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We’ve grouped together our plus size socks and stockings with some handy sub-categories to make shopping easier (because we know exactly how frustrating finding things that fit can be). For a style to qualify for listing in our Plus Size Socks section, the following stretch requirements need to be met:

  • Thigh Highs: must stretch to at least 24 inches in the cuff and body of the sock.
  • Over the Knee (OTK socks): should stretch to at least 22 or 23 inches at the cuff.
  • Knee Highs: must stretch to at least 17 inches in the calf.
  • Crews: must stretch at least 16 inches in the cuff.

Please email us if you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure what will work best for you. We honestly love nothing more than helping people find socks.View asGridList

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  1. Extraordinarily Longer Organic Diamond Wave Thigh High$28.00Add to Cart
  2. B Chevron Crew Socks$5.00Add to Cart
  3. Dreamer Simply Striped Tube Socks – Harvest Rainbow$11.00Add to Cart
  4. Extraordinary Candy Pastel Rainbow Thigh High$18.00Out of stock
  5. Extraordinary Cotton Candy Stripes Thigh High$18.00Out of stock
  6. Kaylee Shimmer Thigh Highs with Stay-Up Top$24.00Add to Cart
  7. Extraordinarily Longer Tie Dye Thigh High$27.00Out of stock
  8. Dreamer Roll Top Crew$10.00Add to Cart
  9. Relaxed Roll Top Crew$6.00Add to Cart
  10. Gilly Rainbow Tie-Dye Thigh Highs with Stay-Up Top$24.00Add to Cart
  11. Roll Top Striped Knee High Socks$14.00Add to Cart
  12. Tibetan Flower Crew$14.00Add to Cart
  13. Oliver Hibert Eye of the Doomed Crew$15.00Add to Cart
  14. Classic Ribbed Bootsocks$9.00Add to Cart
  15. Happy Cats MidcalfNew$14.00Out of stock

When Gossip Girl was first released in 2007, it felt as though young women the world over became obsessed with preppy style overnight. Blair Waldorf was queen, and her throne was made of headbands, pearls, Chanel everything, and knee-high socks. But if you sought to emulate B’s look through plus size knee high socks and stockings, well, chances are you were sh*t out of luck. Like most plus size fashion circa 2007, the realm of hosiery made for thick calves was pretty bleak.More like thisHow To Properly Wash Your Denim JacketBy Melodi Erdogan and Mackenzie SylvesterThe Only Two Stores Selling The Ugg x Telfar Collab For UK ShoppersBy Rebecca Fearn16 Black Friday 2021 Fashion Deals You Won’t Want To MissBy Rebecca FearnPandora’s ‘Star Wars’ Collection Is HereBy Bustle UKRedefine your day with the Bustle newsletter.Stay on the edge of the day’s top stories guaranteed to inspire, inform, and entertain. From fashion to politics and everything in between, your Monday–Friday is upgraded.Submit

Fast forward almost 10 years and plus size fashion (albeit particularly plus size fashion in the size 14 to 24 range) has evolved greatly. Once thought implausible, the notion that self-identified fat women might be interested in having the same level of sartorial options as the straight size market has started to sink into the minds of some designers and brands like never before. Unfortunately, getting one’s fat-schoolgirl-style-aesthetic on with the help of knee-high socks is still a challenge.

Knee high socks and stockings in wide fits remain the unicorns of the plus fashion industry. Few retailers actively carry them. And when they do, the availability of the garments can seem depressingly fleeting. They are out there, though. You just have to do a little digging. These seven retailers are your best starting points for all your fat calf fancies.

1. Torrid

Cable Knit Knee High Socks, $17, Torrid

Torrid is the crème de la crème of the plus size knee-high sock game. As the temperatures drop and your heart begins craving earmuffs and peppermint lattes, let the brand provide you with the perfect finishing touch to your look.

These babies come in a range of styles, with A/W selections typically focusing on cozy, knit knee-highs. You can typically find your forest green and burgundy options, perfect for any autumnal look. But there’ll also be some of-the-moment trends available, like pom-pom accented thigh-highs for the ever-current fatshionista.

2. Hips & Curves

Over-The-Knee Opaque Stockings, $15, Hips And Curves

When you don’t really need your thigh-highs to offer much in the way of extra warmth, Hips & Curves‘ selection of over-the-knee stockings will help you achieve that Waldorf look. Every true Gossip Girl fan knows that Blair never wore her socks or stockings sans garter belts (she was a lover of subtle vintage detailing, after all), and these guys provide the foundation to recreate that look to a tee.

3. Xpandasox

Geometric Black Socks, $18, Xpandasox

When it comes to Xpandasox, the clue is truly in the name. This is one of the few brands claiming to cater to “every body,” and actually succeeding quite well. Styles (which range from classics to more adventurous menswear-inspired looks) are made with the indie brand’s own Xpandapanel fabric, and are built to cater to calf widths up to 24+ inches.

The company also keeps in mind individuals with conditions like lymphedema and lipedema, both of which can cause swelling of the thighs and calves. With bandage-like design elements, these socks can offer extra support as well as effortless style.

4. Sock It To Me

Super Juicy In Wide Calf, $12, Sock It To Me

Don’t let the promo image fool you: Sock It To Me’s wide calf offerings will cater to 21+ inches of luscious legs. If your style aesthetic is more quirky than Upper East Side, you are bound to find something right up your alley here. After all, there is no other brand on the internet selling you wide-calf knee-high socks that rep rainbows or tacosaurus illustrations. As in, taco dinosaurs. Genius.

5. Yours Clothing

Black Fish Net Lace Tops Hold-Ups, $10, Yours Clothing

U.K.-based retailer Yours Clothing can always be counted on for knee-high stockings that just don’t quit. Specializing in “hold-ups” (as in, knee-highs that promise not to fall down — aka the holy grail), the options here are a little sparse but a whole lot of necessary.

The fish net look is a particularly worthwhile investment, when you consider that fish nets go with just about anything and are a timeless wardrobe piece that can take you from daytime office-wear to night-on-the-town boldness in just a few basic steps. Whether you want to channel an ’80s Madonna or a Constance Billard School For Girls student, these will have you covered.

6. Full Beauty

Two-Pack Cotton Trouser Socks By Comfort Choice, $15, Full Beauty

Plus size marketplace Full Beauty specializes in putting the best options on the plus market all in one place. That means it can always be counted on for some of the trickier styles under the umbrella of extended sizing, knee-high socks included.

This season’s options err on the side of classics, with one-color designs that’ll spice up an outfit without being the center of attention. Get yourself a pair in navy, black, brown, and white, and there won’t be an outfit in your closet left untouched by the magic of accessorized calves.

7. The Big Bloomers Company

All Woman 50 Denier Luxury Knee-Highs, $10, The Big Bloomers Company

Another U.K.-based gem with international shipping, The Big Bloomers Company has made it its mission to cater to plus size babes on all ends of the size spectrum. Its plus size tights, knickers, hold-ups, and knee-highs are built to stretch and then stretch some more — with plenty of options featuring imagery that proves just how wide these babies go.

You’ll mostly find classic colors here (think blacks, nudes, and browns). But you’ll be investing in a company that’s all about the plus size consumer. And that is always a good dollar spent.

There’s definitely a long way to go before the plus size market is comparable to the straight size one regarding availability of items and versatility, and knee-high socks and stockings are proof of that fact. But 10 years ago, these guys were impossible to find. Nowadays, they are still unicorns, but their existence cannot be denied. So go forth and decorate your glorious calves: Blair would be so proud.

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