Diamond chain mens

Our Men’s Diamond Chain collection is hand made by custom jewelers here in the New York City Diamond District. We use high quality casting selected for durability, comfort and quality. Our diamonds are also selected for consistency in quality so that your diamond chain purchase will be a masterfully balanced blend of value and luxury.Today, we will review the best diamond chain mens, diamond chain for mens, gold diamond chain mens, black diamond chain mens, and mens diamond chain and pendant picks.

Diamond chains are the most expensive article of jewelry simply because of the amount of precious material required to create anything of significance. We pride ourselves in managing these materials with the utmost care and decades of jewelry experience to create a collection of diamond chains un-parallel in the entire diamond jewelry industry.

Diamond Chain Mens

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There’s a lot of information out there on diamond jewelry for women. However, when you look for information about diamond jewelry for men, it’s difficult to find anything useful. Does this mean men can’t wear diamonds? Of course not! Here’s what you need to know.

Men used to wear jewelry all the time

Traditionally, men wore more – and more expensive – jewelry than women. Especially Royalties had a penchant for it. In particular diamonds and gemstones were very loved by wealthy men. However, times have changed and nowadays women often wear more (diamond) jewelry than men.

What jewelry can a man wear?

A lot of (young) men feel like a watch is the only accessory they can wear. Though a stylish watch definitely is a great addition to an outfit, there are a lot of different add-ons to complete a look. There is traditional diamond jewelry for men with products like cufflinks, tie pins, signed rings and wedding rings. However, the modern man knows the list doesn’t end here. Nowadays, men can also wear diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and diamond necklaces.

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Formerly, cufflinks were worn at many occasions. You would replace the ordinary buttons from the sleeves of your shirt with elegant and sophisticated cufflinks. Nowadays it’s not that obvious anymore. Cufflinks are being reserved for special occasions such as graduation, important business meetings and – of course – weddings.

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Attaching the tie to your shirt with a pin makes sure your tie stays in place. Just like cufflinks, tie pins once were a standard accessory for every man who owns a tie. Now wearing a tie pin it rather the exception than the rule. This is probably because people used to dress up more than they do now. Though still, I feel like a tie without a pin is like a cold pizza: pretty decent but not perfect. This is the reason many men who often face the public (like celebrities and CEO’s) almost always wear a tie pin with their tie. Pay attention to it the next time you see a red carpet event. Clip the pin somewhere between the third and the fourth button of your shirt to the shirt and tie and you’re good to go.

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A signet ring is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry for men. This ring has a flat round part on top with an engraving on it. This engraving was used to make a print in (candle) wax to seal or sign important official documents. It was worn by the most important men of the world, like kings and wealthy noblemen. Nowadays, when men wear a signed ring it doesn’t necessarily have an engraving. It’s more likely that the ring contains precious stones such as diamonds or gemstones. Sometimes, when it’s an heirloom, the ring has the family crest on it.


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This is practically the piece of jewelry man are most happy to wear: the wedding ring. There’s no need to go into detail about this one: it’s the ring that shows your commitment to your loved one. Although it’s not obligated, a wedding ring for men can contain some beautiful black or white diamonds. That depends on your taste.

a man's arm with a link bracelet


Young men often wear leather bracelets. It makes them look a bit rough around the edges. Though there are a lot of stylish leather bracelets, they can make you look a bit of a bad boy. They don’t reflect the sophisticated man you are. For a refined look, you probably want to wear something with more class. More and more men discovered the charm of diamond bracelets. In general, there are two diamond bracelets for men: link bracelets and tennis bracelets.

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They’re not just for sailors anymore and the adventurous man discovered them already a while ago: diamond earrings for men. I’m not talking about some diamond dangle drop earrings, but about black or white diamond studs. Even a few celebrities were spotted wearing stud diamonds. Whether you wear one or two earrings is completely up to you. Both are accepted.

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For diamond necklaces, we make a distinction between real necklaces and pendants without a chain. There are no real extravagant necklaces for men like the ones you often see for women, but there are some options. There are many diamond chain necklaces for men and also some pendants that are quite popular. Typical pendants for men include diamond crosses and other (religious) signs.

