Children’s shoe size conversion

Getting to know your Children’s shoe size conversion is not difficult at all. In fact, it is imperative that you understand the best children’s shoe brands, best shoes for toddlers, most durable kids shoes, and podiatrist recommended shoes for toddlers. It will definitely save you from so much stress and extra expenses. It is important at this point to understand that Size conversions can only ever be an approximate guide and We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these conversion charts.

Children’s shoe size conversion

Kids’ Shoe Sizing Guide with Sizing Chart (Infant, Toddler, Children, & Youth)

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Many parents of young children are big fans of online shoe shopping. Even the most easygoing of toddlers can become whiny and weepy in the children’s shoe aisle. Unfortunately the greatest thing about online shoe shopping is also the biggest downside when shopping for children’s shoes. You’re not in a department store so you can’t try them on until you buy them. Here at, if the shoes don’t fit you can exchange them for free, but you’ll still have to wait for the shoes to ship back and forth. In the hopes of making it easier for parents shopping for children’s shoes at our online store to get the right kids’ shoe size the first time around we’ve created this helpful kids’ shoe sizing chart. Scroll beyond the chart and you’ll find helpful instructions on how to use the chart and how to measure your child’s foot with greater ease.

TODDLER & KIDS | 0-6 Years
US Euro UK Inches CM
0.5 T 16 0 3.25″ 8.3
1 T 16 0.5 3.5″ 8.9
1.5 T 17 1 3.625″ 9.2
2 T 17 1 3.75″ 9.5
2.5 T 18 1.5 4″ 10.2
3 T 18 2 4.125″ 10.5
3.5 T 19 2.5 4.25″ 10.8
4 T 19 3 4.5″ 11.4
4.5 T 20 3.5 4.625″ 11.7
5 T 20 4 4.75″ 12.1
5.5 T 21 4.5 5″ 12.7
6 T 22 5 5.125″ 13
6.5 T 22 5.5 5.25″ 13.3
7 T 23 6 5.5″ 14
7.5 T 23 6.5 5.625″ 14.3
US Euro UK Inches CM
8 Kids 24 7 5.75″ 14.6
8.5 Kids 25 7.5 6″ 15.2
9 Kids 25 8 6.125″ 15.6
9.5 Kids 26 8.5 6.25″ 15.9
10 Kids 27 9 6.5″ 16.5
10.5 Kids 27 9.5 6.625″ 16.8
11 Kids 28 10 6.75″ 17.1
11.5 Kids 29 10.5 7″ 17.8
12 Kids 30 11 7.125″ 18.1
12.5 Kids 30 11.5 7.25″ 18.4
13 Kids 31 12 7.5″ 19.1

NOTE: From this size onward, shoes are sized as standard Men’s shoe’s starting at “1”. You can find the standard women’s size equivalent by adding 1.5 to the size.

YOUTH | 6+ Years
US Euro UK Inches CM Adult Women’s – Equivalent
1 32 13 7.75″ 19.7 NA
1.5 33 14 8″ 20.3 NA
2 33 1 8.125″ 20.6 NA
2.5 34 1.5 8.25″ 21 4
3 34 2 8.5″ 21.6 4.5
3.5 35 2.5 8.625″ 21.9 5
4 36 3 8.75″ 22.2 5.5
4.5 36 3.5 9″ 22.9 6
5 37 4 9.125″ 23.2 6.5
5.5 37 4.5 9.25″ 23.5 7
6 38 5 9.5″ 24.1 7.5
6.5 38 5.5 9.625″ 24.4 8
7 39 6 9.75″ 24.8 8.5

