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Looking to cop a Chanel Clutch With Chain? Our team has researched and reviewed the chanel clutch with chain price to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the chanel clutch with chain 2020.

Chanel Clutch With Chain


There’s something to be said about a very small and practical bag. At least, that’s what I thought before purchasing the Chanel Clutch with a Chain. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I should classify it as a bag. Maybe “small leather good” (SLG) is a more accurate description? I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, I *can* confidently speak about my experience, and let’s just say it’s not exactly what I expected – in both great and somewhat disappointing ways. Here’s why.



At first glance, this particular clutch is clearly eye-catching. The reason is obvious: Instead of traditional black caviar leather, this one is crafted with iridescent black diamond-quilted caviar leather – which is a fancy way of saying it features a slight purple tint and silver shimmer, especially when in direct light. To me, that automatically differentiates this clutch from others. Though the clutch-like style is as traditional as it gets, the shiny leather adds a little something extra.

Be it for a quick errand or an evening out, this clutch can hold its own – and I definitely think the iridescent has something to do with it. Beyond the leather, everything about this piece is what you’d expect from Chanel. It includes a silver leather threaded chain link crossbody strap, as well as the iconic CC logo at the front.

While it may not always be the most functional (I’ll get to that later), I always feel stylish when I wear it. I also appreciate that while the leather is a show-stopper, the bag itself is quite subtle. Its small size and shape aren’t too flashy or in-your-face, making this a great companion for pretty much any daytime or evening activity. Featuring the class of any Chanel leather good, the bag can be easily dressed up or dressed down, making it one of the most versatile pieces in my collection.

Usability + Functionality

Let’s get into the facts first: The bag features two separate top zippers that open to a black fabric interior with card slots. In-between those two zipper compartments, the center is open and meant for packing away the chain when not in use. Both the two zipper interiors and center pocket are large enough to fit an iPhone XS. For those with the larger iPhone, I fear the zippered pockets may be a tad too small, but I would advise trying it for yourself in store before purchasing (if you’re considering this clutch).

Because the clutch isn’t all that wide, the amount of “stuff” one is able to fit inside is limited – very limited. I knew that going in, but I didn’t fully grasp the concept until I started to use it on a daily basis. Credit cards, cash, and even a spare lipstick prove to be no problem. My phone can even fit too! But anything beyond that, including a pair of thin sunglasses or my car keys, must be left behind or held in my hands.

It’s worth noting I purchased this clutch in the first place because I found myself growing tired of carrying around my larger (and more practical) bags. I convinced myself that I didn’t need to drag around so much stuff, especially during a quick trip to the supermarket or on date night to an intimate restaurant. Wow, was I wrong. There’s something to be said about the safety and comfort a bag provides. No matter where I am, I know I’m fully prepared for just about any situation by having anything and everything I may need, such as sunscreen, a spare water bottle, tissues, or even a protein bar. The same cannot be said with this clutch.

The thing is, I can’t fault the clutch for its lack of usability or functionality. All clutches are pretty much the same in the sense that they don’t hold much. With that being said, this clutch is probably as functional as it gets, which is why I’m awarding it three stars. For a perfect rating, I would do without the center, un-zipped pocket. It’s sort of a waste of space, which leads me to believe Chanel’s Wallet on a Chain would have been a better choice. On the flip side, I always prefer zippers over snap closures (which is why I defaulted to the clutch over the Wallet on a Chain in the first place). Moral of the story: No bag is perfect, and surely every bag has its pros and cons. As a wallet, this clutch would receive five stars though; but as a bag, I’d put it somewhere between two or three.

Quality + Construction

This one’s easy. The quality and construction of this clutch is on par with what you would expect from Chanel. I know there has been much discussion regarding Chanel’s quality (or lack thereof) in the last few years, especially as prices have increased. I haven’t personally experienced the decline, though I do believe those on tPF who have reported it.

What I can say is I’ve thrown this bag around and used it in a myriad of situations, and it still looks pretty new (as evidenced by the photos). For the price, however, I would have liked to see stronger zippers for the two pockets. They seem a little cheaply made, which is why I’m deducting a star.

Quality + Construction


I paid a pretty penny for this clutch. Ringing in at $1,900, I know it’s overpriced. That’s Chanel for you! But let’s remember: This clutch has two clear functions: It can act as an independent small bag or as a wallet for your favorite, larger bag. The leather chain is removable, which means you basically get a very (very!) small bag and a wallet – all for one price.