How to find diamond jewelry that suits me?

Especially when you’re not used to wearing diamond jewelry, it can be hard to decide if it’s something for you. Where should you even start looking? Maybe you’re wondering how diamond jewelry will look on you. Whether you know already exactly what kind of jewelry you want or whether you just want to look around, we invite you to visit us. Our diamond consultants will provide you with real and honest advice to find something that fits you. If you want, you can contact a diamond consultant before you visit us. This way, both you and the consultant have a good idea of what you like and are willing to spend.


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Not really the jewelry type? No problem, we have a great collection of the most beautiful watches. With brands like Omega, Piaget, Chopard, Frederique Constant and many, many more there are definitely a couple that you’ll love!

How to Spot a Fake Gold Chain

Is the gold chain you’re about to buy really made of gold? How can you tell if a gold chain is fake? Let’s see how fake gold chains are made and how you can spot them.

What Are Fake Gold Chains Made Of?

Fake gold chains are not made of solid gold and are often simply gold plated. This means that the chain is made of another metal (or an alloy of non-gold metals) and is covered with just a thin layer of gold to make the jewelry look like a real gold piece.

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Similar to gold-plated items, these chains are also made of non-gold metals, but instead of plated with gold, they are wrapped in a thin sheet of it, which is attached to the core metal under high temperature.Gold-filled chains can also be passed off as pieces made of solid gold.

When it comes to fake gold chains, also keep in mind that in the U.S., jewelry that is less than 10 karats pure cannot be sold as gold.

How to Tell If a “Gold” Chain Is Actually Fake

Gold stamps or hallmarks identify the karat of the jewelry they are stamped on

You can think of karat as a measure of purity, i.e. how much of the piece is made up of gold and how much of other metals.

Look at the chain and see if you can find any markings stamped on it.

If you find numbers followed by the letters K, KT, or KP, this is an indication of the karat of the piece, and it is likely that it is made of solid gold.

For example, a stamp that reads “14K” (also “14KT” or “14KP”) means that the chain is 14 karats.

European gold markings are often expressed in terms of decimals.

For example, a stamp that reads 583 or 585 corresponds to a gold purity of 14 karats, which denotes a gold percentage of 58.3% (14 karats divided by the maximum possible 24 karats).

To convert these numbers to karats, simply multiply them by 0.024. For example, a marking of 750 implies a gold karatage of 18K (750 x 0.024).

In contrast to solid gold pieces, gold-plated and gold-filled chains usually have a few additional letters after the karat/purity mark.

Gold-plated and gold-filled chains are often marked with stamps such as GP, GEP, RGP, HGE, HGP, or GF.

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For example, a chain with a marking “14K GP” is actually gold plated, and the karat number denotes the purity of the plating, not of the whole piece.

Note: Even if a gold chain is stamped with a karat number without any additional letters, this does not guarantee that the piece is solid gold. There are all kinds of jewelry vendors, and not all sell items that are properly marked.

Acid Testing

Testing jewelry with nitric acid is one of the most reliable ways to find out how much gold it contains.

You can take your gold chain to a jeweler for a test, who will take a small sample of the alloy the chain is made of by scratching the piece on a testing stone.

Then the jeweler will apply nitric acid to the scratch mark and observe the chemical reaction to determine how much gold there is in the material.

Acid testing can also be performed at home. All you need to do is buy a gold testing kit and follow the instructions that come with it. The testing procedure is similar to the one described above. Click here to take a look at a selection of such gold testing kits.

Color and Discoloration

Color can also serve as a clue as to whether a chain is likely to be made of gold. Ironically, a chain whose color is as yellow as that of pure gold is unlikely to be made of it.

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This is because gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry is often covered with 24-karat gold, which is too soft to be used to make an entire piece.

So, if a gold chain has a color that is too close to that of 24-karat gold, this is your first indication that the piece might be plated.

And if the piece has a 24K mark but the price is too low for such a high purity, it is very likely that you’re dealing with a gold-plated or gold-filled piece. (By the way, this last point holds for any jewelry that is too cheap for its stated karat.)

