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Everything I Know About Sweaters—These Are My 5 Top Tricks!

Everything I Know (and Love!) About Sweaters

“Whether I’m on set with Jen Aniston for a cover shoot, backstage at New York Fashion Week, or working on Westman Atelier formulas with our chemists in the Milan lab, I can usually be found in a cozy sweater. A great knit is comfortable, practical, and makes me feel pulled together. It also takes me through multiple scenarios in a day—a fitted turtleneck and jeans go from breakfast with my kids to an afternoon meeting with a blazer and heels. At night, I’ll change up my pants, then add a favorite Céline belt, my personal jewelry, and a little bit of Baby Cheeks blush.

After decades spent hunting down the perfect sweater, I’ve learned which brands fit well and really work for me. I love sharing my favorites—plus, I have a really helpful de-pilling tool that keeps them looking polished!” Xx Gucci


“When I was younger, I’d often buy a not-so-great quality cashmere sweater in the fall; inevitably, I’d end up needing to buy another one the following year and so on. At some point, I realized that beyond cost, I was creating a lot of environmental waste. Now I think of my sweaters as a long-term investment and take a less is more approach. I have some Céline sweaters that weren’t cheap but they are 10 years old and they still look like I just got them. The Row is another favorite brand—they do the cozy thing well! Rag & Bone makes great plain cashmere sweaters with a simple round neck, and Totême is a master at good fit. I also like Tory Burch for a great slim-fit sporty cardigan and Lucy Nagle, a brand based in the UK that makes really cute turtlenecks that are super well priced.”


“My palette during the week tends to be oatmeal, cream, grey, navy, and black—I stick with the classics! I wish I could wear a beautiful pale yellow knit, but it’s just not my color. I do have a few bright sweaters—like a really beautiful Stella McCartney fuchsia number and a striped Gucci pullover—but I mostly save those for the weekend.”  


“I like my sweaters to be loose with longer sleeves—it’s definitely not a cropped moment for me! I tend to go for oversized turtlenecks that have a really easy flattering cut. I wear them with black straight-leg pants and white Stan Smiths, or with slimmer jeans and tall leather knee boots. If I’m going skiing or it’s really snowy, a cozy turtleneck with Levis and shearling boots is my usual. I also have a few sweater hoodies that I love; that’s my morning jam!”


“Often for a dressier evening moment, I’ll go for a thin, fitted turtleneck that tucks into high-waisted pants and I pair that with platform shoes and a cute sock. Sometimes I’ll belt it or throw a velvet blazer on top. I also like to add in personal jewelry, like an oversized men’s watch with a slim gold bracelet—and lots of rings!” 


“I’m sort of obsessed with de-pilling my sweaters. A sweater that’s super pilled is like a wilted blowout—I’ll just never feel my best! I have a cashmere comb and brush that I got from the shop Tiina in Amagansett and I try to go over my sweaters with it regularly. We had a moth situation a few years ago and they did some series damage on my clothes. They must have the hugest mouths! I’ve tried a lot of natural moth treatments but none of them have worked very well. Now I try to shake out and move my sweaters around regularly. It’s a bit of a pain—but it’s worth it!”


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