Basic Kids’ Shoe Shopping Principles

  • Everything we said about how to measure adult feet on the Online Shoe Store Shoe Fitting Guide is also true of children’s feet – except squirmier with more whining and fussing.
  • Children’s feet grow at different rates. Because of this, you should regularly measure your childs feet every few months to make sure they are always wearing a properly fit shoe.
  • Regardless of your child’s age, never let a child wear a shoe that is too small for their feet! Children’s feet are still growing and developing and many adult foot problems have their origins in poor-fitting shoes during childhood.
  • Young children tend to curl their toes which can be misleading when fitting shoes. Always be sure to check that the foot is fully flat before fitting.
  • Never put your child in a shoe that is more than a size too big or the child is likely to trip when walking.
  • If you are buying a children’s shoe that uses the U.S. or U.K. sizing system (see chart for measurement differences in the two systems), be sure to remember that the notation system starts over at around age 6. At age five your child may wear a children’s size 13 and at age 6 your child may wear a youth size 1.
  • If you are buying a children’s shoe that uses the European sizing system the notation system is the same for babies, children, and adults.
  • A youth size 5.5 is equivalent to an adult women’s size 7 and an adult men’s size 6. For older children and teenagers please use our Men’s & Women’s Shoe Sizing U.S & European Shoe Sizing Guide

Tips on Shopping for Infant Shoes

Everyone knows that children’s feet grow fast, but infant feet grow the fastest of all. In the first year of a child’s life their feet will grow to be almost half their adult shoe size. Other than taking your child to see a podiatrist if foot development seems to be abnormal, the best thing a parent can do for their infant’s foot health is to interfere as little as possible. Before a child has started walking, shoes are unnecessary. During the winter months your child can wear soft booties to stay warm, but all foot coverings should be as non-restricting as possible. After your toddler has begun to walk (usually between 10 and 18 months old), you can introduce him or her to a sneaker with a flexible outsole with good traction. This should be worn outdoors only. Inside the house barefoot is still best for toddlers. Just be sure their play area is free of debris that might hurt their little feet. Remember to check your child’s feet for blisters and other signs that their shoes no longer fit. Toddler’s feet tend to grow a shoe size larger every three months or so. Feel free to buy shoes slightly larger than what your child needs. 1/2 an inch clearance at the toe provides some growing room.

Tips on Shopping for Children’s Shoes

At four years old your child’s foot will be double the size it was at birth. Children’s shoes can have slightly firmer soles than a toddler’s shoe, but there should still be plenty of flexibility. Pronation control is healthy for adult feet. For a kid’s feet, a little bit of arch support goes a long way. Never try to correct a child’s walking gait without a podiatrist’s informed diagnosis and recommendation. Even though your child is older, their feet will still be growing rapidly. Between age four and five most children’s feet grow at least a half a shoe size every four to five months. You can buy your child’s shoes a little large for their feet, but avoid buying shoes that are more than one size too big or the shoe will become a tripping hazard. When choosing between children’s shoe uppers, breathable materials like leather and canvas are best. Children’s feet often sweat a lot.

Tips on Shopping for Youth Shoes

Your child will usually start wearing youth shoe sizes around age 6. After the age of 6, it becomes especially important that children wear supportive athletic shoes during play, particularly if they participate in after-school sports. While children’s feet are more resilient and thus less prone to injury, the most common cause of chronic children’s foot pain is Sever’s disease, an inflammation of a child’s developing heel growth plate. The most common cause of children’s heel pain is participation in activities that involve a lot of running and jumping, such as soccer and basketball, without having shoes that provide enough arch support. Even if your child’s favorite pair of athletic shoes provide only minimal support, Children’s arch support inserts are available to decrease your child’s risk of developing a painful foot injury.

most durable kids shoes

After reading online reviews and taking all of our guidance and experience into consideration, these are our top kids’ shoes.

1. Under Armour Kids’ Assert 8 Sneaker

Best Sneakers for Kids

Check Price

These comfortable kids’ shoes are available in 14 color combinations, so you are bound to find something that will appeal to your child.

Plus, they won’t feel like their feet are heavy from these shoes — they’ll be ready to spring into action because of how light they are.PROS:

  • The lightweight, mesh upper of the shoe is washable, making it ideal for kids who enjoy mucky outdoor activities.
  • The firm, rubber soles are hard wearing and non-marking, making them suitable for the school gym.


  • These shoes are not narrow but are quite slim — they aren’t a good pick for kids with wide feet.

2. New Balance Unisex 888v2 Running Shoe

Best Kids’ Shoes for Flat Feet

Check Price

The style and range of color combinations make these running shoes good looking enough for kids while being practical and hard-wearing enough for parents.

