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In this post, we will review the  chanel coin purse, chanel boy coin purse, and the chanel coin purse price. Something small and cute cannot be underestimated. Small can have a huge impact. And in this post we’re going to share the Chanel Coin Purse Prices. We will be covering the most classic versions, the ones that go up in prices overtime. And the ones that will always be in-trend just like the Classic Flap Bag, just like the Boy Bags. Pink caviar leather and lambskin logo detail coin purse from Chanel Vintage featuring a foldover top with snap closure and an internal logo stamp. Please note that vintage items are not new and therefore might have minor imperfections. Please note that this item comes with a Chanel certificate of authenticity.


Designer Backstory

Founded by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in 1909 and led by Karl Lagerfeld since the 1980s, Chanel is famous for its quilted handbags, costume jewellery and classic womenswear. Today, the CC logo is synonymous with timeless style.

Chanel Coin Purse

Chanel Classic Coin Purse Prices

Chanel Classic Coin PurseLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$600 USD$500 USD
Canada$650 CAD$595 CAD
Europe€460 euro€420 euro
United Kingdom£430 GBP£385 GBP
Singapore$770 SGD$700 SGD
Hong Kong$4100 HKD$3700 HKD
Australia$770 AUD$700 AUD
Japan¥63800 JPY¥57240 JPY
Malaysia2190 MYR2130 MYR
China¥3800 CNY¥3500 CNY
South Korea639000 WON561000 WON
Thailand฿18000 Baht฿16500 Baht

Style code: A69271
Size: 3’ x 4.3’ x 0.8’ inches

Chanel Round Classic Coin Purse Prices

Chanel Round Classic Coin PurseLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$525 USD$425 USD
Canada$605 CAD$610 CAD
Europe€430 euro€410 euro
United Kingdom£400 GBP£380 GBP
Singapore$690 SGD$ SGD
Hong Kong$3600 HKD$ HKD
Australia$720 AUD$630 AUD
Japan¥59400 JPY¥58320 JPY
Malaysia2000 MYR2170 MYR
China¥3500 CNY¥3600 CNY
South Korea592000 WON584000 WON
Thailand฿16000 Baht฿17000 Baht

Style code: A68995
Size: 3.1’ x 3.9’ x 1.4’ inches

Chanel Classic Flap Coin Purse Prices


There are several versions of the Classic Coin Purses. All of them are considered the classics because of the look – they’re diamond quilted, comes in lambskin, goatskin and other fine leathers. The interior is crafted in burgundy, which is a signature color designed by the founder, Coco Chanel. And above all, they feature that little smooth CC logo that every woman loves.

Of course, the Flap version resembles the Classic Flap Bag the most. Besides the flap, there is also a back pocket crafted just like most of the iconic handbags, for example the Reissue 2.55 Bag.

Chanel Classic Flap Coin PurseLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$650 USD$575 USD
Canada$710 CAD$660 CAD
Europe€500 euro€475 euro
United Kingdom£445 GBP£430 GBP
Singapore$810 SGD$790 SGD
Hong Kong$4400 HKD$4100 HKD
Australia$830 AUD$740 AUD
Japan¥69300 JPY¥68040 JPY
Malaysia (Jan 2018 Prices)2380 MYR2500 MYR
China¥4200 CNY¥ CNY
South Korea659000 WONWON
Thailand฿19000 Baht฿ Baht

Style code: A31504
Size: 3.3’ x 4.7’ x 1’ inches

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Coin Purse Prices

Chanel reissue Flap Coin Purse
chanel reissue flap coin purse interior
Chanel Reissue 2.55 Coin Purse (price before nov 2019)Latest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$650 USD$ USD
Canada$675 CAD$ CAD
Europe€475 euro€ euro
United Kingdom£430 GBP£ GBP
Singapore$800 SGD$ SGD
Hong Kong$4400 HKD$ HKD
Australia$790 AUD$ AUD
Japan¥65880 JPY¥ JPY
China¥3900 CNY¥ CNY
South Korea671000 WONWON
Thailand฿19000 Baht฿ Baht

Style code: A80234
Size: 3.3’ x 4.7’ x 1’ inches

Chanel Boy Coin Purse Prices


The Chanel Boy Coin Purse looks like the iconic Boy Chanel Flap Bag. It has the same boyish appeal, featuring the Boy Clasp on top and diamond quilting in the center while refined with clean lines on the edges. This little boy will make you proud every time you flaunt (effortless of course).

