cheapest way to make house smell good

Make your house smell good

Did you know with changing seasons (like summer to monsoon), the smells around us change too? This change can sometimes lead to stuffy, stinky odor indoors. Rooms or areas that stay closed may start smelling funny or unpleasant. Great smelling surroundings like home and office can help you relax, de-stress, and calm your sense. There are many easy ways in which you can make your house smell good.

Smell plays an important role in affecting our mood. It is scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with a good smell can calm the body and mind. Lighting candles or using air fresheners is one way of keeping the surroundings smelling great. Most air freshener sprays contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. Candles are expensive and not safe if you have kids around. Here are some inexpensive and easy ideas to keep your home smelling great.

Simple ways to make your house smell good –

Let your home smell great
There are so many creative ways to make your house smell good


Take any essential oil of your choice, a little bit of fragrance-free body oil (or baby oil), and wooden skewers. Fill a small vase with the two oils and place a handful of skewers in it. Your aroma diffuser is ready. You can place these with different essential oils in different rooms for a light fragrance. If the fragrance grows weak, just add a few drops of essential oil.

Tea Bags

Yes, tea bags are the easiest, cheapest way of keeping small, confined spaces smelling pleasant. Rooms or places that stay closed and are not properly ventilated can become dingy. Just hang a few tea bags that contain spices like cinnamon, ginger at the back of the door. The aroma usually lasts for days and you can easily replace the old tea bags with new ones.

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Coffee beans

There is no denying the fact that coffee smells heavenly. There is nothing like walking through the door of your home tired and smelling fresh coffee. It does relax the senses immediately, doesn’t it? It can become a great room freshener too. Fill a container with coffee beans, add one or two drops of essential oil and place it in any corner of your room. You can even skip the essential oil and just place the coffee beans. The coffee aroma instantly spreads around.

Vanilla Essence

Who isn’t attracted to the smell of a bakery? That mild fragrance of freshly baked bread and cakes lifts the spirits instantly. You can replicate the same smell in your home. All you need to do is dab a little vanilla essence on a cotton ball and rub it on a light bulb. Voila, every time you switch that bulb on, the smell of vanilla essence will spread all around! Oh, and vanilla essence acts as a great anti-depressant too.

Herbs & Spices

Fresh herbs smell awesome, and they act as excellent deodorizers. Put dried herbs and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, etc. in small cotton bags. Put/hang these small pouches around to make your house smell good. Herbs act as great deodorizers in places like your bathroom where the ventilation is limited. Hanging a small bag or two of the fresh herbs will keep it smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Potpourri can make your house smell good
Potpourri looks pretty too.


It’s not just a great deodorizer, potpourri acts as home décor too! Add character and delicate smells to your home by putting small pots of potpourri in different places. Collect your favorite flowers, dry them up completely, and put them the petals in any small, empty pot. Now just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can even add some dried lime zest and herbs and spices too. Adding potpourri to any corner will make your house smell good instantly. Homemade potpourri makes for a great gift too!

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Two places that are difficult to work with are closets and bathrooms. Space is confined and usually lacks ventilation. A strong-smelling soap bar may not be good for your skin. It can come handy as a great room freshener. Wrap a soap bar in a small fabric and place it on a shelf in your closet or on your bathroom counter. The fabric absorbs the smell and diffuses it throughout.

Make your own room freshener

Drinking vodka is fun! It can be used as a room freshener is great too! Mix vodka and water in equal parts and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Just spray this mixture around the house like you would spray any store-bought room freshener. This homemade freshener is not laden with chemicals and can be customized as per your favorite fragrance!

Plants make your house smell good
Some indoor plants smell great.

House Plants

Nothing adds brightness, coziness, and beauty to any area in the house like potted, indoor plants. Indoor plants smell great indoors and freshen the air indoors. Keep a plant that smells great in any room and you no longer need to depend on synthetic room fresheners. Fresh flowers like jasmine, Indian rose, etc. are a great way to make your house smell good.

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