Coach Signature Bag

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Coach Signature Bag has authentic leather that has been corrected with Tumbled Italian Leather, including the bottom two straps. It also makes a zipper pocket to keep your valuable items safe. Coach Signature’s bag is available in grey color to help you keep look elegant and stylish wherever you go. Coach Signature Bag is a great day-to-night bag that will take you from work right into the night club.

Coach  signature handbags

Coach Signature Bag

Lightweight and durable in signature jacquard with leather trim, this signature small Kelsey satchel is ideal for weekends, errands and travel. the design is finished with a secure zippered…


Coach Signature Handbags

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Coach Bags

Coach handbags have become so popular that Coach is now offering a line of stylish signature handbags among their many collections. Many of these are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, making them ideal for consumers looking for a Coach bag that promises long-lasting style without breaking the bank. When you want a stylish, versatile, and long-lasting bag, Coach Signature Styles may be a good option.


The Look of Coach Signature Handbags

Coach signature handbags are easily identified by the traditional “C” logo pattern. Silver-tone hardware and a satin interior often accompany the style of these handbags, while the Coach creed and serial number are always embossed inside the bag.

Why is it so important to identify these features? It is important because these bags are often replicated by clever manufacturers; identifying serial numbers and characteristics of Coach quality are a must in order to guarantee the authenticity of your purchase.

Signature Styles

Coach is constantly updating the look of its signature styles. Basically, all the term “signature” truly means is that the jacquard “C” pattern is the prominent focus of the bags’ exterior. Sometimes these “C”s are bold and large, and sometimes they present themselves in a miniature signature pattern. Depending on the season, Coach will find new ways to dress up this jacquard style with special trims, embellishments, and other details.

However, regardless of seasonal styles, Coach maintains what is called the Signature Shop. These Coach bags offer a variety of simple styles in limited colors and neutrals. Though the classic signature collection is not the most fun or flashy of Coach’s line, these handbags represent the solid quality that has made Coach a trusted and beloved name through the years.

The classic collection includes bag designs of all sizes and shapes, such as shoulder bags, messenger, and swingpacks.

Everyday Shoulder Bag

The Edie Shoulder Bag 31 is the ideal style of you are looking for a quality everyday bag. Designed with the brand’s soft signature jacquard and a 9 1/2″ strap, the Edie 31 comes in both golden brown and black and costs about $300.

Versatile Swingpack

One of the most endearing styles featured within the signature line includes the North/South Swingpack, which is worn across the body like a mini-messenger bag. The bag design offers convenience for the multitasking fashionista on the go who doesn’t want to be weighed down by a large purse.


The slender bag has a zip closure, and is made of signature fabric and leather trim. Available in two colors, khaki brown or black, the Swingback bag costs about $135.


COACH Women's Signature North/South Swingpack

Great Bags for Work

Those looking for a sturdy bag for the work week to easily transport their laptop and other essentials have two unisex signature bags to choose from:

  • The Hudson 5 style comes in midnight blue and black for around $500. When it comes to carrying this bag, you have the option of clutching the handles or adjusting the strap as a cross body style.
  • Another signature bag style for the professional is the Metropolitan Map in coated canvas or leather. The bag design features multiple pockets and a strap to wear on your shoulder or across your body. In the coated canvas, the bag is available in mahogany or charcoal for about $345. In the leather style, this bag comes in black for about $425.

Signature Fabric Styles

Though Coach introduces new styles and fabrics all the time, there are a few that stand out in the crowd.

  • Jacquard: Many of the signature bags within the collection are made of woven jacquard, as well as custom jacquard and leather mixes.
  • Crossgrain: This fabric consists of scratch-resistant leather.
  • Coated Canvas: Durable canvas leather that consists of refined pebbled texture.


    Flickr user colros

    Coach signature fabrics

Back to Classics

The Coach company has been around for over sixty years, and today it still manufactures its handbags with the same care and vision characteristic at the start of this handbag empire. Coach is bringing back some of the classic favorites that launched the brand, with their simpler designs and minimal hardware.

Straight from the archives, you’ll be looking at nearly vintage messengers, clip hobos, and multifunction totes, which have the same bound leather edges, soft tanned cowhide or water buffalo leather, sparkling hardware, and the signature water-resistant travel twill fabric. For long-time Coach fans who enjoy more casual and frill-free carriers, these handbags are a real treat.

