Dj light price

We’ve asked DJs and visited DJ equipment stores to find out what their top WOW DJ lights are that will blow away any dance floor or party. Let’s get to it. Also, we have curated for you, the best Dj light price options you can get on the market right now.

Dj light price

Your music takes the crowd to another level, but without good DJ lights, it can make your party or DJ set boring.

With the right kinds of DJ light,  you can take your audience to another level and entertain their eyes while the audio entertains their ears.

A lot has changed in the last 5 years with DJ lighting technology. You’ll find lights that take up a lot less room but put out two or three times the amount of light the older models used to project.

Better technology and more efficient production by the lighting manufacturers have also made some of the best models of DJ light more affordable.

In short, you’re getting much more bang for your buck.

View The Best DJ Lights Below

1. ADJ INNO SPOT PRO Moving Head Light

ADJ INNO SPOT PRO Moving Head Light


Starting off the list is the ADJ INNO SPOT PRO Moving Head Light. This product is a high-end design created for concert lighting effects. It’s easy to program on the interface to make it move exactly as you’re envisioning. Change colors and movements with the click of a button or let it follow a preset program.

With four different built-in light shows, you don’t have to concern yourself with setting it all up before the show. Focus on your music and let the light do what it does best. This 80W stage LED lights don’t take up too much power at all, reducing costs and preventing overloads. Again, yet another example of why it runs itself so efficiently.

A unique feature of this light is that it can manually zoom in and out. This allows you to take control of the depth of color and width of the light it puts out. If you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-use light that does everything for you, then this is probably your best bet.

+ Comes with multiple pre-set patterns
+ Easy to program on the interface of the unit
+ Includes a manual zoom for adjustments

Why We Liked It – We like these because they’re some of the top DJ lights for professionals. Even if you have a small gig, this light will blow your mind!

2. CHAUVET DJ LX-5 Moonflower Effect LED Party Light

CHAUVET DJ LX-5 Moonflower Effect LED Party Light


The CHAUVET DJ LX-5 Moonflower Effect LED Party Light is another fantastic option for people of all experience levels. You don’t need to be a mechanical pro to understand how to operate this system. A quick provided guide will help you set everything up through the simple interface in minutes.

The handle on top of this system doubles as a hanging device. You can mount it on the wall or ceiling to keep it out of the way of your set. Out of all the DJ light reviews we’ve been through; these ones are consistently known to have some of the brightest LED lights around. You can also chain multiple of them together.

The moonflower effect is the biggest feature of this product. It presents a unique pattern that everyone is bound to love. Keep the party going with other preset patterns and automatic adjustments to focus on your music. The adjustable sound knob lets you set the sensitivity to custom fit with your beat.

+ Uses a unique moonflower effect
+ Includes a handle that doubles as a ceiling mount
+ Easy to adjust the sound and patterns

Why We Liked It – This might be the best mobile DJ lighting setup for beginners. It’s inexpensive and incredibly reliable with numerous patterns.

3. LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs

LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs


If you’re simply looking for a cheap DJ light, then you don’t have to go far. In fact, the LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs will do just fun. This budget-friendly option is perfect for small gigs and venues with a handful of audience members. You could also get a few of them to set them around the room.

With up to 20,000 hours per bulb, you’ll likely be able to use these lights for many years to come. LED lights, in general, save plenty of energy. These lights claim to save as much as 80% compared to traditional bulbs. They’re also much brighter and multicolored, which is always a nice touch.

One of the coolest features of these lights is that they rotate. The dome shape is covered in polygons that reflect lights in random directions. This gives the same effect as DJ lights over twice the price. Screw them into a light socket and watch as they change the atmosphere in an instant.

+ Very low price vs the competition
+ Rotating, multicolored bulbs
+ Polygon shapes reflect light throughout the room

Why We Liked It – We like these bulbs because they’re perfect for people looking to get portable stage lighting. The compact size is great for travel as well.

