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Cheap Kids Clothes

Ways to Get Kids’ Clothes for Free or Cheap

Even before you have children (or are pregnant), the temptation to buy adorable children’s clothes may begin.  Quickly growing children, changing of seasons, and new trends may continue to feed the addiction of kids clothes shopping.  You could break the bank buying clothes for your little ones.  The sooner you learn to get clothes for your children inexpensively or free, the more you’ll be able to contribute to their college fund (or pay off your debts, as is the case around here).

Here are six ways to get great kids clothes at a fraction of the retail rack!

Thrift Stores

Children’s clothing items at thrift stores run anywhere from $.50 to $3 per item.  To get even more bang for you buck, see if your thrift store has a half-price day or a certain color tag or certain department that is half off that day.

I seem to find better deals on name brand clothes at stores that do general pricing, rather than pricing each item individually.  For example, the thrift store closest to me has all kids clothes priced at $1.75. The Gymboree dress with the tags still on it is the same price as the no-name denim overalls with threadbare knees.  I would probably get the dress (either to keep or to re-sell), but I would definitely leave the overalls.  Stores with blanket pricing are a great place to find name brands at low prices.

On the other hand, I find better deals on the whole when items are priced individually.  If I don’t care about the brand, I prefer stores that price clothes individually.  My favorite thrift store is a little further from my house, but when I am in that part of town, I always stop in.  From my experience, one of the main criteria in pricing items is the brand.  If I don’t care about the brand (just the condition), I can usually get a much better deal at stores that price items individually.

Whenever you’re shopping for used clothing, be sure to check the items thoroughly for stains and wear.  Be sure the zippers work and buttons are intact.

Garage Sales

At garage sales kids clothes usually range from $.25 to $1 each, though coats, dresses, and shoes may be a little more.    In the last two places I have lived, $.25 to $.50 has been the norm.  Remember that prices at yard sales are always negotiable.  Just politely ask “Would you take $__ for this?”  They will likely say yes.  Sometimes they will cut you a deal if you buy a lot or let you stuff a bag for a flat price.   If you see many things that you are interested in, don’t be afraid to ask “Would you take $__ for this whole bin?” then you can sort them out at home.

I find the best time to go to yard sales is either near the opening time or right around the closing time.  At the opening time, you will get the best selection.  When prices are general ($.25 per item) rather than priced individually, you will find the best deals.  Of course, the cutest, cleanest, nicest things will sell first.  It’s definitely worth waking up early on Saturday morning!

Near the end of the sale, sellers do not want to have to pack up all their leftovers, so they will make you good deals.  Sometimes they will do a general “half price on everything” during the last hour of their sale.  I have even driven by sales where all their unsold items are sitting on a tarp at the curb with a “FREE” sign.  If you wake up late, all is not lost.

There are still great deals waiting for you! I get excited when I see plastic tubs of kids clothes at yard sales.  The sellers have not taken the time to price items individually or display them well, so they will likely not be charging as much for their clothes.  Also, other shoppers won’t want to take the time to dig through the bin of clothes, so there are many untouched treasures.  For a little extra effort (squatting down and digging), I always find great bargains for my little ones.


Try organizing a clothing swap with your church or community group where everyone brings their outgrown clothes (and other household items they no longer need).  Put signs on the tables to organize clothes by gender and approximate size.  When the ladies come, have them set out the items they brought in the proper categories on the tables.  Then let everyone take what they need.

Consider organizing a swap in conjunction with a play date, exercise class, or other fun excuse to get together with other moms.  You could even make it a potluck “Soup and Swap.”  There’s always a better turnout when there’s food!

End-of-Season Clearance

Target is probably my favorite store for end-of-season clearance, with Old Navy close behind.  Since I can find used clothes so inexpensive, I usually wait until things are marked down to 75% off before I will take a serious look at clothes.  With holiday clothing, I can even get 90% off sometimes!  Old Navy often has “Price Cleanser” sales where you take 50% off the clearance price.  I stock up on baby shower gifts when I find cute, brand new outfits for $1 or less.

You shouldn't have to break the bank to put cute clothes on your little ones. Here are 6 awesome tips to help you get children's clothes free or cheap!

New baby clothes each for $1 or less.

I always buy ahead for my family, so when winter coats are 75% off, I buy the sizes I expect my kids to be in the next year.  When they are babies, I sometimes buy more than a year ahead.  I leave the tags on until my kids are ready to wear them.  That way if they never wear them, I can sell them or give them as gifts.

Sewing Your Own

Growing up, my mom often sewed matching Easter and Christmas dresses for my two sisters and me.  That’s a tradition I wanted keep in my family.  While I don’t usually sew everyday clothes like shirts and pants, I love sewing dresses an skirts a couple times a year for my daughter and making matching bow ties or neckties for my boys.  I also sew pajamas for my kids.

The argument against sewing clothes is the price of fabric and the time required.  I have a fabric stash that I have accumulated mostly for free.  I also get creative by repurposing sheets and other fabric items.   There are no quick tricks to make up for the time it takes to make quality children’s clothing, but I can tell you that the more often you sew, the faster you will get.

You shouldn't have to break the bank to put cute clothes on your little ones. Here are 6 awesome tips to help you get children's clothes free or cheap!

For me, it is totally worth it to spend time to sew special clothes for my children.  It’s an act of love and they feel it.  They watch their clothes come to life and see the effort I put in to making them.  They treasure their handmade clothes and love to tell people “Mommy made this just for me!”  Maybe when they are older they will not appreciate it as much, but for now, it’s a great way to show love for my children.


