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Collarless Shirts For Mens

With that brief explanation out of the way, let’s take a look at the best collarless shirts available right now. Because the weather’s cooling down and most guys are shopping for winter, we’ve listed long-sleeve options at the top and short-sleeve options at the bottom, considering there are still some dudes who live in warmer climates. Lucky you. However, for you warm-weather folks, a lot of the long-sleeve collarless shirts below are perfect for warmer weather, as we selected options made from lighter fabrics like linen and chambray.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your winter wardrobe with the best collarless shirts for men, check out our favorite styles for the season.

1. Everlane The Linen Band Collar Shirt


We love this black collarless shirt from Everlane. Black is incredibly easy to match, which makes this one an easy pick up. You can pair with black pants or chinos and black boots for a clean look, or leave it open over a white T-shirt for a casual take. You can even dress up this shirt by wearing it under a sweater or blazer (thanks to the band collar), and it will have the same formality as a formal dress shirt when worn by itself. Plus, the linen fabric gives this piece the breathable nature of a regular tee, making it an ideal staple to have on hand in the warmer months. Best part of all? This shirt normally goes for $50, but right now, you can catch this beauty for $30 instead.

EVERLANE Collarless Shirts


2. White Stand Collar Stretch Skinny Oxford Shirt


Class your look up a bit with this White Stand Collar Stretch Skinny Oxford Shirt from Topman. This primarily cotton skinny-fit shirt has a clean, pressed, starched look with a flat hem on the front and tail, which are typically meant to be tucked in. Dress it with some nice slacks and a pair of Oxfords or brogues for an effortlessly formal look that’s dialed up a notch for the office or a nice cocktail bar.

Topman white grandad collar slim shirt


3. Joseph Abboud Beige Stripe Mandarin Collar Sport Shirt


This Joseph Abboud Beige Stripe Mandarin Collar Sport Shirt will go with anything you want it to. The beige can go with black or khaki colors, you can dress it up with a blazer or wear it down with jeans. The modern fit of the shirt plus the combination of polyester and linen also help keep the shirt breathable and wearable by wicking moisture and trapping odor.

And in a great bonus for any button-down shirt, it’s machine washable.

Joseph Abboud Beige Stripe Mandarin Collar Linen Shirt


4. ASOS DESIGN 90s Oversized Denim Shirt


This lightweight ASOS DESIGN 90s Oversized Denim Shirt from ASOS has the weekend written all over it. Chambray is a woven cotton fabric similar to denim, but it’s generally a bit lighter in both appearance and breathability. This shirt comes in a bleached denim color and it’s oversized to be untucked for a casual look as you make moves from place to place. Whether it’s a cool evening hitting the socially distanced bar scene or your best friend’s backyard bonfire, this shirt will have your back. It also goes with just about everything for easy dressing. Try pairing it with a pair of khaki chinos or jeans of any color with sneakers.

ASOS DESIGN 90s Oversized Denim Shirt


5. Mango Regular Fit Mao Collar Shirt


There’s something effortlessly timeless about this regular fit Mao collar shirt from Mango that we can’t quite put our finger on. Maybe it’s the bright white overtake? Could be. Or the handsome Mao neckline? Maybe so. Or the patch pocket on the chest? Who knows? All we can say is that this regular fit long-sleeve shirt is a completely dapper way to tie your look together no matter the occasion. Dress it down with your favorite pair of beach pants and pull a look that still looks great even when summer is long gone. Or, throw on some slacks and a pair of Oxfords for the next socially-distanced wedding you have to attend.

Mango Regular Fit Mao Collar Shirt


6. Scotch & Soda Collarless Shirt


This Scotch & Soda Collarless Shirt in a regular fit accomplishes exactly what the brand sets out to do: elevate the basics. It’s 100% cotton and 100% timeless, meant to go with any casual outfit you want to throw together.

Scotch & Soda Collarless Shirt

Courtesy of Scotch & SodaBUY: SCOTCH & SODA COLLARLESS SHIRT $115.00BUY IT

7. Chince Striped Grandad Collar Shirt Soft Blue Stripe


The Chince Striped Grandad Collar Shirt Soft Blue Stripe is sure to catch eyes from across any room. Not only is it eye-catching due to the multicolored stripes, but it’s high quality and even has even more striping across the light blue ones pictured. Just zoom in and see what we’re talking about. This shirt is made from 100% viscose to create a smooth, breathable look any dude will look great in.

