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Getting married is a big moment in the life of two individuals who have chosen to unite as one. Choosing the right engagement ring will mark the significance of the moment for a lifetime. So be it diamond rings princess cut, engagement rings princess cut diamond, engagement rings princess cut halo or 1 carat diamond ring princess cut, we have prepared a guide for you below.

Nairacloset carries a vast collection of engagement rings to meet the needs of every customer, no matter what you’re looking for. One of the top features in the collection are the princess cut engagement rings. Princess cut gemstones have clean lines and angles making them a modern and elegant choice. These striking gemstones shine in understated solitaire or three stone settings. Each brings a modern appeal to antique or contemporary styles. What makes princess cut diamonds special are the design used to enhance the sparkle of the gemstone while maintaining a chic square shape.

Diamond Rings Princess Cut

Find the Right Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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Shopping for Your Engagement Ring

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engagement rings princess cut halo


When it comes to engagement rings, the princess cut has emerged in a relatively short time as one of the most popular choices out there and is the undisputed runner up to the round diamond in terms of popularity. The cut was first introduced around the 1960s but it was only in 1979 that the Princess cut was created and named as we know it today.

From the top view, it is square or slightly rectangular, while the underside is a 4-sided pyramidal shape. The princess cut contains either 57 or 76 facets and, due to its exceptional distribution of light, it is the most brilliant of all the square shaped diamonds. No wonder it is highly sought after for engagement rings! While the round diamond is more traditional, the princess cut appears more dramatic and modern, making the wearer stand out. Read on for the pros and cons of choosing the princess cut for your engagement ring.

The Princess Cut Is Great Value For Money

A main advantage of the cut is that while it is comparable to the round diamond in terms of brilliance and beauty, it is invariably cheaper than the round cut. This is due to the cutting process. Rough diamonds are generally a cubic shape, which means that diamond manufactures are able to create two princess cut diamonds from one rough diamond. This results in a lot less wastage of the rough diamond.

Image result for The Princess Cut Is Great Value For Money

A princess cut can use about 80% to 90% of a rough diamond while the round brilliant uses only about 40%. That’s twice the amount that the round shape uses! No wonder then that the princess cut is a highly economical choice. When the yield is greater due to less wastage, this converts to lower prices for shoppers.

Tip: Blue Nile has a page where they do a price comparison of different diamond cuts. While the round brilliant comes with a hefty price tag, the princess cut is several hundred dollars cheaper. 

Image result for The Princess Cut Is Great Value For Money

The Princess Cut Looks Bigger

The princess cut can give you the optical illusion of appearing bigger than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. This is because the square shape has a larger diameter when measured from corner to corner. It is about 15% greater than the diameter of a round brilliant. However, if the stone has not being cut expertly and the light does not reflect off the diamond as it should, it can appear smaller. This is why it’s important to find a stone with a high quality cut.

It’s Awesome at Hiding Flaws

The princess cut is a forgiving stone. Due to its many facets and shape, it is great at hiding flaws, by dispersing light throughout the diamond. This means that you can drop down a couple of grades in terms of clarity and color and still have a perfect-looking stone.

Choosing Color – Grade I or Better

When picking the color of your diamond, go with your preference. The D-E-F (colorless) diamonds are the most popular choice, and therefore the most expensive. Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for these grades. However, the difference between these grades are very slight and can hardly be noticed by the naked eye. However, the price between grades can be very high.  As mentioned above, because princess cuts disperse light so brilliantly, you can drop down on the color grade scale and still have a stone that sparkles brightly. If the metal you choose for your jewelry is rose or yellow gold, a princess cut diamond with yellow tints would add a touch of warmth to the overall look of the ring.

The lower you go down on the diamond color scale, the more savings you can have. There is no right or wrong color grade, as this is a matter of preference. Consider dropping down to a grade H or even grade I for the best value for your stone. The image below shows a J grade princess cut diamond. As you can see, the tint is very minimal.

Clarity VS2 or SI1 for Your Princess Cut

Unlike other square cuts such as Asscher, emerald and baguette, the princess cut tends to hides inclusions fairly well. When choosing the clarity grade for your diamond, consider the size of the stone and whether or not there are any visible inclusions. These two considerations are more important than simply focusing on the clarity grade of the stone.

For a small stone, you can drop down to VS2 and still have an excellent clarity grading, while for a larger stone, VS1 will still give you excellent clarity.

