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Diamond Earrings

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Want to transform every outfit? Choose diamond earrings for work or play. Discover brilliant shimmers and bold metalwork. Indulge in high carat counts and striking clarities. Earrings are ideal options for every woman, creating timeless looks with ease. Consider a variety of styles, including: chandelier, drop, stud, hoop and even clip.

Be chic in any season with chandelier earrings. Indulge in elegant designs, with single and full-cut diamonds blending together. Dazzle With Silver, yellow gold or bronze casings; and enjoy vintage-inspired shapes. Chandelier earrings are must-have options for every woman.

Create a sophisticated style with drop earrings. Experience exceptional shines, with white and brown diamonds that catch the light. Discover exquisite shapes, including hoops, single strands and swirls; and enjoy a mix of gold and silver frames, bringing bold contrasts to every single-cut stone. Drop earrings are go-to items for any day.
Prove that simple is never dull with stud earrings. Pair Spectacular Diamonds with sturdy pronged frames. Add sleek contrasts, like cultured pearls or gemstones, to elevate every outfit; and make a playful statement with unique shapes, using star studs, floral casings, hoops and more to update every look.

Embrace a timeless style with hoop earrings. Choose dynamic shapes, with wide hoops, three-quarter hoops and even double hoops complementing every outfit. Consider a variety of metals, such as white gold or platinum, to frame every diamond; and highlight the gems with dramatic insets, utilizing round-cut, square-cut and even princess-cut stones to high-shine effects.

Never fear losing your favorite accessories. Choose clip earrings instead for all-day relief. Rely on omega clip backings, with carefully crafted prongs and durable closures. This creates a flawless, long-lasting fit. Be inspired by the diamond settings and metallic frames; and consider hoop, linear or even drop-down styles for even more variety.


How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings at Home

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Spring is here and that means there’s no better time to pull out your jewellery box and give all your diamond jewellery, particularly your diamond earrings, a good thorough cleaning to get them looking their best.

Cleaning your diamond earrings is actually much easier than most people may think.  All you really need is a mild detergent and some warm water to start with.


  1. The diamond earrings can be placed in a small bowl or dish containing the warm water.  A few drops of mild detergent can then be added.  You should take care to select a detergent or soap with no added dyes or fragrances and these can potentially affect the surfaces of the diamond earrings.
  2. moving the diamond earrings around in the detergent and water mixture is usually enough to get rid of any surface residue that has built up on the diamond earrings over time.
  3. Once the diamond earrings have been cleaned, they should be rinsed thoroughly in more warm water until all traces of the detergent have been rinsed away.
  4. The diamond earrings can then be patted dry with a lint free cloth and should be full of sparkle again.Image result for How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings at Home


If the diamond earrings still show signs of residue are were extremely dirty to begin with, a soft jewellery brush or a child’s toothbrush can be used to gently brush away and surface build up.

These brushes can also be helpful at getting into the setting areas of the diamond earrings to break loose any debris that has become lodged in the diamond earrings.  Always make sure to brush the diamond earrings lightly as to avoid any surface scratching, which is why the softest brush possible should also be used.

Stronger chemical cleaners can be used for cleaning earrings but should always be used with caution.  Many cleaners are designed specifically for gold and diamond earrings, silver and diamond earrings, or platinum and diamond earrings.  Always double check the cleaner you are using and make sure to match it properly to the specific type of diamond earrings you wish to clean.  Always follow the instructions on the cleaner exactly, taking care to not leave diamond earrings in the cleaning solution for longer than stated.

How to Wear Diamond Earrings

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Diamonds are the creme de la creme of the jewelry world. Most women long to own a pair of twinkly diamond earrings. But once you own them, how should you wear them? Fortunately, diamonds are as versatile as they are gorgeous.

What Type Are Your Diamond Earrings?

Before you can decide how to wear your diamond earrings, you should consider the shape and size.

Another popular shape for diamond earrings is the dangling type. These hang gracefully from your ear, whether they’re chandelier-style or something simpler.Diamond studs are the most popular and common type of earrings. These little gems sit in your ear with a post. They’re classic and understated while still being beautiful.

Finally, there are diamond-studded hoops. They’re a bit more modern: think traditional hoop earrings with additional glitz.

Where Should I Wear My Diamond Earrings?

In days past, diamonds were only trotted out for the fanciest of occasions.

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Today, however, the rules are relaxed, and you can wear your diamonds in everyday settings.

Diamond earrings are particularly versatile in many occasions, so don’t be afraid to wear them in less formal circumstances.

What Jewelry Can I Pair with Diamond Earrings?

While a diamond’s clear color means it matches everything, throwing too much jewelry in the mix can be a big faux pas.

When you’re trotting out your diamonds, simplicity is key. Give your earrings a chance to shine by keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal.

You can create a modern look by choosing silver jewelry in bold, contemporary styles.

Be wary when pairing diamonds with other gemstones. While they can look fantastic, it’s a look that can go over-the-top very quickly. Plus, your diamonds may outshine your other jewelry, making it look cheap.

If you want to pair your diamonds with other gems, consider pieces that also incorporate diamonds.

The jewelry you pair with your diamonds also depends on where you’re wearing it. You should be more cautious with necklaces, but may be able to get away with wearing gemstone bracelets or rings. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

What Types of Hairstyles Work with Diamonds?

The hairstyle you choose depends on whether you want to feature your earrings or incorporate them into your look.

Make your diamond earrings the star of the show by wearing your hair slicked back in an updo.

Go for a romantic, glamorous look by curling your hair and pinning it back from your face.

If you’re looking to wear your earrings without drawing too much attention to them, you can always wear your hair down.

What Outfits Work with Diamond Earrings?

While the sky really is the limit when it comes to diamond earrings, you can help them shine with a few simple style choices.

Pair your earrings with an all-black ensemble to give them a little extra sparkle. They’ll contrast with the dark hue for a gorgeous look.

You can also make your earrings shine by wearing a neckline that shows a little skin. A v-neck or boat neck top looks fantastic with diamond earrings.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Give your diamonds the spotlight they deserve the next time you wear them out by following a few of these stylistic hints.

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