Chince Striped Grandad Collar Shirt Soft Blue Stripe


8. Proper Cloth Albini Beige and White Cotton Linen Shirt


This Albini Beige and White Cotton Linen shirt from Proper Cloth will quietly stand out wherever you are. The white pyramid stripes are subtle, so the shirt looks like basic beige at first blush until you get a little closer. There aren’t too many shirts out there with an embroidered pattern of stripes like this.

The primarily-linen-with-a-touch-of-cotton fabric also gives the shirt plenty of body and wrinkle-resistance while remaining breathable.

Proper Cloth Albini Beige and White Cotton Linen Dobby


9. Traditional Irish Grandfather Collarless Shirt


Though it might be traditional grandfather wear in Ireland (if the name can be trusted(, the Traditional Irish Grandfather Collarless Shirt is pretty radical for everyone else. It’s got 11 buttons running from the mid-chest straight up to the top for a look you won’t see every day. Pick it up in one of five colors to fill your closet.

Traditional Irish Grandfather Collarless Shirt


10. COOFANDY Linen Henley Shirt


Can’t commit to the full button-up look? Try out this linen fit shirt from Amazon that rocks a half button-up design in a creamy white. This shirt is totally lightweight, so it’s an especially worthwhile buy for guys that live in warmer climates. It’s moisture-wicking and breathable to ensure you aren’t sweating through it no matter how hot it might get, and it’s also available in a number of different colors.

COOFANDY Linen Henley Shirt


11. Margaret Howell Button Through Collarless Shirt


So you want to dress casual, but you still want a cool, quality shirt? That’s where the Margaret Howell Button Through Collarless Shirt comes in. Equal parts classic and contemporary, this is one cool grandad shirt with a simple black striped style and a nearly camouflaged shirt pocket.

Margaret Howell Button Through Collarless Shirt


12. Zara Textured Shirt With Mandarin Collar


While some stiffness and lightness can be good in a button-down shirt, there’s something to be said for a truly relaxed fit shirt in a classic, easy-to-pull off cream color. That’s what you get with the Zara Textured Shirt. This baby comes clad with a Mandarin collar that is effortlessly cool in its approach. It’s basic, it’s comfortable and it’s cool.

Zara Textured Shirt With Mandarin Collar


13. Brooks Brothers Band Collar Linen Shirt


Brooks Brothers has been making premium American clothing for over 200 years, and the company’s take on the collarless shirt fits nicely into that tradition.

The Brooks Brothers Band Collar Linen Shirt is made from 100% linen woven in Italy. It’s great for warm weather, but it’ll move into the fall no problem with an extra layer. Pick it up in white or blue and at a heavily marked down price for such a quality linen collarless shirt.

Brooks Brothers Band Collar Linen Shirt


14. Goodthreads Men’s Long-Sleeve Band-Collar Denim Shirt


Amazon has been trying to quietly enter the fashion game with a number of Amazon-owned brands and storefronts. Because Amazon sees everything that’s purchased, it’s trying to put that knowledge to use by offering lower-priced versions of the most popular and essential items. While that might be a pro or a con depending on what kind of shopper you are, it does mean consumers can get some pretty solid basic pieces for their wardrobes. That brings us to Goodthread’s Band Collar Denim Shirt. This Amazon brand offers the essential casual band collar denim shirt here in five different basic colors for a bit of variety. Basic design with a medium weight denim translates to an all-year-round shirt at a price you can afford. Pick up one or more of these shirts and you’ll always have a solid band collar shirt option to wear.

Amazon brand Goodthreads men's standard fit long-sleeve band collar denim shirt


15. H&M Regular Fit Collarless Shirt


You probably hear quite a bit about the demise of fast fashion these days. There are a lot of good, compelling reasons for that discussion, but at the end of the day, fast fashion continues to exist and thrive due to its variety of pieces and generally low prices. If you’re cool with shopping fast fashion, H&M is still around and still doing what it does best: offering cool fashion at great prices. That’s why we recommend the H&M Regular Fit Collarless Shirt. The light woven cotton shirt is a staple to your white shirt collection. This easy option comes with a rounded hem and a regular but tailored fit for a comfortable, modern feel. This shirt can totally go formal if you want it, too.

