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Are you budget conscious? Do you want to step up your cycling experience; without breaking the bank? Well the good news is that you don’t have to shell out a pretty penny to hop on a cheap long range e-bike bandwagon. 

With the recent surge in popularity of electric bikes there is a full spectrum of reasonably priced and affordable electric bikes available that will give you the best value for the money.

Here is the top rated and cheapest long range electric bikesEditor’s ChoiceEditor’s ChoiceEditor’s ChoiceEditor’s ChoiceTitleRattan 48V 350W Electric Mountain Ebikes Electric Bike for…Cybertrack 300 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike, 500W/750W Peak…ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26”…ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric…Preview

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Cybertrack 300 27.5" Electric Mountain Bike, 500W/750W Peak...
ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26''...
ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric...

Range40-50 miles (E-bike Mode) to 70-80 miles (Assisted Mode)40Miles Average Rangeup to 22-40 miles per chargeBattery range of 29 to 50 miles.Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceTable Of ContentsAre budget long range electric bikes any good?What to search for in the best budget electric bike with a long range feature?What is a realistic budget for a long range electric bike? Should I buy a used electric bike?Which electric e-bike motor is the best for a long range commute on a budget?Will electric bikes get cheaper in the future?

Are budget long range electric bikes any good?

All e-bikes offer similar benefits irrespective of their prices. While offering an increased speed, and a convenient yet comfortable usage these ebikes mentioned above come with a decent range of up to 65 miles on a single charge. They are significantly cheaper as compared to any form of electric transport while being a safer and cost effective transport option.

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What to search for in the best budget electric bike with a long range feature?

The best way to know which one best for you is to balance the features that are extremely important to you according to your needs within your budget.


The range of your e-bike is dependent on the amount of assistance needed and the terrain that is being ridden hence, it is crucial to choose a bike that offers enough range to help you reach your preferred destination. Most e-bikes offer a range between 20 miles and a little over 200 miles for the high end ones.


One of the most important factors to consider before buying an e-bike is the runtime since it determines the amount of time you can use the powered product for. The greater the battery life- the further you will be able to ride the bike (The range). 


For regular usage an e-bike with a speed of 20mph is ideal however, it solely depends on your usage. 


An e-bike weighing anything less then 20 kg or 42 lbs would be considered light weight making it easier to carry around and easier to navigate through pot holes and rough roads. 

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What is a realistic budget for a long range electric bike? 

Electric bikes may cost anywhere between 400$ to 8000$ whereby the amount you should spend largely depends on your usage combined with what features you’re looking for. Prioritize which features are essential to you and be prepared to miss out on some features if you are opting for the cheaper variants. By combining the initial price along with its maintenance and charging cost you will be able to decide your budget.

Long range E-bikes can be classified into 3 categories according to your budget;

  • Under 1000$: ideal for occasional use with a fairly lower maintenance cost 
  • Around 3000$: for daily usage and travelling over much longer distances
  • Above 3000$: specialized uses such as biking on mountainous terrains and excessive travelling  
cheapest long range electric bike

Should I buy a used electric bike?

It may be tempting to buy a second-hand e-bike at a fraction of its regular cost. However, these ‘too good to be true deals’ are extremely risky as they may come with a host of hidden problems like faulty motor, degraded battery, and rusty parts which are not covered by any warranty and require additional costs to be replaced.

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Which electric e-bike motor is the best for a long range commute on a budget?

E-bike motors come in two main types depending on their mounted locations

Hub Motors

These are comparatively cheaper and are mounted on the center of the wheel of your bike.

They are the most cost effective of the two types and certainly fulfill their need. They don’t require constant shifting of gears hence are easier to operate. However, they are difficult to drive up a steep mountain and add more weight towards the rear of your e- bike.

Mid Drives

Although more expensive these are mounted between the pedals making the added weight unobtrusive. Changing gears and riding up a mountainous terrain is a lot easier. They also have a fairly better range with a smoother ride quality. On the other hand, they require frequent maintenance adding further expense. 