New Balance shoes are generally quite roomy. If you have a kid who likes a little more width but doesn’t fully need a wide shoe, these are good picks.PROS:

  • They have a wide toe and a removable insole, making them good for kids with orthotics.
  • The longer laces make these easy to tie up.
  • Sturdy construction results in these shoes lasting long enough to grow out of!


  • All sizes have laces, but it would be better if the smaller versions had hook and loop closures.

3. ASICS Kid’s Contend 5 PS Running Shoes

Best Kids’ Shoes for Narrow Feet

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You often hear about parents having problems finding shoes wide enough for their child’s feet.

But little is said about parents who have issues finding shoes that are narrow enough.

Asics shoes are an excellent option for kids who tend to find the majority of shoes too wide.PROS:

  • Laces, plus a hook and loop strap, enable you to secure these shoes snugly.
  • There are 14 color combos, meaning there is something most kids will like.


  • Some people have complained that the hook and eye strap is short.

4. Stride Rite Made2Play Lighted Sneaker

Best Washable Shoes for Kids

Check Price

This is a comfortable, washable sneaker designed to stand up to the wear and tear of an active, outdoor-loving toddler.

These shoes have fixed laces and a hook and loop strap closure. That means they are easy for your child to put on, or take off, by themselves. This also makes it possible to get a snug fit, no matter how narrow your child’s feet are.PROS:

  • Specifically designed to be washable, both the uppers and the sole.
  • Lights in the sole are an attractive design feature for little ones.


  • Although these are washable, if you put them in the washing machine, you’ll ruin the lights in the sole.

5. New Balance Kids’ Rave Run Shoes

Best Kids’ Shoes for High Arches

Check Price

High arches can make it difficult to find shoes that are comfortable for your child while providing plenty of midsole support.

New Balance shoes are an excellent choice for kids with high arches, but this style is particularly good for this shape of foot.

The more adult, yet casual styling will likely minimize any resistance to these shoes from your child.PROS:

  • The hook and loop strap allows you to adjust the snugness of the shoes and ensure they are comfortable for your child.
  • Significant support in the insole and midsole.
  • A wide toe area accommodates the toe spread from which many children with high arches suffer.


  • A smaller range of colors and styles limits the appeal to some children.

6. Adidas Kids’ Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

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This classic Adidas shoe has a wide and enduring appeal.

Since their older siblings, friends, or other relatives could have these exact same shoes, it can make these a huge hit with your little one.

As a bonus, there is a variety of colors and finishes available so you’re sure to find a combo they like.PROS:

  • Firm support all around the foot.
  • Hook and loop closure makes them simple for younger children to manage alone.


  • Not the best shoes for activities that require flexibility in the foot, such as running any distance or for jumping during activities, such as basketball.

7. Merrell Kids’ Jungle Moc Moccasin

Best Kids’ Shoes for Wide Feet

Check Price

These pull-on Merrell children’s shoes give plenty of support while also accommodating the widest of feet. They are also smart enough to wear when a little dressed up, but casual enough to wear when your child is in a more relaxed mode of dress.

Merrells are exceptionally well made and are likely to outlast your kid’s growth spurts.PROS:

  • Elastic inserts in the upper of the shoe hold it snugly, but not tightly, against the foot.
  • A sturdy, sewn loop at the back of the shoe helps your child put these shoes on themselves.
  • Removable insoles provide enough room for bigger feet or orthotics.


  • Children with narrower feet may find these shoes too loose to wear comfortably.

8. See Kai Run – Atlas II Waterproof Boots

Best Winter Shoes for Boys

Check Price

It can be exceptionally difficult to find footwear that is suitable for winter.

You want shoes or boots that will keep your child’s feet warm and dry, but you might also need something that’s suitable for spring and the rainy run-up to winter itself.

These waterproof boots are suitable for the cold, snow, and slush of winter and the rain of the shoulder season.PROS:

  • Warm, but light enough to wear as day-to-day shoes in the winter.
  • Firm grip rubber sole minimizes slipping in the snow or ice.
  • Waterproof upper keeps your child’s feet dry in lighter rain, and during some play in the snow.


