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What are the best Coach Baby Bags, coach baby messenger bag and coach baby bag in signature canvas options? ? If there is a place to come into contact with a large number of designer bags, authentic and counterfeit alike, it is among Goodwill’s donations! Coach is one of the designer brands I see most frequently, from Cashin-era all the way up to this season’s styles (OK…maybe last season’s). Thousands of bags later, I have picked up several ways to help determine the authenticity of Coach bags, and I’d like to share a few tips and illustrative photos.

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Coach Baby Bags


  • First, know that some counterfeit bags appear to be nearly perfect and some authentic bags may seem a little imperfect.
  • It is important to familiarize yourself with Coach products in person. Visit a Coach store or authorized Coach retailer and learn how they feel and what they tend to look like. At least 50% of the counterfeit bags I see are obviously counterfeit due to clearly inferior quality.


  • Coach uses various types of leather, but something they all have in common is that they are of a nice quality. Coach leather is not stiff and doesn’t look or feel like plastic. Unless it has been severely mistreated and dried out, it does not crack or seem to be damaged if folded in half. Coach leather is also not paper thin and prone to peeling (though some is easy to scuff).
  • Different varieties of leather – pebbled and suede, notably, obviously feel different. Pebbled leather (like what D&B uses in all-weather bags) feels slightly firmer, for example. This does not mean the bag is counterfeit.

Signature bag fabric

  • In signature bags, the C pattern is properly aligned, generally either at a 90 degree or 45 degree angle.
  • The classic signature pattern should be straight and symmetrical with a pair of C’s starting in the middle and the rest of the pattern mirroring outward
  • Non-classic signature patterns don’t always follow this rule, including some Poppy, Patchwork, Optic, Tartan Plaid, and others done in different styles.
  • Coach tries to connect the classic signature pattern fabric at seams in ways that look attractive instead of messy. This by no means happens all the time, but if it has in your bag’s case, it is a good sign.

One authentic signature bag’s seams.


  • Older/classic Coach bags are unlined and look unpolished inside.You’ll see leather edges that look a bit messy as well as dye lines inside at the edges or underneath the pocket near the seam, where the bag color stops and the natural color of the leather can be seen.
  • Newer style bags are lined with various fabrics in solid colors, stripes, signature, logo, tattersall, and other patterns; again, the fabrics are of a nice quality, so fabric that feels cheap suggests counterfeit. There is a low-quality thin satin/acetate lining (sometimes with the Coach logo repeated on it) you’ll see often in fake bags, as well as a cotton/poly-like signature lining that feels notably thinner than what Coach actually uses.

These are a few (a very few!) fabrics you may see in a Coach bag including a beautiful satin in the middle. Note that signature lining (right) will not appear in a signature bag.

Authentic “legacy” striped satin lining.

  • With few exceptions, signature bags do not have signature lining. Some bags, like quilted bags with signature patches can still have signature lining.

Signature bag with signature lining. Counterfeit.


  • Stitching can be a helpful tool when trying to determine authenticity, whether in person or from a photograph. It can be easier to see the quality of stitching in a photograph than it is to see leather quality.
  • For the most part the stitching of Coach bags is neat and even without major flaws like skipped stitches, wandering/sloppy lines, and asymmetry.

Examples of crooked lines and mistakes in stitch size.

  • Coach is not perfect. They sometimes sew an uneven stitch, especially notable on older bags, so don’t let a small flaw rule the authenticity of a bag out completely. Just keep it in mind as you look at other things.

Coach Creed

  • The Coach creed is stamped into leather, either in front of the interior pocket in an unlined bag, or on a leather square that has been stitched into the lining of a lined bag. Some newer bags have the creed printed in “handwriting” style font in metallic ink or a regular font in metallic ink instead of stamped into the leather.

An example of an authentic creed stamped in metallic ink in a handwriting-type font.

  • The creed in an authentic bag has no misspellings, typos, or words running into each other.

Some very obviously bad creeds – misspellings, typos, words running into one another, etc.

Here are some additional fake creeds, identifiable by the pressure of the stamper – one is way too light, the other is a bit heavy.

