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Fashion is not just a statement of style, it’s a way of life. It mirrors our personality and it influences to a great extent, how we are addressed. Without a doubt, it is of utmost importance that we get it right at all times. In order to help you be at your best at all times, we bring you designer handbags . So, whether you’re searching for sale designer handbags,  designer handbags on sale, designer handbags sale, designer handbags on sale or designer handbags for sale, discover them all and more, only on Nairacloset! Nairacloset gives you the  best information on fashion items and products with the best guide on where to get them.


Shoes may get you where you need to go, but handbags literally hold your life together. A handbag is there for you no matter what kind of day you’re going to have and having a little Fendi or Chanel hanging on your shoulder makes any of those days just a little bit better.

Whether you need an everyday bag that holds everything from your lipstick to your lunch, or you need the kind of bag that you wear once and then stow away safely in a dust bag – we know where to look.

It may surprise you that you no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to get your remaining arm on a designer bag. There are a number of online retailers that can save you time and money when shopping for your next designer purchase. Plus, we’re giving you access to a huge range of discounts and promo codes to help you get the best deal possible.

Happy handbag hunting!

designer handbags sale


Designer Handbags For Sale

  • Shop around. Online shopping has given rise to cheaper products and competitive offers, so be sure to look around and see what’s out there before typing in that credit card number.
  • Read reviews. If you’re investing in something as expensive as a designer handbag, you want to make sure the quality is up to scratch. Read customer reviews of the retailer’s products and services on external sites to see if they will be worth the money. Also try reading sites like which offer opinions and reviews of designer bags on the market now.
  • Spend smart. You can use coupons and discount codes, like those on, to save money on your purchase. Make sure you browse through the codes and see if there’s one you can use for your dream handbag.


Most popular and iconic designer bags

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel


Mulberry Bayswater
Mulberry Bayswater



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designer handbags on sale

Best sites for buying designer bags

YOOX– part of the Net-a-porter group, YOOX is a online store for discounted designer luxury goods. With one of the largest selections of brands, YOOX should be your first stop when looking for a designer bag.Reebonz – member’s only site offers some of the best prices in the market on luxury brands. But items are only available for a limited window, so if you see something you like snap it up quickly.Farfetch – Farfetch offers customers access to over 300 boutiques around the world. This site gives you access to designer goods you probably can’t find in your own country.

Shopbop – great customer service and an efficient user experience sets Shopbop apart. Stocking a range of high street and luxury designer items, you can’t go wrong when you shop at Shopbop.

THE ICONIC – one of Australia’s favourite places to shop stocks a couple of luxury designer brands like Karl Lagerfeld. Plus you can have it shipped overnight for free!Stylebop – curated and exclusive, Stylebop is a place for all the best pieces in the current designer collections. If you’re looking for something truly special this is where you should shop.

The Outnet – also part of the Net-a-porter group, The Outnet is an outlet for designer goods. Every single piece on this site is luxury and discounted.

Promo codes for designer handbags


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It looks like we don’t have any coupons at the moment. Take a look at our most recent deals

It looks like we don’t have any coupons at the moment. Take a look at our most recent deals

It looks like we don’t have any coupons at the moment. Take a look at our most recent deals

It looks like we don’t have any coupons at the moment. Take a look at our most recent deals

Important things to consider when buying a designer bag

New or old

Do you want the excitement of opening a up a brand new designer bag? Is newness and mint-condition something that’s important to you? As much as we all love to buy things brand new, if newness isn’t too high on your list of priorities, you might want to consider buying your designer bag second-hand. Reebonz and Shopbop have sections dedicated to well-kept, pre-owned items. This decision might save you a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.


Are you planning on keeping your designer bag forever or are you planning on trading it in later down the track? If you think there’s a chance you might want to sell it later on, it’s important you do your research before buying. Some designer bags have a low resale value but some designer bags hold their value, meaning you can potentially sell it for what you paid initially. Then there are a select few designer bags that increase in value, meaning that, in a few years, you can sell it for more than what you paid. If the resale value is something that is important to you, make sure buy a bag that has historically performed well at a resale level.


Do you want a trend piece or do you want something classic? Trend pieces are hot. They’re easy to recognise and it will be very clear that you have a current season bag hanging from your arm. On the downside, trend pieces change every season and your new bag may only end up being in fashion for a year or even a few months. If style longevity is something that is important to you, consider ditching the trend pieces in favour of something more classic. Most designer brands have a signature bag style (like the Givenchy Antigona or the Mulberry Bayswater) that they have been making for decades – it’s these classic styles that will always be in fashion and will hold their value at resale.