Boy Chanel Coin PurseLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$600 USD$475 USD
Canada$705 CAD$655 CAD
Europe€510 euro€495 euro
United Kingdom£475 GBP£450 GBP
Singapore$790 SGD$ SGD
Hong Kong$4200 HKD$4100 HKD
Australia$870 AUD$830 AUD
Japan¥68200 JPY¥64800 JPY
Malaysia2360 MYR2480 MYR
China¥4100 CNY¥3900 CNY
South Korea691000 WON652000 WON
Thailand฿18500 Baht฿19500 Baht

Style code: A80602
Size: 3’ x 4.3’ x 0.8’ inches

Chanel Gabrielle Coin Purse Prices


And then at last, we have the Gabrielle version of the Coin Purse. While the Gabrielle line is still being challenged and tested, we’re certain that it will prevail and join the group of the iconic’s in the future. The Gabrielle Coin Purse is between the boyish and feminine line, it’s between the Classic Flap Bag and the Boy Bag design. And just like it’s handbag version, it comes with the strong and bold CC logo, which has been attached to the leather zip.

Chanel Gabrielle Coin PurseLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$750 USD$ USD
Canada$905 CAD$825 CAD
Europe€620 euro€590 euro
United Kingdom£590 GBP£540 GBP
Singapore$1060 SGD$990 SGD
Hong Kong$5700 HKD$5100 HKD
Australia$1030 AUD$920 AUD
Japan¥81400 JPY¥85320 JPY
Malaysia2830 MYR3120 MYR
China¥5100 CNY¥ CNY
South Korea865000 WONWON
Thailand฿25000 Baht฿ Baht

Style code: A84404
Size: 3.3’ x 4.7’ x 1’ inches

The famous Wallet on Chain bag: a legendary piece by Chanel.

Everyone talks about the House of Chanel, its amazing fashion shows and long succession of stunning muses. But the public often forgets that this French brand is already over a century old. Ever since it was founded, Chanel has been committed to putting women centre stage by making them more independent. Beyond clothes, the House has made forays into multiple domains like fragrances, jewellery and accessories. As far as bags are concerned, such was their success that certain models like the 2.55, the Boy and the Wallet on Chain have become legends over the years.

An iconic bag designed by a leading French House.

As Gabrielle Chanel used to say very wisely: “Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does”. By designing bags in models like the famous Wallet on Chain, the idea was to bring changes to women’s body language and free up their hands as elegantly as possible. This small-format bag allows a lady to take the bare essentials with her. With over-the-shoulder femininity, it contains all the House of Chanel’s main codes: the use of quilting and the shoulder strap crafted in a combination of chain and leather ribbon. The metal clasp with the two Cs for Chanel is also one of the aspects everyone loves about this model.

Buy an old Chanel model? You can with Vestiaire Collective!

Each season, Chanel bags are reinterpreted in new dimensions, colours and different materials. The aim is to adapt to a variety of outfits and to different moments in the day. With Vestiaire Collective, this could be the start of a collection of rare and legendary models, considering the fact they are selling at very attractive prices.

The legendary Wallet On Chain bag has risen to the challenge of not going out of fashion over the decades. That is also true of other iconic models by the French House:

Steps to Authenticating a Chanel Bag

10 Steps to Authenticating a Chanel Bag

With so many fakes and superfakes flooding the market, having the ability to spot small differences and determine whether or not a Chanel bag is genuine is an important skill. Although there is no one single way to authenticate a Chanel bag, there are various tell-tale signs that you can look out for. To help you feel more confident in being able to spot the obvious and not so obvious signs of an authentic Chanel bag, we’ve compiled these 10 steps which are used by our authentication team when verifying the authenticity of Chanel bags.

1. Examine the Leather

Chanel Leather

The leather of choice on many Chanel bags is lambskin which should feel soft to the touch and have a visibly smooth appearance. The superior quality of leather used by Chanel should be easy to distinguish from the feel and appearance of a counterfeit. If you are inspecting a lambskin leather bag, ensure it feels extremely soft to the touch.

Another popular leather used by Chanel is caviar skin which is made from pebbled calf leather. This type of leather has a bubbly appearance and is more textured to the touch. It is less likely to scratch and mark and is a more durable leather than lambskin. When you run your hands over genuine caviar leather you should feel raised dimples.

