cord lace aso ebi styles

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Cord Lace Aso Ebi Styles

The cord lace has always been popular right from our mothers and grandmothers time. Now the cord lace is back and we know it as the Guipure lace. The cord lace is another form of the Swiss Guipure lace which has seen a boost in the market because of the lovely floral and loop designs.

The cord lace is an aso ebi staple right now and if you don’t have any in your closet then you are not fashion forward. Below are several aso ebi styles made from the cord lace, scroll through and be inspired.

This aso ebi style is an off shoulder elbow sleeve eight piece floor length gown made from green cord lace and purple linen, paired with a purple and black print head gear, a butterfly brooch and bronze bangles.

Aso Ebi Inspiration – Pretty Lace, Velvet and Sequin Styles

Aso Ebi is one of my favourite things about Nigerian Weddings. It’s so unique to our culture and I don’t know of any other country which does the whole wedding outfit uniformity thing at such a scale. I used to hate all the madness, but I must confess that’s what makes it fun. The only not so cool thing is the hiked prices to make a profit *cough cough*. At least, it’s not fun when you are a guest / bridesmaid attending multiple weddings a month. Probably lots of fun for the bride’s parents ?

So in other articles I’ve written on traditional wedding attire inspiration for brides and grooms, I get asked lots of questions about what aso ebi colours are appropriate for the couple, based on the colours they have chosen for their traditional wedding. This isn’t an easy question because the possibilities are endless.

In general, aso ebi is either complementary or contrasting. Complementary aso ebi matches the couple’s colour as seen in the first picture below. The nice thing about this is that it’s pretty much risk free. The only downside is that the bride/groom may not really stand out. The other side of the story of picking contrasting aso ebi that is different from the couple’s colour is much trickier. There are many hits and misses, but when gotten right, it looks out of this world as you will see in the pictures below. Check them out!

Aso ebi styles with cord lace-Fashion By  Rumourjuice.Com While designers all over the world draw inspiration from native African wear, Nigerian in particular, our ladies find numerous ways to alter traditional Aso Ebi styles based on the latest trends. Cord lace has been around for a while but unlike Ankara fabric, its roots stretch back to Europe. Nevertheless, it is probably the most popular elements that help to diversify Aso Ebi. Cord lace is a way to make an outfit more exquisite and sophisticated without much effort. Let’s find out why cord lace is so popular check out some outfits ideas. Aso ebi styles with cord lace-Fashion Why cord lace? It is out of time – always trendy and always appropriate. It is universal – cord lace suits for wedding gown styles and office outfits. It is self-sufficient – you don’t have to pick accessories to complete the look. It is versatile – cord lace comes in all colors and different sizes. It is easy to find – just open and scroll down to find exactly what you need. Check out Ankara and lace designs on Jiji Sole-coloured The simplest way to match Ankara and cord lace is to choose the fabric of the same color. In this case, there is no need to worry whether the shades are going to look harmonically or guess which parts to cover with lace. However, you should be careful with choosing a color that suits your body complexion and color type. For instance, if yellow makes you look fuller, all-yellow Aso Ebi with adorned with cord lace will have a double effect. Remember about this when buying the fabric. Aso ebi styles with cord lace-Fashion Combined There are different ways to pair Ankara and lace for Aso Ebi: to choose background fabric and contrasting lace for the upper layer; to go with contrasting top and bottom; to cover only some parts with cord lace; to choose several shades of lace for different parts; and probably much more – the list can go on as long as your imagination works. Here are some examples – from slightly different by shade to completely contrasting laces. Aso ebi styles with cord lace-Fashion Find the elegant Aso Ebi with cord lace Jiji Black & white Black and white styles come in different variations: sole-colored, mixed together and matched with other colors. The best thing about black cord lace and white cord lace is that these colors suit perfectly to all shades. And as always, black makes you look slimmer and very elegant, while white is tender and airy. Asymmetric Nigerian fashionistas don’t always stick to the rules so don’t be too surprised when you see a lady wearing something in-between Aso Ebi and a cocktail gown. These designs are absolutely amazing. By the way, you can find Aso Ebi with an asymmetric cut, too, – just like the one below. Extraordinary What can be more extraordinary than the designs mentioned below? The strive to be original and look amazing results in creating unforgettable designs – off-shoulder, with tails, plackets, contrasting colors and so on. Actually, it is easier to show than to explain. If you found an outfit that seems perfect, check out – you will certainly find something similar among lace styles or Ankara designs. You can also order fabrics and find a professional who will sew an Aso Ebi inspired by one of the designs above. Read more:

fashion brands rocking African prints

African fashion has never been more exciting. Here’s ten labels to prove it:1.MAISON CHATEAU ROUGE