4. Disco Ball DJ Strobe Lights

Disco Ball DJ Strobe Lights


The Disco Ball DJ Strobe Lights by Vnina is a combination of the previous entries on the list. You’ll get a simple plug-in light that has polygons all over it to cover the room in an immersive light show. Much like the option at number two on the list, the handle of this product can also be a wall mount.

Using the provided remote, you can change the light patterns, speeds, dim and brighten them, and turn them on and off. Instead of having to constantly adjust the interface, you can stay in the same place and completely revamp the lights. The two twisting knobs on either side of the unit let you get the perfect angle.

A super useful feature that any musician would love to use is the sound activation tool. This tool makes it so the light reacts with music to follow the beat. You don’t even have to preset or customize a pattern since it does it all for you.

+ Adjust knobs for the perfect angle
+ Bright lights to illuminate the whole area
+ Use the remote to change and customize the process

Why We Liked It – These are some of the best DJ lights for people of all experience levels. They’re simple, affordable, and they come with a useful remote.

5. Spriak Dance DJ Lights

Spriak Dance DJ Lights


If you liked the previous option on the list, then this one will be another solid choice for you. The Spriak Dance DJ Lights are very similar in the sense that they plug into the wall instead of your laptop. They also have a remote to make adjustments throughout the performance instead of using an interface.

Two twisting knobs, multiple reflective polygons, and a wall mount that doubles as a stand and a handle are also relatable features of this product. It’s slightly more compact than the average portable light, making it great for people who always move around from gig to gig.

You can set this light so it goes with the beat of the music or a simple strobe light effect. Either way, the bright illumination provided by this product is a leading contender in its price range. Combine it with the low-energy bulbs and the 20,000-hour lifespan and you’ll see why so many customers are going crazy about it!

+ Budget-friendly and long-lasting
+ Easy to use the provided remote
+ Comes with multiple pattern settings

Why We Liked It – We like this DJ light package because it has everything you need in a small bundle.

6. AOMEES DJ Disco Ball Lighting

AOMEES DJ Disco Ball Lighting


Are you searching through DJ light sets to find one for a kid’s party? If so, then you’re right where you’re supposed to be. The AOMEES DJ Disco Ball Lighting setup is the one for you. It’s compact, it comes with a multipurpose remote, and you can hang it almost anywhere that you could imagine.

The mount can also be used as a handle or a stand to point it around the room. The aforementioned remote lets you select patterns, power the unit on and off, and take control of a few additional adjustments. Thanks to the unique shape of the dome, this light scattered colors throughout the area.

Wit up to 15,000 hours of usage, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth from this light. Speaking of money, the price tag is rather budget-friendly for a party light. Save yourself some hard-earned cash and buy a top-notch DJ light setup for small parties and events with this one.

+ Comes with a remote that reaches 15 feet away
+ 15,000 hours of battery life
+ Compact and perfect for small venues

Why We Liked It – We like this product because it’s a solid portable DJ lighting setup for everyone. The remote and compact size of the light fixture is a great combination.

7. GLIME Sound Activated LED Stage Lights

GLIME Sound Activated LED Stage Lights


Have you been trying to find a decent stage spotlight for your gigs? What about a DJ light that you can hang wherever you want to? The GLIME Sound Activated LED Stage Lights are both of those and more. This ultralightweight product can be hung on walls and ceilings or you could set it up on the floor.

A simple setup configuration on the interface of the light will let you program everything before the start of your show. Four sound modes allow the unit to run itself without needing any assistance at all. There are 8 different channels to hook up a series for the ultimate lighting event!

Each light lasts 10,000 hours, which is more than enough. Considering that a gig lasts about 2 to 4 hours, you’re going to get thousands of uses before you have to look for another. The gradual change in colors, flashing lights, and a few other choices on the settings menu is what makes this unit so popular.

+ Comes with four different modes
+ Can set up to 8 separate channels
+ Lasts for 10,000 hours

Why We Liked It – We like this DJ lighting setup because it’s portable, lightweight, and you can use it for years to come.

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