An even stronger indication that a gold chain may be fake is any sign of discoloration on it.

Look closely and see if there are any spots where the gold plating has worn off and the underlying metal is visible. When a gold-plated or gold-filled item is scratched, you should be able to see the metallic color of its non-gold core.

Magnet Testing – Not the Best Method

Testing a gold chain with a magnet is a popular way to check if the piece is fake.

The logic behind magnet testing is that since gold is not magnetic, a gold chain should not be attracted to the magnet. If it is, then it means that it contains other metals.


There are a few of problems with magnetic testing, however, which make it an unreliable method.

First, a chain can be made of solid gold, but the gold alloy can also contain magnetic metals, which will make the piece magnetic even though it is not fake.

Second, gold is not the only non-magnetic metal. There are other metals used in jewelry that are not attracted by a magnet. So it is possible for a chain to pass the magnet test and still turn out to be fake.

Places to Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

If you need the list quick, here are my top 6 picks for the best places to purchase quality diamond necklaces online. Keep reading for more information about each of these shops.

  1. James Allen (our top pick)
  2. Clean Origin (a close second)
  3. Blue Nile (best selection)
  4. Whiteflash (best return policy)
  5. Brian Gavin (best value of warranty + diamonds)
  6. Leibish and Co (best fancy colored diamonds)

Diamond necklaces are a favorite in women’s accessories since they go with everything.

Not only are they versatile, but they make perfect gift ideas for a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Diamond is also the birthstone for all you April babies, though it’s usually substituted for white topaz or white sapphire in birthstone jewelry to keep cost down. 

If you are an April baby, or you need to get a gift for one, a diamond necklace is a fitting, as diamond is also the birthstone for April

Diamond necklaces look sophisticated when paired with a pair of diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, or even gemstone jewelry. They have classic, meaningful, and unique designs too.

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I’ve picked out some of the best diamond necklace online retailers I found on the web. So let the hunt for diamond necklaces begin!

Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

Buying Diamond Necklaces At James Allen

When you buy a diamond necklace at James Allen, you are choosing the leading online retailer in diamonds and fine jewelry.

James Allen offers its customers a wide selection of fashion diamond necklaces and diamond pendants. 

Under the diamond pendants, you get to select your loose diamond using filters like carat weight, clarity, cut, and color grades. You also get to pick out what metal setting you want, such as platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Keep in mind that not all settings are available in all metals.

In the fashion diamond necklaces category, there are plenty of different styles. Some of these styles include classics like diamond halo pendants, bar necklaces, drop necklaces, and other unique styles.

My favorite necklace I’ve seen while scrolling through is this exquisite fancy yellow diamond pendant. It’s in a higher price range, but there are a ton of options below $1000 to choose from.

fancy yellow diamond necklaces from james allen

You can also choose to place a fancy color diamond into a pendant, but I think they are overpriced, especially for the quality of the natural stones.

James Allen warranties all their diamond jewelry with a lifetime guarantee of wear and tear repairs such as cleaning or polishing. They also do other repairs like breaks in the chain or a broken clasp.

Click here for our full James Allen review.


  • Lifetime Warranty covers wear and tear repairs
  • Wide selection of fashion diamond necklaces
  • Choose your own pendant
  • Affordable prices
  • GIA certified diamond pendants


  • Overpriced fancy color diamonds

Buying Diamonds At Clean Origin

clean origin necklaces

Clean Origin is a newer online diamond retailer. They officially arrived as a company in 2017, but have years and years of industry experience. Unlike the other online retailers on this list, Clean Origin is the only one that sells lab diamond necklaces like this gorgeous teardrop pendant below: 

Lab diamonds are real diamonds, but they are created under lab conditions that imitate the real world environment necessary for diamonds to form in the ground. Instead of taking billions of years, it takes a couple of weeks to create synthetic diamonds

Because synthetic diamonds are not as rare as mined diamonds, they don’t hold trade in value. Lab diamonds can be up to and even over 50% cheaper than a mined diamond. Both have the same composition in every way. 

Because lab diamond are so much more affordable than mined diamonds, Clean Origin carries lab diamond necklaces in higher carat weights, like this beautiful 3 carat chevron pendant to the right. 

