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If you are looking at Decorating A Man’s Apartment On A Budget, then look no further than this article. It includes single man home decorating ideas. Perhaps you are interested in decorating ideas for a mans apartment, then reading this article may help you.

There are plenty of spots to buy great furniture and decor items for female living spaces. But one problem that most men face is trying to pull together their own style, with mid-century modern, baroque, rococo, and other design styles seemingly out of place in a single man home. This article seeks to help men decorate their home with an eye-pleasing combination of furniture pieces from the past 50 years combined with modern day interior design trends.

Here’s an irony for you.

At least ninety percent of the time I post about feminine French Country decor, and yet my most popular post of all time was a post I did about my son’s first apartment.

The style we worked with was a mix of urban classic with notes of industrial chic. Fast forward two and a half years and I’m delighted to say that my son just moved back to our area from halfway across the country. So, once again I find myself looking at bachelor pad ideas for decorating a young man’s apartment.

single man home decorating ideas

Decorating A Man’s Apartment On A Budget

bachelor pad mens apartment

Let me start by saying, much of this isn’t new. If you’ve seen the initial posts (it was done in a 3 part series) you will recognize many of the pieces. Yet the setting is completely different and the challenge was adapting the furniture from a much larger apartment into a more urban environment. The new apartment is brand spanking new, with extraordinary views from the wall to wall windows.

bachelor pad mens apartment living room

When I revealed the first apartment, I was asked by many people how a young man would keep a nicely decorated apartment in good condition. But I know my son. Two and a half years later his white chairs are still in mint condition and nothing was ruined. So join me on this little tour as we look at the beginnings of his new place.

This will be a work in progress as many of the decorative items are yet to be added. But I thought it would be fun to share the journey, as decorating young adults’ apartments has become a bit of a specialty of mine. (Upcoming soon is my daughter’s first apartment. Be on the lookout!) At the end of the post I’ll include links to the first apartment in St. Louis, so you can compare how the same furniture works in a very different context.

bachelor pad mens apartment living room

One of the biggest changes in this apartment is the omission of carpeting and wall space. Two adjacent walls in the living room are blessed with full windows overlooking the harbor with a view of the Statue of Liberty (which will eventually be blocked by ever newer buildings being built). The floors are rick dark wood and we had to work around a support pole in the corner. We went with a subtle patterned rug, in keeping with the neutral palette, as a means to balance the lights and darks in the room.

bachelor pad mens apartment living room

The cream linen chairs have not only seen over two years of use, but have hosted many a young guest as their sleeping quarters, so don’t let anyone ever tell you not to get white furniture because of practicality!

bachelor pad mens apartment living room

Directly across from the leather chesterfield sofa is an industrial metal entertainment unit which really gives the space character. The lack of solid wall space, while lovely for the vistas and the light, makes it impossible to find much room to add personality via artwork. Instead we added coffee table books as the beginnings of personalizing the space.

bachelor pad mens apartment kitchen

The fourth side of the living room actually opens to the kitchen, with a wonderful marble countertop. Here we added wooden barstools with sleek clean lines and distressed edging.

bachelor pad mens apartment dining area

One of the things we had to forego was the dining room table and chairs my son had in an apartment that had a separate dining room. Amusingly, I had forgotten that he also had a bistro set on his patio and the diminutive set worked well tucked into the corner of the room. We had originally planned on a third barstool, but the option to eat at a lower table is desirable and the bistro set fit the bill. I’m sure we’ll be adding chair pads for comfort in the near future.

bachelor pad mens apartment kitchen

The brand new galley kitchen  provides just enough storage and work space and we stayed classic and modern with the accessories to work with the urban feel.

bachelor pad mens apartment kitchen

A floor to ceiling window lends another opportunity for natural light.

bachelor pad mens apartment kitchen

Open and airy is the tone here, perfect for entertaining (and with Superbowl Sunday around the corner, you can be sure it will be getting use.)

bachelor pad mens apartment bedroom

As with many urban apartments, the biggest challenge in the bedroom was fitting my son’s existing furniture in there. Again we added a rug, this time a plush and comfy shag in a light oatmeal color to again offset the dark woods.