H&M Regular Fit Collarless Shirt

Courtesy of H&M

collarless shirt womens


How to style this timeless design so you don’t look like a grandad.

how to style a grandad shirt

Far from fusty, the grandad collar shirt has made a major resurgence in recent seasons. When done right, this timeless style offers versatility, informal elegance and a whole new silhouette to your shirt collection. The question is, how to wear it so that you don’t look like a, well, grandad?

Commonly referred to as a collarless shirt, the grandad collar shirt is essentially just that. The classic mens shirt silhouette with button collar is joined to a raised band that runs around the neck but crucially does not fold down. Where the name comes from is not exactly clear, however, there are plenty of urban legends on where the style originates…


A popular anecdote as to how the grandad collar shirt came into being hails from 1920s New York. So the story goes, housewife Hannah Montague was so sick of having to repeatedly launder her husband’s shirts that she cut off the collars to wash separately thus getting more wear from the shirt.

While it’s a cute story, this seems like the work of a Manhattan ad exec to help shift more shirts. For a bit of research into the history of tailoring reveals that collarless shirts with removable starch collars had been a feature of men’s dress since the Victorian era.

It seems more likely that the craze stems from a need for functionality as factory workers of the late 19th and early 20th century began to remove the collars as they were scared of getting their ties stuck in the heavy machinery. This is in addition to the fact that the collarless shirt in grey or khaki wool was a part of the uniform for men serving in the British military during World War One.

How to wear it

Now a history lesson is all very well, but what you really want to know is how to incorporate the grandad collar shirt into a modern day wardrobe. What we love about the collarless shirt is that, much like a button down number, it can be worn to a variety of occasions, bringing a twist to an outfit that helps you stand out from the crowd. Here are three of our staple combinations.

Weekend wonder: for smart casual, Saturday style top your dark blue denim jeans with a grandad collar shirt in white or light blue and finish with navy socks and either leather boots or derbies.

Off-duty elegance: a crisp shirt, light cotton or dark blue chinos and slip-on loafers without socks is the epitome of the American Ivy League look. Replace the button-down shirt with a collarless version for a modern British take and swap out the trousers for shorts when on a sunny getaway.

Relaxed formal: adding a grandad collar shirt to a suit brings a laid back feel to a formal occasion and is the perfect dress code for a wedding (provided you aren’t the groom or best man of course). Wear with derbies, loafers or even a pair of minimal white trainers if you’re feeling daring.

the history of the grandad collar shirt

And another thing…

Now that you know what to wear it with, we have just a few final pieces of advice for selecting a grandad collar shirt:

The collarless shirt is already pretty informal so for versatility always opt for long sleeves – you can always roll them up if you start to overheat.

While there are variations on the style, such as a half button placket and three button collar, a full button-up front shirt is guaranteed to go with everything in your wardrobe.

On the point of buttons, buttoning the shirt right to the top can work when worn with a suit, however, if unsure leave unbuttoned.

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question. The collarless shirt is all about giving a relaxed vibe, which is why it should be left untucked. Just make sure that if you’re wearing with a suit the jacket covers the hem of your shirt.

Buy The Perfect Dress Shirt | Ultimate Guide To Buying Men’s Shirts


You’re shopping around…

And something’s caught your eye.

An off-the-rack white dress shirt (just what you need for work).

It’s size M, 30% off – perfect.

So you take it home…

Put it on Monday morning…

But when you check yourself in the mirror:

  • The sides are kind of loose
  • The collar looks like stiff airplane wings
  • The cuffs are covered by your jacket sleeves

In other words – the fit SUCKS.

Is it that hard and time-consuming to find the right dress shirt?

The type that accentuates your face and the best parts of your body (while downplaying the less flattering parts)?

Nope – it just takes practice.

Here are the 7 factors of the perfect dress shirt for you – details that can make or break your outfit – which you should carefully consider before buying any shirt.How To Buy The PERFECT Dress Shirt | Top 3 Tips To Buying Great Fitting Shirts 90%  

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Factor #1 – The Fit

Fit is king. It’s the fundamental rule in men’s style. So do bear in mind: if it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s surely not worth buying.