That beauty costs $3000, which may seem like a lot, but try finding a 3 carat chevron necklace like this made from mined diamonds with the same grades. It will be more than double the cost. 

Currently, Clean Origin has just shy of 30 diamond pendants with differing styles and different carat weights. All of their jewelry comes with a 100 day money back guarantee, which just goes to show how much confidence they have that you’ll love the product. Unfortunately, when it comes to warranties, Clean Origin offers a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties don’t cover repairs like rhodium plating white gold. 

Click Here For Our Clean Origin Full Review


  • Lab diamonds are less expensive
  • 100 day return policy
  • Variety of styles


  • No warranties
  • Small selection

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a large selection of diamond necklaces featuring classic designs as well as unique ones too.

They have plenty of commonly requested bridal jewelry, such as the diamond drop bar and diamond pearl jewelry.

They carry jewelry in a range of price options. However, most of the pieces are higher end items like this gorgeous three-tiered diamond necklace. 

diamond necklaces from blue nile

If you are looking for a single diamond or solitaire pendant, Blue Nile is also a fantastic choice. It has the same concept as James Allen for choosing your own loose diamonds through filters.

They have colored diamonds as well, but you can’t set them into the pendants, nor are you able to do a 360 view like you can with the colorless diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds have to be purchased individually as loose stones. Also, I’ve noticed they don’t carry black diamond pendants either. 

yellow gold diamond necklace from blue nile

In their fashion necklace collection, they have a wide range of modern and classic styles.

You can choose from all diamond necklaces or gemstone necklaces. Blue Nile also offers more affordable diamond jewelry set in sterling silver. 

It’s difficult to see the details in the pictures. So, if you’re not feeling the look of the necklace after you get it, they do offer 30 day returns and pay for the shipping label.

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Keep in mind though that diamond necklaces that are engraved are non-refundable.

Click here for our full Blue Nile review.


  • Wide selection
  • Affordable
  • 30 day returns
  • Solitaire necklaces and fashion necklaces


  • No black diamond pendants
  • Can’t set fancy colored diamonds in pendants

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Leibish & Co.


Leibish & Co specializes in high quality fancy colored diamonds. You won’t find many colorless diamonds on the site for loose stones, but you can find a pretty good amount in the already-set necklace section under fine jewelry. 

You can choose from yellow, gray, brown, orange, and pink diamonds to customize into a pendant. The prices are definitely in the higher tier, as fancy vivid color diamond prices can skyrocket.

I don’t like that they don’t have any kind of 360 view, only a magnified picture of it. I like being able to see the stone from all angles. 

But man, let me tell you. These pieces are breathtaking. So, if you have the money and you’re interested, I definitely recommend them. The colorless diamonds look so pretty in a halo around a fancy color diamond.

Check out this one here that actually features a halo of pink diamonds.

They also offer a selection gemstone/diamond hybrid pendants, like this pretty tanzanite and pink tourmaline diamond drop necklace


When it comes to benefits, Leibish and Co. has a great lifetime warranty like James Allen, covering routine care for life.

That alone is going to help you keep an expensive piece in tip-top shape. They offer 30 day refunds if you’re not satisfied and make the process easy for you as well. 


  • Vivid fancy diamonds
  • Create a pendant option
  • Gemstone diamond pendants
  • Lifetime warranty covers wear and tear


  • No 360 view
  • Few colorless loose diamonds. 
  • Can be very expensive

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Whiteflash


Whiteflash is another popular online diamond jewelry store. They carry almost 100 diamond necklaces, pendants included, which is a fair amount for an online retailer. 

You get the choice of either selecting your loose diamond to be set into the setting of your choice, or you can select a carat weight of pre-selected stones with general diamond grades.

It’s kind of strange, but this may be a more affordable option for someone who isn’t necessarily looking for the top of the line diamond. Whiteflash specializes in the best cut diamonds, so they charge a small premium with their diamonds

The diamond pendants collection not only features solitaire pendants, but fun designs that other competitors don’t carry. There are a couple of classics still, like my personal favorite, the Journey Pendant.