Unless you intend to use your e-bike for the above-mentioned or any specialized purpose there is no need to spend an extra buck on a mid-drive motor.

Will electric bikes get cheaper in the future?

It is unlikely for e-bikes to become any cheaper in the foreseeable future because the cost of their raw materials is rising continuously along with the inflation of imports. Due to the increased demands in metals like lithium which are essential battery components hoping for a price drop in e-bikes may prove to be futile.

It is predicted that in the near future e-bikes will play an extremely important role in the leisure and transport industry with a triple digit increase in their numbers. People will be more inclined to use these e-bikes as an energy efficient and sustainable alternative as a means to prevent the probable energy crises in the future. 

Their exponential growth in the market has drastically increased consumer choice. The key features and performance attributes stated above along with your personal preferences will aid you in making an informed purchase decision suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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Ancheer Power Plus E-Bike

26 inch Electric Bike for Adults, Commuting Ebike with...

26 inch Electric Bike for Adults, Commuting Ebike with…Check Price


  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 48 km (30 miles)
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Battery: 36V
  • Max Speed: 25 mph (40 km/hr)

Topping our list of the cheapest e-bikes in the market is the Ancheer Power Electric Bike.

It’s certainly not a premier quality bike, what you get for the price is pretty good.

It’s powered by a 250-watt battery, and while certainly not the most robust option, it offers just the right amount of power needed to ride in various terrains.

The motor isn’t powerful either, and depending on your weight, you might probably need to pedal if you’re moving uphill.

However, electric assistance makes tackling the hills much easier.

The best feature of the model is the placement and integration of the 36 V battery. Like the premium e-bikes, the battery on this model is seamlessly integrated into the bike, and it’s not easily discoverable unless you’ve a keen eye.

This is because the battery is cleverly built and disguised as a thermos, so it’s a challenge to tell whether it’s a battery mounted bike.

The design on this e-bike is also pretty sturdy, thanks to the 100% alloy frame and a carbon fork. Both of the components extend greater strength, and durability on the Ancheer.

The performance is also quite impressive; the e-bike, for instance, has a reasonable pedal-assisted max speed of 25 mph (40 km/hr).

The 30 miles range is quite lean, but there’s no limit to how far you can go since you can simply pedal it just like a traditional bike once the battery dies.

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·         Reliable

·         Durable quality

·         Aesthetic


·         Range is limited

Cheapest Long Range Electric Bikes – More Affordable Than You Think 1

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Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

No products found.


  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 45 km (28 miles)
  • Max speed: 24 km/hr (15 mph)
  • Battery: 36 V

Aptly named the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1, this e-bike is a step to the original Cyclamatic Power model.

A notable upgrade on the new model is the aesthetic design, complemented by a glossy finish and sleek lines on the fare,

But away from aesthetics, the folks at Cyclamatic have built this e-bike with convenience in mind.

From the ergonomic design to a detachable battery, every design element is built to offer users with awesome riding experience.

Both the motor and battery have also undergone some impressive upgrades, and this e-bike now boasts of a 21-speed gear system.

Riding the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 also feels awesome, and as soon you get on the pedals, the powerful 250W motor kicks, making your riding much fun.

The 26″ wide wheels also make the e-bike an ideal option for most terrains.

The 28-mile range is a bit on the lower side, and the top speed of 15 miles per hour is just what you need for your daily commute.

Unfortunately, this model lacks a throttle mode only, meaning you’ve to pedal.


·         Chic

·         Detachable battery

·         Wide wheels

·         Fun riding experience


·         No throttle mode only

Looking for a long-distance e-bike? NEZA F-1 E-bike has the option for twin battery to reach the range of 100 miles is the most affordable long-range e-bike. Other key features include the 750W engine, 8-speed Shimano, Disc Brakes and Dual suspension for a comfortable ride. And it’s foldable, easy to stow and transport when you need it. Did I say that the price is less than $1,500 for a maximum range of 75 miles? This is a good deal for everybody.

