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Looking to buy the Chanel Boy Wallet? Our team has researched and reviewed the chanel boy wallet price to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the chanel boy wallet on chain.

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The other day, I had one of the most ‘productive’ talk about Chanel Wallets with Winni. It’s almost as productive as going on shopping spree and getting everything what you were looking for. Isn’t this the ideal world?

For those that are actively hunting for the Chanel Wallets, please read our other reviews: the Chanel Flap Wallets in Rectangle Shape, Chanel Flap Wallets and the Chanel Wallets in Bi-Fold. Belief us, read it, it’s healthier for your feet, as you don’t need to walk a million miles to decide or get what you want.

Now let’s talk about something that makes our heart beater faster, the Chanel Boy Wallets. Basically, the Boy Wallet is like the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bags, but then without the masculine chains and of course a size smaller, otherwise it wouldn’t fit in your bag.

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The shape is also flatter and it appears to be more kind-of like a book, I promise you, it’s gorgeous. If you love the Boy Flap Bags, then you can’t miss the Boy Wallets. It’s also embellished with the iconic Boy CC Closure in the front. Presenting, your new boyfriend.

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The Boy bag was designed as an homage to the men in Coco Chanel’s life. Karl Lagerfeld named the bag after Boy Capel, who was Coco’s great love. The modern and chunky bag bacame an instant hit. Since its release four years ago, the Boy Bag has become as popular as the iconic Chanel Flap bags. Given its popularity Chanel has released many different sizes of the Boy Bag. Especially when purchasing your Boy online, it can be difficult to pick the suitable size for your. Below you’ll find our purchase guide which explains exactly what will fit in each size of the Boy bag.

Chanel Boy Bag – Small
The small Boy Bag is perfect for a dinner party or a night out. Also, if you’re one of those girls who likes to pack light with just her bare essentials, you’re best off with this small Chanel Boy Bag. The Small Boy bag will at least hold a cardholder, phone, keys, lipstick, and mirror. The dimensions are 20 x 12 x 6 cm.

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Chanel Boy Bag – Medium
The Medium is perfect for every occasion. Not too bulky for evening events and has enough space for all your daily essentials. The Medium will hold everything a Small would, but also has space for a small diary, regular wallet and small toiletries. If you prefer carrying your bag across the body, then do pick the Medium over the New Medium, as the latter one would look too bulky across the body. The dimensions of the bag are: 25 x 15 x 8 cm

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Chanel Boy Bag – New Medium 
If you usually carry quite a lot in your bag, then it’s best to go for the New Medium size. Compared to the regular Medium it it can fit siginificantly more and includes an extra pocket. Because it’s larger, it looks better when worn as a shoulder bag. Furthermore it has less of a rectangular shape and looks more like a box. The New Medium Boy Bag will hold small devices, a large wallet, an organizer and a small make-up bag. The dimensions of the New Medium Boy Bag are: 28 x 18 x 9 cm.

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Chanel Boy Bag – Large
if you’re not that tall or have a petite frame, but do prefer big bags, then the New Medium might be a better choice for you as the Large is quite heavy and bulky. This big beauty will carry an iPad or 11 inch Macbook and on top of this a wallet, an organizer and a small make-up bag. The dimensions of this bag are:
30 x 22 x 9 cm

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Chanel Boy Shopping Tote
If you’re not a fan of wearing your bag with a chain but do like the design of the Boy Bag, you could go for the Boy Shopping Tote. This bag would be perfect as a work bag as it will hold up to a 13 inch Macbook, a large wallet, an organizer and a toiletries bag. The dimensions of the Shopping Tote are: 32 x 23 x 16.5 cm

Chanel Boy WOC
The Chanel wallet on Chain is one of the most affordable Chanel bags currently available. Besides having a relatively friendly price tag, the WOC is also extremely versatile and can function as a wallet, a small crossbody bag or a clutch. The WOC will carry all your essentials: an iPhone, cardholder, cash and keys. The dimensions are: 20 cm x 13 cm x 4cm

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