Because the princess shape is often cut from top quality diamond rough, finding low clarity grade stones such as Slightly Included or Included stones can be rare. If you can find an eye-clean diamond with a low clarity grade, this would give you good value for money. Always ensure that you purchase from a retailer that gives you access to photos and/or videos of the actual diamond, and not simply of a stock photo. This is especially important if purchasing online.

Buying a diamond blind (that is, without seeing the actual stone) can result in disappointment. You may think that relying on the lab report should be good enough, but while lab reports state the clarity grade, they don’t point out where the inclusions are located.

This is a random listing of Included princess cut diamonds. As you will notice, some have more noticeable inclusions than others. On their lab reports, these diamonds would all be very similar. With high quality images (like the Diamond Display TechnologyTM of James Allen) you will be able to cherry pick the best of the lot.

Princess shape diamond

Source: James Allen

Tip: Remember that while the clarity grade is important, what is more critical is where the inclusions are located on the stone.  

Protect The Edges

The princess cut is very versatile and works well with most settings, from simple to elaborate. As a solitaire ring, the stone looks amazing and stands out elegant and classy. It also looks stunning with accent diamonds (just ensure that these are the same grade or just a grade apart as the main diamond). However, the cut has sharp points (unlike most other square shapes like emerald which are actually 8-sided). These points are susceptible to chipping and ideally should be placed in a protective setting.

Princess shape diamond 4 pointed engagement ring

4-pronged setting for princess cuts. See it here.

A 4-prong V-shaped setting will hold the diamond securely in place and ensure that the edges are safe.

Princess shape diamond with halo ring

Halo settings protect the princess shape. See it here.

You could also consider bezel and halo settings as they surround the entire diamond, protecting all its corners.

Square Or Rectangular – Which Works Better For The Princess Cut?

There is a lot of variation in the length to width ratio of princess cuts, even though they are generally thought to be square-shaped. For a square look, choose a length to width ratio of 1 to 1.10. For a more rectangular appearance, go over a length to width ratio of 1.10. It all depends on personal preference.

Princess shape diamond width to length ratio

Evaluating The Cut of The Diamond

You will notice that evaluating the cut of the princess shape can get tricky. Most gem labs do not provide cut grades for fancy-shaped diamonds (this category includes all shapes except round diamonds!). Only the American Gem Society (AGS) has a cut grade for fancy diamonds. The AGS grades the cut according to the light performance of the stone.

All other diamond dealers have their own cut grades and standards, which can make it confusing when trying to evaluate the cut quality of your princess cut stone. Below is a comparison of the cut grade scale of the AGS with 5 diamond vendors.

AGS Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Ideal
Blue Nile Good, Very Good, Astor Ideal
James Allen Good, Very Good, Ideal, True Hearts
White Flash None, Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Ideal
Brilliant Earth Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Ideal, Super Ideal

When doing your own evaluation, here are the parameters that are recommended:

Table: 67% – 72% is generally considered excellent. If you prefer a small table, go below 66%, while for a bigger table go over 73%. Bear in mind that smaller tables are harder to find.

Depth: 65% – 75% is excellent

Length to width ratio – 1.0 – 1.04

Polish/Symmetry – Good, Very good or Excellent

Culet – None to very small

A Gentleman’s Guide To Necklaces

These days, it’s become more acceptable for modern men to wear jewellery around their neck. We’ve finally moved on from the outdated associations (notably Mr T and wearable holiday souvenirs) and come to the realisation that a simple chain or pendant makes for a stylish and highly personal addition to any outfit.

Despite what sceptics might tell you, the chain necklace – when chosen and worn correctly – has long been a timeless and masculine adornment. It’s an item that allows the wearer to showcase a little individuality, as well as an appreciation of the finer details, and can even have sentimental meaning.

Here’s Ape’s handy informer highlighting the considerations and brands you need to know when it comes to picking a signature chain.https://2ecd345fcf98027949b362398ee8f9ec.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Purchase Considerations


David Yurman

Gold is undoubtedly the luxury choice here, but with great power comes great responsibility: you need to choose wisely to avoid straying into “tacky” territory. Therefore, leave the oversized, garish chains to rappers and opt for a thinner, more understated design. It’s also wise to opt for the best-quality gold you can (think 14-karat or above) to ensure a richness and depth of colour. That said, for your first foray into necklaces, it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for a sterling silver chain that is gold plated (again, look for 14-karat or above) in order to keep cost down. When wearing, look to set gold chains against darker shades or black to create a sophisticated contrast.