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Once you’ve settled on a bag you like, make sure you read reviews. You don’t want to drop a small fortune on a bag that wears poorly or doesn’t live up to the hype. Most stores have a reviews section on the item listing which should offer helpful advice. Alternatively, there are some great sites like which has lots of detailed designer bag reviews and trials.

glossary of bags- edited

Types of bags

  • Tote
  • Satchel
  • Duffel
  • Shopper
  • Bucket
  • Backpack
  • Clutch
  • Hobo
  • Crossbody
  • Envelope
  • Pouch
  • Trapeze
  • Half moon
  • Saddle
  • Bowler
  • Flap
  • Messenger
  • Minaudiere
  • Frame
  • Shopper
  • Barrel
  • Baguette
  • Wristlet
  • Doctor bag
  • Weekender
  • Camera bag
  • Drawstring

How to care for designer bags

If you want your designer bag to last you’ll need to take good care of it. Here are some tips to keep your bag in top condition:

  • Always store your bag in its dust cover when you’re not using it.
  • Store your bag away from direct sunlight and away from places that attract moisture.
  • Be careful where you place your handbag at home or work. Don’t put it in on the floor or on surfaces that might scratch the hardware.
  • Buy a leather conditioner and put it on the bag before you use it. You don’t want rain ruining your beautiful new purchase.
  • Regularly clean the inside of your bag to avoid smells or stains.
  • Invest in a makeup bag to put lipglosses and lipsticks in – a cheap one will do. Lipglosses and lipsticks can leak and ruin the lining of your bag. Make sure you keep them in their own separate space.
  • MICHAEL Michael KorsLarge Mercer Python Tote – 100% Exclusive
    USD 358.00
    Sale USD 214.80
  • MICHAEL Michael KorsVoyager Large Hotfix Leather Tote
    USD 298.00
    Sale USD 178.80
  • Sondra RobertsResin Flap Clutch
    USD 220.00
    Sale USD 99.00
  • Rebecca MinkoffRegan Leather Satchel
    USD 325.00
    Sale USD 227.50
  • Rebecca MinkoffRegan Nubuck Satchel
    USD 345.00
    Sale USD 241.50
  • Rebecca MinkoffAvery Medium Leather Crossbody
    USD 195.00
    Sale USD 136.50
  • Rebecca MinkoffRegan Large Leather Hobo
    USD 325.00
    Sale USD 146.25
  • kate spade new yorkCameron Street Sara Medium Color-Block Leather Satchel
    USD 358.00
    Sale USD 214.80
  • Rebecca MinkoffLove Small Chevron Quilted Leather Crossbody
    USD 195.00
    Sale USD 87.75
  • Rebecca MinkoffRegan Nubuck Leather Satchel
    USD 345.00
    Sale USD 155.25
  • Rebecca MinkoffJulian Medium Nubuck Leather Backpack
    USD 275.00
    Sale USD 192.50
  • kate spade new yorkHayes Street Sam Medium Leather & Faux Shearling Crossbody
    USD 428.00
    Sale USD 256.80
  • Rebecca MinkoffLove Small Nubuck Leather Crossbody
    USD 195.00
    Sale USD 87.75
  • AQUAMedium Croc-Embossed Convertible Belt Bag – 100% Exclusive
    USD 68.00
    Sale USD 47.60
  • FurlaGiudecca Small Floral Print Backpack
    USD 398.00
    Sale USD 278.60
  • AQUATeddy Belt Bag – 100% Exclusive
    USD 68.00
    Sale USD 47.60
  • AQUATeddy Hobo – 100% Exclusive
    USD 88.00
    Sale USD 61.60
  • AQUASkinny V Quilt Belt Bag – 100% Exclusive
    USD 60.00
    Sale USD 42.00
  • BotkierSoho Bite Size Leather Tote
    USD 288.00
    Sale USD 201.60
  • Rebecca MinkoffRegan Always On Side Zip

Cool Shopping List

Ultimate women handbag guide

Handbags and purses for women – Ultimate list and guide

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Handbags have been a part of our life for long, it states our personality as well as fashion choice. Handbags have evolved so much over period of time, and so many different types of handbags came to market. There are more than 30 different types of handbags we can chose from. Same is the case with handbags handles. Handles give you comfort while carrying the bag, and even handles have so much of varieties.

List below will help you explore all the things about women Handbags and purses

  1. History of Handbags
  2. What can be considered The Perfect Handbag?
  3. How to avoid buying fake handbag brand?
  4. How you can make your handbag your fashion statement
  5. How To Find Unique Handbags That Make A Fashion Statement
  6. Top 20 Handbag & purse brands searched Online
  7. 30 types of Handbags and purses for women

All the ladies would have used one or other type of handbags according to their styles. But some of the ladies are just obsessed with their pursuit of the purse. Market has all the range of prices, but here are 10 most expensive handbags / purses in the world.