This pendant has 7 of Whiteflash’s personally-cut diamond collection, A Cut Above Diamonds. These branded diamonds are super ideal cut. 

Additionally, Whiteflash offers A Cut Above Diamonds in diamond rings and diamond earrings, so you can get the whole collection. 

Whiteflash offers a temporary warranty for the first year. All routine work such as polishing, retipping of prongs, tightening of stones, and polishing are done for free within one year. 


After that you’ll have to pay for any work done if you didn’t purchase the care plans they offer during checkout.

Remember that anything purchased from the virtual collection service has to be returned within 10 days, not the normal 30 day warranty like with the other pieces. 


  • Fair size collection of diamond necklaces
  • Offers excellent care plans for purchase
  • Pre-selected carat weight offered
  • Free service for a year


  • Difficult to navigate 
  • Bad light to view diamond characteristics

Buying Diamond Necklaces At Brian Gavin


Brian Gavin does not have the best selection when it comes to diamond necklaces. When I look at their fashion collection, there are less than 30 items, which is sort of a bummer.

However, in the collection they do have, you can tell that Brian Gavin makes high quality diamond jewelry. Check out this pretty Flowers of Paradise pendant complete with gorgeous matching rose gold diamond stud earrings.


When it comes to solitaire diamond pendants, even though Brian Gavin doesn’t have as many as some of the other competitors, the settings are really unique.

Most retailers carry the martini pronged, four pronged, or scalloped basket when it comes to diamond pendants. But Brian Gavin steps outside the box and presents its customers with this noteworthy princess cut bezel setting.

Brian Gavin does custom jewelry as well. Prices vary based on design, but you can talk to a representative anytime if that interests you. 

Lastly, Brian Gavin gives its customers a manufacturing warranty, but does not cover any repairs as a result of wear.

They also give a 30 day return policy.

Beyond that, Brian Gavin doesn’t really cover a whole lot if you purchase outside of its signature collection. 



  • Matching pendants with other jewelry
  • Unique solitaire settings
  • Option for custom made


  • Brian Gavin gives its customers a manufacturing warranty, but does not cover any repairs as a result of wear.
  • Only trade up and buyback for signature collection
  • Difficult to navigate website

A Gentleman’s Guide To Necklaces

These days, it’s become more acceptable for modern men to wear jewellery around their neck. We’ve finally moved on from the outdated associations (notably Mr T and wearable holiday souvenirs) and come to the realisation that a simple chain or pendant makes for a stylish and highly personal addition to any outfit.

Despite what sceptics might tell you, the chain necklace – when chosen and worn correctly – has long been a timeless and masculine adornment. It’s an item that allows the wearer to showcase a little individuality, as well as an appreciation of the finer details, and can even have sentimental meaning.

Here’s Ape’s handy informer highlighting the considerations and brands you need to know when it comes to picking a signature chain.https://2ecd345fcf98027949b362398ee8f9ec.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Purchase Considerations


David Yurman

Gold is undoubtedly the luxury choice here, but with great power comes great responsibility: you need to choose wisely to avoid straying into “tacky” territory. Therefore, leave the oversized, garish chains to rappers and opt for a thinner, more understated design. It’s also wise to opt for the best-quality gold you can (think 14-karat or above) to ensure a richness and depth of colour. That said, for your first foray into necklaces, it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for a sterling silver chain that is gold plated (again, look for 14-karat or above) in order to keep cost down. When wearing, look to set gold chains against darker shades or black to create a sophisticated contrast.

Silver is an effortless, comfortable and classic option when it comes to men’s necklaces and should be considered your safe space. Whilst gold is a brighter metal that demands attention, silver is subtle and works well with a traditional menswear palette of grey, navy blue and olive green. If you value longevity, opt for solid sterling silver rather than “silver-tone” designs, which are typically cheaper to produce and of lower quality.

Size & Length

Alex Orso

The thickness of the chain will determine just how much of a statement your new accessory will make. If you’re going for a simple design without a pendant, a thickness of around 2 – 6mm and a length between 18 and 22 inches (finishing just below the collar bone) works well for most men. Pendants, on the other hand, often look best with a slightly longer chain, somewhere between 25 to 28 inches, finishing in the middle of your chest.



