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Nairacloset is your depot for chic islamic clothing. Nairacloset provides Turkish islamic clothing online which are suitable for your event and  occasions. Apart from the modern islamic dress, we have different styles of hijab wears. Our other fabric collections comprise of abaya,al faozin native design for kids and so on.Buy hijab dresses from hijab fabric suppliers today at buyandslay.

In Nigeria and other african countries today, we cannot keep a blind eye to the Muslimah dress being displayed at traditional weddings, naming ceremonies, political gatherings, churches and mosques even in our offices.

Chic Islamic Clothing

Best Abaya/Muslim clothing Wholesale Suppliers Around the World

Islamic clothing is stylish and follows the religion code openly and authentically. You can buy fashionable Islamic clothing at wholesale prices from the list of 8 most popular websites from all over the world. The Middle Eastern countries being the hub of major Islamic population, their clothing has its spread in almost all the countries.

1) Shiddat:

Shiddat is India’s one of the most Islamic centric online store. They have the most beautiful collection of Islamic apparel, accessories, as well as religious books. Their website has a customer-friendly interface giving you a convenient shopping experience. Through this website, you can connect with small- and medium-sized vendors that sell Abayas, Hijabs, Burqas, Niqabs, and other Islamic apparels.

Shop here if you are looking for a modern designs of abayas for the new and strong independent women. You will find different styles of Abayas like the flared abaya, front open abaya, cardigan style abaya, embroidered abaya, kimono abaya, and others are showcased on their website.

● Price and Shipping:

The order will be processed in 6-7 days and there is free shipping on orders above INR 1000 all over India. Cash on delivery option is available on orders above INR 300.

2) Chinabrands:

One of the leading Chinese online portals is Chinabrands. This website is one of the few that offers drop shipping facility. The product list is always on point with the latest fashion updates. The prices on Chinabrands have the least compared to other online portals. They have the highest discounts on their platform, which is one of the best reasons for you to shop here. If you place your order here, it will be dispatched in 24 hours. In case you intend to start your own business here, all you will need is minimal capital with no front-loaded risks.

Best-Selling Clothing Wholesale on ChinabrandsMore >Two-piece Suit Christmas Home Casual Couple Wearing$17.49Long Sleeve Sun Moon Star Print A-line Women Dress$5.48$8.56Turtleneck Tartan Tunic Sweatshirt$8.06Tartan Panel Cowl Neck Tulip Front T-shirt$9.14

3) Made-in-China:

Made-in-China is one of China’s largest business-to-business platform, in business since 1998. Their website has an extensive lot of suppliers and elite quality Chinese products. It is a multi-departmental platform showcasing around 27 categories and 3,600 sub-categories making this platform open for everything and everyone.

You can buy Islamic clothing wholesale from here the next time at affordable qualities. On this website, you can search region wise to avoid unnecessary list of products. From the supplier list, you can see the supplier details and other similar products of the same supplier.

● Price and Shipping:

On this website, you the shipping charges vary from supplier to supplier and from country to country. So, before placing the order you must check out the delivery and shipping  charges from the supplier.

4) Feiza Collection:

Feiza Collection is an online portal located in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Their collection is something that empathizes with every Islamic woman, her body type and the need to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time in her traditional attire. All their products are manufactured in Turkey and they offer worldwide distribution.

● Price and Shipping:

The order will be placed in 1-2 days and delivered in 3-5 days. No free shipping. Your order can be returned within 15 days of purchase, and the money will be refunded within 10 days of receiving the return.

5) Inayah:

Inayah has a carved a niche for itself in the United Kingdom’s online marketing business. This website was launched in 2012. This website has a tutorial section as to how to wear a Hijabs for all its customers. It has the most comprehensive and most modish collection of Hijabs, Abaya and other Islamic apparels in store.

● Price and Shipping:

You can avail free shipping on orders above £75, or the standard shipping price is £3.99 across the UK. For orders across Europe, the standard delivery rate is €14.99, and for free shipping, the minimum order requirement is €150. For next-day delivery, you must place your order between Monday to Thursday before 3 p.m. UK time.

6) Islamic Shop:

The Islamic Shop is an Indian e-commerce platform working on the principal and belief of the term ‘Halal’ in the Islam religion. This is a platform for small-scale and large-scale vendors. This a multi-departmental platform with quality products and prices. If you want your order to be delivered on a specific date, make sure to order at least 48 hours prior and mention the date. Otherwise, the order takes 6-7 days for processing. Next time you think of buying Muslim clothes in wholesale do consider this website.

● Price and Shipping:

This website offers free shipping for orders above INR 500 in Chennai, and for that of free shipping in some other state, the minimum order should be INR 5,000. The paid shipping charges are INR 50 for 500 grams, and every additional 500 gram will cost INR 50.

7) Gulf Islamic Store:

Gulf Islamic Store (GIS) is not only Dubai’s but the world’s first wholesale clothing store to sell all the possible Islamic clothes in wholesale. This platform is open for retailers, startup business owners, sellers, buyers, suppliers, distributors, and other entrepreneurs. Shop here to buy clothes at the best factory prices available across the Middle East.