What can be considered The Perfect Handbag?

Your handbag is your identity when you go among the people, they would judge your personality with your choice of purse, so select wisely. With hundreds of brands and thousands of different types of handbags & purses, it is really crucial to cut the clutter.

There are numerous factors that need to be considered.

  • Your favorite color
  • Color that suits you
  • Kind of clothes you wear
  • Kind of occasion you attend
  • Your comfort while carrying the handbag
  • Your budget
  • Weight of the handbag, and the stuff it can accommodate
  • Brand you trust

If you consider those factors while choosing a handbag for you, you will find the best handbag for you and you will feel good. And it would be impressive to others as well.

How to avoid buying fake handbag brand?

If you are brand conscious and have preference for good brand, be wary while making a purchase. Good brands are costly but give you so many advantages, like long lasting product, good fashion status, better materials and more comfort.

In order to get more sales & profits, crappy manufacturers produce handbags and purses that are lookalike to popular brands.

Here is how you duplicate brand goods look like:

  • Price is very low compared to original price ( Original Louis Vuitton would cost you $600-$1000, but duplicate would be around $150 )
  • Packaging would be of inferior quality ( Brands care much about how they do their packaging )
  • LOGO on the purse would be lookalike fonts to brand, but name would not be exact as brand name.
  • Brands do not sell on streets and trucks. ( Otherwise they would not be brands )

How you can make your handbag your fashion statement

No matter how much women use handbags for carrying their day today stuff, handbag is still a fashion icon for ladies.

There are more than 30 different types of handbags for women, but no matter what your choice of handbag is, it will be your identity when you go to people. 
( See which color combinations can work best for fashion )

You can buy handbags at many places like nearest mall, some fashion street shops or even online. Do some research before you go for shopping handbag. Have an clear idea about for what purpose you want a bag and how much you are willing to spend on the bag. If you go to some luggage shop, tell sales person your requirement, choices and budget so that sales person can show you available options.

Online stores are better for scanning a wide range of handbags and purses for women. You can apply various filters like brand, price range, material, style, best seller, highly rated etc. Nowadays you can buy the bag from any corner of the world and get it delivered to your door in matter of weeks. Thanks to INTERNET and global network of shipping companies.

How To Find Unique Handbags That Make A Fashion Statement

  • Never copy style of others: that makes you common
  • Always keep in mind your comfort
  • Have handbags that are suitable for occasion you are attending ( Party bag would not be a good fit to carry at office )
  • Be unique, but do not be weird and ridiculous
  • Take care of your bag so it stays as is
  • Carry with confidence

Top 20 Handbag & purse brands searched Online

  1. Michael Kors
  2. Gucci
  3. Louis Vuitton
  4. Coach
  5. Chanel
  6. Kate Spade
  7. Tory Burch
  8. Burberry
  9. Marc Jacobs
  10. Hermes
  11. Chanel
  12. Celine
  13. Chloe
  14. Mulberry
  15. Valentino
  16. Dior
  17. Givenchy
  18. Saint Laurent
  19. Ralph Lauren
  20. Fendi

30 types of Handbags / purses to choose from

Women are just crazy about handbags. You might have used one or other type of bags, but we are sure this list of bag types has something new for you.

There are approximately 30 different types of bags sold in the market. They differ in factors like design, pattern, handle style, material, usage, price etc. Women who are fond of handbags would not think much while spending few thousand dollars on it.

No matter what is your choice, you will surely find one for your need & style in below mentioned list.

Different types of handbags for women.

1.Hand bag

2 Messenger bag
3 Backpack
4 Satchel
5 Doctor’s bag 
6 Hobo bag
7 Tote bag
8 Duffle bag

9 Laptop Bag
10 Bucket bag

11 Shoulder bag
12 Miniaudiere
13 Shopping/Grocery bag
14 Drawstring bag 
15 Bowler bag
16 Wristlet
17 Pouch
18 Clutch
19 Beach Bag

21 Make up bags

22 Foldover Bags
23.Phone bag
24 Camera case bags
25 Baguette bags
26 Barrel Bag
27 Basket Bag
28 Fanny Pack
29 Kelly Bag
30 Lunch Bags

1.Hand bag

Handbag for women

This is the most common type of bag owned by ladies. They have different patterns and styles and are easy to carry. It is really spacious to accommodate and carry daily stuff.

