dressy pants suits for weddings

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Dressy Pants Suits For Weddings

Wedding Suits for the Bride Who Doesn’t Want a Dress

For those who never dreamed of a ballgown, try a glamorous wedding suit instead.BY MARYKATE BOYLAN AND EMMA CONROY SEP 21, 2020wedding pantsuit getty runwayGETTY

While we love tradition at Town & Country, we also support the decision to go your own way (aristocrats have been doing it for centuries). While classic white gowns are beautiful for weddings, they are not your only option as a bride. Suits and separates are beautiful the day of and offer more versatility to re-wear after. So whether you have opted for a courthouse wedding and want to keep the look modern, or you simply feel more like you in a suit, check out our favorite options, below.Straight Shooter

saint laurent white blazer white pant


This stunning take on a classic “wedding white” features incredibly soft silk with a bit of satin shine. The tapered pants are flattering and let you show off a favorite pair of heels.

Saint Laurent Blazer

Saint Laurent Pant
Vintage Inspired

vivienne west white blazer white skirt


Courthouse chic with a touch of rebellion? Leave it to Vivienne Westwood with this skirt suit set. Complete the wedding day look with simple jewelry and tousled waves.

Vivienne Westwood Blazer
Vivienne Westwood SkirtADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWhttps://c49392e4657801e5ecbadd5d26c63dec.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.htmlBold Boheme

ralph lauren silk tapestry blazer pant


If white isn’t flattering on your complexion, consider this luxurious floral silk tapestry set from Ralph Lauren, which reflects a warm glow. Cinch the drawstrings at the ankles for a more fitted look.

Ralph Lauren Blazer

Ralph Lauren Pant
The Short Suit

albus lumen blazer and short


A short suit set is a surprisingly elegant look for a casual summer wedding. Add a textured handbag and strappy sandals to elevate it even more.

Albus Lumen Blazer
Albus Lumen ShortLady in Lace

alexander mcqueen white lace blazer white pant


Alexander McQueen’s tapered wide-leg style recalls Bianca Jagger’s iconic wedding look—it is perfect with a silk high-neck blouse or even nothing underneath for a sexier effect.

Alexander McQueen Blazer
Alexander McQueen Pant
ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWhttps://c49392e4657801e5ecbadd5d26c63dec.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.htmlBold Brocade

zimmermann floral blazer pant


Known for their flowing floral dresses, Zimmermann does a great suit as well. The subtle golden brocade makes it feel extra special.

Zimmermann Blazer

Zimmermann Pant
Something Blue

michael kors blue blazer pant


The cut of this eggshell blue Michael Kors suit set accentuates the leg and tailors the waist for an extremely becoming silhouette.

Michael Kors Collection Blazer

Michael Kors Collection Pant
Buttoned Up

gucci trimmed cream blazer and dress


Mix things up with a coordinating trimmed blazer and dress. The cream set will look amazing with gold accessories.

Gucci Blazer

Gucci Dress

awake mode ruffle trim blazer white pant


With an asymmetrical ruffle and flared trousers, this playful set ensures you will have a great time no matter what.

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Blazer

A.W.A.K.E. Mode Pant
Fashion Forward

danielle frankel dress pant


A fashion-forward bride should consider this mini-dress over pants combo. And after the big day you have two pieces that will look great on their own. Bonus: this is the perfect opportunity to wear those statement chandelier earrings.

Danielle Frankel Dress

Danielle Frankel Pant
Dance Floor Ready

gauge81 white blazer pant


Balance out proportions with wide-legged pants and a streamlined blazer. The suit’s cotton blend will feel cool and crisp in warm weather.

Reasons to Choose Mother of the Bride Pant Suits Over Dresses

mother of the bride

The timeless question: What to wear to a wedding? As a mother of the groom or bride, there is often a little more flexibility to your attire, but this also means there are more options to choose from–how should you decide? You’re probably too busy being exciting about your son or daughter’s upcoming wedding to be concerned about your own apparel, but luckily we’re here to help! Check out this list of the top 10 reasons to choose mother of the bride pant suits over mother of the bride dresses:

Mother of the bride pant suits might be a better choice than mother of the bride dresses. Here’s why:

1.Pants are Warm: You won’t freeze at a winter outdoor wedding if you’re wearing pants. If you choose a dress, you risk spending the wedding as a mom-sicle. You will also be more comfortable at chilly spring and fall outdoor weddings.

2.Pants Stand Out:You will be easily distinguishable from the bridesmaids. Since you are such a young, beautiful mother, it’s important that you stand out from the other members of the wedding party, or you might be mistaken for someone else.

3.Pants Save Time: You will save time shopping for an outfit, because you won’t have to debate about whether the skirt is too long or too short; with pants, hemline length is a non-issue. Just make sure they’re the proper length (no flood pants necessary!).

4.Pants are Appropriate: In pants, there’s no risk of pulling a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ if there is a large gust of wind! You’ll also avoid revealing more than intended while dancing, or other physical activities.

5.Pants are Reusable:There is greater flexibility to re-wear a mother of the bride pant suit than a mother of the bride dress. You will have an outfit appropriate for formal events that you can also wear to the office or out to brunch with the girls.

Shop mother of the bride

6.Pants are Convenient:Let’s be honest: it’s easier to go to the bathroom in pants than a long formal dress. (Which with that open bar you’ve graciously paid for, you’ll need to do quite a bit of). It’s also easier to get into a car, climb stairs, find a seat (even if it’s on the ground), and bend over!

7.Pants are Flattering:Pant suits look great no matter what body type you have, and they hide your legs. This is useful if you don’t want to show off your Betty Boop ankle tattoo, varicose veins, or that you forgot to shave–for the past three years. (It happens to the best of us!)

8.Pants have Pockets: Need I say more?

9.Pants are Humble:You could choose white fabric and elaborate accessories and you’re still not going to upstage the bride. There’s practically no risk of making your daughter or daughter-in-law jealous that you’re stealing the show from her in a pant suit. We know you can’t help being so good-looking, but it’s important that she feels like it’s her day.

10.Pants are Practical:Finally, you’re prepared to handle emergencies. You can change a tire, crawl under a table to retrieve a lost item, and run after rowdy children (or a runaway bride!).

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