Purchasing Information

Due to the fact that Coach signature handbags are now victims of the replica industry, it is not recommended that you purchase Coach products from unauthorized vendors or online auctions such as eBay. Instead, the latest Coach favorites can be easily purchased at Coach retailers nationwide. Coach outlet stores also carry a slew of discounted styles and nearly all Coach products can be bought online from the official Coach site.

Find Your Signature Statement

Whether you are a Coach bag enthusiast or someone who is simply looking for a timeless logo luxury bag, a Signature Coach bag is a wise option. Before making your purchase, consider how you would use the bag while on the go, what’s within your budget, and what complements your style. With a bag from the signature collection, you have the options of simple and minimal designs, that will withstand the fast trends.

The best Coach bag

Coach bags are known for their classy construction, timeless style, and iconic logo. These ever-popular handbags are a staple accessory for many people. For some young women, buying or receiving your first Coach bag is considered a rite of passage.

Coach consistently delivers a striking balance of classic and on-trend styles with their bags, and they’re not afraid to get edgy with some designs. In fact, with so many sizes and colors to choose from, it’s not a stretch to say that there’s a Coach bag for everyone. Minimalists, fashionistas, and purse aficionados all agree: if there’s one bag to have in your collection, it’s a Coach product.

Keep reading our Coach bag buying guide to choose one that best matches your style. Our top pick, the Coach Reversible Signature Tote, features versatility and a spacious design that are unparalleled.

Considerations when choosing Coach bags


Crossbody: These bags have a single strap that is usually adjustable with a buckle. They look like messenger bags, envelopes, or small versions of larger Coach bags.

Satchel: This catch-all term refers to several Coach styles that have some structure and include zippers and multiple compartments. They often look like mini suitcases and stand up on their own.

Tote: These bags usually have a large main compartment with no real zipper or closure and are similar to beach bags. They are usually midsized, large, or oversized.


Small Coach bags will hold the bare essentials, including your phone, keys, and a few other items. These are ideal for minimalists or if you’re traveling and don’t need to carry much on you.

Midsize Coach bags are the most popular, as they’re often preferred for everyday use. These go-to styles hold the essentials, as well as small makeup bags, e-readers, or snacks.

Large Coach bags often have compartments big enough to accommodate folders, notebooks, and even some small laptops. They’re perfect for professionals who want to consolidate their purse and work bag into a single classy tote.


Coach bags are made of leather, PVC vinyl, and canvas. Leather bags come in a variety of grains and finishes and can be heavy when filled. PVC vinyl is lightweight and more flexible than leather. Canvas bags are made with premium fabric blends and, depending on their style, can be heavy or bulky.

Carry design

Coach bags are usually available in three main carry designs. Some bags have double straps or crossbody straps, whereas others have reinforced handles to grip or slip over your wrist.

Logo style

One-dimensional: Some Coach bags feature a stamped Coach logo, particularly PVC styles. Leather Coach bags sometimes have embossed logos for a simpler, discrete look.

Plate style: Coach bags with plate-style logos come in either silver or gold. This premium feature tends to drive up the price.

Iconic “C” print: Coach also features its iconic “C” print in some of its textile styles, including leather, canvas, and PVC. Even when the print is present, one of the above logo styles is still included on the bag.



Coach bags have different levels of organization by way of compartments. The average style has two or three main compartments and occasionally, a few smaller ones. There are also dump bag and tote styles that consist of one large compartment.

Carry versatility

Your Coach bag could have two or more carry styles that you can choose from depending on your preference or current needs. For example, many smaller Coach bags have removable crossbody straps that also allow you to carry them as a clutch.

Coach bag prices

Coach bags range in price between $90 and $500. At the low end of the range, expect either small bags or those made with leather alternatives, such as canvas or PVC. More expensive Coach bags are often unique, on-trend styles made of high-quality leather.


Q. Why do some Coach bags have little metal feet on their bases?

A. Besides being a decorative embellishment, they create an even base for the bottom of your bag. The contents of your bag could throw the center of gravity off. With metal feet stabilizing it, the bag stays upright.