2. Check the Quilting

Chanel Quilting

The quilting pattern is synonymous with Chanel and can be a good indicator of whether a bag is genuine or not. A good place to check the quilting is the back of the bag where the pocket lies. The stitching should maintain the consistent diamond pattern and line up perfectly. However, if you are purchasing a pre-loved Chanel bag it is possible that wear or the stretching of the leather has led to the lines becoming slightly out of place so this is only a valid indicator if purchasing a new Chanel bag.

3. Count the Stitching/Lining

Chanel Stitching Lining

This can be a very good indicator as Chanel use a high number or stitches to help maintain the bag’s original shape. A genuine Chanel bag will feature up to eleven stitches per panel (that is the distance of one side of the diamond shape). However, a replica bag will generally feature a lower number of stitches per panel.

Lining is another feature which varies between genuine bags and replicas. Lining on a genuine bag lies flat against the material without any visible lumps or bumps. However, counterfeit bags will usually skimp on his detail and use inferior leather which can crease easily and even be a little loose.

4. Check the CC Lock

Chanel CC Lock

One of the most famous and recognizable features on Chanel bags is the CC lock. The original 2.55 lock is rectangular without any logo or Chanel stamping. Chanel make bags with both styles of locks so if your back features the rectangular lock it may still be authentic. The CC lock can feature either raised or flat finishes with the right C overlapping the left C at the top and the left C overlapping the right C at the bottom. Replica locks generally feature minor mistakes such as the shape of the Cs, the placement of additional metal above the lock, and even the style of the interlocking Cs.

The lock stem itself is another feature worth checking. Authentic lock stems are made from 24K gold and even when used for a lengthy period of time will still maintain its condition. Replicas, however, are generally plated with gold which will peel off after use. Also inspect the press studs for quality and feel. Genuine press studs will also maintain their appearance after use, whereas replicas will peel and fade quickly.

5. Check the Back of the Lock

Chanel Back of Lock

Stamping marks vary according to when the bag was made and the style of the bag. Some CC locks have a stamping mark whereas others have no mark at all, so even if your bag doesn’t feature a stamp don’t fret! If the lock has a stamp it means it was made in France whereas if it doesn’t feature a stamp it means it was made in Italy. The real giveaway is the stamping mark on the back plate. If you open the bag and look at the back of the turnstile lock you will see the back plate. Chanel attach this using flat had screws only alongside a clear font with even spacing. Replicas may use different type of screws and various other styles of lettering and font on the back plate.

6. Verify the Branding or Logos

Chanel Branding and Logo

The brand stamp is another way to confirm the authenticity of a Chanel bag. Check the font and quality of the stamp. Many replicas use a thinner font and rush the branding so that it sits on the leather rather than being embossed into it. The position of the embossed Chanel logo is another feature worth checking. It should sit one and a half centimeters below the quilted C with the width of the Cs and the gap between them remaining consistent at 0.9cm. The width of a genuine Chanel logo is 3.3cm.

7. Authenticity Cards

Chanel Authenticity Cards

Not all authenticity cards are genuine! A quick way to see if the authenticity card is genuine is to see how many numbers make up the code. If the bag was made between 1984 and 1986 it will feature 6 digits, if it was made between 1986 and 2004 it will feature 7 digits, and if was made from 2005 onwards it will feature 8 digits. Currently Chanel do not issue authenticity cards with 9 digits or more.

8. Check the Chain Straps

Chanel Chain Strap

The famous chain and leather straps are a signature feature of Chanel bags and also a great way to spot a fake. Vintage Chanel bags feature a link without the leather threaded through it whereas replica straps often don’t have a link without the leather threaded through it. However, contemporary Chanel bags feature leather straps folded back on themselves and stitched through each link, so it is important to inspect the detail up close!

9. Observe the Bag’s Shape

Chanel Bag Shape

Replica Chanel bags are usually constructed poorly and feature a boxy shape in comparison to genuine Chanel bags. Look out for rounded corners on replicas compared to the more square shape of genuine bags. This is a sign of the bag not being turned out properly and of poor quality material used on the bag.

10. Check Those Zippers

Chanel Zippers

There are a variety of zippers used on genuine Chanel bags. These include the lampo zipper which is always used on metal teeth, the EP zipper which generally features a pull tag made of leather, the three Cs in a circle zipper, the OPTI DMC zipper, the éclair zipper, the DMC zipper, the YKK zipper, and the no mark zipper which is usually found on vintage Chanel bags.

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