Coconut oil for oily skin

In the market for the best Coconut oil for oily skin? Our team has researched and reviewed how to use coconut oil for oily skin and the benefits of coconut oil for oily skin to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying coconut oil for skin whitening.

You might have had a moment where a singular ugly pop just wants to ruin your flawless face. Due to its health benefits, many have embraced coconut as an acne treating product. Coconut oil is a great makeup remover and contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that help hydrate and clear the skin.

Naturally, the skin produces sebum from the sebaceous gland to keep the skin moisturized. When sebum is produced excessively, it clogs the pores thereby causing acne-bacteria P. acnes (Propionibacterium. acnes) to grow. Immediately white blood cells, the soldiers of the body, notices, it starts to fight the inflammation. The end-result is acne.

Fortunately, coconut oil is the largest producer of lauric acid (50%). Lauric acid is known to kill more P.acnes than benzoyl peroxide. Contrary to the assumption that oily skin does not need to apply “oil”, coconut oil helps balance sebum production.

Coconut oil for oily skin

Applying coconut oil at first makes the skin appear greasy but that is because your skin is not used to it. Once the body senses its application, it reduces its production (excess) of sebum and activates the lauric acid. A little application of the oil after cleaning your face does the magic.
Drinking water also helps get rid of toxins.

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When a person’s skin goes dry, the body will react by producing sebum to moisturize it. Soon as the body system realizes it has been moisturized sufficiently, it immediately minimizes sebum secretion.

Coconut oil possesses elements that are called MCTs – medium-chain triglycerides and this can mimic sebum. When coconut oil is applied on the skin, the body system will sense it, and trigger a drop in sebum creation.

When you apply coconut oil to your natural oily skin, it can make your skin oilier. However, as time goes on, your skin will become less greasy as the body system adjusts accordingly.

You will start noticing mild reduction in sebum when you apply initially, and this is a good sign revealing that your body system is reacting to the impact of coconut oil.

There is the right way to utilize Coconut Oil – meaning when properly applied, it will fully complement your oily skin.

Below are three steps that reveal to you ways to apply coconut oil to complement your oily skin:

Step 1

You need to rinse your face and body exhaustively to eliminate dirt, excess oil, and other elements that might be clogging the pores. When washed thoroughly, this will help your skin absorb coconut oil much better. Make sure you don’t have any form of makeup on your face before application.

Step 2

After washing, proceed to apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your skin and face. Avoid applying too much. Simply dab &spread the coconut oil evenly and smoothen all over your skin. Since the skin easily saturates, a simple dab as recommended – is good enough.

Step 3

For facial application; make sure you always wash your face twice daily before applying (at least once in the morning and once at night).

It’s just that simple and as you keep to the steps above, your skin will get used to the application and will get less oily over time. Coconut oil is good natural organic body oil that helps moisturize your skin. Overall – coconut oil is super good for oily skin when utilized judiciously. Coconut oil has good elements that can help nurture your oily skin while “soothing” it– and ensuring it doesn’t over-produce oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coconut Oil for Skin

Why is coconut oil good for your skin?

Coconut oil is one of the natural products which is in favor of many people, especially women recently. It is well-known as the ideal oil for hair growth, but don’t just stop there, it also has amazing uses for skin due to its unique abilities like capability of preventing bacteria and capability of preventing oxidation.

What are uses of coconut oil for skin?

It work as a natural moisturizer, rejuvenate skin and soften skin. Coconut oil has many uses for our skin. It is worthy to be one of the best essential oils for skin care range. With the regular and proper application of coconut oil to the skin, it will never be just an unreal dream that you will have beautiful and healthy skin soon

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