Q. Does the size of the Coach bag affect its price?

A. Not always. Price is based on a combination of materials, construction, lining, and style. Sometimes a smaller leather Coach bag will cost significantly more than a midsize PVC Coach bag.

Coach bags we recommend

Best of the best: Coach Reversible Signature Tote

Our take: Enjoy the versatility of two designs or colors with quality construction at an incredible value.

What we like: Besides being reversible, it comes with a matching wristlet. Made of water-resistant PVC material, it’s lighter than Coach’s other leather bags.

What we dislike: There isn’t much offered in the way of organization, as there’s only one major compartment.

Best bang for your buck: Coach Signature File Crossbody Bag

Our take: A budget-friendly Coach bag with an ultra-practical design. It’s lightweight, refined, and comfortable to carry.

What we like: Simple, straightforward compartment divisions make for an organized bag. Available in over 10 colors, so you can opt for neutral or on-trend prints and colors.

What we dislike: Could be a bit heavier than expected given the compact size. Some questions about authenticity and construction were raised by buyers.

Choice 3: Coach Signature Sierra Satchel

Our take: Features the structured design and upper-class look that Coach is known for.

What we like: Carry this bag with handles or on a crossbody strap. A rigid and unique shape makes it a classy addition to a professional outfit.

What we dislike: Despite its high-end silhouette, it’s not made of leather. Some consumers felt the size and shape were awkward for carrying their items.

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Luxury Handbags In The World

Luxury Handbags

Luxury handbags have a way of sprucing up a lady’s elegance. But instead of waltzing with a one-season wonder, why not add an excellent collection of handbags that will stand the test of time? Below is a list of top luxury handbags that renowned fashion brands have to offer you.


Luxury Handbags

Coming at number one in our list of top luxury handbags: the LV Speedy. There’s a style that’s stayed fashionable for 90 years. Debuting in 1930 as the Express, a name meant to convey convenience, this bag represented a radical departure for a company then best-known for steamer trunks and hard-sided suitcases. Made of LV monogram canvas, what’s now known as the Speedy was a soft-sided, 30-centimetre satchel with a silhouette that looked like a cross between a doctor’s bag and a duffle.

Then and now, it sported a top zip closure, two rolled handles, piping, and a zipper pull made from vachetta, the untreated Italian leather that’s an LV design signature. Variations came later, as women looked for excuses to own more than one Speedy or to have their favourite style personalized. Add a three-piece, adjustable, detachable strap to the Speedy, something that LV has been doing since 2011, and it becomes a Speedy Bandoulière that can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag.


Luxury Handbags

Long before there was the Hermès Birkin (see below), there was the Hermès Kelly. Designed in 1935 by Robert Dumas, a member of the family that still owns Hermès, the bag was based on the Sac à Courroies, which Hermès sold to carry saddles.  Transforming it into a proper purse, Dumas used a trapezoid shape, added a rigid handle, kept the flap with pull straps, and closed it with a turn-lock that came with a tiny padlock and key.

In 1954, movie star Grace Kelly picked up one while filming To Catch a Thief. In 1956, when she’d become Princess Grace of Monaco, she began using it to hide her baby bump from the paparazzi, leading women to call Hermès requesting the much-photographed “Kelly bag.” Today, the Kelly remains Hermès’ most complex model and is produced only in France, where each is made by a single artisan who spends between 20 and 25 hours hand-sewing, clamping, glueing, gumming, and buff its 36 pieces of leather.


Luxury Handbags

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed this handbag to be hands-free—an idea that was revolutionary when the Classic Flap debuted in February of 1955. Using the quilted leather that would become a design signature, she suspended the bag from a long metal chain so it could be worn either over a woman’s shoulder or, with the chain doubled, in the crook of her arm.

Then and now, its other elements included an open pocket on the back, a turn-lock closure, a burgundy lining, and a zippered inside pocket—although it wasn’t until the 1980s that Karl Lagerfeld had the inspiration to turn that turnlock into a branding opportunity by adding Chanel’s double-C logo. (The name 2.55, an allusion to the style’s debut date, refers to a Classic Flap without that double-C turn-lock.)


Luxury Handbags

Once upon a time, English actress Jane Birkin, famed in France for her years with musician and writer Serge Gainsbourg, happened to be sitting next to Hermès owner Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight from Paris to London.