To add a pendant or not to add a pendant? That is the question. Those wanting something classic and minimal will steer clear, but it does beg the question: why not? A pendant is the chance to add something personal and intriguing, allowing for a little self-expression. There’s a wide variety of icons and symbols out there, so it’s worth shopping around for something relevant to your taste and personality.

Go To Brands For Men’s Chain Necklaces

Below you will find Ape’s recommended brands for men’s necklaces. Each offers high-quality materials, contemporary aesthetics and are specialists in their field.

Thomas Sabo

Skull Mask Necklace >

One of world’s foremost silver jewellery brands, Thomas Sabo produces high-quality pieces with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll flair. Their iconic skull necklace epitomises this. Made with blackened 925 sterling silver and comprising a punk style lobster clasp, it’s an ideal piece for adding a little edge to your day-to-day looks.



3mm Chain Necklace >

Miami-based brand Miansai is best known for its beaded bracelets, which have become a firm favourite of fashion insiders. Yet the label’s necklaces are just as lust-worthy, offering premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Many of the pendants on offer are inspired by the sea, with lobster claws, anchors and marine links particularly prominent, yet their simple 3mm 14-karat gold chain is our pick due to its timeless simplicity.


Le Gramme

Silver Slick ‘Le 1.1 Grammes’ Square Pendant Necklace >

Launched in 2012 by Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër, Paris-based Le Gramme (taking its name from the international unit of measure) is an ethical jewellery maker which specialises in minimalist pieces made from recycled 925 silver, yellow gold, and ruthenium. Each style is named after the weight of its materials and is hand-polished and engraved with the stamp of the master artisan who crafts it, along with its weight and unique serial number signifying its composition and provenance. Its a detail that looks particularly good on its Square Pendant Necklace.



Pill Necklace >

Innovative Japanese brand Ambush are all about creative experimentation and their pieces, as well as their fashion world devotees, reflect this. With a range of unisex designs that channel a distinct Tokyo aesthetic, it’s little wonder that AMBUSH’s necklaces sell out so quickly. Get one whilst you can.


Daniella Draper

Silver Midi Feather Necklace >

An independent British brand founded in the north east of England, Daniella Draper rose to prominence handcrafting jewellery for the likes of Kate Moss, James Bay and Ed Sheeran. The brand’s Silver Midi Feather Necklace is a delicate pendant necklace channelling peace, wisdom and freedom.


David Yurman

Narrow Chain Link Necklace >

Founded in 1980 by husband and wife team David and Sybil Yurman, their eponymous New York-based brand (featured image, top) sets out to create “wearable pieces of art”. Each piece is designed and sketched by David, with the company then sourcing the finest precious metals and rare gemstones and using some of the world’s best craftspeople to create the end product. A highlight from the current collection is the 6mm link chain in black titanium, which offers a subtle yet distinctive difference against its sterling silver counterparts.



Silver Icon Anchor Necklace >

Tateossian is a breath of fresh air in the jewellery world, partly because of its emphasis on male-centric items. They’re also innovative, offering pieces that mix classic materials like gold and diamonds with the unconventional, such as meteorite and copper nuggets. Their sterling silver anchor necklace is a stylish, contemporary take on a design that can often feel a little costume-y.


Alex Orso

The Oval Necklace >

With pieces meticulously designed in their London Bridge studio, Alex Orso is a modern British brand that concentrates on the understated and minimal. The label’s use of brass is also inspired. Our pick is their simple, cleanly finished gold oval pendant: cast in solid sterling silver and plated in 22kt gold, its high polish is sure to get you noticed.



Layers Necklace >

Another jewellery brand created solely for the gent, don’t be misled by the name (which suggests Nordic heavy metal) – Northskull’s wears are sleek, simple and at an extremely attractive price point. Dog tags and skulls feature heavily in collections, but there’s also interesting shapes and symbolism. Our pick is their Layers Necklace, available in sterling silver and part of the brand’s permanent collection.


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