  • The shoes are not insulated, so they are not suitable for situations where your child will be in snow, or sub-zero temperatures for a sustained period.

9. The North Face Junior Winter Sneaker

Best Winter Shoes for Girls

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If you are struggling to find a waterproof winter boot for your active child, we have the solution.

North Face has produced an ideal hybrid between sneakers and boots.

These shoes are flexible enough for children who like to run, jump, and climb, but sturdy and warm enough to wear in the snow.PROS:

  • One-hand on/off laces make these easy for kids of all ages.
  • Light enough to run in.
  • Insulation keeps feet warm, but not so much they get sweaty.


  • Scuffs show up more easily on the black sole.

10. YUNICUS Kids’ Light Up Shoes

Best Light-Up Shoes For Kids

Check Price

Incredibly cute, these light-up shoes from Yunicus appeal to your little ones, but are hard-wearing enough to last on an active child.

With six styles, you are likely to find something that will appeal to your particular child.

They even have a couple of superhero options to choose from.PROS:

  • Depending on the style you chose, you can have lights in the sole or in the upper.
  • A non-slip sole minimizes little trips and spills.
  • It can be recharged via a USB port.


  • The upper is only surface washable with a damp cloth so these shoes may begin to look grubby after a while.

11. Adidas Kids’ Duramo 9 Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes for Kids

Check Price

For kids who will only wear sneakers, the Adidas Duramo children’s running shoe is an excellent choice.

You get a quality brand name that is still affordable enough to replace twice a year.

That’s fine because it’s likely your child’s shoe size will go up that often anyway.PROS:

  • These have extra support for supple little feet.
  • The breathable upper fabric keeps feet at a comfortable temperature all day.
  • Good enough for school sports and athletics.


  • Some reviewers complain they had to replace the laces as the original laces began to fray.

12. Stride Rite Unisex Kids’ Jamie Sneaker

Best Toddler Walking ShoesCheck Price

Any shoe that is comfortable enough to keep your toddler walking instead of asking you to carry them is a winner in our book. Stride Rite focuses specifically on shoes for younger children, and it shows in these toddlers walking shoes.

The firm, yet flexible sole provides enough support for little feet, while not restricting those same feet as they move and grow. These are an excellent first outdoor shoe.PROS:

  • Sturdy enough to wear outside, but lightweight and flexible enough not to interfere with walking.
  • Hook and loop closure makes these shoes easy for toddlers to manage without help.
  • It can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning.


  • Only available for kids 4 and under.

13. New Balance Kids’ 860 V10 Running Shoe

Best Kids’ Shoes for Overpronation

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This New Balance shoe provides plenty of support to minimize your child’s overpronation.

And as the parent of kids with this issue, I can say these are much more appealing than some of the orthopedic shoes that may be offered to your overpronating child.PROS:

  • Even though these children’s shoes are good for overpronation, they do not look like “medical” shoes.
  • As these are running shoes, they provide lots of cushioning in the heel and shock-absorbing insoles.
  • They can be worn for sports and athletics as well as day-to-day.


  • There are only two color options — bright pink or dark blue — which may not appeal to everyone.

14. Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoe

Best Kids’ Shoes for Hiking

Check Price

Whether your child is biking, walking, hiking, or exploring nature, Merrell shoes provide support, comfort, and safety.

We have already recommended one style of Merrell shoe. They crop up again here because of their excellent quality construction. This can be especially important if you have a young explorer who is hard on their footwear.PROS:

  • Non-marking sole makes these suitable for wearing in the gym at school.
  • They have a removable insole to accommodate orthotics.
  • The hook and loop closures ensure a snug fit.


  • Some reviewers say the hook and loop fabric on the closure tears away after a couple of months of use and that they had to glue it back onto the strap.

15. Apakowa Kids’ Soft Sole Sandals

Best Sandals for Toddlers

Check Price

These sandals from Apakowa are of high enough quality to last an entire summer of fun but affordable enough to be outgrown. So, you can even buy two pairs to last the whole summer if your child is growing like a weed.