Remember, you’re also paying for the allure of Chanel. Regardless of your personal opinions regarding the designer – and whether or not you believe it to be worth it to “give in” – that’s just the reality of purchasing Chanel.

Staying Power

While I know some will disagree, I don’t see Chanel going anywhere anytime soon. Prices continue to rise, and I think that is a testament to the power the brand has over consumers.

No matter the season, this clutch (and others like it) are always available. And though most bags aren’t investments, the classic look of it, coupled with the edginess of the iridescent, leads me to believe it’ll stay in style for a long time. I also believe I would be able to get a solid amount back for it, if I decided to consign it, given the shape and style has been around for years.

Overall Rating

Let’s just say, I’m content with this purchase – not over the moon, but not let down either. Though I wish it was just *slightly* larger to fit some of my other essentials (keys, sunglasses), a clutch is a clutch… and clutches are typically small.

I am very pleased with the iridescent leather though. It’s classy and funky all at the same time, automatically elevating an outfit. I would definitely be inclined to purchase a second iridescent in the future. I also appreciate that I can easily remove the straps and throw this clutch into one of my other bags.

I think there’s something to be said about having at least one clutch with a chain in your arsenal – be it from Chanel or another designer. It’s helpful to have a wallet that also acts as a small evening bag or errand companion. It’s a timesaver when you don’t want to fully switch out your bag. All I would say is, don’t mistake a clutch for an actual handbag. If anything, a clutch is closer to a wallet, and though wallets are necessary, they’ll never replace your desire for a new handbag.

A Brief History of Chanel

Before we get to the Chanel handbag review section, let’s first talk about why the brand itself is so amazing.
Chanel bags – and indeed, their entire product line from scarves to perfume and beyond – have become a universal icon of class, wealth and style. It all started in 1910. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened her first shop, a hat store at 21 Rue Cambon in Paris. Her designs sold to all the most famous French actresses. This helped her create a name for herself as an icon of simple, elegant fashion design.

By 1915, after introducing a popular sportswear line, Chanel again exploded the fashion world. This time with her first upscale couture house. From there, the rest is history. The brand has been firmly ensconced in fashion legend ever since.
What’s made the designer and her company so famous all these years? A few things: Emphasis on clean lines. Use of quality materials. Top-of-the-line and lasting construction. Exclusivity or limitation of designs. The latter is a trend which continues today.

It’s this last trait that makes Chanel such a good investment strategy. You can rest assured that the bag you buy this year won’t be available next year. That means after purchase, you have a commodity that only a few others will possess. Over time, that becomes an extremely valuable asset. While Chanel handbags will continue to be made, that particular bag will never get made again.

Why Chanel Bags Are Worth the Investment

People have long known this about fashion houses all over the world. Buying unique, beautiful, short-run items has always had the main advantage of knowing that as time passes, that piece will become more valuable. In addition to being a statement piece to beat all others, Chanel bags behave in the tried-and-true economic manner as all good investments.

They Appreciate in Value

As with all good and highly desired fashion items, Chanel bags get more expensive every year. This applies to both the new bags and the collector’s items that are no longer manufactured. They also don’t depreciate in value nearly as much as other bags, due to the quality of construction, the brand recognition and the fact that new bag prices continue to rise, so that they’re eventually worth much more than you paid for them.

They Stay in the Family for Generations

Chanel bags (really Chanel things in general) become excellent family heirlooms to pass on to your children or family members.  They can either enjoy it themselves or sell it for lot’s of cash. Sound like a pretty good investment strategy? It is, which is why the rich and famous have used it for so long. And that’s before we talk about what an awesome statement piece a good Chanel handbag is.

They Give You Membership to an Exclusive Club

Let’s face it: Your bag game simply isn’t on point unless you have at least one Chanel in your collection. Not everyone can afford one. Because of that, they’re a fantastic statement piece. You can be sure you won’t show up to a party and find half the party sporting a similar bag (how embarrassing would that be?!?) Adding to the exclusive caché is the fact that for many bags, you have to be waitlisted. That means you have to hold your horses while the fashion house gets your bag ready. They take your size, color, shape and other specifications into account. This is especially true for the classic flap bag. It is so popular that demand for it often far outpaces supply.

