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10 Cheapest Items Available At Luxury Brands (& How Much They Cost)


Everyone dreams of making enough money to walk into a luxury brand store and feeling like you belong. If you have ever gone into a luxury store, you know the feeling of the employees staring at you. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Fendi have gotten even more popular with their products screaming money.

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While these brands have items priced over $1,000 and many items worth over half one’s yearly salary, there are some items on the cheaper side. While these items may not be the highly sought after Gucci slides or Chanel sunglasses, you can still say you bought something from the brands for a low price.ADVERTISEMENT

10ID Money Clip In Metal, Yves Saint Laurent ($175)

Money clips are an old fashioned accessory for men. You might remember your grandpa wiping out a thick stack of money from his pocket whenever he visited. His secret? Wrapping a $100 bill around a stack of ones.

The cheapest item at Yves Saint Laurent happens to be the ID Money Clip in Metal. The item is basic in every way possible. It is 100% brass in a matte black finish with the brand’s name engraved on it.ADVERTISEMENT

9Floral IPhone X Case, Givenchy ($140)

If you were able to spend $1,000 on a brand new iPhone X, then maybe you should protect it with a name brand case. Givenchy still sells its own phone cases and the cheapest among them is the Givenchy Floral iPhone X Case.

The case sells at $140 and would do just as good as a job of protecting your phone as a $30 Casemate case. When it comes to luxury the name speaks for itself. The Givenchy case is made of black rubber and has a floral pattern with “Givenchy Paris” written in the middle.ADVERTISEMENT

8Gancini Jacquard Socks, Salvatore Ferragamo ($60)

We have all seen the classic moment when your cousin gets a pair of socks for Christmas. The look of displeasure is palpable. As an adult, socks get cooler and welcome addition to your sock drawer. The cheapest item found sold by Salvatore Ferragamo is a pair of socks, the Gancini Jacquard Socks to be precise. They retail for $60. Envelope your feet in luxury.

The socks do come in multiple colors and sizes depending on foot size. The pure cotton socks are a medium length and have a textured Gancini throughout in a matching tone. If you’re at a friend’s house, they will know you have brand name socks because Salvatore Ferragamo is stitched on the bottom.ADVERTISEMENT

7My Character Sliding Metal Letter, Prada ($50)

Prada is one of the top luxury brands out there and their items can range above in the $1,000’s. The cheapest item they sell might be baffling. For $50 you can purchase a My Character Sliding Metal Letter. It’s made of metal with a silver finish.

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The item can be pricey for $50, but it’s meant to be used with another Prada accessory. The metal letter is interchangeable and customizable on the Prada Saffiano Leather Keychain which retails for $220.ADVERTISEMENT

6Giuseppe Penone: Matrice, Fendi ($45)

Everyone is clamoring to own an item designed and created by Fendi. If you’re tight on cash, you can still own a Fendi item, but it won’t be a shirt or a nice new bag. The cheapest item sold at Fendi happens to be a book.

The Giuseppe Penone: Matrice sells for $45. It’s a hardback version in English. The book is a tribute to two major collaborations with Giuseppe Matrice. It details the Palazzo della Civiltá Italiana and the Foglie di Pietra works that are permanently installed at the Largo Goldoni.ADVERTISEMENT

5Brando Briefs In Ribbed Cotton, Dolce & Gabbana ($40)

The next cheap luxury item might be a good present for your significant other. Dolce & Gabbana sells Brando Briefs In Ribbed Cotton for $40. If your significant other has been pestering that they need to go shopping for new underwear, why not surprise them with Dolce & Gabbana underwear?

The briefs come in multiple sizes and neutral colors. It is made of cotton and features a thick elastic waistband with the brand name all around. The outfit may have been purchased at Zara, but the undergarment screams luxury brand.ADVERTISEMENT

4New York City Guide, Louis Vuitton ($37)

While Louis Vuitton is iconic for its items and LV monogram, the sought after bags can skyrocket over $2,000. An iPhone X Folio case alone cost $405. If you’re looking for the cheapest Louis Vuitton item you can buy there are some options.

Louis Vuitton sells a New York City Guide book for $37. This book accumulates the best writers, journalists and contributors to bring you the best museums, monuments and bistros to visit in New York. The book is available in English and French. For $37, you can also buy a guide for Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and many more places around the world.ADVERTISEMENT

3Mascara L’Obscur, Gucci ($35)

Gucci is unarguably one of the top-selling and most popular brands on the market. It has numerous Hollywood celebrities endorsing and wearing the brand to major events. Not to mention its bags, mules and slippers are selling like hotcakes. Things can get pricey, but there is one item that is cheap to buy.

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Gucci sells and makes it sown line of beauty products including the Mascara L’Obscur in the color black. It sells for $35 and is one of the cheapest items besides its baby socks. The mascara is advertised as being buildable to achieve any desired look. It comes encased in a light pink base with a ridged gold handle.ADVERTISEMENT

2J’adore Silky Soap, Dior ($26)

The cheapest item sold at Dior will also make you smell good whether you use it in the shower or to wash your hands. The J’adore Silky Soap retails for $26 and you will receive two complimentary samples of your choice with the purchase. If you need any more convincing there is complimentary shipping.

The soap has nourishing properties from Cotton nectar and is infused with Ylang Ylang oils. It helps keep you smelling nice and fresh while giving your skin the needed nourishment boost.ADVERTISEMENT

1Le Coton/Extra Soft Cotton, Chanel ($20)

This Chanel item automatically makes you think of the Will Smith meme where he holds his hand up to his chin and goes “hmmm” in confusion. The cheapest item to be found by Chanel are the Le Coton/ Extra Soft Cotton pads. For $20 you can purchase one hundred pieces of cotton pads with the Chanel logo imprinted in the middle.

It does advertise that it’s a tri-layered pad with the inner filling made of elastic plush fibers. If you’re feeling expensive or have $20 to spend then this might be the item for you. If not, you can buy 300-count 100% cotton rounds for $8 on Amazon.

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