That’s a truth that generally applies to most clothing items. A dress shirt that fits you perfectly:

  • Ensures comfort and freedom of movement
  • Shows off your body in a flattering way

And yet…this tends to be the main struggle for men who try shopping for off-the-peg dress shirts.

The reality is if you can afford it – you’re always better off going for a bespoke or custom-made shirt that’s specifically meant for your body.

Now there’s a good chance that your upper body is most compatible with shirts that have one of these 3 types of standard fits:

  1. Slim fit – for athletic guys who have a rather slim or non-muscular torso. Your guide to customizing a shirt is adding 12 cm to the chest, waist, and hip measurements (in order to give yourself more breathing room).
  2. Normal fit – for men on the muscular or buff side. It’s good to add 16 cm to the chest, waist, and hip measurements to provide some extra room (without compromising the visibility of your physique).
  3. Loose fit – for those with a fuller torso. About 20 cm should be added to the chest, waist, and hip measurements.

And here a few specific details that you’ll need to watch out for whether you’re choosing a shirt, trying one on or having one custom-made:

  • The gap between the shirt collar and your neck (when the shirt is buttoned up) should be big enough for two fingers to slide through.
  • The shoulders of the shirt should end at the point where your shoulders meet your upper arms.
  • Armholes should be high up enough so as not to limit the movement of your arms.
  • The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight or too billowy – just firm enough to still allow for natural movement.
  • The sleeve cuffs should end at the point where your palms meet your wrists.

There are several more factors of a well-fitted dress shirt – and it would be helpful to learn and know them by heart.

Factor #2 – The Fabric

Do you know exactly what you’ll be needing your shirt for? And the kind of setting you plan on wearing it often?

When you have the answers to those given questions, then you can think about the dress shirt fabric that’s most appropriate.

For most men – it’s either they’ll need something for the office and formal occasions in air-conditioned rooms, or they’ll need something sporty or suitable for outdoor environments.

Whatever the case is for you…it’s definitely important that you’re completely aware of the different fabric options:

  • Fine cotton – this is lightweight cotton that’s woven in a way that provides good moisture and heat conduction. It feels quite smooth against your body and it easily takes space while being ironed. Cotton types such as Sea Island and Egyptian cotton are considered among the best raw material for dress shirts.
  • Man-made fiber – this can come in the form of nylon, polyester, etc. It doesn’t have the same desirable properties as cotton. But it does create shirts which are wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, and very affordable.
  • Cotton chambray or linen – a more comfortable alternative for casual button downs or sports shirts.
  • Standard Oxford or flannel – another good choice for casual shirts.

Factor #3 – The Collar

The right dress shirt collar isn’t just supposed to be there for the sake of wearing a collar. It practically frames your face – which means it has a key role in accentuating or downplaying your facial features.

And because there are lots of collar styles to select from, you have to understand the functions of each style. Then you can find out which one will do you and your shirt the most justice.


Below are some of the basic collar styles for dress shirts:

  • Spread collar – the points on the collar are spread out, roughly 10 cm apart. This collar style can be dressed up or down and goes well with any fabric, color or pattern. It’s great for men with long or medium-shaped faces.
  • Widespread collar – the points here are pulled back even further (about 14 cm apart). It’s compatible with fuller tie knots. It looks elegant even when it’s worn unbuttoned.
  • Wing Tip – this is the style that works on a tuxedo. It’s the most formal among the collar types and is noted for having two “wings” at the front (tucked behind a bow tie).
  • Classic collar (Straight Collar) – this is a versatile style that you can wear to both casual and professional settings. It’s known for a small spread of around 8 cm. It tends to elongate the face, making it best suited for men with fuller or rounder faces.
  • Button-down collar – it’s similar to the classic collar but with buttons on the collar points (tips). The buttons are used to keep the collar in place. It’s the least formal and most casual among the collar styles.
  • Band collar – the band is a piece of fabric that’s wrapped around your neck. It’s never worn with a tie since it’s quite casual. It stands up straight at the top of the shirt without the standard collar points. It looks great with a linen dress shirt.