They Scream Quintessential Quality

Chanel handbags use exceptionally high-quality materials, without exception. (See what I did there?) Each one utilizes leather, fabrics and hardware of the best make. This is why pretty much all bags can safely qualify as “best Chanel handbags.”
Plus, the bags are of the highest possible craftsmanship. After all, good materials don’t count for much if the bag’s just going to fall apart in a few years. Luckily, that’s not an issue. The fashion house employs not only the best makers, but the best designers as well. (Long Live Chanel King Karl Lagerfeld.) Quality, much like investment potential and exclusivity, is the reason royalty, Hollywood and the elite have for decades put their money into luxury items such as these. Unlike the stars, however, you probably don’t have the funds for twenty Chanel handbags. Therefore should do your choosing widely. That’s where the rest of this Chanel handbag review comes in.

9 Best Chanel Bags of All Time

So now that I’ve convinced you that you NEED one or two Chanel bags in your life, let me help you figure out which one is best for you. Unlike some other fashion houses that achieve exclusivity and perfection of design through only one or two new pieces a year, Chanel offers a wide variety of handbags from which to choose.

Classic Flap Bag Chanel Bags

1. Classic Flap Bag

Of any handbag in the Chanel line, the flap is probably closest to what the stars wore a hundred years ago. Here, classically quilted in black caviar leather, the bag is available in a number of other materials and patterns as well. Each classic flap is finished with a Chanel snap on the front, chain handles and finest leather within.

Boy Bag Chanel Bags

2. Chanel Boy Bag

More expensive than the classic flap, the boy bag offers next-level luxury and storage. It has a wide-open compartment and bold leather framing on the outside. Thicker hardware and a sturdy lock give this an almost industrial feel. Nevertheless, it’s still the height of chic.

Shopping Bag Chanel Bags

3. Chanel Shopping Bag/Tote

Chanel totes are available in a huge number of shapes and sizes. While black is the classic color, you can find them in a number of others as well. Leather is the typical material. It is carefully worked and reinforced to stand up to decades of use. Some totes have a hardware logo. On others, it is quilted into the leather across the front of the bag.

Backpack Chanel Bags

4. Chanel Backpack

Here’s another classic shape. The Chanel backpack has a quilted front pocket and large statement flap with metal hardware. The top closes via drawstring, and the empty compartment is made to carry everything you need for a day. Get ready to enjoy Nice or your own hometown!

Hobo Bag Chanel Bags

5. Chanel Hobo Bag

Get ready to take “slouch” to a whole new level. Hobo bags are notable for their ability to combine that recognizable Chanel class with a casual aesthetic that works for both day and night. Whether the leather is quilted, rumpled or smooth, these investments are always a win.

Reissue Bag Chanel Bags

6. Chanel 2.55 Bag aka Reissue Bag

On the surface, the reissue bag looks like the classic flap. But it’s not. The design is sleeker, with a thinner profile and more distressed leather than its counterpart. The bag is a throwback to 1955 (hence the name), when it was first issued. In some ways, this makes it an even better investment. It has retro in spades!

Clutch Chanel Bags

7. Chanel Clutch

Nothing makes you more red-carpet-ready than a Chanel clutch. Like most of their other handbags, these are usually of the quilted variety. They come in a range of colors and a wide variety of finishes, but the main idea is the same. They’re small, easily held in one hand. If you prefer, you can pull out the delicate chain with which most are supplied.

Wallet On Chain Chanel Bags

8. Chanel Wallet on a Chain

This is like the clutch, except with a slimmer wallet profile. Wallets on chains, as the name implies, come with a long enough strap that you can carry them over a shoulder. Inside, you’ll find room for credit cards, cash, lip gloss and a phone. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a night out, and the classic style will go with almost any outfit.

Waist Bag Chanel Bags

9. Chanel Waist Bag

You thought fanny packs were uncool? Think again, because Chanel can turn any stereotype on its head. That’s right: Belting your purse to your middle has become awesome again. Following the same style as their other handbags (quilting and hardware), these small totes stick close to the body for crowded venues and hands-free activities. These are sometimes also released as camera bags, so watch out for variations in style and shape from year to year.

So which is your fave? Can you even pick ONE? I’m more of a boy bag girl, hah! I like the classic shape with the addition of the modern details and bold chains. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with Chanel. And if you liked this post, stay tuned for my next Chanel inspired piece where I’ll give you the scoop on all the different places you can find these beauties.

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