duracell durdc12-14f2 12v 14ah agm deep cycle

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Chemistry:Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Nominal Voltage:12v
Nominal Capacity:12Ah
Dimensions (In.):5.94 x 3.86 x 3.74
Weight (lbs):8.1
Warranty:12 months
Condition:Brand New
Notes:3-5 Year Design Life

Duracell® Ultra Deep Cycle AGM Batteries are designed to achieve
maximum cycles throughout the life of the battery. Duracell® Ultra Deep
Cycle AGM Batteries maintain their high capacity with a design that is
resistant to deep discharge. Whether you are in a boat or working on
the warehouse floor, you can count on Duracell® Ultra Deep Cycle AGM
Batteries to keep you running.
Best suited for heavy use cyclic
(everyday use) applications.
Mobility Scooters
RV Power
Floor Scrubbers
Golf Carts
Fishing Equipment
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Questions About Products?
Unique design construction and
sealing techniques guarantee
leak-proof operation.
Spillproof Design
Cycle Life
150-250 cycles at 100%
discharge – 40% more cycles than
general purpose batteries in the
same applications.
Maintenance-free design and
manufactured in compliance with
the quality management system
standard of ISO 9001.
If something goes wrong, we
want to make it right. Return the
battery to any Batteries Plus
location nationwide and our
experts will take a look.
We drive to you, and meet you
on your time, which means
your focus stays on running
your business.
We recycle according to your
municipality’s ordinances.
Go green.
Commercial discounts and
volume pricing available
through your local store.
Maintenance Free
Nationwide Warranty
Case Quantities
Deep Cycle
Account Benefits
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Questions About Products?
Vendor Product # Voltage Capacity (20 Hr Test) Terminal Type Length (in) Width (in) Height+
DURDC12-5F 12V 5AH F1 3.54 2.76 4.21
DURDC12-7F 12V 7.72AH F1 5.95 2.56 3.90
DURDC12-14F2 12V 14AH F2 5.94 3.86 3.94
DURDC12-14NB 12V 14AH NB 5.94 3.86 4.21
DURDC12-20C 12V 20AH C 7.13 2.99 6.57
DURDC12-20NB 12V 20AH NB 7.13 2.99 6.57
DURDC12-26NB 12V 27.8AH NB 6.54 6.89 4.92
DURDC12-35J (BCI Group U1) 12V 36AH J 7.72 5.12 7.09
DURDC12-40C 12V 40AH C 7.76 6.50 6.83
DURDC12-55C/FR-F 12V 55AH C 9.02 5.43 8.50
DURDC12-55P 12V 55AH P 9.02 5.43 9.06
DURDC12-80P 12V 75AH P 10.20 6.65 8.98
DURDC12-100P 12V 107.6AH P 12.09 6.61 9.06
Best suited for heavy use cyclic Deep Cycle (everyday use) applications.
Maintenance & Storage
Terminal Types
Be sure to properly maintain your battery to ensure the best
and most reliable performance. SLA battery chargers available.
Each battery has a different terminal type; yours will depend on
which application the battery supports. Be sure to get the right one.
Recharge after each
use and store battery
fully charged.

  • Battery height includes terminals
    Do not store in a discharged
    state. Charge batteries every
    couple months.
    kills batteries.
    Disconnect charger
    once fully charged.
    Check battery for corrosion
    or deformation.
    If battery doesn’t
    hold a charge, have
    it tested.
    Charge the battery every
    couple months when
    in storage.
    If battery is stored in higher
    temperatures, charge it
    more frequently.
    Store in cool, dry place
    (68˚F is best).
    F1 C
    Duracell is a registered trademark of Duracell U.S. Operations, Inc., used under license. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner.
Duracell Ultra 12V SLA Sealed Lead Acid 14AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery with F2 Terminals

Duracell Ultra 12V SLA Sealed Lead Acid 14AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery with F2 Terminals

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Trusted Duracell Ultra Power backed by a 12-month warranty
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Fits these application: wheelchairs/mobility scooters, trolling motors, floor scrubbers, lawn & garden and other cyclical applications
Maintenance-free and spill proof


Item Number: WKDC12-14F2
Voltage: 12
Lead Acid Type: Deep Cycle
Capacity: 14AH
Chemistry: Lead Acid
Lead Acid Design: AGM
Product Category: Sealed Lead Acid
Product Sub Category: Deep Cycle
Terminal Type: F2, T2, Faston .250
Weight: 9.2 lbs
Length: 5.94 in
Width: 3.86 in
Height: 3.98 in



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Duracell Ultra 12V SLA Sealed Lead Acid 14AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery with F2 Terminals


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