bachelor pad mens apartment bedroom

We sandwiched the little desk into the corner – hardly ideal, but workable. This is the corner that’s calling out for options for adding personality with decorative objects and art.

bachelor pad mens apartment bedroom

The subtle paisley comforter is soft as butter and the white sheets crisp and refreshing. The shams have hotel stripe edging and the grain sack pillow rounds out the look.

bachelor pad mens apartment bedroom

The end tables were tucked in with not an inch to spare, but they made it nonetheless. Mercury glass lamps reflect the generous light that permeates the room.

bachelor pad mens apartment bathroom

A quick peek at the bath reveals a clean and classic look. Accessories are in white and pewter again in keeping with the modern feel. There will be some additions to this space, as well, in shelving and perhaps a small table.

The moving truck arrived just two days ago and it’s already starting to look like home. Have you got any bachelor pad ideas to share? Would love to hear then in the comments below!

bachelor pad mens apartment living room

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bachelor pad mens apartment

23 Bachelor Pad Ideas For Small Spaces Within Budget

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For many, the word Bachelor Pad evokes an image of a big entertainment center, big leather sofas and a fully stocked bar. But what if you have a small space or a single room studio to use as a bachelor pad? Believe me, you can still do plenty, by creating distinct spaces for sleeping, entertainment and work.In this article, we will discuss several Bachelor Pad Ideas you can use to make up for small space, with style.

How Can I Decorate My Small Bachelor Apartment?

Even a small studio space can be made to look like two room bachelor pad (bedroom and living room) with proper layout and decor. If your house is just one room with no walls, here are several great ideas for your inspiration that will help you turn your single room studio into a dream bachelor pad.

What Should A Bachelor Pad Have?

1. Get a sofa or couch for having an interesting discussion with friends, parties or watching TV. Leather sofas or leather chairs look cool and should be included in every bachelor pad. If you can afford it, stick to leather vintage accents, like in the picture below.

bachelor pad ideas with guitar in front of large windows with guitar and couches
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However, if you are on a budget or have a small space, you can keep that comfortable couch you used to have in your old room.

2. What is a bachelor pad without space for an entertainment center? Yes, you would like to have a pool party at your own home pad. However, it is not possible for everyone, especially for those who are short of space or on a budget to have a pool. Instead, you can get a dart board which can be directly screwed to the wall.

Dart board mounted on wood with built in scoreboard
Source :

3. The next obvious thing to have in your bachelor pad is a bar cabinet. You can invite the guys over to watch a game or crack open a bottle of whiskey. This is likely to be the center of attention when you call your friends for parties.

bar cabinet with black and brown table and chairs
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4. However, if you don’t have money and space but still want to look cool and have fun, invest in a drinks trolley.

drinks trolley with bottles and glasses in front of painting
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5. You can also invest in vintage style cocktail table instead, as in the picture below

vintage style cocktail table below picture with brown couch and green curtains
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How Do You Decorate A Bachelor Room?

If you are looking for bachelor pad design ideas, let’s talk about the color of your walls first.

6. Drop the old school thought of neutral colors for a masculine look. Instead go for warm, dark color for a modern style. If your pad is big enough to have a separate living room, choose a dark warm masculine color for the back wall, like red. If your pad is small, then lighter color shades will make a small space look bigger. You can have a mix of color with one wall painted dark. Here are some ideas for your apartment wall:

dark warm masculine color with red wall black furniture and fireplace
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7. Painting two different tones or colors is the most inexpensive and simple way to create a separation in a small space single room bachelor pad.

8. Turn a single room small bachelor pad into two room home with this ingenious hack that turns two PAX closet doors into a built-in room divider that glides across a ceiling track.

built in room divider in white room with wall mural
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Wall decorating ideas for your pad

9. Hang your bike on the wall.

A bike on the wall in a bachelor pad living room looks cool! Also, you don’t have to worry about bike theft.

Bike on the wall with wall art and small table
Source :

10. Hang your guitar on the wall

Do you play guitar? Hanging it on the wall adds to the style of your place and reflects your personality and also saves space if you are living in a small bachelor pad.

Guitar on wall with cabinet wall art and brown decor
Source :

11. If you don’t have a bike or play guitar, here are some more ideas to give your home a stylish look. Add abstract art pictures on your walls.

