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Finding the best DJ floor price and dj led dance floor price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category. Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.


The fast answer is to SPLIT LIGHT the dance floor. The general idea would be to place one light on one corner/side of the dance floor and place your second light on the exact opposite side/corner. This style is awesome for a couple reasons. Besides the fact that it will make all of your dancing footage look amazing, it also serves a purpose. It get’s your lights off your cameras. Why is this important? This part is 100% stylistic but I love to have my lights off camera for two reasons. First, it makes it so no-one knows when you’re filming them. So, you’ll be able to get the most natural interactions of people instead of them knowing a camera is on them. Second, the lights blend in with the decor of the reception. Giving you a nicely lit dance floor all night long… regardless of how low the venue dims the lights!

How should you shoot this? Honestly, every spot on the dance floor will look awesome when lit like this. But, the sweet spots will be the opposite corners of the lights. You’ll get this very nice contrast of shadows and great looking subjects.

Speaking of shadows. When using off camera lights, try to get them as high as possible. This will make the shadows fall on the dance floor and not the person dancing behind them. It also stops your lights from being blocked when the bridal party lines up along the dance floor.

Another tip is to find the right balance between having your lights close enough to the dance floor and far enough away. You want them in a place that won’t create a tripping hazard. Remember, we want to add to the day not set traps for the guests.

DJ floor price

10. Chauvet DJ SlimPar

The Chauvet DJ SlimPar (around $110) features 180 vivid LEDs, and its slender, 2.5-inch case ensures easy placement in tight spots. You can hook it up to a DMX unit, use the built-in dials on the back, or simply set it and forget it with the automated and sound-activated programs.

  • Dimmable to 100 percent
  • Low power consumption
  • Beams are narrow


9. Suny Show

The Suny Show (about $82) projects lasers in 128 brilliant combinations, and it can work for a room of up to 2,500 square feet. You can switch between various play modes on the front panel or with the included remote control, which also allows for setting of the rotation speed.

  • Carrying handle doubles as a stand
  • Adjustable mic sensitivity
  • Can’t link multiple units


8. LaluceNatz 630005

The versatile LaluceNatz 630005 (appx. $46) transmits colorful, wide-angle beams through 48 lenses, and it can be programmed for sound activation, auto-play, hopping, strobe lighting, and more. You can place it on a table, or affix it to a wall with its flexible mounting bracket.

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Handy remote control
  • Fan is rather noisy

7. Tomshine 60W

The moving head of the Tomshine 60W (around $70) incorporates 4 lights, and it pans and tilts smoothly through a wide range of angles, filling your space with red, green, blue, white, amber, and purple. It can flash along with the rhythm, even when songs are played at a low volume.

  • Dramatic color wash effect
  • Made of tough abs plastic
  • Instructions are hard to follow

6. Kingtop Disco

The Kingtop Disco (appx. $17) creates a ripple effect that can be adjusted to encourage either a mellow, relaxed mood or quickly amp up the atmosphere. It comes with a handy tripod and stays cool to the touch, thanks to its built-in fan.

  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • Costs less than twenty dollars
  • Not bright enough for some

5. Nequare 2-Pack

The highly portable Nequare 2-Pack (around $19) will put on an eye-catching show and liven up any party in a small to medium-sized room. They display 7 colors in various modes, and the rotation speed can be set to match your music or the desired ambiance.

  • A budget-friendly selection
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Remote controls aren’t the sturdiest

4. Chauvet DJ Swarm4FX

For three dynamic effects in one compact box, look to the Chauvet DJ Swarm4FX (about $149), which fills your party room with multicolored spinning beams, red and green lasers, and 12 white strobes. Just choose your desired settings using the simple dials on the rear panel.

  • Lightweight at 5 pounds
  • Master-slave and dmx modes
  • Predrilled hole for stand mounting

3. Kingbo UV Blacklights

With 28 high-power LEDs that have double chips and 120-degree cups, the Kingbo UV Blacklights (around $31) delivers a significant brightness, so it’s great for illuminating a dance floor, Halloween decorations, and more. Its durable, aluminum body stays cool even after extended use.

  • Impressive 50000-hour lifespan
  • Dedicated on-off switch
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty

2. DragonX 4 Bar

The DragonX 4 Bar (around $250) can be conveniently mounted on the included tripod or placed on the floor for some dramatic uplighting. It’s equipped with four red, green, and blue lights that can be run in preset modes or manipulated easily with the foot pedal.

  • Can also flash to music
  • Highly portable design
  • Comes with 2 carrying bags

1. Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX

The 4-in-1, LED Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX (about $280) combines a red, green, blue, amber, and white rotating derby with an ultraviolet wash and an outer ring of SMD strobes. It offers both automated and sound-activated features, and is simple to program using a DMX controller.

  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Fda-compliant laser
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained

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