About NEZA Bikes:

  • NEZA Bikes at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, N.Y.
  • The DNA of the Teams is encrypted with Industrial Manufacturing.
  • Experts turn the imagination into reality and give you NEZA bicycles.
  • NEZA E-Bike offers high performance at an affordable price.
  • Package by Aluminum Engraved Plate with Each Bike Delivery Guaranteed

About NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

  • Product Name – NEZA F-1 Founders Edition.
  • Product URL – You can view here.
  • Selling Price – $1,399.00
  • Direct Seller – NEZA Bikes.
  • Target Audience – The US and Canadian Buyers.
  • Shipping – Free for the lower 48 US States. Rated charge for other locations.
  • Return – Within 7 days.
  • Warranty – One year.

Main Features of NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

  • The 750W rear hub motor is powerful to conquer all the hills when you confront them in your riding.
  • Battery 48V 17.25Ah has ample power to support the range of 50 to 75 miles when using pedal assist for riding.
  • The maximum speed was set to 20 mph, regardless of use of throttle or pedal assist mode.
  • NEZA F-1 e-bike design with double suspension so you get the most comfortable ride.
  • Mechanical brake with 160 mm rotors ensures safe stopping, despite any kind of weather conditions.
  • The adjustable seat post and handlebar can adapt to runners from 5’0″ to 7’0″ and also adapt to the upright position.
  • Shimano 8 speed gives an appropriate gear ratio to climb hills and also go faster, saving energy to go further.
  • Thumb throttle is easy to use and safer compared with the twist throttle when you are riding on the pot hole street.

Specification of NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame with folding lever.
  • Front Suspension – 20″ aluminum alloy spring fork with lockout and pre-load adjustment. 60mm travel.
  • Rear Suspension – Rear shock right behind you seat to absorb tough roads. 24mm travel.
  • 750W Brushless Hub Motor.
  • Panasonic 48V, 17.25 Ah Lithium Battery.
  • 48V 2 amp Charger.
  • Controller – 750W, 48V, 22A.
  • Pedal Assist – 5 level power assist with cadence sensor, support up to 32 km/h (20 mph). Walk assist 6 km/h (3.7 mph).
  • Every Neza equipped with thumb throttle.
  • Front – LED headlight.
  • Rear – taillight w/ brake and L/R indicator function.
  • Rear Derailleur – SHIMANO Altus, 8-Speed.
  • Crank Set – 170 mm alloy, 53-tooth, 5-bolt chain ring.
  • Freewheel – 8-Speed, 13-32T.
  • 20″x 4″. 36 hole Aluminum Rims.
  • KMC 8-speed, 140 link, rust-resistant Chain.
  • Oversized adjustable Handlebar Stem.
  • Anti-slip ergonomic grips.
  • Leather saddle with ergonomic cut-out.
  • Aluminum pedals.
  • Bike’s weight – 62.5 Lbs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’0″ to 7’0″.
  • Load capacity – 330 Lbs.

The image of NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

NEZA F-1 E-Bike - The Most Affordable Long Range E-Bike.
NEZA F-1 E-Bike – The Most Affordable Long Range E-Bike.