GIS offers a fancy range of Dubai-style outfits, including abaya, Kaftans, Jilbab, casual dresses, scarfs, Hijabs, accessories and other apparels related to Islamic clothing. They take customized orders and have their brand line suiting the Islamic traditions in the Gulf region.

● Price and Shipping:  

If you place an order, it will be processed in 5-7 days, and they have free shipping on selected items.

8) Abaya World:

Abaya World has been in the fashion industry in the UK since 2012. It has Muslim-wear apparels of all sorts, including casual styles, every-day wear, festive wear, and abayas. This website also has a collection of accessories you can purchase with your bulk order of outfits.

● Price and Shipping:

You can avail free shipping if your order exceeds £65. If it does not, the standard delivery charge is £3.99. The orders will be delivered at your doorstep between 8 am to 8 pm. For special requests of next day, delivery you might have to pay a delivery fee of £7.95 and place your order before 11 am.

Best Islamic Clothing Stores Online

Many Muslims buy their clothing while traveling in the Muslim world or sew their own. But the internet is now allowing Muslims from all over the world ready access to a growing number of online Islamic clothing stores. These stores offer clothing for Muslim men, women, and children such as hijababaya, jilbab, niqab, shalwar khamiz, thobes, etc.​​

This list is offered for informational purposes, in alphabetical order, with no guarantees of quality. Please check each company personally before ordering.01of 04

Al-Hannah Islamic Clothing

Based in the U.S., Al-Hannah offers a great selection of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, accessories, and gifts imported from the Middle East. 04

My Hijab Shop

In addition to hijabs, this site carries other trendy and cute fashion for the younger Muslimah.03of 04

Primo Modo

This U.S.-based retailer has stylish yet modest women’s and maternity clothes. Lines include professional, swimwear, casual, and sports clothing.04of 04

Shukr Islamic Clothing

SHUKR is a ​high-quality producer of Islamic clothing for men, women, and children. Famous for creating unique designs, SHUKR introduces contemporary styled Islamic clothing for a new generation.

popular clothing in Arabian women’s fashion

Arabian women’s clothing mostly consists of non-transparent, loose garments covering all of their body except for the hands and face. The Pardah system which is prevalent in this area stipulates that women cover their body and face, when outside,  as a symbol of modesty and Islamic faith.

Arabian Women follow the pardah system out of their religious obligations as well as their own personal choice.There are many who cherish their freedom to wear their choice of Arabian clothing . The arabian fashion celebrates beauty, modesty, bondage, holiness, humility and holiness at the same time

Islamic clothing for women differ slightly between countries in the region but the basic concept is the same.Covering the body of women from males who are not relatives. A common question I have heard is ‘what is the difference between a hijab and niqab? . They sound so similar. Most of the Arabian names for the garments have subtle but distinct differences. 


This is a headscraf worn over the head by muslim women. Usually they are worn around the head covering the neck and the chest as well. The face is usually not covered with the hijab. A square scarf is usually used as a Hijab wrapped around the head and neck .Checkout the tutorial to make different types of Hijab

2. Abaya

Abaya is a tunic with full body covering usually made in a black fabric. This is usually worn over other clothing and is made in a light weight fabric . Nowadays fashion conscious muslim women are choosing embellished abayas in a variety of colours. 

Abaya is known by different names in different countries of the region. In Qatar Al darraa, a version of Abaya is worn;  Balto is the  Yemenese version of abaya

3. Jilbab

This is a very long and loose over garment, which covers your full body except for the feet hands head and face

4. Burqa

The burqa is a most comprehensive head cover for the muslim women with just a mesh screen over the eyes through which the muslim women can look out . The entire face and head is almost covered except for the partially opaque veil over the eyes. This clothing is more prevalent among the more conservative Muslim countries like Afganistan

5. Niqab

This is a covering for the face including the moth and nose, leaving only the eyes uncovered. Along with this Head is also covered with a headscarf when wearing the niqab. Niqab is mostly worn in black, grey, beige and white colours

islamic clothing of arabian women

6. Al amira

This is a head covering with two pieces. One is a close fitting cap covering the head and then a tube scarf covering wrapped around the head and the neck

islamic clothing fashion

7. Shayla

This is a long shawl ( rectangular in shape) which is wrapped around the head and neck and shoulder. It is usually pinned to the shoulders, or tucked around the face

islamic clothing

8. Khimar

Khimar is a long loose cape like  veil that covers the head, neck and shoulders without covering the face. This is usually used as a prayer garment 

muslimah clothing

9. Chador

Chador is a full body covering in one piece, a  long, loose robe that covers the head and body down to the feet. A scarf is at times worn under the chador . It is mostly seen in black and is commonly worn by women in Iran. 

10 Tunics

Salwar Kameez -This is a tunic and pants worn by Muslim women in some countries along with shayla for a modest covering of the body. Checkout the tutorial to sew a Salwar kameez and salwar kameez pants 

islamic clothing

Kaftans – This loose garment is also very popular among the Arabian women. This tunic made in flowy drapey cltohes are most suitable for the tropical climate of the area.

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