping for a Chanel bag in Nigeria, there are things to really look out for.

  • Top on the list is authenticity. As they say for every original, there is a fake. (Even humans are faked these days) and Chanel bags are some of the most counterfeited products in the world. There are so many fake Chanel bags being sold on the streets, in shopping malls and even online stores; and the outrageous thing is that they are sold at extravagant prices too! Buying a product especially one as a Chanel bag and discovering it’s actually a fake can lead to an actual heart attack (just joking). Some counterfeits are so good that only someone who has adept knowledge of the Chanel brand or someone who has a lot of Chanel products and has a keen eye for labels can spot the difference.
  • The quickest and easiest way to spot a fake Chanel bag is having a knowledge of the countries where the bag is made. Chanel bags are made in France or Italy or at infrequent intervals, you can find a made in Spain. So if it bears a country that is not a “made in France, or Italy or Spain”… run! And don’t look back. So unless you are actually looking to buy a fake, its pertinent to note here that fake Chanel bags are in no place close to the original products.
    Also, in other not to buy a fake, always purchase from a designated outlet or a mall that has been tested and trusted for selling authentic products.

Most Popular Chanel Bags

It is quite difficult to actually point out which amongst all Chanel’s bags are the most popular because, Chanel has a very long list of Iconic bags, each one more stylish, attractive and classier than the next and so but we will focus on the well-known ones worth investing on. Below are very few of Chanel bags that will never fade out.

  1. THE 2.55 BAG

This without a doubt, is the most well-known of all Chanel’s bag designs. It’s quite interesting piece because first of all, its name 2.55 bag refers to the month and year the style was launched. February, 1955. Smart right? This particular design was birthed as a result of Coco Chanel’s desire to create a bag that was easy to carry around, hands free and still remain classy. She was quoted as saying that she got fed up with holding her purses in her hands and losing them, so she added a strap and carried them over her shoulders. The 2.55 bag is also called The Original Chanel Shoulder BagTHE CHANEL FLAP BAG:
People believed the Chanel Flap Bag was Chanel’s first bag and is a disguised version of the 2.55, which is not the case. This timeless beauty is actually a reinterpreted version of the 2.55. Chanel’s Flap bag comes in in four sizes and most importantly has a double C turn lock style instead of a rectangular one. For over 60 years, it remains the most sought after of all Chanel’s bags. THE CHANEL GABRIEL HOBO BAG:


This is another timeless beauty. It bears the name of the founder and has two contrasting parts and a double metal tone chain. Its length can be adjusted as desired and this can be worn different ways, from one shoulder, across the body or even worn at the waist, the strap going around the hip (fanny pack).THE CHANEL LE BOY BAG:


The Chanel LE Boy Bag was name after Coco Chanel’s first lover, Arthur Capel popularly nicknamed “boy”. This bag is the most praised. It was created by Karl Lagerfeld (who is currently the head creative director of Chanel fashion house) and introduced in the 2011. Its rectangular structure, the double C fastening mechanism and its large link chain are perfectly put together to form a unique piece.CHANEL WALLET ON CHAIN:


The Chanel Wallet on Chain AKA WOC is available in different styles, colours, finishes and price points. It’s also popular for having varied uses and different ways to be worn. This particular piece can actually be worn in four ways.

How Much Do Chanel Bags Cost in Nigeria?

The prices of chanel bags vary just the way there are different types of bags.

The prices range from as low as $2000 to up to $10,000 or more. Converted to naira that is about N720,000 upwards to 10s of millions of naira.

Yes! Authentic Chanel bags are very expensive. If you see someone offering a brand new Chanel bag for N100,000 or maybe even less.RUN with your money, you are about to be duped.

What if you want a Chanel bag but cannot afford one?

Purchase preloved! There are different accounts on Instagram that sell preloved designer bags at very affordable prices.

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