At the time, Birkin lugged a wicker basket everywhere, claiming she couldn’t find a weekend bag she liked. When her wicker wouldn’t fit in an overhead bin and its contents spilt, she and her seatmate spent the rest of the flight discussing purses and sketching their ideas on the back of an airsick bag.

In 1986, Dumas presented her with the results of their collaboration, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that Birkin fever began to rage, leading to five-year waiting lists, countless counterfeits, and a secondary market where Birkins appreciate more than blue-chip stocks. Today, when phones and inboxes are flooded with special offers and influencer images, Hermès manages to maintain its mystique and remains one of the top luxury handbags with zero promotion.


Luxury Handbags

When the tote Luxury Handbags debuted in 2007, it already looked like they had been around forever. Larger and lighter than the Speedy, the Neverfull used a classic trapezoid shape and was made in the monogram canvas that LV had been using since 1896.

Aptly named, the Neverfull GM size (which has a 15.7-inch opening) is popular as both gym tote and diaper bag, but to cultivate the collecting impulse, LV currently offers dozens of Neverfull options including personalization with Goyard-style stripes and monograms, stickers, and coloured canvas or leather.


Top 10 Luxury Handbags

Call it part of the Nineties comeback. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have both been photographed with a Re-Edition on their arm, weren’t even born when Prada’s Saffiano-trimmed nylon became the stuff of chic. Now that sturdy luggage-grade nylon is back in this “It Bag,” which looks so much like earlier Prada styles that it’s impossible to tell old from new—even in a side by side comparison. Luxury Handbags.

That means that if you’ve got one of the Prada originals hiding under a dust bag in the back of your closet, you’re already good to go. And if you missed out the first time around, you can catch up with either a vintage model bought on the secondary market or one directly from Prada, which is making them in enough colours to inspire match-my-outfit collecting sprees—all priced under $800.


Another trend that shows no signs of slowing: the tote with a designer name spelt out in big capital letters, as seen at Celine, Chanel, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and practically everyplace else that puts out an accessories collection.

Currently, though, Dior’s Book Tote heads the list because of a range that includes animal prints, exotics, camouflage, and logo fabrics—plus patterns that are witty references to the house’s heritage, like cannage (a version of quilting that looks like chair caning) and houndstooth (the favourite of founder Christian Dior).


Bottega Veneta

Think of this luxury handbag as a drawstring bag without the drawstring. Or a clutch that’s oversized, floppy, and hard to hold. No one picks up the Pouch for practical reasons, yet its puckery, soft shape is seen everywhere on social media and is de rigueur gear for fashion editors.

The first big hit from Bottega Veneta’s British-born design director Daniel Lee, the Pouch was introduced in the spring of 2019 and is 40 centimetres wide, has a single-compartment interior, a top that snaps shut with a magnetic closure, and no handle or strap—which turns finding anything in your purse into a two-handed operation. (Cue to Coco Chanel spinning in her grave.)

Still, the Pouch is utterly irresistible, particularly since Bottega Veneta makes it in so many colours, including a wacky blue metallic and something called Sponge, a loopy, hand-knit Nappa that produces a purse that looks like a lap dog.

9. THE DIOR SADDLE BAG – Luxury Handbags

Dior Saddle Bag

Proving that a great handbag doesn’t seem to stay out of fashion for very long, the Saddle Bag is back—bigger than ever—after becoming a cult favourite in the early 2000s when Sarah Jessica Parker carried one as Carrie Bradshaw during Season Three of Sex and the City. Then, no longer available from Dior, it languished in obscurity for a decade or so—until Beyoncé pulled one out of her closet and started carrying it everywhere.

Cut to the second half of 2018, when Dior was officially re-introduced the style with loans to influencers and celebs backed up by a huge push on social media.


Luxury Handbags

Don’t even think about trying to buy these luxury handbags on the website, where you’ll read: “This highly-coveted style has very limited availability. Please check back at a later time.” Yet everyone who’s anyone somehow seems to own a Pochette Metis, a 10-inch wide flap bag with three interior pockets and a gold-tone lock that looks like the locks on classic LV steamer trunks.

Usually done in LV monogram canvas with vachetta trim and gold-tone hardware, the Pochette Metis has an optional strap that allows it to be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

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