  • Creeds are not consistent in every way. Some are stamped a little more lightly than others (though they should always, always be readable), some have a different font size, some have justified alignment with weird spacing, some have left alignment, some center the last line, etc. It seems to depend on the country of manufacture, the age, and probably the factory.

A few creeds from authentic bags. Note that they differ in font and/or style, that’s OK!

  • Some smaller Coach items do not have creeds, like wristlets, wallets, pouches, some swingpacks, cosmetic cases & other small accessories.
  • The number on the creed is not a proper serial number on post-1994 bags; rather, these numbers represent the month, year & place of manufacture (before the dash) and the style (after the dash). The number of digits isn’t consistent.
  • Some older bags did not have numbers, just the creed. In some cases, the number was at some point pasted into the bag underneath the creed (there will be an empty rectangle where it used to be) but may have gone missing. Those will be New York City-made bags.
  • Each style is assigned its own style number, so if your bag was made 1994 or after (or you suspect it was), look it up. It may still be on Coach’s website, so start there. If it isn’t, do a google search for “Coach” and the style number (the numbers after the dash). This will usually give you some product search results or images. If the sellers or websites are trustworthy* compare your bag to the one in the photo. You can also search on’s Coach board, where the people are knowledgeable and may have had a past discussion about the bag you are researching.
  • Vintage and uncommon bags can be difficult to find images of because vintage bags do not have a style number and uncommon bags are uncommon. It may be best to simply ask about it on if you can’t find any information at all and all other signs point to authentic bag.

Hangtags, dust bags, price tags, cards & other accessories

  • Hangtags are not reliable for authentication as they are removable, nor are the rectangular hangtag or the lozenge hangtag reliable for authentication. There are fake hangtags on real bags, real hangtags on fake bags, missing hangtags, replacement hangtags, and real hangtags that look fake (Coach has used many variations over the years and many do not scream “high quality!”). If you authenticate a hangtag you have only authenticated the hangtag, not the bag to which it is attached.

Here is an authentic Coach hangtag from a vintage bag, just to illustrate that not all authentic hangtags are created equal, quality-wise.

  • Price tags, cards, dust bags, and any other accessory or paperwork can be faked, and sometimes real paperwork & accessories accompany a fake bag. Fake paperwork almost always indicates a fake bag. One way to identify paperwork as fake is by finding misspellings, typos, missed spaces, odd wording & other such issues.

Fake price tag on a fake bag. There should be more than a barcode and a string of numbers stamped inside. Real price tags have short descriptions of the item, and a price at the bottom (unless it has been removed).

  • Real paperwork, dust bags, etc do lend a bit of credibility to a bag but cannot be relied on as proof of authenticity. You must check everything else as well.
  • COMMON MYTH: a fake fob means a fake bag – untrue!

Zippers & hardware

  • Zippers sometimes move smoothly but sometimes don’t, so don’t let the latter throw you off completely.
  • YKK, Ideal, Talon, Riri, and Falcon are the zipper brands I most often see in Coach bags. Some of the older zippers (like Falcon) are marked underneath so the marking is hard (but not impossible) to see.

Vintage hardware was unsurprisingly different from modern hardware and is sometimes stamped “solid brass.”

  • When I have encountered bags with generic zippers on both the outside and inside the bags turned out to be fake, ultimately – however, it is not unusual for exterior zippers to be unbranded.
  • Of all Coach bags I’ve seen with COACH zipper pulls, they have been counterfeit. I have read that some authentic bags have had COACH embossed zipper pulls, but the ones in the photos are those I often see on fakes.

  • Many modern bags have the Coach logo imprinted on the hardware. It is sometimes subtle – on the inward-facing side of a buckle, for instance. The logo need not be on every piece of hardware or even the majority. Sometimes it might only be on one thing, and sometimes there are none at all.

Assorted authentic hardware, some stamped, some not.

A few examples – authentic stamped hardware, counterfeit stamped hardware.

  • The shape of the hardware is important to pay attention to. Some differences are very obvious if you pay attention.

