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MotorSports / Racing Enthusiasts are exposed to loud engines, crowd noise, and of course wind noise. Earasers help make you a better and safer rider with some added bonuses including:Reducing rider fatigue; Arrive fresher than ever before. Stay safe; Wind noise is a constant bombardment to your brain – something your brain can’t ignore! It’s the fight or flight response. This is a stressor to your brain and can cause you to lose focus after just a short while of loud exposure.Even after hours of wearing Earasers, your ears will feel refreshed instead of that annoying ringing! Hey, the ringing is not good – it’s a warning sign from your ears that you might be doing permanent damage.Many famous racers are now realizing that wind noise is distracting and a stress that should be reduced as much as possible while maintaining focus for long periods of time. When you stop to go in the store for a break, just keep your Earasers in your ear. Other earplugs have to be removed so that you can understand conversation. Not us! We don’t want your grimy hands and dirt getting all over us….keep them nice and warm in your gloves! Use Earasers on your cell phone, without removing them. Enjoy your music more. Earasers allow you to better hear music through your helmet or stereo. Yes, they are that clear sounding. *** Most states allow earplugs while riding if designed such that it will not impede a drivers ability to hear safety information. Please check with your state on the laws in areas you travel. Earasers are safer than standard foam earplugs due to their clarity of sound, and extended bandwidth, and thus you will not miss important safety information. When earplugs like foam are used, there is a great imbalance in the frequency spectrum, making some sounds unrecognizable. Earasers are the only flat frequency response earplug in the motor-sports / racing market. Flat frequency response is well known in the sound and music industry to mean yield high quality and improved fidelity.



Motorsports are high adrenaline and exciting, both for the racing drivers and the spectators. However, the ambient noise from racing cars today is similar to the noise of a jet engine. It is vital that you wear custom-made racing earplugs if you are a racer or you work at a racetrack.

For a racing driver, it is not only the noise of the car or motorbike that can cause permanent hearing damage – the noise of the wind can also cause tinnitus and hearing loss. Damaging noise is also created by helmets and other vehicles and traffic.

By using earplugs, this noise will be reduced so that you will be able to focus on the road ahead and concentrate wholly on the driving, therefore heightening your road safety as well as your chances of winning.


As a racing driver, you will also need to hear radio communications above the noise of the engine.

We are able to offer the latest in earplug technology, which offers the best protection possible. This enables the driver to keep in constant communication with their team while also protecting their ears.


Yes, even stationary vehicles can make a loud noise when the engine is on and can damage your hearing. If a motorcycle is at a standstill, if it is fully revved it can produce a sound of up to 120dB.

We will be able to show you what ear plugs will be suitable for spectators to use on a racetrack.


We will be able to advise on how you can enjoy the adrenaline of motorsports without damaging your ears.
If you would like to know more, call us and book your hearing consultation at The Hearing Clinic today.



QHow much do custom-made earplugs cost?

AWhether you work in motorsport or enjoy it as a hobby, protecting your hearing from loud vehicle noise is vital. The best earplugs for motor racing need to be comfortable, durable, and sleek, as they need to fit under a crash helmet, so they generally should be custom-made.

As with anything, the greater the sophistication of the product, the more expensive it will be. If you want earplugs with communication options you can be looking at investing in the kit. If you want basic plugs with filters, you could be looking at as little as £145.

QHow long do moulded ear plugs last?

AIf you look after your earplugs carefully and keep them clean, they can last years. However, if they become worn, dirty or start to become ineffective they will need replacing.

QDo you need earplugs at Formula One?

AF1 races are lengthy and the cars are loud, and if you’re at a circuit like Monaco, the noise of the engines bounces off the walls of buildings – adding to the decibels. If you’re planning to go to a race, it’s important to take some hearing protection. You’ll also enjoy the day more.

QWhat is NRR and SNR?

ANRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating and is the rating used in North America to measure how much protection an earplug offers. SNR is the rating standard in Europe. The two are pretty similar.

QIs a higher NRR/SNR better?

AIt’s important that you select earplugs offering the right NRR for your needs as it is possible to cancel out too much noise and put yourself in danger of not hearing warning sounds around you. Our team at The Hearing Clinic will be happy to advise you on the right rating and type of earplug for your needs

Earasers MotorSports HiFi Earplugs (NRR 5)

Item Code: cpmsportsmotorea-000$39.99Choose Size:         Please select an option                                        Choose Size                                                               Small                                                               Medium                                                               Large                                  Qty:Add to CartDESCRIPTIONWhile there are a lot of options to protect your ears while you ride, many motorcycle ear plugs attack the problem by blocking out as much noise as possible. But while it is important to keep your ears safe when you’re exposed to the rumbling engines and roaring crowds you find at motorsports and racing events, cutting out ALL the sound isn’t necessarily the solution. Experienced riders know that wind noise is the real enemy. What if you could block out that damaging, fatiguing wind noise – without blocking out traffic sounds and voices? Earasers MotorSports HiFi Earplugs have the solution. These new, super low-profile ear plugs help you cut the wind noise without damaging your situational awareness. Too much wind noise can make it hard to focus on the road: there is just too much sound bombarding your ears – and your brain – for you to maintain concentration, and the overload causes stress. Earasers takes just a little of the noise off the top (these are the standard -19dB filters which provide about NRR 5 noise blocking) so you can still hear everything around you – just with less wind noise. Noise fatigue is very real… and Earasers can keep your ears from getting stressed out and ringing later. (That ringing can indicate noise-induced hearing loss, which is permanent!) Though they cut out wind noise, Earasers still let you hear other important noises clearly. Need to make a stop at the gas station? You can talk with the clerk without removing your earplugs. Need to make a phone call? No need to take earasers out first! You can even enjoy music while wearing Earasers, whether it’s playing through your helmet or your stereo. Yes – they’re that good. Stay safe, cut down on wind noise, and above all, enjoy the ride with Earasers MotorSports Earplugs. Tip on sizes:
75% of men use Medium
75% of women use Small
75% of young adults use Small Keep your Earasers ear plugs like new with the Earasers Renewal Kit!

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