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Diamond Chain Mens

Men’s Diamond Jewelry

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When you think about diamond jewelry, what most often comes to mind is women’s jewelry. Most men might even question, is there a thing as men’s diamond jewelry? Though advertised less and talked about rarely, there are diamonds men can accessorize with, and this doesn’t mean borrowing jewelry from their women…


Open a fashion magazine, especially around the holidays, and in between a couple of articles and perfume ads, you’ll find ads showcasing the shiniest, prettiest, and most expensive jewels for women. Women gaze at them, leaving the magazine open so her man could take a hint at what she wants for the holidays this year. Men have a different way of showing what they want – they don’t leave clues or stare at diamond jewelry store displays, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want diamond jewelry. Just like wearing an Armani suit is as important to a man as have a Chanel bag is to a woman, so is the craving for some sparkle.

Simplicity vs. sparkle

The average man typically avoids wearing too much sparkle, limiting his jewelry pieces to a watch and wedding band if applicable, both being simple and conservative. In the past, men didn’t wear jewelry such as earrings, because they were seen as a sign of rebellion. Chains were also seen as a thing worn by artists ons stage. Now, the array of jewelry for men is almost as wide as that for women. We see diamond rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches, cufflinks and more. Though artists performing on stage go overboard with diamond earrings, rings and gold chains, the conservative man might still stick to a single band on his finger. After all, a diamond studded ring doesn’t go well with a business suit and a briefcase, does it?

Men are catching up to women when it comes to fashion. They are becoming more fashion mindful, according to a PRLog scope on diamond trends, and are becoming more conscious of wearing diamond jewelry.

The popular trends

It is worth mentioning the rising trends in men’s diamond jewelry, according to About.com. Such trends may be applicable towards certain occasions, and some more conservative men might still refrain from wearing these trends altogether. But here they are:

  • Earrings: Around the 90s, boys and men starting piercing one ear and wearing a single diamond stud. It was popular with school boys and with boy bands (think Justin Timberlake of NSYNC). Now, men pierce both ears, or have several piercings in their ears and/or throughout their body. They still wear diamond studs, but these diamonds may now be bigger, given the fact that in today’s world, everything is just bigger. Some men might wear more dangly earrings, such as hoops, which also may be studded with small diamonds. Diamond drop earrings are considered elegant and masculine.
  • Necklaces: Platinum, silver and gold chains were once a thing of performing artists, especially the thicker, more massive chains. Conservative men would stick to a thin chain tucked under their shirt, with maybe a small cross. Now, many men might wear pendants on those chains, adorned with diamonds and in the shape of a cross, or anything they desire, like the first letter of their name or of a symbol that is meaningful to them. Necklaces may also include dog tag necklaces, but now updated to feature diamond studs as well.
  • Rings: There are possibly as many diamond ring choices for men as there are for women. The difference is that men consider these to be signets or rings of another importance. These may be class rings or rings passed down from generations. Wedding bands are usually smooth and simple, but some men might choose to have them studded with diamonds as well. When it comes to rings these days, simplicity no longer applies. Men wear them on any finger, even the pinky, and sometimes wear more than one rings on one finger. Rings and simplicity should go hand in hand. Wearing a single, key piece on your middle finger makes it stand out more. The simpler the better, therefore, a ring that is a thick band with a diamond set into it should be enough. Oh, and same rule applies as for women – you don’t have to be married (or planning on getting married) to wear a ring. It’s a free world.
  • Bracelets: In the past, the bracelets worn by men, if any, were usually silver or gold chain link bracelets. These bracelets have undergone a slight makeover over the years, and may now be adorned with various stones.
  • Watches:  A watch is no longer a simple practical device for checking the time. Since every man owns a cellphone these days, he may wear a watch simply as an accessory, and this may be an elegant, quite expensive accessory. Designer watches may be diamond studded, becoming a piece of jewelry on their own. The conservative type may still stick to a classic watch, which is always an excellent choice.
  • Cufflinks: They are traditional, and they can range from simple to over the top, as with other types of jewelry. Some men wear them everyday, while some wear them from time to time, just for formal occasions. These simple accessories can be statement-making, especially when designed with stones such as diamonds. Cufflinks will always be in style, regardless of their style.

When compared to women, men don’t tend to beautify themselves by wearing diamonds from head to toe. There are some instances when men do this, but usually they tend to keep it simple. As with women’s jewelry, another trend of men’s diamond jewelry is the vintage kind. Everyone seems to like vintage jewelry, whether it’s passed down from a family member or discovered at a flea market. Other trends, which were popular not just this past year, included black and white jewelry, mounted white and yellow gold jewelry and eye catching jewelry. The latter describes jewelry that is large in size.

