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In the market for Cheap Underwear For Men? Our team has researched and reviewed these cheap mens underwear packs, best underwear for men and mens underwear brands to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying mens underwear

Cheap Underwear For Men

cheap mens underwear packs

Cheap Underwear For Men

Jocks, briefs, boxers, bird cages…whatever you call them, there’s no denying that underwear will always be a part of the male wardrobe vernacular (for your sake, we hope). And with a great package come great responsibility.

These days underwear has foregone the notion of necessity and moved more into the realm of function meets form. In other words they’re designed to be seen as well as they perform. Given such a vital task, it’s important for today’s men to know what they’re getting and when to get it.

Rules Of Men’s Underwear

You’re a grown man now so treat your underwear and its contents with respect.

Replace Underwear Accordingly

Replace underwear as soon as they become worn-out, discoloured or stained. You’re a big kid now. It’s time to act like one.

Go For Less Seams & Less Weight

Stick to lightweight, seamless types when wearing slim-fitting pants. It’ll look and feel better throughout the day.

Embrace Your Personal Style

Stick to your personal style: fitted and plain for the classic gent; psychedelic for the vintage-love, and dual-tone and slim-fit for the active or modern man. FYI: Your choice in underwear types says something about you.

Never Go Full Borat

Look to styles that make you feel confident and you’re comfortable wearing: Anything you have to keep adjusting or ‘thinking about’ should be left in the bottom drawer.

Choose The Right Fabrics

Look to natural fabrics rather than synthetics: The best underwear are those made from cotton with a bit of stretch for breathability, softness and versatility. Active undies are an exception.

Choose The Right Size

Buy the right size. Too small and the waistband will cut into your side (giving you a muffin-top); too big and they’ll sag and bunch under your pants. Both are highly uncomfortable and look bad.


Mass fashion doesn’t need to mean poor quality. Leave it to the Japanese to make sure of this with the conception of Uniqlo, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of quality wardrobe basics – men’s underwear included. With 70 years of business under its belt and almost 2,000 Uniqlo stores worldwide, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right style, size and quality of underwear here without breaking the bank.

Uniqlo Men AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs
Men AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs $15

ASOS Design

ASOS is the premiere online destination for fashion that’s both stylish and affordable. Having launched in the UK in 2000, the online fashion giant has since added various lines of their own clothing and ASOS Design is one of them. Their quality is sturdy for the price and can sometimes outlast the luxury branded stuff. You’ll also have plenty of designs to choose from in their huge inventory.

ASOS DESIGN Short TrunksASOS DESIGN Short Trunks
Short Trunks $40


Conceived in 2010, Everlane is the American-based online retailer which focuses on delivering basic stylish apparel with transparent pricing. Their garments follow a similar aesthetic to American Apparel without the inflated pricing so it’s a win-win for men after no nonsense underwear that feels good and fits nicely.

Everlane The Boxer Brief
The Boxer Brief $18

Mack Weldon

When your only job is to make under garments then you know you’ll do a damn good job of it. Mack Weldon is focused on reinventing men’s basics with premium fabrics, smart design, and simple shopping. Besides their cool underwear designs which should impress any man, they’re also completely transparent with their processes. Mack Weldon is designed in the heart of NYC in their warehouse and fulfilment centre in Massachusetts. From there their product is sourced and manufactured in WRAP certified factories across the globe, including USA, South America, and Asia.

Mack Weldon Silver Trunk in Navy
Silver Trunk in Navy $32


Another British fast fashion giant with an extensive underwear range is Topman. The label was formed in 2002 and has an astute focus on hip and modern English aesthetic. Their underwear? It’s affordable for the quality you’re getting.

Topman Black Trunks
Black Trunks 3 Pack $28


If you’re the active type then Rhone underwear is made for you. Rhone Apparel began in the U.S in 2014 with its sights originally in the premium activewear market for men between 25 and 50. They’ve since expanded their functional line of apparel into underwear and simultaneously brought with it their signature aesthetic which has won accolades from countless media and authority heads.

Rhone Boxer Brief
Boxer Brief $28

Flint & Tinder

This isn’t the Tinder you’re thinking of. Flint & Tinder is an American label which makes quality clothing that’s simple but significant. Think hard-wearing, American style staples with world-class fit and comfort. Whilst their outerwear is rugged and refined, their underwear is made of luxurious cotton for prime comfort.

Flint and Tinder Micro Bamboo Boxer Brief
Micro Bamboo Boxer Brief $28


Bonds Guyfront Trunk
Guyfront Trunk $25

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mens underwear brands

1. Calvin Klein 

When Calvin Klein first introduced its underwear range, it revolutionized the way men buy their intimates. Launched in the early eighties and famously worn by Marky Mark, the sleek lines of these undies went viral. Since then, the brand’s iconic status has not subsided. Thanks to its signature cutting-edge design, exceptional fit and quality fabrics, CK remains one of the most sought-after men’s underwear brands on the market.


