It’s no secret, hoop earrings are every girl’s go-to. Along came the combination of luxurious studs and the classic loop, which created a perfect blend of fancy and casual. Here are a few favorites and how to incorporate them into your repertoire.

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Big Hoop Earrings

Big hoops are among the most commonly used by women. These long set of hoop earrings display an incredible stone and carat count. For those who like to get flashy with their bling, these earrings have your name all over them.

Short Hoop Earrings

For a less bold approach, these shorter sets of round diamond hoopsare parties in the front and businesses in the back. They will sit well with a tied or gathered hairstyle and on women with shorter length hair.

Chunky Hoop Earrings

These smaller sized chunky hoops manage to achieve a fuller look with a wide setting. They’re perfect for any outfit that has a lot going on, as they will add a discrete essence of class. They’re also great for the ladies who have a petite face.


This double binding of silver and white gold make for a very modern and chic set. The diamond accents add much elegance, great to pair with a long dress for any occasion.

Fun Hoop Earrings

Have a little more fun with the triple crossing of diamonds mixed in with a solid band down the middle. This is a rare look, for those who are seeking to sport a different and unique style. They’re well-suitable for any formal evening event.


This style and color have definitely grown in popularity. These rose gold earrings with an infinity design will go very well with nude, silver, and silk materials. Although it may not seem so, they’re very easy to mix and match with other accessories.

There you have it! Now you’re all ready to pick and choose your poison from the variety of styles. Who knew a single branch of earrings could be so versatile? You won’t be asking anyone to hold these hoops.