2  Messenger bag

Messenger Handbag for women

These are medium sized bags which have a flap on the front. It usually has a long strap and is worn cross body. Another name for this bags is courier bag. Check out this tutorial to make a simple and easy messenger bag 

3 Backpack

Backpack bag for women

This is the kind of bag we have been using since our early school days, and everyone loves it. It is very convenient as once it is not your back, your hands are free. Backpacks are widely used for travel purposes.

4 Satchel

Satchel Handbag for women

This is also a common type of bag women use, bag that is rectangular and has one or two buckles on front side. It is convenient to use due to its flap. Strap of the bag is longer than other bags.

5 Doctor’s bag

Doctor's handbag for women

As the name says, it is a bag most commonly used by doctors when they attend house calls. It is really spacious in order to accommodate Doctor’s stuff. Some women like this kind of bag for their own purposes.

6 Hobo bag

Hobo handbag for women

Slouchy shape bag with crescent shape under handle is a large bag made of soft materials. It is used as a casual bag but has elegant design and look.

3 Tote bag

Tote bags for women

Every time you go to mall or other place for shopping, you would see ladies carrying tote bags. Tote bag is big rectangular bag made of canvas or leather with small handles. It is easy to carry and has lot of room.

4 Duffle bag

Duffle Bag for women

Do you remember when you traveled last time out of your city? You probably would have used this Duffle handbag or you would have seen people carrying these kind of bags.

9 Laptop Bag

Laptop bag for women

Every lady now has at least one laptop. It has become part of our daily work & personal life. We have to carry them almost everyday, and hence we need a laptop bag. Horizontal design laptop bags are cross body bags and vertical design laptop bags are like backpack.

10 Bucket bag

Bucket Bags for women

This is a bag which has a flat bottom, a drawstring closure and long handles, This medium-sized bag is casual in its appearance and is a fashion trend which has a carry-all cool appeal.

11 Bowler bag

bowler bags for ladies

This unique bag design features a bowling ball type shape. It is compact in size and has attractive looks.

12 Wristlet

wristlet bags for ladies

Small, light weight, easy to grab and carry : wristlet is just an amazing experience.

13 Pouch

pouch handbag for ladies

Carry your knickknacks easily when you use this super convenient pouch. It features a pouch and drawstring to open and close.

14 Clutch purse

Clutch purse for women

Clutch purse is a special handbag for women, it has no strap or handle. Clutch is easy to hold in hand as it is flat and has a flap.

15 Saddle bag

Saddle Handbag for women

This special type of handbag look like a saddle on the horse, so it is called Saddle Bag.

16 Beach Bag

Beach Bag for ladies
Beach bag for women

Beach bags are designed to take care of things while going to beach. Mostly this bag is made of waterproof material keeping in mind beach conditions. But there are many varieties available in this category.

17 Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag for ladies

As the name suggests this bag is used by hanging it on your shoulder. Your hands stay free. It has long strap to make the carrying easy. There are many different patterns of straps, like leather strap, metal chain etc.

18 Miniaudiere

Miniaudiere Jewel bag for women

It is not strictly a bag ; this is a jeweled case which acts as a bag. They have a hinged frame and top closure. Usually, they are encrusted with beads, crystals and sometimes has a shoulder strap. This hinged, small bag

19 Shopping/Grocery bag

Grocery - shopping bag for women

This kind of bags are hard to ignore when you go to shopping mall. Many people carry such bags to take grocery home. This shopping bags are wider and bigger.

20 Drawstring bag

Drawstring bag for ladies

Drawstring bag is a compact size bag that is closed or opened by string only. It has a shape like pouch and can be used for short distance travel. There are many novelties available in terms of design and print.

21. Make up bags

Makeup bag for ladies

Women are obsessed with their beauty, and hence makeup is something very dear to heart. You can use makeup bag at home or during travel, as this bag is very compact and has handle to carry. Its sections inside help you organize your makeup kit well.

22. Foldover Bags

Foldover bags for ladies

As the name suggests, part of the bag folds on itself. Generally it is a zip closure on the top. Advantage of this bag is it can expand a bit if you have more stuff to carry. You can also adjust the strap length according to your comfort.

23.Phone bag

Phone bags for ladies

Mobile phone is our whole day companion. And our dear phone deserves a better place to stay. There are many cute phone bags available in the market. Carry your cellphone the stylish way.

24 Camera case bags

Camera Bags for ladies

If you are a photography fan, and have a camera that you care for, Camera bag is your friend. It has space for every part your camera has. Carry this wherever you go and enjoy your photography passion.