These provide protection while also allowing ventilation, so your kid’s feet won’t be all sweaty.PROS:

  • Faux laces and a hook and loop closure make these easy enough for toddlers to take on and off by themselves.
  • The leather insole provides arch support.
  • Enclosed toes prevent trips and falls often experienced with open-toe sandals.


  • Some reviewers felt the rubber smell from the sandals, when new, was quite strong.

16. WETIKE Kids’ Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Check Price

Kids grow so fast and are hard on their shoes, especially when they are playing sports in them.

It’s a huge treat for your bank account to find basketball shoes that are affordable enough to replace every few months if you need to.

Even if your kid is fussy, there are 20 color combinations to choose from so you have a good chance of finding some they’ll like.PROS:

  • Available in a wide range of designs.
  • Leather overlays provide stability.
  • They have a high level of grip on the sole.


  • Not all older kids will appreciate off-brand shoes.

17. Bigib Toddler Kids’ Swim Shoes

Best Water Shoes For KidsCheck Price

Water shoes for kids will not provide anything in the way of support, but they will keep your little one’s feet clean and safe at the pool, beach, or water park.

There are 12 styles to choose from, and some of them are so cute your older kids might also want a pair.PROS:

  • Many cute styles.
  • Flexible sole makes them suitable for new walkers.
  • Slip-resistant sole minimizes trips and spills.


  • They only go up to size 12 for little kids.

18. Crocs Kids’ Crocband Clog

Best Beach Shoes for Kids

Check Price

A sporty looking and waterproof shoe, this is a good pick for vacations.

They can be worn both on the beach and on the street.

That means you don’t need beach shoes and street shoes, which is one less thing to remember and one less thing to carry.PROS:

  • Solid rubber sole makes these suitable for both the beach and streetwear.
  • Easy for little ones to take on and off themselves.
  • They are easy to clean.


  • Not enough support to be your child’s day-to-day shoes.

19. DREAM PAIRS Closed-Toe Summer Sandals

Best Easy-to-Wear Shoes for Kids

Check Price

Easy-to-wear and simple enough for children to cope with alone, these shoes from Dream Pairs will protect those little toes from scratches and scrapes. But they are open enough to be a viable alternative to sneakers.

I have always found these to be a good option for indoor daycare shoes.PROS:

  • Smart enough for wearing somewhere “nice” but also casual enough for day-to-day wear.
  • Closed-toe design keeps toes safe.
  • Easily adjustable.


  • Best suited to warmer weather.
  • Some buyers said the sizes run a bit small.

20. Adidas Kids’ Predator 19.3 Turf Soccer Shoe

Best Soccer Shoes for Kids

Check Price

With soccer shoes gaining in popularity, these Adidas shoes are a good choice for any fashion-forward, trend-conscious kid in your home.

With the quality you would expect from Adidas, these soccer shoes are available in seven color combinations to coordinate with different soccer strips or your child’s casual wardrobe.PROS:

  • The elasticized inner sock provides a firm fit.
  • They are especially suited to playing soccer on artificial turf.
  • They look cool, which can be appealing to kids.


  • The elasticized inner sock can be difficult for younger kids to manage alone

Tips for Buying Kids’ Shoes

Want some easy, painless tips for buying your child’s shoes?

  • Think about socks: Bring a pair of socks that are the type your child will be wearing with their new shoes. You’d be surprised how much the fit can be affected by a pair of socks that are thicker or thinner.
  • Bring distractions: If your child gets bored quickly, bring something to keep them amused. They may have to wait while the sales associate goes to look for different styles and sizes.
  • Don’t take a tired child: Make sure your child is well-rested and well-fed before going shoe shopping. A tired or hungry child and shoe shopping do not mix. You want to avoid upsetting meltdowns.
  • Check the size every time: Children’s feet grow fast. Research shows that before 30 months, a child’s foot can grow a size every two to three months. Between 30 months and 4 years, they’ll grow a size every four months or so, and after 4 years, it will be a size every six months (4).
  • Give them a test: Always try on both shoes and watch your child walk up and down in them.

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