Hand-me-downs are free!  Talk to friends or family who have kids older (or bigger) than your kids and see if you can have their outgrown clothes.  When my first son was born, my sister gave me bags and bags of boys clothes from her son who is 3 years older.  I didn’t have to buy clothes for him for the first couple years (though that didn’t stop me from snagging  some great buys at yard sales and thrift stores here and there ).

Bonus- Online

You can find affordable clothes online from shops that specialize in selling gently used clothes.  While their prices are often higher than you’d find at a yard sale, it’s really convenient to be able to search by color or specific clothing item without.  For example, if I need to find a black skirt in size 6 for my daughter, it’s much easier to browse online than to run around to every thrift store in town and hope to happen upon what I’m looking for.

Best Children’s Discount (and Adorable!) Clothing Sites

Everyone knows kids grow fast and what fits them this week likely won’t make it through next month. But no worries, we’ve got you covered with the top 15 US websites for great deals on quality children’s clothing.

Shop these top US online retailers for cheap, quality kids clothes (perfect for Eid!) and have them delivered in as little as 2 to 4 days worldwide with MyUS. Even better, you’ll pay no US sales tax as a MyUS member!

15. Nordstrom Rack

Little Girl in flower dress ad for Nordstrom Rack

Where can you find clearance prices on kids fashion that isn’t for last season? Nordstrom Rack, of course! Shop their website for fabulous deals on brand names and their own signature line, and don’t forget to check out their great prices on shoes and accessories too! Shop their website here

14. H&M

Kids sitting on stools wearing H&M clothes

Want to dress your kids in the latest trends and fashions without breaking your family budget? Then you’ll love H&M Kids! With clothing for newborns through adult, they are also a great place to put together a coordinated-but-not-completely-matching look for your whole family. Shop their deals here.  

13. Cookie’s Kids

Kids faces on Cookie's sale ad

Cookies Kids is a children’s clothing department store that carries well-known brands at deeply discounted prices. Their selection can be hit-or-miss, but if you check their site often, you can get some real steals from the major brand names in kids clothing, including Nautica, Levi’s, The North Face, and Carter’s. Shop Cookie’s Kids here.

12. JCPenney

Little girls wearing black shirt and jeans at JCPenny

JCPenney has great deals on kids clothing, accessories, and shoes, but when you add their sales, coupons and red zone clearance deals to the mix, they’re hard to beat! Check out their red zone clearance deals here

11. French Toast 

Four kids wearing French Toast uniforms

Although it’s a uniform store, French Toast is a great website to find basic pieces like polos, khakis and white dress shirts and blouses at great prices. Shop their website here

10. Gymboree

Four kids wearing Gymboree clothing

Gymboree is one of the pricier websites on our list, but their clothing is high quality, so it’s well worth checking out their sales and clearance. Speaking of clearance, this is one of our favorite stores to shop clearance for next season (i.e. buy clearance spring clothing now a couple sizes up for kids to wear next spring). Check out their current sales here

9. Crazy8 

Four kids jumping in Crazy8 clothes

Crazy8 is the lower-priced sibling of the Gymboree brand, but their quality is comparable, and they have some crazy-good deals, including $5 t-shirts, $6 dresses, and swimwear for $8.88! While they do have some higher priced items, you can score great deals on those items when they run a sale. Shop Crazy8’s website here

8. Carter’s & OshKosh B’Gosh

Baby and toddler wearing Carter's and OshKosh B'Gosh clothing

These two great children’s clothiers can be surprisingly affordable if you shop during their sales and they can both be found on one great site! Shop Carter’s and OshGosh here.


Kids clothes and crocs

You’ll love this discount retailer for their great selection of brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories at a price that won’t break the bank. Shop here.


Little girl holding a pink balloon on Zulily ad

Zulily offers a carefully curated assortment of the cutest children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Because it’s a flash sale site offering “something special every day”, inventory is limited, so be sure to snag your favorite deals quickly. Be sure to check out the “New Today” section for the latest offer. Shop here.

5. Old Navy

Three kids wearing Old Navy clothes

Old Navy continually offers a wide selection of trendy, well-made children’s clothing at low prices that are hard to beat. It’s a great place to stock up on t-shirts, jeans, dresses and swimwear and they’re almost always running a sale, so it’s easy to score great deals. Shop Old Navy online today.


Orange Amazon logo

Amazon may not be your first thought for kids clothing, but you need to check them out – you won’t believe the cute styles, brand names, and great deals you can find! Shop for kids clothing here.


Two kids on stone road

They may have a quirky selection at times (where else can you get Halloween costumes in May?), but has fabulous closeout prices on clothing, shoes, kids’ bedding, toys and much more. Shop here.

2. Kohl’s

Four kids smiling in Kohl's clothes

This American department store offers great brand names in kids clothing, including Levi’s, Carter’s, Columbia, and Under Armour at fantastic prices. Throw in their weekly sales, “percent off” coupons, and Kohl’s cash, and you have the perfect place to stock up on your kid’s clothing for the season. Shop Kohl’s online here

1. The Children’s Place

Six kids smiling in sweaters from The Children's Place

While certain items can be pricey if they’re not on sale (usually outerwear), they have great prices on occasion wear, winter boots, graphic tees, trendy tops, and swimwear. Even better, there always seems to be an online sale or special promo and coupons which can be used on sale and clearance items. Yay! Shop The Children’s Place here.

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