25 Baguette bags

Baguette Bag for ladies

Baguette is the name you have heard in bakery shop. Yes, it is a type of bread that is long and narrow. Baguette bag is just shaped like this bread, hence the name is given. It has a short strap.

26 Barrel Bag

Barrel Shaped Bags for ladies

Barrel is a long cylinder shaped container, and this bag just looks like that. It is roomy to accommodate lot of stuff. People going to gym use it more commonly.

27 Basket Bag

Basket Bag for ladies

This elegantly crafted handbag is just cool. It looks really stunning.

28 Fanny Pack

Fanny pack

This small bag is attached too a strap to hang on waist. It is compact bag to hold your smartphone, cards and other small stuff.

29 Kelly Bag

Kelly bags

This elite looking bag is something special to carry at work. Working women like this elegant and sophisticated Kelly bag. It has special metal clasp on it.

30 Lunch Bags

Lunch bag for ladies

Food is your fuel wherever you go. Lunch bags are really great for storing your food at office, picnic, college or any place you visit. There are many varieties of lunch bags available. Some are simple and some are insulated to keep your food cool for long time.

18 types of bag/purse handles

Handles are the key part of handbags, and they make the bag comfortable. So, it is in your interest to know which kind of handle is good for you.

  • 1 Leather /Synthetic leather handles
  • 2 Fabric handles
  • 3 Wooden handles
  • 4 Metal handles
  • 5 Crocheted handles
  • 6 Straw handles
  • 7 Webbing
  • 8 Rope handles
  • 9 Soft cord handles
  • 10 Thread/yarn handles
  • 11 Beaded handles
  • 12 Ribbon handles
  • 13 Plastic Handles
  • 14 Braided handles
  • 15 Shoulder handles
  • 16 Bracelet handle
  • 17 Top handles
  • 18 Long and medium Straps

1 Leather /Synthetic leather handles

Leather handle

Leather has always been a special element in Bags and accessories. It gives any fashion accessory an elegant look and finishing. Many kinds of leather have been used, real and synthetic both.

Leather straps and handles can be glossy, Matt finish or shiny depending on leather used.

2 Fabric handles

Fabric strap for handbags

These easy to make handles are found commonly. Fabric straps are easy to carry, but sometimes they need extra support inside to increase strength. PVC tube or plastic tubes are inserted in the strap while sewing to make it robust.

3 Wooden handles

wooden handle

Crocheted, knitted or woven bags mostly have wooden handles. These wooden handles look trendy and give strength while carrying. Handles can be made of hard wood or bamboo material

4 Metal handles

Metal handle for handbags

Metal handles gives handbag a glitter and makes it noteworthy. Metal handles can be of different colors like silver, golden, rust, pink etc. Most clutch purses for women have metal handles. Some bags will long straps also have metal handles.

5 Crocheted handles

Crocheted Handle for women handbags

Crocheted handle is mostly found on fabric bags, it is stronger than plain fabric handles. It looks like a woven rope.

6 Straw handles

Straw Handles for women handbags

Some special bags made of straw have this kind of handles. Sometimes the handle is separate & attached to woven bag and sometimes handle is woven as a part of bag.

7 Webbing

Webbing strap

Webbing straps and handles are made of interwoven cotton. These handles are long lasting and often found on travel bags.

8 Rope handles

Rope handle for ladies handbag

Most fabric bags can be enhanced in look with rope handles. It makes it more ethnic.

9 Soft cord handles

Soft Cord handle for bags

This handle is made of soft cotton and can be easily fixed with thee bag.

10 Thread/yarn handles

Yarn handbag

Yarns can give birth some extraordinary craft, only thing is your expertise to weave it.

11 Beaded handles

Beaded handle for ladies handbags

Beads handles use beads made of plastic, metal, yarn etc and give extraordinary look and feel.

12 Ribbon handles

Ribbon handle

Ribbons give the bag some elegant looks. Ribbons are smooth to touch as well. Some bags use colorful ribbons as part of their handles.

13 Plastic Handles

Plastic handle Cute handbag

There is a way to be stylish even in monsoon, that is Plastic Bags that look cool.

14 Braided handles

Braided handle

Handle is made by braiding leather strips, hence the name.

15 Shoulder handles

Shoulder handle handbag

Backpacks have shoulder handles, which make them easy to carry keeping your hands free.

16 Bracelet handle

Bracelet handle Bag

Whenever we hear word Bracelet, it reminds us of something elegant, elite and fancy. This Bracelet handles are just like that. Bracelet handle makes carrying easy as you can slip your arm.

17 Top handles

Top handle bag

18 Long and medium Straps

Adjustable strap handbag for ladies

Some bags have adjustable straps to make the length of the strap according to your convenience.

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