PROs of the NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

  • NEZA F-1 is suitable for use as the family share electric bicycles because of its broader range of rider from 5’0″ to 7’0″.
  • SHIMANO 8-speed Revo-Shift shifter for smooth and crisp shifting, so it’s easy and fun.
  • The Bafang 750W engine is powerful for flattening the hills with ease when you meet them on the road.
  • The thumb throttle is easy to operate so that you can increase the speed or bring it down easily.
  • Taillight w/brake and L/R function indicator are excellent for driving safely due to visible approaching vehicles.
  • The LED headlight is bright, so you can clearly see the road ahead in the dark.
  • You can get a 100 mile trip plus a heavy-duty rear rack if you take the option for a second battery.
  • Some owners of NEZA F-1 feedback that the dual suspensions are excellent when you are riding on the bumping road.
  • Together with the fat tires 20″x4″ give extra comfort to ride on the pot hole street.
  • You can set the assist pedal to the lower level when you plan to roll for certain exercises.
  • The disc brakes for the front wheel and the rear wheel coupled with brake lever with motor cutoff switch is secure for stoppage on any terrain.
  • Built-in pedals with reflectors let you stay visible as you approach vehicles, helping you drive safely.
  • You can easily charge the folded e-bike in your car for transport when necessary.
  • Keep your fat tires with a lower pressure of 1.2 bars, you can comfortably ride on the hard surface and also on the soft beach.
  • The e-bike can easily store in your office and apartment as a result of its smaller size folded.
  • Make your order now, you get a cheaper price of $1,399.00 because of the high discount now.

CONs of NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

  • The key is attached to the battery when you are riding, lest it will fall when there is a great bump.
  • The standard 2A charger needs more hours to fully charge the large battery unless it is replaced with a faster charger to shorten charging time.
  • In order to keep you clean to roll in bad weather, you need to replace the shorter mudguard with a longer type.

The overall ratings of NEZA F-1 E-Bike:

Reviewed by NEZA BIKES potential buyer, Karho Leung on May 17, 2021: The overall ratings are 5.0 out of 5.0:

I stopped by to test drove a NEZA bike two weeks back and I have to say it. It was an eye opening experience.

The founder Sunny was super friendly and patient as he walked through all the bike specs and even customized a plate for me to go.

Although I did not make a purchase, I felt well taken care of and their customer service is A1. These guys really take the time to go through everything so if you are considering buying an electric bike make this place the first stop and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Our Opinion:

  • From this review, We can clearly see that the service support of NEZA Bikes is certainly friendly and excellent.
  • Do not miss that the NEZA Bike test ride is surprisingly good for the rider, as a result giving a full ratings to NEZA Bikes.

Reviewed by NEZA Bikes certified buyer,

The bike from the other brand was less money than the F1, but it had no suspension, no lights, a 500 watt motor, and lesser components than the F1.

A Bafang 750 watt motor has amazing power and when you need it, it is there for you. The Shimano Altus 8 speed gearing, easily handles the demands put upon it.

A feature I really appreciate is the Shimano twist shifter that works flawlessly and can accomplish upshifting and downshifting with a simple twist without reaching for a trigger or losing contact with your grip and brake levers.

The brakes are mechanical disks and bring the “beast” to a stop with an easy effort on the three or four finger levers. The grips themselves have a palm rest to minimize hand fatigue and provide you with a good leverage when riding and when needing to apply the brakes.

The thumb throttle is well positioned and also very responsive. You can also unlock the computer, so to speak, and increase the top speed of the bike.

One of the great features of this bike are the front and rear suspensions that do a great job of giving comfort to the rider on rough roads or off-road. I am able to ride upright and the handling of the bike even though it is heavy is fantastic.

Using pedal assist 1 for the most part, my mileage per charge is in the range of 25-35 miles, although I have not done a range test to drain the battery nor have I tested a range of throttle only. At present, I have over 350 miles on the bike.

Our Opinion:

  • The buyer estimated that NEZA F-1 is worth paying because of numerous premium components of its fun driving.
  • In view of the Twist Shifter and Dual Suspension have the best performance for the rider, giving him plenty of driving pleasure.
  • While other components are acceptable to him except the travel range is below at 25 to 35 miles only without using the throttle.

View YouTube Videos – NEZA F1 reviewed by the All Bike Update: F-1 E-Bike – The Most Affordable Long Range E-Bike.


In summary, I like NEZA F-1 having many premium component parts to give the fun ride to the riders. I would like to say the NEZA Bikes are best fit for use in the New York City.

The most important for any purchaser is delivery and service support should be excellent. NEZA Bikes have special packing provisions for every new electric bike delivered to the buyer. Do you agree that this is the supplement to the NEZA Bikes over other brands using the paper box only?

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