How it’s changing and when it’s appropriate

Why is bigger jewelry better now? Well, in the past, men wore jewelry, such as gold bands or chains, but everything was just simpler. The changing times are causing everything from TVs to diamond jewelry to seem as if the bigger, the better is key. Men’s jewelry existed even in ancient cultures about 4000 years ago and they did wear some jewelry to go along with their spiritual and cultural traditions. They wore rings, pendants and necklaces that were symbolic and represented their social rank, according to Amcor Design.

Now, men wear diamond jewelry for different occasions, as long as it matches their age and outfit. Elegant men wear diamond cufflinks while teenage boys wear diamond earring studs. In today’s world, any man can get away with wearing diamond earrings, but it’s always a case of personal style and preference – he should know best whether wearing such jewelry is appropriate for given time and place.

Jewelry-wearing tips for men

A watch will always look well with any outfits, but a man can still look stylish when wearing a necklace, bracelet or ring, as long as it’s not exaggerated, according to AskMen. Here are the other trends defined by AskMen, a popular and resourceful site for men:

  • Necklaces are seen as more casual and work best during less formal events. Save these for dates, nights out or casual Fridays. Chains are classy and powerful but there’s a fine line between too thin and too thick. Keep the chain tucked in your shirt, otherwise it looks tacky or childish when hanging outside your shirt.
  • Rings, when kept simple, can be elegant and stylish altogether. Always wear your wedding band, and along with it, you can wear a ring on your pinky finger or middle finger. It should look good and match your outfit, therefore, keep it simple and elegant. White gold and platinum rings with diamonds look more elegant than their yellow gold counterpart. Avoid large rings which may be seen as flashy, and keep in mind that yellow gold may look clownish with a blue suit. Big rings are a sign of fortune, which may be seen either as a good or bad thing.
  • Bracelets are less popular for men, but when kept simple, can also look classic and elegant. They are appropriate enough for formal and informal events, as long as they are tight fighting around your wrist. That way, they don’t swing or make noise. Diamond bracelets made of gold or platinum are very stylish.
  • Earrings are mainly for women, teenagers and rock stars, but this depends on your job and environment. This applies to all piercings and whether or not they are acceptable in the environment you spend time in. Women see earrings on men as unattractive and most professionals might see them as out of place as well, so think twice before wearing them.

Overall, remember to keep jewelry simple and classy, though stay on top of new trends and match it with the outfit. When choosing to wear jewelry to an occasion, a man should ask himself three basic questions:

  1. Does it match my outfit?
  2. It is appropriate for this occasion?
  3. Will it be seen as controversial by some people?

For example, though diamond studs are seen as normal these days, a very conservative black-tie event host, such as your boss or uncle, may see them as amateur. When it doubt, skip. Always keep in mind that simplest pieces work best. Cufflinks are elegant and always look fine. A wedding band, regardless of its size, is something you never take off, so it’s acceptable everywhere. Keep these things in mind, though, when choosing your wedding band in the first place. Bigger rings are not only seen as too glitzy for some events, but they’re also uncomfortable for everyday wear.

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Benefitting though lagging behind

The most important piece of jewelry for men was and is the wedding band. It has increased in size and value over the years, and may now feature diamonds or other stones. It may or may not match the ring of their wife, but wedding band sets composed of diamond studded bands for him and her are popular these days. A wide selection of men’s rings and bands is available, so men are not limited to just a few designs. This applies to other jewelry as well, not just to wedding rings.

The jewelry business is aware of this, and produces more and more jewelry for men so that buying a men’s wedding ring isn’t a rarity anymore. You can search jewelry department stores and online jewelry stores for the widest selections. According to Time magazine, the market for men’s jewelry has more than doubled since 2007. About 20% of the high end jewelry expenditure is men’s jewelry. Sales of men’s jewelry are growing 50% faster than women’s jewelry sales.

However, men’s diamond jewelry is still often left out when it comes to trends. After an awards show, women’s jewelry is commented on and photographed, but what about men’s jewelry? Hollywood men wear them on the streets, to interviews, and to awards shows. Fashion magazines show men in diamonds so if you take a look, you’ll see how this trend is spreading though Hollywood and through the world. They wear them on a daily basis, not just to symbolize marriage. Perhaps it’s time to get a man in your life some diamond jewelry?

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