Factor #4 – The Placket

As sharp as you want your collar to appear, the structure of your shirt placket is just as crucial of a detail.

The placket is basically the vertical strip of fabric at the edge of the left front panel (where the button holes line up). A good placket supports a good-looking collar.

So make sure that the placket reinforces and retains the shape of the front side of your dress shirt. Your options here are the following:

  • Standard placket front – the most common type of placket in dress shirts. The fabric is 1-2 inches long and is either folded or attached as a separate piece (with visible stitches on both sides). It’s responsible for the symmetrical look of the front of your shirt.
  • Fly Front placket – refers to a concealed shirt placket that has a flap on the front to hide the buttons beneath. This style is most appropriate for formal occasions where a tuxedo is required (since the fly front drives more attention toward the bow tie).
  • No placket – this is an alternative option for those who’d rather sport a plain shirt front. The edge of the front side of the shirt is folded over to form a creased edge (held together by the button holes). This style gives the dress shirt a simpler look and is considered more formal than the standard placket.

Factor #5 – The Buttons

That’s right. The buttons may seem quite small or insignificant individually…

But when your dress shirt is seen as a whole – with all the buttons lined up at the front center and along the sleeves – one loose or missing button can spoil everything.

So you’ll want to take the material of the dress shirt buttons into account. Options for this include:

• Plastic buttons – they’re common, fairly strong and affordable. But they can also be prone to breakage if a low-quality resin was used in their construction. So there’s always a risk that comes along with them.

• Mother of Pearl buttons – these are the preferred type. They aren’t made of pearl but of the shell containing the pearls. That’s why they’re extremely resilient. But these buttons are also a bit pricier so they’re often used for higher-end clothes.

• Horn/Wooden buttons – durable alternatives for the buttons of casual shirts.

Flat Vs Thick Buttons

You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to the thickness of buttons for your dress shirt. Although it’s easier to dress or undress using flatter buttons, they’re at a higher risk of coming off. Thicker buttons tend to last longer, but they can be bothersome to button up when you’re in a hurry. So you’ll need to figure out which side you’ll benefit more from.

Factor #6 – The Cuffs

Don’t underestimate the value of quality, well-designed cuffs.

They might not catch other people’s eyes immediately when the entire dress shirt can be seen. But when you’ve got a jacket over it…they can suddenly stick out like sore thumbs (along with the collar).

You’ll want your dress shirt cuffs to extend about one inch past the sleeves of the jacket you’ll wear. As for the cuff style itself – pick one of these versions:

  • Button cuffs – the most common style that can feature round, square or angled corners. They’re meant to wrap around the wrist and be buttoned into place. Round button cuffs promote a more casual feel so they’re normally partnered with a button-down collar.
  • Barrel cuffs – a formal style where each cuff has 2-3 vertical buttons. Multiple buttons are generally recommended for taller men. The larger barrel length also provides a nice snug fit around your wrist. This helps create a sharper look for more formal/professional settings.
  • French cuffs – these are twice the length of regular cuffs. They’re designed to be folded back on themselves and sealed with cuff links. They’ve got a distinct look and are usually paired with a wing tip collar style or a formal shirt. Cufflinks must be used for these.

Some cuffs feature a small button on the sleeve between the cuff and the end of the cuff opening. Called the gauntlet button, this small button prevents the sleeve around the upper arm from opening and exposing the gentleman’s wrist. Gauntlet buttons are a sign of a quality made shirt.

Factor #7 – Color & Pattern

Finally, you should also think about the “personality” of the overall design (color and pattern) of your dress shirt.

Is it compatible with the rest of your outfit?Does it either showcase your personality (if you’re wearing it to a casual event) or match the seriousness of the occasion?

To answer these questions accurately – you want to really define the message you’re aiming to send to others.

Whether it’s trust and credibility, uniqueness and boldness, or a laid-back vibe…knowing that message will guide you in choosing among these sets of dress shirt designs:

• Solid white/blue – for office/business attire and formal events

• Checked/striped pattern – for more social/casual environments with friends or family

• Multiple colors, bright colors, floral details – for weddings, informal dinner parties, afternoons at the beach (try incorporating this into your wardrobe during the summer)

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