Grey couch with lighting and books in front of a blue wall
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12. Or to bring uniqueness and style to your walls, add a series of pictures which will not break your bank, yet will not leave the wall naked. Selected art items look great against dark colored walls.

Wall art on brown wall in front of couch with two lamps
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13. You can add a subtle industrial guy style feel to your bachelor bedroom by using brick walls on half of the wall near the headboard.

brown couch in front of brick with black moose head and yellow pillows and wall art
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Lighting Ideas For a bachelor Pad

One of the important aspects of interior design, along with wall colors, is the use of light for the rooms. There are a lot of inexpensive lamps that are available like the ones below that will give your bedroom a warm cozy appearance.

14. For living room light you can choose one of the following.

Vintage Industrial looking lamp with touch control perfect for the bedroom or living room

14W LED Floor Lamps with Reading Light Craft

Also remember, you want as much natural light as possible in the day time. It’s important as it gives your pad a light inviting look.

Items To Add To Your Bachelor Pad To Make It Feel Like Home

15. Floor rug: For a small room a rug may not be necessary, but if you have a big space, adding a stylish rug to the floor will change the look of our room

stylish rug to the floor white bedroom with red chairs and chandelier Bachelor Pad Ideas
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16. Add a masculine-looking shelf to show off your books and CD/DVD collection or awards you have received. This will also create a divider wall for a single room apartment

Book shelf room divider studio with white couch and decor
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Bachelor Pad Bedroom Design Ideas

17. The bachelor pad does not have to feel cold and sterile. If you have the money to spend, add a velvet or faux fur to your bedroom style.

floating bed dressed with Calvin Klein linens Bachelor Pad Ideas
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The bedroom picture above shows a floating bed dressed with Calvin Klein linens

Here are some bachelor pad bedroom design ideas for inspiration:

18. This bachelor bedroom below, creates a masculine vibe through the use of shades of black, grey and white. The big windows flood the space with natural light as well.

Masculine Bedroom in grey with dark rug and large windows Bachelor Pad Ideas
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19. This relaxing bachelor pad bedroom design, is perfect for men who enjoy both urban and imagination planes as the room overlooks the city below.

Masculine Bedroom in brown with bookshelves and decor

20. When space is limited even adding a raw piece of wood as a headboard, adds to great design; as is evident in the above bedroom. The retractable bed creates a manly vibe and space for creativity.

bachelor pad bedroom design with wooden bed frame and lighting Bachelor Pad Ideas
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21. See the picture below for an interesting idea to turn the basement into a bachelor pad bedroom with geometric pattern designs and a bike artwork on the wall.

bachelor pad bedroom with geometric pattern design with black doors and other decor
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Bachelor Pad Kitchen Ideas

As a single man, it is easy to get sucked into the habit of ordering pizza and eating on the couch beside the coffee table, while watching the TV. However, to have a healthy body and mind you should keep yourself equipped with kitchen items to whip up quick meals and dinners, especially if you are calling friends often.

kitchen cabinet with brown backsplash and white decor
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22. As your space is limited, this sleek design can be a great use of your small space.

Bachelor Pad Kitchen Tools with skillets of different sizes
Source :

23. Check out the for the necessary bachelor pad kitchen items below so that you don’t be caught empty handed when whipping up your signature dish for friends or special someone.

Cutting board: Grab a few of these to keep it separated for veggies and fruits and other for meat products to save time and avoid contamination.

Chef’s knife: Combined with a paired knife and a serrated knife for bread, a chef’s knife completes the trio that guys should always have handy for their bachelor pad to impress friends or girlfriend with their culinary skill.

Cast Iron Skillet – That’s what your mother and grandmother have used and it works great for almost anything like making omelets, frying pancakes, browning meat or caramelizing veggies.

Get a one cup coffee brewer for your daily morning energy boost for a perfect start of the day in your bachelor pad.

I hope you now have enough ideas for bachelor room designs, furniture and other items you will need to move into your first ever bachelor pad, to make it the home of your dreams.

Remember, it is always important to think about what you will need to reflect your style and personality to make the best of the limited space available in your home space.

decorating ideas for a mans apartment

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