Fake turnlock vs authentic turnlock.

  • COMMON MYTH: all authentic Coach bags have YKK zippers – untrue!

Country of manufacture

  • Most modern Coach bags are made in China, not the USA. The country of manufacture appears in the creed, but there are sometimes fabric tags sewn into the lining as well.

Coach may have “made in china” tags but they are never the cheap papery type.

  • I have seen authentic Coach bags made in the USA (many vintage bags are specifically marked New York City), China, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, India, Hungary, Philippines, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. There may be others as well.
  • Many counterfeit Coach bags are marked ‘made in Korea.’

*Reliable sources include, authorized Coach retailers,, and other well-known/respected businesses and collectors. Reliable sources do not include websites that sell “replica” merchandise. Some individuals who sell Coach on eBay and other sites can be trusted to have authentic Coach that you can compare yours to, but many sell counterfeit items – use common sense and take care who you listen to.

NOTE: these tips are based on my own – that is to say, one Goodwill employee’s experiences and are not comprehensive, nor are they affiliated in any way with Coach. If you see something that is inaccurate please feel free to leave a comment!

coach baby bag in signature canvas


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Best Coach Handbags

These 10 most popular Coach handbags showcase the most sought-after designs that the brand has to offer. Whether you want a day-to-day or evening bag, you cannot go wrong with any of these.

1. Rogue With Snakeskin Tea Rose

Rogue With Snakeskin Tea Rose


If we had to choose only one word to describe this bag, it would be ‘quirky’. Feminine, textured, and utterly unique this is a bag that invites the touch and delights the eye.

Covered in black and purple leather flowers with genuine snake-skin detailing, the Rogue bag channels the ‘flower power’ era of Americana and presents it with a classic, sophisticated twist. As a reasonably sizeable shoulder bag with a structured body, hard bottom, and organised interior, this is the perfect bag for those who like to stand out in their day to day life.

The snake-skin handles are beautiful, but the removable shoulder straps are, practically speaking, far preferable.


31 x 25 x 14cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:


2. Charlie Grained Leather Tote Bag

Charlie Grained Leather Tote Bag


The timeless tote bag, featuring clean lines, high-quality grained leather, and the pale, buttery yellow all come together to give it a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

The gentle curve of the top edge prevents this bag from looking dull, and the contrasting interior adds some depth to the look. The interior of the bag is split into 3 compartments, one of which is zipped. Though this is a tote, it does come with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, too.

As a result, this bag is perfect for transitioning from the working day to casual nights out; no matter where you take it, this bag will not let you down.


19 x 27 x11 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Selfridges:

3. Dreamer In Colorblock

Dreamer In Colorblock


The almost delicate, tapering shape of this bag is only highlighted by the contrasting panels of leather and suede in pink, burnt umber, and fuchsia.

Just as the colours draw the eye to give the design a three-dimensional look, the difference between the smooth and grained leather and the soft suede invite touch. The shiny black handles are the final touch that brings the look of this tote bag together.

Spacious and stylish, this bag is a statement piece for those who like to be fashionable in the workplace. With two side snap pockets, an inside zip pocket, and a vast interior space, this bag can easily hold all of your essentials.


29 x 19 x 11.5 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

4. Parker Top Handle

Parker Top Handle


If the glamazon of New York City in the 90s could be summed up with a bag, it would be the Parker Top Handle bag. A classy mix of uptown sophistication and downtown practicality, this bag comes in black or white.

Decorated in brass-tone metal details such as the ‘C’ logo around the twist-lock fastening and the chain which makes up a part of the shoulder strap. This is a relatively dainty handbag with an interior zip pocket and outside slip pocket to keep cash, cards, and other small essentials separate from the main contents of the bag.

Perfect as a daytime or evening piece, this bag will make a stylish statement piece for those who like to carry the spirit of the original fashionistas with them wherever they go.


23 x 18 x 10 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

5. Parker Leather & Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag  

5. Parker Leather & Coated Canvas Shoulder Bag


A take on the classic ‘Parker’ design, this leather and coated canvas bag is a little cheeky in its presentation. The motif and colouring on the covered canvas section are reminiscent of vintage Louis Vuitton designs.

