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The styling for Indian Groom will depend on the region to which you belong to. While most men in North prefer an embroided Sherwani, a Waistcoat or a Bandgala, men from east, west and south preferences will differ. Today, we review coat pant design for wedding 2020, latest coat pant design 2019 for wedding, new coat pant design 2020 and new coat pant design 2020 for wedding options for you.

male This post will answer most of your queries relating to what should you wear on your wedding day, or else read about MUST-HAVE Accessories for Indian Men on Wedding.

Coat Pant For Wedding Indian

Every big fat wedding focuses on the bride, and the groom is somewhat left behind. Yes, he is important, no doubt. But the wedding ceremonies and rituals all tend to be about the bride. In an era of equal rights, this is so not fair. Different bridal entry ideas turn the heads. But the groom still comes in a posh car or on horseback to wedding venues and it is just as expected. The bride wears some of the most unique and latest wedding dresses. The groom dress is often made in accordance with the bridal gown!

The wedding dresses for groom must not be bought in a hurry, or without thinking of what the groom wants. Of course, there are way fewer options for men’s fashion compared to women’s fashion apparel options. But the few options that are there should be all juggled before the decision is being made.

Important factors

The wedding dresses for groom should be selected well in time for juggling options. You could gain or lose weight; you might want to change your hairstyle. Whatever you do, keep in mind your wedding date. Even the most expensive groom dress for wedding purposes won’t work its magic if you did not take care of your entire appearance. Your shoes, hair, fitness level, and accessories, everything needs to complement the wedding attire in order for the groom wedding dress to work.

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There are other factors apart from accessories and hair that you must not compromise on either. They are:

  • Comfort: Comfort comes first. If you are wearing what’s in vogue but aren’t feeling comfortable in it, you will end up ruining your look. If you are comfortable in the most bizarre groom dress or even the simplest, you will rock it.
  • Complementing the Bride’s attire: On the wedding day, the groom wedding dress should complement the latest bridal wedding dress Don’t go for something totally matching. That will look nothing short of ridiculous. Go for a subtle match. For example, wear a tie in the colour of the bridal attire. If you are wearing an eastern style wedding dress for groom, match the borders or a part of the print of your outfit with the colour of the bride’s outfit.
  • A contrast from the Reception attire: The groom dress for a wedding should be different for the groom dress you wear on the day of the reception. Indian weddings have the reception two days after the wedding, typically. Make sure your groom dress fashion is totally different from these two days. You should get to flaunt two completely different looks on both these important days.
  • A Colour that Suits You: Make sure both the outfits are in a colour that suits you. Don’t go for just black or brown or white though. Don’t play too safe. Experiment with some colours at least on one of the two big days. Also, when you try to match your outfit with that of your bride, don’t go for the dominant colour on her attire. Go for a colour that will suit you, and is only slightly present on hers.
  • Proper Fitting: The bride and groom dress must be purchased well in time for the wedding. Either of them could need alterations according to the changed physique of the bride and groom. You need to try to ensure that the outfits you are going to fit you without alterations. That way they look the best. Please don’t put on or lose too much weight before the wedding.

Also, you must have enough time at hand to choose the best bridal dresses and the groom wedding dresses that match each other and are different from each other at the same time.

All the hard work

If there is one time in life when a man realises that amount of time and hard work that goes into makeup and grooming for women, is their wedding days. This is what a woman goes through on all the important occasions that need getting ready. So now that you know how time-consuming getting all decked up for a special occasion can be, let’s hope you will be more patient with your bride. More importantly, let’s hope you have realised you need to start the entire regime with a plan and begin well in time.

Ideas for Indian Groom Dress

Unfortunately, there still aren’t as many options for a groom dress as there are for bridal wear. But the options aren’t as narrow as you believe them to be either. Here are some go-to ideas for a wedding dress for groom. You could mix and match the ideas or go for something totally different, with a little inspiration from these ideas below.

  1. Jacquard

Go for the jacquard pattern in dark sober or bright light shades.

Image Source

Team it up with a contrasting churidar matching the colour of the print. Wear a statement bracelet in pearls to complete the look.

  1. Maroon

Go for maroon if you want to maintain the traditional hues or are not sure of what colours you might like. Maroon never fails you. Be it a double layered attire or a single-layered one, maroon is always a good colour for weddings.

Image Source

Team it up with golden or silver lowers. Avoid dark coloured lower like black. Go for turquoise if you are confident enough.

  1. Blue

Blue is the perfect balance between unique and traditional for an Indian wedding. If you want to go for something bright, go for turquoise or royal blue.

Image Source

If you want to go for something more subtle, go for a dark shade of purple or navy blue. Team them up with white pearls in accessories or some sequins in the layers.

  1. Velvet

Silk is the usual option people go for when they think ‘wedding dress’ but velvet is good for a winter wedding. Velvet automatically brightens up any colour.

Image Source

You can also wear black to your own wedding if you have chosen velvet fabric. Of course, if it is not considered a bad omen in your culture, that is.

  1. Bandhgala

Be it eastern wear, or western, or a fusion, bandhgalas are in. Wear a bandhgala and you will immediately look like the grown man ready to be a husband and take care of your wife.

Image Source

A bandhgala is a fashion statement for the mature men. However, if you have a short neck or very broad shoulders, avoid this style.

  1. Brooched

Add a brooch to any wedding attire that doesn’t have too many sequins. If you want some bling but hate sequins, a statement brooch is a way to go.

Image Source

A brooch adds to your look irrespective of traditional Indian or a fusion attire.

  1. Beige/ Silver with Statement Colours

When you want to have a fair mix of the conventional soothing shades and some unique statement shades, team up beige or silver with a statement blue or even yellow colour. Wear a sherwani or any Indian attire with an overcoat in the contrasting colour. You can never go wrong with layering at your own wedding. It is best if the chosen statement colour matches minor shades in the bride’s attire.

  1. Kamarbandh sherwani

For a royal look, have a comfortably fitting sherwani team up with a kamarbandh in a complementary shade. Walk with confidence and you will look like royalty.

Image Source

You can team this up with an ear stud or a gold many wristband and the perfect royal shoes.

  1. White polyester sherwani

If you want your wedding look to be the classiest, go for white. But if you are worried about downplaying the look too much, polyester in prints will do the trick. Go for a heavy printed polyester sherwani in white. If you have some sequins on it, you won’t even need anything else to complete the look.

  1. Traditional Indian red

This does not need explanation. The traditional Indian red sherwani can never go out of style. You can team it up with a layer of a jacket or a kamarbandh if the shape of the sherwani allows it. You could even let it be just the way it is. Wear your hair in the regular fashion or gel it up. You can never go wrong with the traditional Indian shades for a groom dress.

  1. Turban

This is a bonus tip. Wear a turban with any eastern groom dress and you will look the part. This goes especially well with the traditional outfits.

Image Source

Don’t wear a turban with the outfits that aren’t cut out for this headgear. You could wear a hat with western outfits.

These were some ideas for wedding dresses for the groom. These groom wedding dress options will not go out of fashion any time soon. So don’t worry about the relevance of trends. Just pick a style that would suit your appearance and personality best.

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