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But the reason I prefer shoes nike is they look super sharp and literally go with everything you’d wear casually. A pair of nike shoe instantly elevates an outfit to be a little sharper than it would be with other casual shoes. … If you really, really don’t want to get white shoesgo for a navy color then

  1. Wear skinny jeans with high tops. …
  2. Wear pants with wider legs if pairing with thin high tops. …
  3. Roll the bottoms of jeans to create a bit of volume to offset the sneakers. …
  4. Dress up your sneakers. …
  5. Pair shorts with high tops for a summer look. …
  6. Tie the laces.

Cheap Shoes Nike

10 Ways To Wear Nike Shoes

nike vlone af1 on foot

Now we’ve all heard of Nike, whether you see them as shoes for exercise or they’re your go to everyday trainer. It’s always good to brush up your knowledge or to start styling them in a fresh way. So jump into this guide feet first. It’s full of style ideas and expert tips to give you a head start in the Nike game.

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Here at The Idle Man we love to mix sportswear with smart pieces. Just because you wear Nike trainers it shouldn’t rule out most of your wardrobe. It’s all about getting the most out of what you’ve got. So we’ve sorted some the styles and what works with them into this handy how to guide. Get ready to put on some Nikes with a whole load of styles from your wardrobe, sprucing up suits and upgrading your sportswear. Welcome to the big leagues.

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Nike Shoe Outfits

We’ve put together some outfit grids for you to see what works with different kinds of Nike shoes. There’s something for every kinda weather and occasion. Be prepared to get the ultimate lesson in how to wear running shoes, basketball trainers, skate shoes or how to wear tennis shoes with jeans and other attire.

How to Wear Nike Air Force

Nike Air Force 1’s never really drop out of the style stakes. They’re timeless and easily recognisable. They’re like hip hop’s answer to the eternally punk Dr Marten’s.

Nike Lunar Force 1 Acronym

Breaking Down the Look

These Nike Air Force 1 are a limited edition collaboration with Acronym, a tech-wear brand. Featuring premium materials and technologies they’re one of the most desirable trainers out there at the moment. Keep the monochrome look flowing throughout with a white T-shirt, some black Dickies and a black rucksack for a solid outfit.

How to Wear Nike Huarache

Confidence is key when you wear a pair of Nike Huarache shoes. To tell the truth, they are a really marmite kinda shoe. So if you’ve treated yourself to a pair it’s important to wear them properly, with the right type of clothes.

Nike Huarache retro colourway street style

Breaking Down the Look

Huaraches are a very vintage style trainer, and they often feature bright colours. Remember this when putting together your outfit. They’re also a very athletic style trainer so will be paired best with some tracksuit bottoms for example. On your top half, a bright hoodie will complete the look.

How to Wear Nike Air Max

Don’t overlook the Nike Air Max for it’s “bad-boy” history, it’s one of the most popular style available today, and if rocked correctly can be a killer look.

Nike Air Max 97 on foot pic
PHOTO CREDIT: Cop These Kicks

Breaking Down the Look

Known for being a casual trainer, Air Max have moved on a lot and can also be worn in smarter outfits (nothing formal, just less casual than a tracksuit). We recommend wearing a pair of selvedge denim, and pin-roll them at the cuffs to accentuate the trainers more. Alongside this, go for a T-shirt with a jacket over the top in a light hue. We’ve finished off the outfit with a backpack of similar colour to the sneakers.

How to Wear Nike Jordan’s

Some see them as the saving grace for Nike, a favourite for many sneakerheads. Out of all the different ranges of Nike shoes, the Jordan is a pair worth holding out for.

Shattered Backboard on foot

Breaking Down the Look

Colour co-ordination is always important, and with this outfit we’re seeing a lot of it. The bright orange on these Shattered Backboard Air Jordan’s is strikingly beautiful, and contrasts black perfectly. We’ve gone for a black an orange look throughout, featuring items from Champion, The North Face and Carhartt.

How to Wear Nike Pegasus

If you love a white trainer and take good care of them, be prepared to fly away on the Nike Pegasus. They’re light, legendary and a pretty rare sight as they only work well for a small portion of people in a sports setting.

Nike pegasus on foot

Breaking Down the Look

Pegasus’ are a great summer shoe, therefore we’ve matched them with a pair of sweat shorts. Alongside this we’ve opted for a white The North Face graphic T-shirt, and a simple Casio watch. This is a timeless summer outfit and is guaranteed to be suitable for any situation, whether it’s a BBQ in the sun or a few pints at the pub.

How to Wear Nike Janoski’s

Janoski’s are originally and truly a skate shoe. Designed by skaters and worn by skaters, it’s what they’re made for. However in the past couple of years they’ve become pretty on trend, and now you wouldn’t have to look too far to find someone wearing them on the high street.

Nike Janoski Lunar On Foot

 Breaking Down the Look

Janoski’s suit the skate style very well as I mentioned earlier, therefore we’ve tried to imitate this look. Skaters love everything baggy to allow for plenty of movement. The Carhartt cargos we’ve included definitely suit this vibe, and the olive colour compliments the black and white perfectly. Keeping the top half simple with one of our black zip hoodies and baseball caps, this look is a head turner.

How to Wear Nike Cortez

If you’re going to go for the Nike Cortez, you can’t go wrong with the white, red and blue. A signature colourway that’s very old school but still very relevant today.

Nike Cortez On Foot

Breaking Down the Look

Cortez are another classic Nike silhouette that are perfect for summer. We’ve gone for a light colour palette, featuring mainly white and shades of blue to match the blue detailing on the sneakers. The Dickies work pants will draw attention to your shoes too, which is what you want if you’re wearing a nice pair of kicks. Finish the look off with the Jeepers Peepers shades as your accessory.

How to Wear Nikes Streetstyle

Nikes are so versatile they can be worn in a huge multitude of different ways. It’s all about creating something individual. Sneakers can put a modern twist on a traditional outfit or be the focal piece of a basic outfit. They’re not particularly hard to pull off, so if you’ve never rocked a pair of Nikes before, now’s your chance. Go pick up one of the pairs we’ve mentioned here and style them into an outift – we guarantee you’ll fall in love.

Nike air max 97 street style

History of Nike

Nike started out in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by middle distance runner Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. They steadily built up the business selling Japanese shoes by the brand now known as Asics.

They made a lightweight training shoe in 1971 and releasing it at the Track and Field Trials a year later. This was also the year they officially became known as Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory. In 74 Bowerman’s  breakfast inspired solution was patented, the waffle sole was made to help athletes grip the track.

The Nike Air Technology came around half a decade later and they became America’s number one supplier of training shoes just three years later. The brand boosted itself further by signing up and coming sports stars like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. When it comes to awesome footwear and smart marketing they can pull it off with ease, with countless sporting releases such as the Nike Hyperdunk and Nike Dual Fusion under their belt.

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How to Wear Nike Shoes
  • Cuff or roll up your trousers to make the most of your Nike shoes. This is always true with the slimmer styles.
  • When going for a basketball or skate inspired shoe, try mixing it up with some smart trousers or a vintage coat style.
  • Match your shoes to either your hat/cap or jacket if they are a strong colour.
  • Keep colour co-ordination throughout your outfit, it’ll make your sneakers stand out more.

Nike air max 97 street style
On That Note

Nike shoes are best sellers year after year because they have something for everyone. They’ve been tried and tested and constantly upgraded, so you can put your best foot forward. Finally, always be sure to keep them sparkling and fresh with a decent shoe cleaning product.

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