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Are you in the market for Cheap Phones For Seniors, cheap simple phones for seniors or the best mobile phone for elderly? Phones provide seniors with plenty of safety and entertainment benefits. Aside from the SOS button, there are numerous health apps available that can aid in monitoring and recording health information, such as blood pressure readings, and they can be useful tools for medication reminders, too. Mobile devices also great for connecting seniors to the outside world, helping them to maintain social connections even with friends and family who don’t live nearby and combating isolation. Plus, smartphones can be used for fun activities like playing video games (not just for kids!).

As you look through this list of the best mobile phone for elderly, consider these factors:

best mobile phone for elderly

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  • There are many types of cell phones on the market. You can go for a smartphone, where you can take advantage of millions of apps, or a simple flip phone could be all you need. Purchase what you’re comfortable using.
  • If you’re looking to store a lot of photos, music, videos, and apps, you’ll want a phone with a large storage capacity. Some smartphones have internal storage plus the ability to use a micro SD card, giving you the best storage option. On the other hand, basic cell phones have limited storage – if you’re only concerned with talking and texting, a basic cell phone will likely be sufficient for your needs.
  • Prepaid or contract. Contracts have their place, but prepaid phones really give you the freedom to do what you want with your phone whenever you want. They’re often cheaper, and you don’t have to concern yourself with contracts and cancellation fees.
  • Smartphones generally have higher-quality cameras than flip phones and other basic mobile devices. If you’re going to be taking (and sharing) a lot of photos and video, a smartphone is the better choice.
  • Phones designed with seniors in mind have a lot of features that more widely used smartphones don’t have, including one-touch emergency buttons, large dial pads, and photo address books. Make sure to take note of these options and choose a cell phone with the features you’ll use most.

best mobile phone for elderly

To help you easily find the right cheap phones for seniors, we’ve rounded up 50 cell phones and smartphones perfect for older adults. The devices listed below are broken down into two categories: smartphones and basic cell phones. If you aren’t a fan of apps and newer phone features, focus your attention on basic cell phones.

cheap phones for seniors

The 10 best phones for seniors | TechRadar
  1. Alcatel Big Easy Flip

Flip phones are perfect no-fuss options for anyone looking for simple calling functionality. This one, in particular, has a large display on the front, allowing you to see the time without opening the phone. It doubles as an MP3 player and is Bluetooth capable. What’s best is that the battery lasts up to 11 days.

Key Features:

  • Large front display
  • Standby battery life up to 11 days
  • Doubles as an MP3 player

Price: $18.89

  1. BLU JOY Cell Phone

The BLU JOY is an unlocked dual SIM senior phone. You can use it with any carrier that accepts 2G sim cards. The phone itself has a built-in SOS button that’s fully programmable – you can set it up to contact the police, ambulance, or just a family member with one button. The display is 2.4” and the keypad has large buttons that are easy to read.

Key Features:

  • Unlocked dual SIM phone
  • 4” display
  • Large numerical keypad

Price: $29.99

  1. Easyfone Prime A1

With a classic flip phone design, this device is great for seniors. It has large buttons, making dialing a breeze, as well as high volume for those with hearing issues. It’s also hearing aid compatible, which is a huge bonus for many older adults. The display is 2.4” and the font is a generous size, so it’s easy to read with or without glasses.

Key Features:

  • Flip design
  • Big font for easy reading
  • Hearing aid compatible

Price: $64.99

  1. Jethro Flip Phone

This cell phone includes a free quick charging dock with purchase. It’s sturdy, withstanding drops and damage for other sources, and is extremely easy to use. There’s a large 2.4” LCD screen for excellent visibility. The phone is also Bluetooth compatible and has an enhanced rear camera.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy design
  • Enhanced rear camera
  • Hearing aid compatible

Price: $79.99

  1. Jethro Senior & Kids Phone

Safety is a huge concern for seniors. With this phone, you won’t have to worry, as there’s a one-touch SOS button that is customizable. Aside from that, it has large buttons with generous-sized text for easy reading, and it can store up to 200 phone book entries.

Key Features:

  • One-touch SOS button
  • Uses MicroSD card for storage
  • Large dial-pad

Price: $39.99

  1. Jethro Slider-Style Senior Phone

This Jethro phone has many of the same benefits as the phones we discussed above, including the one-touch SOS button. It’s programmable, allowing you to call up to six contacts with one button. What’s unique about this model is it’s in the slider-style, making it quite compact. It’s perfect for those who want a small device.

Key Features:

  • Slider-style
  • SOS button
  • Loud speaker

Price: $69.99

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