MAISON CHÂTEAU ROUGE is a French brand named after the famous black Parisian neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement. The brand uses African wax print in a contemporary way and is a cool mix of African and western culture.

The label is also involved in a social project called Les Oiseaux Migrateurs which supports the development of African SMEs. We love its edgy streetwear feel and the beneficial social cause!

Check them out on Instagram @maisonchateaurouge
Find out more at 2.MAXHOSA BY LADUMA

MAXHOSA BY LADUMA is a South African knitwear label created in 2010. Laduma is not only a designer but he’s an artist too and expressing his creativity through his fashion label.

Check them out on Instagram @maxhosa
Find out more on Burkett New York

Chen Burkett New York was founded in 2013 by Chen Burkett. With family hailing from Ghana, Great Britain and Antigua, Burkett has used her cultural influences to create a vibrant and ingeniously fashionable aesthetic. Her collections feature rich, vivid African prints framed in beautiful silhouettes that easily work for day-to-day life.

Follow Chen Burkett on Instagram @chenburkettny
Find out more on chenburkett.com4.ÒKUN beachwear

ÒKUN is a menswear beachwear label bringing fun swimwear to buyers around the globe. The prints are vibrant with a contemporary African feel, prints and colours. It’s a must-have for this summer if you want to be noticed.

Follow Okun beachwear on Instagram @okunbeachwear
Find out more on okunbeachwear.com5.De La Sébure

A merge of African tradition and European modernism, Designer Bernie Seb has put the African print at the heart of his designs but with a modern cut. It’s totally wearable in everyday life with its very graphic and classic cut. Made in Burkina Faso, a part of the profits go to an association for Burkinabé women. Great!

Follow De La Sébure on Instagram @delasebure
Find out more on delasebure.com6.By Natacha Baco

By Natacha Baco is a designer working in fashion, decor and accessories. We love how chic the label is; it’s perfect for more up-scale events. The brand is often worn by Fatou N’diaye the famous French beauty blogger.

Follow By Natacha Baco on Instagram @by_natachabaco
Find out more on by-natachabaco.com7.Bazara’Pagne

Each Bazara’Pagne piece is unique. Made with care by artisans, Bazara’Pagne embraces African craftsmanship to the max. We’re appreciating their unique approach to African print cutting it into contemporary, original shapes.

Follow Bazara’Pagne on Instagram @bazara_pagne
Find out more on bazarapagne.com8.Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a Senegalese fashion designer with unbridled creativity. Cartoonish and surreal, Selly Raby Kane flips and mixes-up Senegalese fashion trends. She’s one of the few designers to really change traditional African fashion clothing in a new way.

Follow Selly Raby Kane on Instagram @sellyrabykane
Find out more on sellyrabykane.com9.Kibonen NY

Kibonen NY was founded by Cameroonian designer Kibonen Nfi. Inspired by traditional Cameroonian clothing, West African fabric and New York’s vibrant fashion scene, Kibonen brings together all of the designer’s fashion ideals. Kibonen works with delicate and intricate hand-woven traditional fabrics made in the Western highlands of Cameroon in the Toghu. Definitely one of the more luxurious African fashion labels.

Follow Kibonen on Instagram @kibonen_ny
Find out more on kibonenny.com10.Chu Suwannapha

Originally from Thailand, Suwannapha studied fashion in Paris then came to live in South Africa. Easily recognisable by the colourful print, his first menswear collection was launched last February in Cape Town. The collection was a huge success, loving the mix of culture, modern African print and bright colours.

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