disadvantages of inverter air conditioner

If you are looking for the Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner, then look no further than this article. It includes the best inverter air conditioner, and inverter vs non inverter ac power consumption calculation. Perhaps you are interested in difference between inverter and non inverter ac, then reading this article may help you.

markets today are flooded with products that are far advanced versions of what we used to have earlier. Technological changes have heralded an era of smart, energy efficient, and environment-friendly products. Until a few years back, there was just one type of air conditioner, the conventional one. Now, one hears of the inverter AC, which is a relatively new concept. To err on the side of safety is human nature. So, being skeptical about this new kind of air conditioner is nothing to be embarrassed about.

best inverter air conditioner

Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner

What is an inverter AC and is it really any good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an inverter air conditioner? These are a few questions which we shall address today.

What Is Inverter System Technology In Air Conditioners?

Inverter system air conditioners are way ahead of the conventional air conditioners. They were developed to remove temperature fluctuations and electricity wastage. This enhanced technology makes use of adjustable speed to achieve full control over the compressor for optimum performance.

How Do Inverter AC Work?

Inverter AC’s reach the desired temperature swiftly and effectively by starting at full throttle. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the process is repetitively adjusted to retain a comfortable climate without any fluctuations.

To continuously control the temperature, an inverter is used to regulate the speed of the compressor motor. The drive alters the approaching AC current to DC current.  After that, through a modulation in an electrical inverter, it produces the desired frequency current. An embedded microcontroller samples the ambient temperature repeatedly and regulates the speed of the compressor accordingly.

Advantages Of Inverter AC

The inverter AC has many benefits. But the most obvious reasons for its popularity are –

  • Energy Efficient Operations – In the absence of the compressor constantly turning on and off, there is no power surge or fluctuations. Therefore, inverter air conditioners reduce power consumption by almost 40% annually. They allow maintenance of comfortable temperature even with less energy consumption. Even better is the fact that since it consumes less power, it is incredibly safe for home wiring.
  • Cost-Effective – Since the power consumption in the running of inverter AC is low, the bills are also on the lower side. Its energy efficient operations translate to its cost-effectiveness and make your pockets happy.
  • Rapid Cooling – Inverter AC is capable of running the compressor at high speed. As a result, it can cool a room faster. The compressor of a conventional AC runs at a fixed speed only, and hence, it takes more time to cool a room.
  • Silent Operation – Compared to a traditional AC, the inverter air conditioner runs at low speed. The compressor is also comparatively silent. Therefore, it produces little to no noise inside the home. Its silent operations allow you a sound and comfortable sleep.
  • Other Benefits – Lesser known, but equally important, benefits of inverter AC include its capability to run on solar panels, environment-friendly nature because of the use of good quality refrigerants and the fact that its high price is offset with the massive saving in electricity bills.

Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner

Everything is not rosy when it comes to inverter ACs.The key disadvantages of inverter AC include –

  • Bad Insulation Increases Costs – Inverter AC is energy efficient only when the room is properly insulated. In case the insulation in the room is not up to the notch, the power consumption will be high, and as such, your electricity bill will also increase proportionately.
  • Expensive Repair & Maintenance – The components that make an inverter AC are expensive. Therefore, its repair and maintenance is a costly service. You need to think about the cost involved in case of any issues, whether your pocket can afford it or not, before making the purchase decision.
  • Increase Humidity – If the inverter AC is too powerful for your room, it will run frequent short cycles to maintain the desired room temperature. This will result in the room getting either too hot or too cold rapidly, but without effectively dehumidifying the air. What happens in such cases is that the room achieves the targeted temperature and yet maintains high humidity due to which it does not feel comfortable.
  • Costly Purchase – Inverter AC is a new concept. The technology involved is also relatively new. The demand for these air conditioners is still not high in the market. To top it all, it is priced high because of its expensive components. Inverter AC is not a pocket-friendly solution for families who budget their expenses.

Is It Worth Buying An Inverter AC?

Inverter AC is an expensive piece of machinery whose support services are also on the higher side. Compared to the price of a normal AC, the difference is too high.

However, if you think in terms of long term investment this difference is set off in the form of low energy bills. The time that it takes to balance the price difference between these two types of air conditioners is usually two years. So, it is more a question you need to ask yourself – “Can I afford to buy costly equipment today which will actually break even after two years”? If your answer is a resounding “Yes” you can go ahead with the purchase. However, if you answer “No” a conventional AC will also serve the purpose beautifully.

