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classic chanel flap bag medium
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chanel classic flap bag medium caviar price
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The medium size Chanel Flap bag is the smallest flap bag in the Chanel collection. The medium bag is featured in various leathers, colors, and chains. I have written extensively about the Chanel Flap Bag in my review of the Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag. To not repeat any information, I’ll just go through the specific specs of the medium bag.

At first sight you may not notice the difference between the medium and jumbo sizes. I didn’t. When they are put together side by side you can see that the medium size is considerably smaller than the jumbo size in height. I love the medium Chanel Flap for going out on dates, and going out to the club for drinks.

The size of the medium bag is 10”x6”x2.5”. You’ll definitely be able see the size when you compare it to the size of the jumbo bag which is 12”x8”x3”.

As far as prices are concerned, they vary. It depends on the country and/or state, and currency type. Though, the overall price of the bag shouldn’t be too far in difference.

Let’s take a brief look at the average prices……


These prices are based from the United States. It would help to note that the prices of the Medium Flap bag have increased considerably in the past two years.

Other prices are as follows……


As most of you may know, the Chanel Medium Flap is not always available. It should be proper protocol to call your local Chanel shop and reserve the bag in your choose of color, leather, and chain. In Paris, usually during the weekends, the Chanel Medium Flap Bags are sold out. The weekend is high time for shoppers.

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The handbags that come in the combination of black caviar with a silver chain are usually always sold out. They are close to nonexistent during the weekends in Paris. Trust me; I have a few personal disappointing experiences.

Perfect Time to Wear
The medium size Chanel Flap is kind of small, so this should be considered when going out. If you are one that must have a lot of things to carry then the medium size may not be for you. The medium size Chanel Flap was made to hold light essentials like your phone, car keys, wallet, compact, etc. The size is perfect for a night out on the town with friends, or for special events like weddings or company dinners.






As you all know there are four Classic Flap Bags: the Mini, Medium-sized, Jumbo and the Maxi bag. The Mini square version and the Small Flap Bag have unfortunately been discontinued.

Of course they are all equally gorgeous. But when you’re contemplating your next purchase, how do you know which size is right for you? Image

Let’s start with the Chanel Mini. The original Mini was shaped like a square, but the newer edition (which Chanel relaunched a few years ago) is the rectangular version. It basically looks like a miniature Flap Bag. It’s debatable if the regantular Mini is moore roomy than its predecessor. If you prefer a square cutie, you can always find a vintage treasure on Designer-Vintage. But, back to sizing. The Mini is perfect for a dinner party or a night out. Also, if you’re one of those girls who travel light and don’t like the weight of a big bag on your shoulder then you might be best off with this small Chanel. The Mini will hold a little coin purse or card holder, phone, keys, lipstick and a small mirror. The dimensions are 20 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm. 


The Chanel Medium is perfect for all occasions. Not too big for evening events and roomy enough for all your daily things. The Medium will hold everything a Mini would, but also has space for a small diary, regular wallet and small toiletries. The medium is most sought after and the most classic of the four. Chanel used to make Small Flap Bags as well, but these have been discontinued, as they were too similar to the Medium. The dimensions of a Medium are 25.5 cm x 16 cm x 7.5 cm.


Are you that type a girl that doesn’t leave the house with her entire make-up kit or do you take your iPad everywhere? Then the Chanel jumbo is the one for you! The Jumbo will hold small devices, a large wallet, diary and a make-up bag. Because of the size this bag is most suitable for daytime wear. The dimensions of the Chanel jumbo are 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm. This size is the most suitable for casual days. The Jumbo has a longer strap than the Maxi, which makes it easier to wear cross-body.


And last but certainly not least we have the Chanel maxi, the largest one in the Chanel Flap Bag family. This bag is huge! Be aware: if you’re not that tall or have a petite frame (but prefer big bags) then the Jumbo might be a better choice for you. The Maxi is quite heavy and bulky so keep this in mind if you don’t like to carry heavy bags. This big beauty will carry an 11 inch Macbook and on top of this everything you could fit into a Jumbo. You could even use it as a small sleepover bag. Dimensions: 34 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm.

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