Silver is an effortless, comfortable and classic option when it comes to men’s necklaces and should be considered your safe space. Whilst gold is a brighter metal that demands attention, silver is subtle and works well with a traditional menswear palette of grey, navy blue and olive green. If you value longevity, opt for solid sterling silver rather than “silver-tone” designs, which are typically cheaper to produce and of lower quality.

Size & Length

Alex Orso

The thickness of the chain will determine just how much of a statement your new accessory will make. If you’re going for a simple design without a pendant, a thickness of around 2 – 6mm and a length between 18 and 22 inches (finishing just below the collar bone) works well for most men. Pendants, on the other hand, often look best with a slightly longer chain, somewhere between 25 to 28 inches, finishing in the middle of your chest.



To add a pendant or not to add a pendant? That is the question. Those wanting something classic and minimal will steer clear, but it does beg the question: why not? A pendant is the chance to add something personal and intriguing, allowing for a little self-expression. There’s a wide variety of icons and symbols out there, so it’s worth shopping around for something relevant to your taste and personality.

Go To Brands For Men’s Chain Necklaces

Below you will find Ape’s recommended brands for men’s necklaces. Each offers high-quality materials, contemporary aesthetics and are specialists in their field.

Thomas Sabo

Skull Mask Necklace >

One of world’s foremost silver jewellery brands, Thomas Sabo produces high-quality pieces with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll flair. Their iconic skull necklace epitomises this. Made with blackened 925 sterling silver and comprising a punk style lobster clasp, it’s an ideal piece for adding a little edge to your day-to-day looks.



3mm Chain Necklace >

Miami-based brand Miansai is best known for its beaded bracelets, which have become a firm favourite of fashion insiders. Yet the label’s necklaces are just as lust-worthy, offering premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Many of the pendants on offer are inspired by the sea, with lobster claws, anchors and marine links particularly prominent, yet their simple 3mm 14-karat gold chain is our pick due to its timeless simplicity.


Le Gramme

Silver Slick ‘Le 1.1 Grammes’ Square Pendant Necklace >

Launched in 2012 by Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër, Paris-based Le Gramme (taking its name from the international unit of measure) is an ethical jewellery maker which specialises in minimalist pieces made from recycled 925 silver, yellow gold, and ruthenium. Each style is named after the weight of its materials and is hand-polished and engraved with the stamp of the master artisan who crafts it, along with its weight and unique serial number signifying its composition and provenance. Its a detail that looks particularly good on its Square Pendant Necklace.



Pill Necklace >

Innovative Japanese brand Ambush are all about creative experimentation and their pieces, as well as their fashion world devotees, reflect this. With a range of unisex designs that channel a distinct Tokyo aesthetic, it’s little wonder that AMBUSH’s necklaces sell out so quickly. Get one whilst you can.


Daniella Draper

Silver Midi Feather Necklace >

An independent British brand founded in the north east of England, Daniella Draper rose to prominence handcrafting jewellery for the likes of Kate Moss, James Bay and Ed Sheeran. The brand’s Silver Midi Feather Necklace is a delicate pendant necklace channelling peace, wisdom and freedom.


David Yurman

Narrow Chain Link Necklace >

Founded in 1980 by husband and wife team David and Sybil Yurman, their eponymous New York-based brand (featured image, top) sets out to create “wearable pieces of art”. Each piece is designed and sketched by David, with the company then sourcing the finest precious metals and rare gemstones and using some of the world’s best craftspeople to create the end product. A highlight from the current collection is the 6mm link chain in black titanium, which offers a subtle yet distinctive difference against its sterling silver counterparts.



Silver Icon Anchor Necklace >

Tateossian is a breath of fresh air in the jewellery world, partly because of its emphasis on male-centric items. They’re also innovative, offering pieces that mix classic materials like gold and diamonds with the unconventional, such as meteorite and copper nuggets. Their sterling silver anchor necklace is a stylish, contemporary take on a design that can often feel a little costume-y.


Alex Orso

The Oval Necklace >

With pieces meticulously designed in their London Bridge studio, Alex Orso is a modern British brand that concentrates on the understated and minimal. The label’s use of brass is also inspired. Our pick is their simple, cleanly finished gold oval pendant: cast in solid sterling silver and plated in 22kt gold, its high polish is sure to get you noticed.



Layers Necklace >

Another jewellery brand created solely for the gent, don’t be misled by the name (which suggests Nordic heavy metal) – Northskull’s wears are sleek, simple and at an extremely attractive price point. Dog tags and skulls feature heavily in collections, but there’s also interesting shapes and symbolism. Our pick is their Layers Necklace, available in sterling silver and part of the brand’s permanent collection.


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