The pros and cons of inverter AC make the choice extremely difficult. Additionally, the expense involved in its upkeep also does not work in its favor. But the fact remains undisputed that they are the most efficient in all other aspects. Be it energy consumption, electricity bills, or efficiency of operations; inverter air conditioners will be hard pressed to ignore. Only time will tell how popular they actually become with the masses.

Until then, it is best to withhold any judgment, but we urge you to know how the air conditioning works and think deeply about the advantages and disadvantages of inverter air conditioners before making any final decision.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter AC

Inverter ac Advantages And Disadvantages

The Inverter Compressor was first developed by Toshiba, Japan for business usage with Cooling Appliances like Air Conditioning Unit While the basic types of compressors take in high electrical power, the inverter compressors utilize electricity in an optimized method.

Normal inverter compressors constantly run at the very same speed, whereas, inverter compressors changes speed when the need changes. It manages the flow of refrigerant throughout the refrigeration cycle.

Inverter Acs has many benefits, but there are some downsides to the inverter air conditioning system as well. At the end of the post, you will be able to understand the common pros and cons of inverter compressors clearly.

Advantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter air conditioners use electricity in an optimum method. Generally, more the fluctuations in electrical load and greater the working volume of the room lead to regular operation of the compressor at a quick speed. It leads to greater electricity usage. In the case of the inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor differs with the working load, decreasing the electrical energy costs.

Inverter Air Conditioners also works fantastic when there is a change in the load like marriage hall, indoor occasions, conference room, large offices.

Using an Inverter air conditioner may assist you to conserve the money, and the additional expenditure can be recuperated within a couple of months.

It is suitable for all size of rooms. In a big space, it might consume a bit more electrical energy compared to a smaller sized space as electrical energy intake depends upon the load. Greater the room size more will be the load.

Uniform and constant room temperature can be maintained inside the space if you utilize an inverter a/c.

If you prepare to utilize solar power for cooling, inverter, a/c is the most popular option.

It can cool down the space at a much greater rate than non-inverter air conditioning system.

In Inverter air conditioning unit, the sound and vibration are substantially decreased.

Another advantage of the inverter ac is that the compressor lasts longer as compared to regular ac’s preventing you from facing compressor issues such as “ac compressor not working, but fan is running” in the future. This is because the compressor takes the most damage during startup and since the inverter ac starts slowly, it limits the damage caused to the compressor.

Disadvantages of Inverter Ac

An inverter A/C typically costs almost 20-25 % higher than typical AC of the same ranking. So unless the user is not very heavy or the electrical power expense is not that high, it might use up to 5-7 years to recover the high upfront expense of an inverter A/C.

An inverter A/C consists of really sophisticated circuitry and a reasonably greater number of moving parts, so the upkeep expense of inverter A/C will end up being greater.

In an inverter AC, the compressor adjusts its speed according to the heat load in space. If there is a periodic leak of cooling from the space, the compressor will run at greater speed, thus increasing power intake.

Dehumidification is one more benefit of a/c. It is accomplished when the air comes in contact with a cooled air heat exchanger (indoor unit). Nevertheless, in inverter AC, the degree of chilling achieved is varied according to heat load rendering it insufficient for dehumidification in case the set temperature is not extremely low.

The compressor paces approximately wanted speed with some programmed lag. There is some requisite amount of time for an inverter A/C to accomplish a preferred degree of cooling in the initial stage.

If an inverter AC has a lower capacity than required, the compressor performs at greater speeds for a longer duration of time, consequently increasing power usage. On the other hand, if an inverter A/C has a higher capacity than heat load, it will run for short cycles and render the space over cooled and uneasy. Nevertheless, these problems shall likewise persist with a normal Air Conditioner as well.

An inverter Air Conditioner consists of very advanced mechanisms. Frequently regional, less certified specialists are unable to comprehend the problem and end up escalating the problems instead of solving them. It is encouraged that one should only get it serviced/repaired from initial devices manufacturer’s professional, which typically is expensive if the unit is not under service warranty. The availability of professional is likewise something important to be thought about.

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While there is so still so much space for growth in terms of how air conditioners affect the environment, inverter ACs take us a step closer to achieving the goal. After weighing in the positives and negatives, you may decide to buy an inverter ac; if you decide to do so, you could read reviews on inverter ACs online to choose the best and most efficient ac.


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