Calvin Klein

2. Emporio Armani 

Underwear by Emporio Armani has long been synonymous with luxury and sex-appeal. Endorsed by the likes of David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo, Armani’s high-end designs are made of soft fabrics such as cotton, microfibre, Pima cotton or modal. While they do stock a more classic, monochromatic line of briefs, boxers, thongs and trunks, the brand is also known for its unapologetically colourful seasonal prints.



3. Hugo Boss 

German luxury label Hugo Boss stocks a range of high-end briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks. Made from a quality cotton-elastane mix, the brand’s underwear will provide you with a comfortable fit and gentle lift where needed while also offering a sleek and sophisticated look.


Hugo Boss Underwear

4. Diesel

Diesel’s often colorful designs are made from a stretch-jersey fabric for a smooth finish and breathability. This brand carries fun and youthful edge throughout their line that is sure to pick up your mood on a rainy day – even if you’re the only one who knows you’re wearing them. They also have a knack for experimenting with different textures and materials, like sewn-on patches and even metal studs.



5. Polo Ralph Lauren

Over 40 years in business, the brand name Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with timeless, high-end designs. Their underwear range features a selection of classic low- and mid-rise briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks with a logo waistband. All styles come in your usual black, white in grey in addition to the Polo Ralph Lauren signature red and navy blue.

SHOP Polo Ralph Lauren


6. Derek Rose 

UK-based label Derek Rose is one to be reserved for those special nights to remember. The label utilizes only the finest cashmere, wool, silks and cotton with all fabrics produced in-house. As far as luxurious men’s underwear goes, this is probably it. If you’re thinking about treating yourself or your significant other, Derek Rose is an excellent option.



7. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s range is defined by well-made streamline bottoms in your basic black, white and grey. The Italian luxury brand offers a small line of briefs and boxer briefs made from high-quality cotton. The signature logo waistband prevents your underwear from breaking out of place while the fitted design and short leg promotes freedom of movement.



8. Ermenegildo Zegna

Established in 1910, Ermenegildo Zegna was in many ways ahead of his zeitgeist. With a mission in mind to innovate textiles and production processes, he sought to source only the best quality natural fibers from his Italian homeland. Today, the brand offers the full range of boxers, briefs, and trunks for men made from those locally produced textiles.



9. Hanro

Over a century of experience combined with a keen eye for technical innovation has made Hanro one of the world’s market leaders in the undergarment category. The Swiss natives produce a luxury product that merges premium natural fabrics with their patented knitting technique and passion for detail. The brand’s philosophy prides itself on ‘understated luxury’, which they also describe as “less but only the best”.



10. Bonds

As one of Australia’s most iconic fashion brands, Bonds produces some of the most recognizable undies in the country. Their classic yet colorful styles and fun prints remain all-time favorites amongst men of all ages. Recently, Bonds has revamped its material blends, resulting in a much softer feel and nicer fit on your skin. As far as budget lines go, this Aussie classic will get you some bang for your buck without compromising comfort.

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Bonds Collage

11. Hanes

Hanes is a US-based brand specializing not only in clothing but also in your everyday staple underwear. The brand prides itself on providing comfort, value, and innovation. As a company with a focus on catering to the whole family, Hanes has made it their business to offer comfortable basics that don’t break the bank.

SHOP Hanes

Hans Underwear

12. Uniqlo

By introducing their underwear line AIRism, Uniqlo has earned the endorsement of world-class athletes, such as Novak Djokovic. Their advanced fibre technology absorbs moisture and releases it quickly, which keeps its wearer comfortable and cool. The AIRism range promises unlimited comfort in any season, for anyone, anywhere.



13. American Eagle

American Eagle provides another great alternative if you’re after something fun and comfortable at a lower price point. Known for eccentric prints, their men’s underwear line offers a good amount of support without being too tight. American Eagle stocks a range of fabric blends, such as jersey, poly and cotton made to support movement while either warming or cooling your lower body region.


American Eagle

14. Exofficio

Exofficio has made it their task to provide men with performance underwear that supports the needs of the active adventurer. These lightweight briefs and boxers will keep you fresh and cool during your outdoor adventures. But that’s not the best part; they additionally feature a UV protection and insect repellant to boost comfort and mobility during outdoor activities.



15. Duluth Trading

The folk at Duluth have made it their mission to provide maximum comfort for the working man by developing a stretchy yet supportive set that will keep you comfy and dry. Or how they like to put it: “No sweat, no stink. No pinch!”


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