The contrasting beige of the smooth leather, broken up by dark studding on the outer edge of the covering flap and brass-toned flower around the lock fastening, give it a punky edge. The dark chain section of the shoulder strap, which is contrasted by the white leather section, differentiates the overall aesthetic of the bag in a really pleasing way.

Not huge, but easy to organise thanks to the two interior pockets this is a great bag for working days and casual afternoons in the sun.


18 x 23 x 10 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Selfridges:

6. Rambler Crossbody Bag

Rambler Crossbody Bag


Truly dainty and utterly delightful this is a smart-casual evening bag which will blend well with almost any outfit (as long as it’s not overly formal).

The contrasting panels of smooth leather in tan, baby pink, sky blue, and black make it a quirky little. The black shoulder strap is adjustable and detailed with gold loops and buckles; this brings the whole look together by tying in with the twist-lock fastening.

With an interior card slot, zipped pocket, and slip pocket, this small bag makes the most of the space it has to offer and will easily carry your essentials.


16 x 14 x 7 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

7. Hutton Shoulder Bag

Hutton Shoulder Bag


Another love letter to the 90s, the Hutton Shoulder Bag is pure heritage Coach class in all its glory. The chambray panels, emblazoned with the classic repeated ‘C’ design are coloured in varying shades of blue.

The result is stunning, especially with the tan leather edging, navy blue leather sides and back, and gold-toned fastening mechanism and chain section of the shoulder strap.

The dangling tag with the ‘Coach’ logo is a nice finishing touch, too. Dainty but far from delicate, this bag will hold your essentials but don’t expect to fit too much more into it.


21 x 15 x 6 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

8. Tabby Shoulder Bag

Tabby Shoulder Bag


If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an extra in the original Sex in the City series, then this bag is definitely for you! Shaped like a classic baguette bag, this shoulder bag is both understated and glamorous.

The oversized ‘C’ logo is what really gives this bag a sense of nostalgic beauty. The short shoulder strap, which will leave the bag tucked tightly under your shoulder, give it a classic look. In contrast, the longer shoulder strap, which is unusually broad, updates the look a little.

Available in black, white, beige, and pink, this is a versatile bag that can be paired with almost any outfit. The downside, of course, is that this is a tiny bag. Despite its slip and zip pockets, this is a bag that can really only hold your phone, wallet, and lipstick.


25 x 15 x 7.5 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

9. Troupe Crossbody Bag

Troupe Crossbody Bag


Looking for a touch of biker-esque glamour in a luxury handbag? If so you’re in luck; the Troupe crossbody bag perfectly balances elegance and edge.

The heavily textured leather and chunky gold-toned chain strap (which is woven with leather) set this bag apart from the run of the mill, plain black handbag. The compartmented, cream interior adds a subtle flair, and the zipped middle pocket makes keeping cash and cards separate a breeze.

The exterior slip pocket is nice, but in reality, it isn’t overly useful. Travel light and this bag will add a touch of rock ‘n’ roll class to any outfit.


21 x 15.5 x 8 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

10. Tabby Top Handle Bag

Tabby Top Handle Bag


The classic Tabby shoulder bag in stunning stone grey; you’ll have to go far to find another bag that is so effortlessly classy, fashionable, and versatile.

The panels of high-quality, lightly textured leather and the unique shape of the flap prevent the bag from feeling dull or plain, and the oversized ‘C’ logo in shiny black is just the cherry on the cake. The tapering lines of the structured body make the bag look and feel tall and slim rather than block, and the top handle gives it a nostalgic kind of sophistication.

Of course, there is a long shoulder strap for ease and comfort. The vibrant, plum colour of the interior is a lovely touch, even if it’s only for your eyes.

There’s not a vast amount of space in this bag, however, the interior is well organised with slip pockets and zip pockets so you can count on being able to keep all of your essentials will you in style.


28 x 23 x 12 cm

Price & Reviews

You can check the latest pricing, see customer reviews and shop online at Coach:

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